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  1. While I am ok with the corporate renaming of venues I am perplexed why they felt the need to change it from an Arena to a FieldHouse.
  2. Will anyone refer to it just as "The FieldHouse" so we don't have to mention the corporate sponsorship?
  3. I would like to know how much money was spent on the transformation "Quicken Loans Arena" signage. I hope this comes out of Dan Gilbert's additional costs and not what the county signed up for.
  4. https://www.cleveland.com/cavs/2019/04/cleveland-cavaliers-quicken-loans-arena-to-be-renamed-rocket-mortgage-fieldhouse-sources-say.html Cleveland Cavaliers’ Quicken Loans Arena to be renamed Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, sources say CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Quicken Loans Arena is getting a new name. According to multiple sources that spoke with cleveland.com, the name will officially change to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse during an announcement Tuesday afternoon. A news release issued by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday teased a “major announcement," with officials from the Cavaliers, city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County all expected to be there for the reveal.
  5. If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was built ,on it's proposed original site , does one think Tower City would be in the state it has become? Was it true it was relocated due to a record store lease at The Avenue?
  6. Whom is in charge of maintenance /removal of the string lights ,wrapped around the lamp posts, along Euclid Ave? I noticed in the May Company thread that they still remain up.
  7. Wouldn't Dillard's count as the anchor dept store when The Avenue at Tower City opened?
  8. I don't think many realize that the office tower component will top out close to the same height as The 9 on East Ninth and Euclid. That tower is 390 feet for comparison to nuCLEus at 400 feet. This will be an impressive presence /addition to Cleveland's downtown skyline viewed from the south looking north.
  9. This article states the height limitations are due to the planned structural concrete matt method instead of sinking caissons into the bedrock hundreds of feet below. The heights are designed as the maximum for this technique. It also shaved $200 million from the budget by adjusting the heights. https://www.crainscleveland.com/stan-bullard-blog/downtown-ground-reshapes-nucleus-plan Downtown ground reshapes nuCLEus plan STAN BULLARD As Stark Enterprises of Cleveland took the wraps off nuCLEus lite, the 24-story, two-tower version of the project instead of the original 54-floor skyscraper, the company was acknowledging how downtown's subsoil shapes the height — and cost — of what rises put above it. Downtown Cleveland's soil issue stems from the Ice Age. Glaciers left about 200 feet of sediment atop the bedrock, which means builders must drill all the way down to reach the bedrock or substitute a concrete "matt" for the foundation. The weight of the proposed building and the soils at a specific location determine which program is used, according to John S. Brinich, executive vice president at Arbor Construction, Stark's sister construction company.
  10. I agree. The architectural stepped detail would be nice to see from Progressive Field and The Innerbelt.
  11. Thank you! I have been saying that since these designs have been floating around. It is the first image I see and am surprised a hospital would aspire to have this shape represented in it's image
  12. Has all the original etched "M" glass been removed permanently?
  13. It doesn't appear "QUICKEN LOANS" will fit in one line. Intrigued to see it finished. Btw here is the new Discount Drug Mart entrance signage
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