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  1. I hope that LAND Studio realizes the #1 component to Shaker Square is public transportation. I don't hold much hope though since they were involved and instrumental in forgetting what Public Square was all about. They have done nothing to rectify the oversight and instead focus on adding unnecessary contemporary public art that they alone deem relevant to historic surroundings. I agree with PoshSteve that the first thing they will do is remove the mature trees. It is unfortunate that urban designers remove what should remain.
  2. It amazes me that the elegant Rosales curved basal bridge originally planned for North Coast Harbor was scrapped because too many parts were foreign and would have lost its funding. The total cost of this bridge concept was $5.5 million dollars. Now Mayor Jackson and City Council want to borrow $6 million dollars for a subpar design that now costs $16.8 million. Time to say no to this design and go back to what was budgeted.
  3. Well stated. LAND Studio has no business to be involved in the historic Shaker Square. Just look at Public Square as an example. A $32 million dollar budget rose to $50 million under their watch. Transit needs were an afterthought and now additional millions are needed to correct this. Look at The Bike Box they had placed in front of CVS in Shaker Square and you will see how their aesthetics do not match the architectural history of the area.
  4. The official website for Stark Enterprises no longer has images on it's website for NuCLEus. http://www.starkenterprises.com/properties/nucleus/
  5. I have always had issue with The Galleria at Erieview. The architecture of the tower and the mall never meshed for me. I am probably only a few that miss the original plaza that gave the building a sense of grandeur. Can the developers reskin and face the Mall portion to match the tower's aesthetic? I would have loved a concept similar to John C. Kluczynski Federal Building & US Post Office, Loop Station in Chicago,
  6. I wonder how old that plan and video has been in the works. The tie in with The Malls and Lakefront development plan are very different than what has been built and designed. Th e plan for The Galleria reminds me of the atrium at The BP Building prior to it's renovation a year ago.
  7. I would much rather see Euclid Ave storefronts turned back into a retail hub than build this mall that has no connectivity to the centralized, residential population growth in downtown.
  8. Here are plans showing the components proposed north of First Energy Stadium. I don't understand why there is a need to put a road all along the northern edge of the development. This should be open green space
  9. I am interested to see what the developers have planned between RRHF and GLSC. The video says an announcement should be made by late summer. This development will ultimately have an effect on whatever pedestrian bridge is planned to connect The Malls to the lakefront.
  10. I was playing around with another option that would make the center area of Public Square safer and would include the reactivation of the promenades as crosswalk paths. The need for the bollards would be obsolete. Replace them and define the center crosswalk with raised bed planters that mimic the designs of the others. These add more greenery/planting areas and protects the pedestrians from the threat of terrorism from vehicles. The added feature for safety and helps to define the center areas for use would be the addition of full barrier crossing arms, aka train traffic arms. I also don't see why bikes would be banned from Superior. Public_Square_safety_modifaction_idea_copy.pdf
  11. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cle-dead-tree-trouble-for-odot-shoreway-beautification-project Trees left dead on Cleveland Memorial Shoreway less than a year after being planted CLEVELAND - Dozens of newly planted trees lining Cleveland's Memorial Shoreway from Downtown Cleveland to Edgewater park seem to be dead or may be dying.The trees planted in Oct. 2017 are part of the Ohio Department of Transportation's massive $41.5M Lakefront West beautification project.
  12. Not sure the land bridge proposal would ever happen. The design would cost much more than the 25 million that was allotted for a connector. The Group Plan Commission is having trouble to just raise the two million dollars for the modifications to Public Square. The other issues would be to see what Dick Pace has planned for development between RRHF and GLSC . Remember that the proposed Superman sculpture and fountain had to be removed form th e terminus of the proposed Rosales designed bridge. At this point all plans should be on hold until the intermodal station and the lakefront development are better defined. Speaking of bridges, does anyone know what the status of the long proposed inner harbor pedestrian bridge is?
  13. I admire the concept. Unfortunately, the hand formation is menacing. I wish the hand was in a more relaxed position. I do fear it will be referenced to The Addams Family. It could have been interesting to have changed the form To Rodin's Thinker's feet. It would be a nod to the missing feet from the damaged sculpture outside of CMA
  14. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/this-is-why-people-walking-near-public-square-are-fed-up I hope Superior Ave resurfacing includes the sidewalks
  15. I am not sure if the architectural firm accidentally noticed the top of the new tower has the shape of a coffin. lol. Please look at KJP's above post of the architectural model