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  1. Dems are going to nominate a moderate former Vice President. He’s so moderate the progressive wing of the party isn’t happy. It’s just Thursday...let’s talk about what Trump has done just this week. He spent the first part of the week pushing a drug the FDA says shouldn’t be used outside of hospitals or clinical trials. He threatened to withhold funding to states because they mailed out absentee ballots. He fired an IG who was allegedly investigating his Secretary of State for unethical behavior. Today, he tweeted he’s upset Fox News isn’t trying to help in win the election, and over the last 2 months he’s bungled our national response to a pandemic that’s headed towards 100k deaths. None of this is normal. How is Biden not a reasonable alternative to Trump? He can’t be worse than what we’ve seen.
  2. Great show. Finally convinced my brother to watch it. He’s loving it.
  3. Sir2geez


    Constitutionalist judges probably not(), but society wouldn’t be all that happy about it. Black boys in hoodies carrying skittles are seen as dangerous. I can only image what people would think seeing young black men with rifles on their backs walking down the street. Pretty sure we would see some new thoughts and interpretations on gun access.
  4. Sir2geez


    The “2A community” didn’t say much after Philando Castile was shot and killed exercising his 2nd amendment rights. It took some public shaming for the NRA to finally a make a vague statement about the incident.
  5. That’s a valid concern. People are frustrated. People are concerned about their livelihoods. I get it. However, the president is uniquely positioned, with the resources of the federal government behind him, to potentially offer a solution for what’s going on in Michigan. Nope...he decides to drop a tweet. Doesn’t offer a solution (to my knowledge) and fans the fire. This is not competent leadership. He should be leading, not tweeting.
  6. My point about his tweet is his incompetence. Not about my hate. Actually, I would love for Trump to be a competent, rational leader who gave us confidence. I wouldn’t have said anything if he acted like this, but he’s not. Often he fans the fire and doesn’t help. You know Presidents in a time of crisis lead and offer solutions.They don’t pit states against each other for political gain. They don’t tell governors to praise them to get special treatment. I don’t agree with DeWine on much and I didn’t vote for him, but he’s been damn good leader the last 6 weeks and I have no problem saying that. So yeah, it wasn’t about my “hate” of Trump.
  7. How does his tweet help? You know what helps...being a leader and offering a plan to help, not tweeting “Liberate Michigan.” I’m tired of this. Trump is a bumbling idiot and we’re so numb to it we excuse his childish behavior.
  8. ^Bernie couldn’t beat Hillary or Biden in a primary and you think he could beat Trump? Biden wiped the floor with him this last go around. Biden won every county in Michigan. Think about that. Bernie won that state in 2016. Bernie had less support this time and you think he can beat Trump? Biden may lose some Bernie supporters, but he’ll pick up a lot of independents. Independents that would never vote for Bernie. Also, let’s not act like Trump is unbeatable. He barely won the 2016 election. Trump won Michigan by 12k votes in 16. The same state Biden beat Bernie in every county.
  9. I watched this a few weeks ago. Popped up on my YouTube suggestions. Fascinating stuff.
  10. The most incompetent administration in modern history.
  11. There’s no hate for Brecksville. I think most on this board would rather keep 1000 good paying jobs in the city (core of the region). A rising tide lifts all ships. Cleveland is the tide in the region. It’s better for region to have 1000 good paying jobs in the city.
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