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  1. Boys will be boys
  2. What about a bridge from Ludlow? As I understand it, 75 was originally supposed to go through Ludlow, until Covington pulled some strings to change the alignment. Moving the 75 crossing to the west would give more room to accommodate the US-50/Fort Washington connections and dramatically increase the size of downtown. I'm imagining a rerouted 75 following the rail line that goes from the Fort Mitchel County Club to Ludlow. On the Ohio side it would follow Freeman Ave until meeting its current alignment at Union Terminal. That would be a multi-billion dollar bridge/tunnel project worth pursuing.
  3. Would it be possible to straighten out the bend in Vine between McMillan and Correy?
  4. Spring Grove Village and Hamilton based 80 Acres Urban Agriculture was featured in the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/lifestyle/led-growing/
  5. I think the endgame is someone reinventing the Vespa.
  6. Great answer, thank you. Perhaps you could also say that Red Bike's ambition is to serve its community, and not become the next billion dollar mobility startup like Uber or Lime. It's refreshing.
  7. I didn't realize Red Bike was a nonprofit. Why is it structured that way?
  8. Wouldn't it make more sense to put the Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame in Dayton?
  9. Aaron Renn shared this link on his newsletter. Maybe a little off topic, but I think it's pretty cool. A design group based in Indianapolis has reused leather seats from Amtrak Acela Express trains and turned them into fashion products. If you're a rail fan, it might be a fun purchase. https://peopleup.org/pages/amtrak
  10. If a new stadium were to be built there, it would be important to build a better connection to Franklinton. Landgrant and Strongwater are about 4000 ft from that site as the crow flies, but it's currently a 1.5 mile walk there.
  11. MY OPINION ON THE FIGHT: Nurmagomedov dominated in the octagon, and he won fair and square. HOWEVER, Nurmagomedov should get the belt based on his victimhood, the uncalled for exchange of blows on the referee and fight operator, and the bus assault. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be legal repercussions later. McGregor will no doubt in my mind have an assault charge, and have his green card revoked, and probably suspended, fined, stripped, or barred from the UFC alltogether. All because of this in the moment move, there will be plenty of civilian fighting going on into the night for something so uncalled for. Shame on McGregor and kuddos to Nurmagomedov for keeping his cool after the fight. The type of racism and bigotry we've seen spewed from McGregor has no place in any modern sport.
  12. WOW!! Great picture! Pretty inspiring what can happen in a generation.
  13. Is there a height limit in OTR? I was under the impression that everything had to be under 3 or 4 floors.
  14. This is a great point. I want to share this music video again, as I think its a great example of what makes OTR and Cincinnati cool. Ignore the lyrics about drugs and violence and focus on the video. It shows a gentrifying neighborhood like you describe: craft breweries, third wave coffee houses, yuppies, etc. but it shows that there's more than that. This video is saying WE'RE NOT PORTLAND. WE'RE NOT AUSTIN. WE'RE NOT NASHVILLE.
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