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  1. So the Jazz & Ribs fest is where you are concluding at?
  2. Where are you planning on holding dinner? I don't think I'll be able to get out of Delaware till 4 PM.
  3. Since I didn't get into this topic back in 2007 (Louisiana stuff). My first message board experience would of been in Spring of 1997 as I started at OSU-Marion. First site, most likely was Phillynews.com (now just Philly.com), which was co-operated by both the Inquirer & Daily News. I visited Cleveland.com shortly there after.
  4. I'm just perpetually amused when I'm referenced/cited here.
  5. He used to frequent the usenet group Misc.Transport.Road back at the turn of the millennium (pre-urbanohio).
  6. P.S. Is the group photo, from the first Urban Ohio meetup, still on the site somewhere?
  7. But there is a "Classic" Car Show in Delaware that day.
  8. Saw something to that effect on Blundo's FB feed last night. Tim Ferran originally started out covering the media beat (specifically radio) back in the early 90s. But as someone wrote on Blundo's facebook wall, "Now the Dispatch is cutting the bone."
  9. Could be worse. If this was UrbanPennsylvania, we would have a hell of a time deciphering the population trends along the Philly Main Line, because there are only two boroughs (Narberth & Malvern) the rest of the area is unincorporated.
  10. They didn't list Kilbourne*, nor East Claridon* again?!? Bastards! (* - Just joking. Neither Kilbourne, nor East Claridon are incorporated, so they won't be listed.) But hey, my Zip Code center (Marengo) is now 755 out of 931 incorporated communities in Ohio. While my phone exchange (Ashley) is at 446.
  11. US 322 followed Euclid Ave?
  12. Doug Adair passed away last week at 89 in California due to Alzheimers. https://www.10tv.com/article/former-columbus-anchor-doug-adair-has-died-89-2019-may
  13. Well, they're posting jobs as recently as two weeks ago. Wonder if I would have a shot at working in DelCo's planning dept. 11 years after my grad degree & 17 after my bachelors. <sigh>
  14. The other 2/3s of the Ohio "Cs" get the same treatment. Cincy And C-bus
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