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  1. Why shouldn't LAND Studio be held responsible for a design that was deemed unsafe. Also to note, removable bollards were initially designed to close off Superior for special events but Nora Romanoff was quoted as saying those were cut because they didn't figure out how to do that with the utilities running under the road. I find that hard to believe since additional monies were allotted for underground utilities to be rerouted for construction needs.
  2. The $400,000 being spent to create these plans should have been put to better use by upgrading/refurbiish what is already there.
  3. I don't think the updated design is better than the original layout. The atrium's formality and symmetry were destroyed. I also have never understood why the need for fake bamboo trees
  4. What if the Malls were extended straight to the lakefront edge? It could end wit a series of terraced steps and landings. Below the grassed rooftops can be a combination of parking structure/retail/extensions of GLSC /Convention Center/ Intermodal Transportation Center.
  5. I don't think they could have built larger due to the height limitations from the flight paths for Burke Lakefront Airport.
  6. Pittsburgh's Market Square setup is far superior to Cleveland's. I do not understand why/whom has made these poor decisions that are unwelcoming to a public space. The aesthetic's of the shipping container for the ice rink should/could be themed to be more festive.
  7. Does anyone know whom decides where the official Christmas tree is placed in Public Square? This year's placement is an odd choice ,since it is not placed centrally. It is west of the central crosswalk. The past three years have seen it placed in three different locations. I would prefer it to be along a central axis since Public Square is mostly a symmetrical layout. Other than that Public Square always looks great during Winterfest.
  8. Hope Mayor Jackson doesn't see this. He might get the idea to turn Public auditorium into his indoor dirt bike location. LOL
  9. I wish the proposed Ameritrust Tower could still be built. I feel the design still holds up.
  10. I hope that LAND Studio realizes the #1 component to Shaker Square is public transportation. I don't hold much hope though since they were involved and instrumental in forgetting what Public Square was all about. They have done nothing to rectify the oversight and instead focus on adding unnecessary contemporary public art that they alone deem relevant to historic surroundings. I agree with PoshSteve that the first thing they will do is remove the mature trees. It is unfortunate that urban designers remove what should remain.
  11. It amazes me that the elegant Rosales curved basal bridge originally planned for North Coast Harbor was scrapped because too many parts were foreign and would have lost its funding. The total cost of this bridge concept was $5.5 million dollars. Now Mayor Jackson and City Council want to borrow $6 million dollars for a subpar design that now costs $16.8 million. Time to say no to this design and go back to what was budgeted.
  12. Well stated. LAND Studio has no business to be involved in the historic Shaker Square. Just look at Public Square as an example. A $32 million dollar budget rose to $50 million under their watch. Transit needs were an afterthought and now additional millions are needed to correct this. Look at The Bike Box they had placed in front of CVS in Shaker Square and you will see how their aesthetics do not match the architectural history of the area.
  13. The official website for Stark Enterprises no longer has images on it's website for NuCLEus. http://www.starkenterprises.com/properties/nucleus/
  14. I have always had issue with The Galleria at Erieview. The architecture of the tower and the mall never meshed for me. I am probably only a few that miss the original plaza that gave the building a sense of grandeur. Can the developers reskin and face the Mall portion to match the tower's aesthetic? I would have loved a concept similar to John C. Kluczynski Federal Building & US Post Office, Loop Station in Chicago,
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