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  1. There’s no hate for Brecksville. I think most on this board would rather keep 1000 good paying jobs in the city (core of the region). A rising tide lifts all ships. Cleveland is the tide in the region. It’s better for region to have 1000 good paying jobs in the city.
  2. Really pissed. I’m shocked. We rarely see this kind of criticism from Republicans.
  3. What a fake tough guy. Threatening cultural sites? We don’t do this kind of stuff in America. This isn’t cool.
  4. That’s not the actual transcript. We’ve haven't heard the call. A verbatim transcript of the call hasn’t been released. We do have a lot testimony from Trump appointees about quid pro quo. I think Trump’s chief of staff even admitted it on TV.
  5. He’s not “deep state” he’s a double agent...
  6. I can’t believe Mulvaney admitted it was quid pro quo. How can Republicans defends this?
  7. The “Deep State” is working really hard to frame Trump on this one
  8. Republicans had the house, senate and presidency for almost 2 years and they didn’t think there was anything to investigate. As soon as Biden jumped into the race Trump made this an issue. It’s almost as if Trump is trying to dig/make up dirt on a political opponent. I’m glad you're concerned about Pelosi’s son doing business overseas...now do Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric.
  9. He loves the black community so much he called African-American football players “sons and bitches.” He also was leader of the birther movement that attacked the legitimacy of the first African-American president. That’s a lot of love.
  10. Exactly. This is what I don’t understand. What’s so bad with trying to reduce emissions?
  11. Clefan98 can correct if I’m wrong, but all I think he was trying to say was SW is doing a national search. I don’t think he meant they were definitely leaving. I took it as SW staying in Cleveland isn’t a foregone conclusion and the city/county will have to work.
  12. Trump supporters still think he’s playing 3D chess. He used a sharpie to change the path of a storm to cover his mistake. Think about that. While he was writing love letters to Kim Jong-Un, Un has been testing missiles and building his arsenal. Trump isn’t playing 3D chess, he’s playing tic-tac-toe with a sharpie.
  13. Ridiculous. He’s a joke. What a small man.
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