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  1. I am pretty disappointed in this decision. I thought that it was a well thought out idea that fit well into the park. While I also think the development on Howell could be a good fit as well. By some accounts, that project is on hold due to funding issues with the underground garage portion of the development (which is not confirmed but makes sense). I just hope this does not mean the end of this wonderful community organization, without a home.
  2. Some positive news from Clifton: #1 - Clifton Market is FULLY Stocked back to the levels when it was opened. The parking lot was full last night when I stopped in to shop. Hopefully the new owners can keep the shelves stocked and keep this market open!!! #2 - Gaslight Bar & Grill just opened last night in the old library space at the corner of Ludlow and Ormond. They did a great job with the renovation and the photos from the rooftop dining area look great! I am heading there for dinner tonight. #3 - CCAC decision will be made at the Parks Board Meeting next week, so we will know if they are going to be able to move forward or not, the design looks great, the location is non-invasive into the "woods" areas of the park. I think CCAC has taken community input seriously and tried to make a great plan that is enviromentally friendly and will enhance the park. If the renderings are what get built, it would be a nationally prominent building as it would be the first designated "Living Building" INFO HERE to be built in Cincinnati (at least to my knowledge). #4 - The Clifton Neighborhood School is currently being renovated by CPS ready for students next year (grades Pre-K, K, 1st and 2nd, adding grades as kids move up). Should give a great option to parents in the neighborhood now that Fairview is only magnet school and not a neighborhood option anymore, which should attract families.
  3. Postmark on Telford is a wonderful chef-driven restaurant that looks to be doing really well. I highly recommend it. We go there once a month or so as their menu changes seasonally.
  4. Clifton Town Meeting has voted to support this project, including the rooftop dining and for a minimal parking requirement variance.
  5. The presentations that were given at the parks meeting for the CCAC and the other group are located here:http://www.cincinnatiparks.com/park-board-hosts-burnet-woods-community-conversation/
  6. From what I can tell, it will be a stretch but a doable goal for them. They will be receiving nearly $2 million from CPS on the improvements they made to the school building. They have a great reputation in the community and have put together a great "advisory council" for their move that has some pretty big hitters on it. https://www.cliftonculturalarts.org/about/advisory-council/ Seems to me that they can be successful at raising funds. This will be a transformational project whether in Burnet Woods or in the new Howell Development and people will want to support it.
  7. ^Jake, as per the enquirer information, it looks like this would be the area that the CCAC would like to develop. They specifically call out improving the picnic areas, though I would doubt it would decrease costs, but we shall see.
  8. update from enquirer: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/05/24/burnet-woods-lease-clifton-cultural-arts-center-urban-wilderness-center/637665002/ " More about each proposal... Camping and Education Foundation Want: 2,500 square foot Urban Wilderness Center for urban youth programming Cost: $625,0000, paid for and built by the nonprofit Offering: To restore the Trailside Nature Center, which is underutilized in the park and needs maintenance work. Help clean up the park and bring added security. Details: This organization, which was formed 50 years ago, operates camps in the Northwoods of Minnesota on the Canadian border. But more recently it has become interested in expanding its reach and be more accessible to urban youth. The proposed Urban Wilderness Center would welcome Cincinnati youth, and youth from other cities, to spend time in nature and learn the lessons it can teach, like leadership, teamwork and confidence. The foundation is partnering with UC to create a minor in experiential leadership in the outdoors. Students in the program would help run the program there. CEF wants to build south of Burnet Lake. Clifton Cultural Arts Center Want: 25,000-30,000 square foot facility with a performance space, galleries and meeting spaces for the community Cost: $6.5 million to $9.2 million Offering: The creation of a center for Uptown neighborhoods, where they can gather around arts, culture and diversity. Improvements of play and picnic space in the parks. Details: This regional arts center has been operating out of historic Clifton School for the last 15 years but Cincinnati Public Schools recently decided to turn it into an elementary school, so the group is looking for a new home. The center has been open six days a week, offering all sorts of classes, yoga and summer camps, art exhibitions and more. CCAC wants to build a performance space for plays and speakers. Classrooms for dance, visual art, wellness, music, writing classes. It would utilize indoor and outdoor spaces and wants to build north of the Trailside Nature Center."
  9. "One plan, from the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, would place a 25,000 square-foot arts center in the park. The other, from the Camping and Education Foundation, would mean a smaller building occupying a few thousand square feet and renovations to other park facilities." https://www.citybeat.com/news/blog/21006475/ccac-facility-nature-education-center-outlined-as-possible-additions-to-cincinnatis-burnet-woods I think the CCAC could definitely activate part of the fairly large park. Not sure what to think of the camping and Education Foundation, as I have never heard of them and not sure what their programming might entail - I did hear that the renovation of the nature center, refreshment stand, and lake area are within the plan currently, just not sure on the details of that. There will be much blowback if they try and disturb some of the more untouched areas of the park. I would agree that one of the positives for the park is that there are still areas that feel "natural" and you forget you are in the city for a moment. I would hope any plan encourages that and doesn't remove that contrast. It sounds like there will be a decision by the park board, possibly at late june meeting.
  10. Here is the info on the Burnett Woods "community conversation" May 23, 2018 - 7pm - Clifton Rec Center - 320 McAlpin http://www.cincinnatiparks.com/community-conversation-burnet-woods/
  11. Even more Beatles cover bands for the plaza. Competition for that flute guy in front of Graeter's. He is my favorite of all the buskers in the city. I hope any new development in the neighborhood remembers to include him!
  12. At this point, I'm not sure if anyone knows except for the parks department and CCAC. At the meeting, there was an announcement of a new Burnett Woods visioning session scheduled for the next few weeks (I will post update when i find my notes from the meeting). Leslie Mooney (CCAC Director) made it seem like there may be an announcement or discussion on this topic at that meeting. She said all options that they are looking at for their relocation are new builds, so they will be utilizing space throughout the uptown community for their classes and programs while they are without a permanent home starting in August, when CPS takes over control of the building. I for one would love to see a plan to revitalize the area around the lake/picnic area/trailside nature center. I would not be opposed to see that include a 25-30k sq. ft. building for the CCAC. Though my number 1 choice would be as a part of the Howell development.
  13. Discussions are ongoing. That part of the plan is still up in the air. CCAC reported out at the last CTM meeting that they are also looking at a potential Burnett Woods location as well. CCAC plans to have their decision on their move by the end of summer. This is clearly an important project for the Ludlow Avenue Business District and an institution like the CCAC would be a fantastic addition to it.
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