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  1. Dark&Stormy was only half right. The 3rd St closure, Fulton St replacement will be 2 years (hopefully).
  2. Cartography wasn't the Dispatch's strong suit, back then.
  3. Clickbait! In all seriousness, Morton O'Kelly (doing his 2nd tour of duty as chair of OSU's Geography dept), speaking to WOSU about his research, which has been transportation efficiency, concerning commute times and airline connections (hub and spoke versus direct connections). Lasts 30 minutes (though last 10 minutes is more about working at OSU than his research) https://soundcloud.com/voices_arts_sciences/morton-okelly?fbclid=IwAR2JYLLNxwog-gfLBCzwnuS_T-BGcHss0nalTlRrqHTozZaYzm8aQu2rRKc
  4. Channel 6 thought they should challenge Channel 10 concerning employees with bad habits.
  5. And in what should be no surprise to anyone, 10TV fired Mike Davis today, shortly after he posted bond.
  6. Still some bugs in the system. I downloaded an image, from 1949, centered on Prospect (SW Marion County) and the image was upside down, or reversed from the ground level.
  7. So this makes Colleen Marshall the longest tenured talking head on Columbus TV?
  8. Mr. Smith J.D. Vance goes to Washington
  9. So the Jazz & Ribs fest is where you are concluding at?
  10. Where are you planning on holding dinner? I don't think I'll be able to get out of Delaware till 4 PM.
  11. Since I didn't get into this topic back in 2007 (Louisiana stuff). My first message board experience would of been in Spring of 1997 as I started at OSU-Marion. First site, most likely was Phillynews.com (now just Philly.com), which was co-operated by both the Inquirer & Daily News. I visited Cleveland.com shortly there after.
  12. I'm just perpetually amused when I'm referenced/cited here.
  13. He used to frequent the usenet group Misc.Transport.Road back at the turn of the millennium (pre-urbanohio).
  14. P.S. Is the group photo, from the first Urban Ohio meetup, still on the site somewhere?
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