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  1. Does anyone know the purpose of the single small window on the side of the building? I don't think I've ever gotten an explanation for it.
  2. The building I live in has a couple of athletes that could easily afford this - beats having to sell a 2m house in Avon if they get traded.
  3. I was in the rock to visit a client this morning - hopefully I can provide further updates from here!
  4. Depends on the pricing - most of the fellow downtown residents that I've met (including myself) are not from the area.
  5. Pretty normal, I'd presume - staggering the suite availability by floors makes the moving process a bit smoother. I moved into the leader building in April while the rest of the building wasn't complete until several months later.
  6. I work in the building - think it was built for 10 stories total but that's not going to happen anytime soon.
  7. Euclid will finally be a bit quieter now that healthline drivers won't honk at every person that stops at the green arrow.
  8. Talked to someone on the project, their projected completion date is September 30th - just a few more months left to go!
  9. Yeah, most of the residents that I've talked to that live there work from home or in Key Tower or at Sherwin so parking isn't a deciding point. But yeah, they have the best view of the city's ugliest building and parking lots.
  10. When the building was bought, the new owner was offered suits as a payment - apparently that was the agreement with the previous owner. I don't think they were open for much longer after that.
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