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  1. Speaking of attacking the press... Evidently this happened earlier today; https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/nbc4-reporter-targeted-by-angry-protester-outside-ohio-statehouse/
  2. From an aesthetics point-of-view, only thing this place is lacking is Ohio roadmaps as wallpaper.
  3. I guess ODOT could widen US 27 through Butler County, for Cincy traffic. Not sure what could be done to improve the drive from Oxford to Columbus, beyond moving one town, or the other, to the same side of Dayton.
  4. Not so good news from the Wesleyan campus... https://www.delgazette.com/news/81418/wesleyan-inn-plan-fizzles
  5. The sax player would be Chuck Moore of The Joint Rockers (and Middlefield National Bank)
  6. Walked around downtown Columbus, after Christmas and decided to take some pictures of the buildings Entrance to what was Olivers, now Bellyburger. Top photo is to the left of the doors, bottom photo is to the right of the doors. The Citizens Building. Built in 1917 Have a pearl Top of the Ruggery Building on E. Gay St The Law & Finance Building at the SW corner of Gay & 3rd Streets 14 E. Gay Street 37 E. Gay Street What is this wall painting supposed to be? East side of N. High, for those facing southbound The Eagle flies on Friday...SE corner of Gay & High Streets Alley Bar, on Pearl St, between Broad & Gay Various sides (and angles) of the Atlas Building at the NE corner of High & Gay Streets First known as Bott Brothers, then as The Clock, now as Elevator Brew Haus NW corner of Long & High Streets 60 E. Spring Street, if you're not sure. 21 W. Broad St The "old" Huntington Bank building on South High. Bus Stop at State & High Central Union Telephone Building on N. 3rd at Lynn
  7. There are only 3 other people on UrbanOhio who would know and be interested in AARoads. Seicer, Bearcat and myself.
  8. I didn't realize they were back in business. It seemed like they vanished around 2000, in between rounds of term papers I did on I-73 for OSU Geography.
  9. https://www.columbusunderground.com/the-kilbourne-project-four-families-are-revitalizing-an-entire-town-rw1 It's my hometown (or as town as 150 people can be). Its been withering away for decades (the school was closed after I finished 5th grade there in 1986, and the post office was finally closed in 2017 after 35 years of threats). And it has been just far enough north (5 miles NE of Delaware, 8 miles NNW of US 36/I-71 interchange) that it hasn't caught the subdivision-sprawl plague from Columbus. So I have mixed feelings about what these families are doing. In one sense, I am grateful that someone decided to piece back Kilbourne, because none of the locals have shown any interest in fixing these buildings. But at the same time, I'm afraid these families, with NO previous ties to the area are just rural gentrifiers, looking to make Kilbourne into a countrified Celebration Florida. I dunno, maybe I'm more conservative than I care to admit.
  10. Magyar

    Ohio Music

    Friend of mine, from Baton Rouge, got this gift for Christmas.
  11. Magyar

    Ohio Music

    So, ODOT has decided to get into the "Ohio music" business. In that ODOT has created a playlist, of Ohio musicians, to serenade you at various rest stops across the state. ABC 6 in C-bus got the scoop: https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/ohio-department-of-transportation-rolls-out-ohio-playlist-at-interstate-rest-stops?fbclid=IwAR0lwI2NCieu7ihxIBBBrWGkMWspSFo9i2d0HFBEKu5xmFAa7uutvg5Ex9o
  12. That map of Hungarians under-represents the New Orleans area.
  13. Very well. I need to figure out how make this $50 investment (yearly fee to Flickr) work for me.
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