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  1. What if the Hulett was reassembled and replaced the proposed North Coast Harbor Bridge to carry people from Voinovich Park to The Mather. I would ride it
  2. They have been installing the led lighting in the north atrium and testing it at night. The glass is very reflective and it is difficult to see the curtain wall panels.
  3. The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse signage was installed along the new atrium. I remember they stated the "O" in Rocket was supposed to be a solid led circle that could change graphics as to what was going on inside. The installation appears that this no longer will be happening.
  4. It's is Mayor Jackson's implementation of jersey barriers as a safety measure for pedestrian safety. It has worked so well for Public Square. Just kidding
  5. I do enjoy al the views from a distance. The only photographs I find off are the ones that show the parking structure base. Too much of a disconnect for my taste. I do find the apartment portion very successful.
  6. I am intersted to hear how the architects incorporate the historic elements of The Union Terminal while incorporating vibrant updates to the space.
  7. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2019/07/01/city-block-blockland-tech-hub-will-open-in-tower-city-in-agreement-with-bedrock-detroit 'City Block,' Blockland Tech Hub, Will Open in Tower City in Agreement with Bedrock Detroit Posted By Sam Allard on Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 2:22 pm Local car dealer turned tech entrepreneur Bernie Moreno has announced that "City Block," the Blockland tech hub conceived to attract and grow start-up companies in Cleveland, will open at Tower City as early as next year. The development project will be a joint effort between Blockland and Bedrock Detroit, the Dan Gilbert real estate company that owns and operates The Avenue Shops at Tower City. Bedrock Chairman Jim Ketai released a statement saying that his company, which has studied multiple ways to adapt the depleted Tower City mall since it acquired the property in 2016, has "entered into negotiations" with the Blockland community.
  8. It is amazing to see how many historic structures were torn down. I find it most interesting to see the western side of The May Company Building before their parking structure was built. It would have been great to knock that down and have exposed windows into the residences now
  9. I don't see why this project is necessary other than the $400,000 spent could have been used to repair the sidewalks and spruce up the landscape. This design, similar to Public Square, is trying too hard .
  10. With the demise of shopping at The Avenue at Tower City Center, I look forward to seeing the space reinvented once again. Forest City took a chance back in the 90's to reinvent the space. It succeeded for a moment and I hope the new concept can succeed. I would be happy to see retail return to the storefronts to Euclid Ave. I always felt The Galleria at Erieview and Tower City helped to eliminate the need for retail locations along Euclid Ave.
  11. The distance shots are better since they hid the disconnect to the parking structure.
  12. It appears that the protective film has been removed off of the northeast section of the interior curtain wall. I still feel it is very different than the proposed renderings look and feel
  13. Public Square should have been designed as it's main purpose which is a transportation hub. Many, if not all, elements of the redesign should have been implemented into Malls A-B-C.
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