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  1. Russians were hanging around the Trump campaign during the summer of 2016 offering dirt on Clinton and the DNC. Not once did Trump or his campaign alert the FBI Russian nationals were offering stolen emails from the DNC and Clinton. Then they all lied about it when confronted. So yeah, they did have something to do with the Russians trying to interfere with out elections.
  2. The White House has been briefed on the Mueller report. This explains the shift from "total exoneration" back to conspiracy theories about spying.
  3. ^This starts with releasing the Mueller report. By releasing it we will know what happened, how things started and who did what. However, it doesn't seem like Trump wants it released.
  4. Pretty sure Mayor Jackson had nothing to do with this rebranding. This happens all the time with stadiums/arenas. I remember Quicken Loans Arena sounding pretty cheesy at first, but it grew on me. People are acting like a guy named "Quicken Loans" was a founding father of Cleveland and we're dishonoring him by renaming the arena Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. This isn't a big deal in my opinion. I
  5. I Lol. Barr should release the full report to Congress. If this is true, Mueller's team doesn't like what Barr is trying to do. That says something.
  6. And this should start with the release of the full Mueller report. If this was a hoax Republicans should be rushing to get the report out.
  7. Barr's own memo says Mueller's report didn't exonerate Trump on the obstruction issue. Another interesting fact is that Barr didnt quote a single complete sentence from Mueller's report. I'm not sure if the full report is a rosy as Barr's memo. I'm cool with Democrats moving on. However, Congress should perform oversight when necessary. There are plenty of things that need to be looked. Just last week we learned Jared Kushner is using WhatsApp to communicate with world leaders. I'm sure you are as concerned with this as you were with Hillary's emails.
  8. Mueller's investigation was more limited than I thought. From what I can tell, he only investigated "collusion" in relation to the Russian hackers who hacked the DNC. I think Mueller stayed within his scope. We also don't know what other crimes he farmed out to other jurisdictions. Overall, I think Mueller did a good job. He didn't leak and he was professional. The obstruction question is interesting. Mueller didn't exonerate Trump. Almost feels like he wanted Congress to answer that question.
  9. Going for it while Baker is on his rookie deal. 4 more seasons until he gets his 1st big contract.
  10. It's possible Edale and KJP are right. People aren't "flocking" to Cleveland but there's definelty something different going on. I own rental property on the Westside. Just handed keys to a family from California. They've never been to Cleveland. Husband got a job in Twinsburg.
  11. From my understanding, some topics are sensitive because there are open criminal investigations.
  12. Serious question...did anything about yesterday concern you? Cohen was Trump's personal lawyer for 10 years. He's going to prison for lying about stuff related to Trump. Isn't it strange Trump associates with so many liars and criminals like Cohen, Manafort, Stone and Gates? None of this concerns you? Not trying to be snarky. I'm trying to understand.
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