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  1. I would love to see an Ace Hardware open a retail location downtown. With as many residents living here I always see the need for the bare necessities that their stores provide
  2. Not sure why there isn't one on The Malls. One was originally planned and then all plans were halted because planners decided to wait and see how the area was used once The Drury and The Hilton opened. Now that those are open, it is time to refocus efforts onto this area. Too much energy and focus was placed onto Public Square for activities. I would also like to see some sort of playground at Voinovich Park
  3. Is the rendering. posted by CLEInsider101 accurate to what information you were informed of? I hope not. While I applaud Geis in investing in downtown, they lack on aesthetically pleasing architecture. This looks too similar to The Cuyahoga County Administration Headquarters. They should look to Westlake Reed Leskosky for input into designs
  4. I realized why I am struggling with the adjusted design of the curtain wall panels. They are too similar in to the design of The Global Center for Health Innovation's exterior panels.
  5. Except this is what was presented to The City Planning Commission and approved December of 2017. Very different than what was rendered to sell the design. I am ok with adjustments but not when it comes to the public financing the project. Also, does anyone know what Cliffs Cleveland and Sherwin Williams are paying for naming rights to the atrium entrances? Will this money be used directly to lower the cost the City and County are paying or does this go directly into the pocket of Dan Gilbert?
  6. I added some photos above from the interior tour and I don't see any dimensional folding on the curtain wall past the northeast entrance section. It appears flat. The spacing and panel sizes are odd to me
  7. Cleveland.com's facebook page has a couple of better walkthrough videos of the interior work being done. https://www.facebook.com/clevelandcom I am saddened to see that most of the "folding" detail has been removed from the curtain wall construction. It also was mentioned that the finish is now brushed aluminum rather than the golden brushed color. It just doesn't feel very refined anymore earthcam construction update
  8. Question. Shouldn't the City and the Group Plan event planners be conscious of the fact they are wasting taxpayers monies every time they move the unnecessary concrete barriers in Public Square. Move all these events to the underused Malls .Line the promenades with the tents.
  9. It is a bit too busy for my taste. I would have preferred a more gradual tonal difference. Side note. Are they ever going to remove the hideous string light wraps from the street lamps that appear along Euclid Ave!
  10. I love the majestic Art Deco crown to the AT&T Tower. If only they could remove the heliport and logo. It should be lit at night
  11. How much money could be saved for a couple of years of no salaried positions on The Group Plan and Public Square's CEO, General Manager, and the Digital Marketing Director? Shouldn't there be a fee for any event planned for Public Square's use so that money could remedy these mistakes? Lastly LAND Studio should help by taking the funds allocated for the costs on public art and use that money for fixing the design flaws that they were partially responsible for. The other issue is that bicycle lanes remain out of play in any remedy to removal of the concrete barriers. I would like to see another option to fix the mistakes made by Field Operations than their company.
  12. My attempt at photoshopping Nucleus and the Beacon from Progressive Field's POV
  13. I hope that whatever SHW chooses to do that it is as iconic as The Terminal Tower is and taller than Key Tower
  14. It costs $9800 every time the jersey barriers are removed. That happened nine times in 2017, costing the city a total of $88,794. Adding 2018 and 2019 ,with the same average, we are nearing almost $270,000. The $400,000 City Council gave for maintenance to Public Square isn't going to go very far.
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