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  1. I really wish they would have used greenscreen to obscure the garage. It would have gone a long way in softening the view.
  2. Thank you for the for the insight. I'll definitely contest it now.
  3. I'm looking into contesting the valuation change of my property in Over The Rhine. My taxes went from $600 last year to $4,889.38 this year. We have a tax abated property. They have my value almost split between the land and the home. $184,470 for the land and $200,980 for the home. They said that the tax abatement only covers the structure and not the land. I called the Treasurer's office and after being bounced around for about an hour to different people they told me that I could contest it. They said since it's been sent to the state that there is very little chance for me to win. Has anyone had experience contesting theirs? Also I'm looking for comps of land sold in the Washington Park area. We have a double lot, but there is geothermal in the additional lot so it cannot be developed. I would think this would lower the value of the lot. Any help would be great. Thanks
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