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  1. Incredible shots! This one building really does have a huge impact on the skyline and area. There's still sooooo many parking lots and garages in the E 14th St/PHS area ripe for development like this...
  2. All for a playground downtown and replacing an empty lawn.
  3. The addition of Church+State and The Quarter had dramatically changed Detroit, especially when coming from the east. It's incredible. There is so much potential and opportunity to recreate Detroit all the west.
  4. Would love to see more highrises along the lake between downtown and Lakewood, something akin to Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.
  5. Love the massing and scale. This area has a ton of potential and could use the density.
  6. For all you Sketchup masters out there... what would be the impact of a ~8 story building at 25th and Detroit and these two 20 story towers?
  7. Hey KJP -- in the marketing video you linked to in your article for the 1250 Riverbed site, the hotel is a brand by Dream Hotel Group. I think you've also reported in the past they were interested in a hotel in the Warehouse District. Can you confirm -- is Dream Hotel Group looking for two hotels in Cleveland, or is one at the expense of the other?
  8. I didn't hate the original design, but the revision is definitely an improvement.
  9. I like the tweaks to the Kenect design, and I really like the look of the new restaurant buildings--it adds some much needed diversity to the architecture in the area. I think the design could use some tweaking though, and the materials used should be more high-quality.
  10. I'm not sure the fake lake is necessary, as there is a river and real lake a hop, skip, and jump away...
  11. Can anyone share in what year RTA ridership was at its highest, and what that ridership was?
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