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  1. Woah is that a sewer line under the sidewalk? I thought that was impossible on liberty street.
  2. I wonder how they will manage shopping carts? If you are taking groceries to your car you are likely parked in the garage above... will the carts lock if they leave the silo of the building? You wouldnt want carts left all over the area on the sidewalk like you see around some grocery stores.
  3. That would be great - but then why would the Port be spending money on the garages to fix them up if they are going to take them down?
  4. I wonder if these acquisitions are related to the Port purchasing the parking lot across from the Convention Center for a potential hotel site? They could use these garages for valet as opposed to building a new one.
  5. They did not really even give reasons... it has parking (even though minimums were eliminated and HCB should not speak to parking) and it within that silly one-story within the next building rule. "Its a big project - it did not receive excitement"...
  6. I agree another hotel seems like a no-brainer the AC seems very popular. But Condos and a speculative office building is a non-starter to get financing outside of tier-1 markets.
  7. Good news indeed. With floor plates that small and currently rated Class C office it would be very tough to find an office user so residential would be great. And adding ~400 more residents to 4th street would be nice as well.
  8. List of applicants for Round 21 of Ohio Historic Tax Credits Project Name City Application Number Credit Request First National Bank Building Cincinnati FY19001 $5,000,000 OTR Mixed income project Cincinnati FY19014 $5,000,000 Union Central Life Insurance Building Cincinnati FY19033 $5,000,000 L. Hoster Brewing Co. Columbus FY19009 $5,000,000 Fort Industry Square Phase I Toledo FY19034 $4,492,220 Ohio Bell Building (AT&T) Cleveland FY19018 $4,214,509 Fidelity Medical Building Dayton FY19021 $4,133,458 Fort Industry Square Phase II Toledo FY19035 $3,764,065 Provident Bank Cincinnati FY19004 $3,750,000 Shillito Building (west) Cincinnati FY19005 $2,770,000 Hayden Building Columbus FY19020 $1,940,000 College Hill Revitalization Cincinnati FY19008 $1,779,995 Fidelity Building Cleveland FY19019 $1,675,000 Astrup Company Building Cleveland FY19003 $1,615,000 Cleveland Masonic Temple Cleveland FY19006 $1,400,000 Cooke Building Sandusky FY19040 $1,375,000 Rhodes Mansion Cleveland FY19017 $1,373,109 Packard Apartments Warren FY19015 $675,000 Stedman-Shafer Wholesale Grocery Building Athens FY19002 $639,520 Medina Farmers Exchange Medina FY19007 $545,000 Everett Building Akron FY19023 $470,500 East Carbarn - Columbus Electric Trolley Barns Columbus FY19010 $250,000 1505 and 1511 Vine St Cincinnati FY19011 $250,000 1513 Vine St Cincinnati FY19012 $250,000 1517 Vine St Cincinnati FY19013 $250,000 1833 Sycamore Cincinnati FY19022 $250,000 Columbus Electrical Works Columbus FY19024 $250,000 1714 Vine Cincinnati FY19036 $250,000 Andrus Building Toledo FY19039 $250,000 Hannon's Block Toledo FY19016 $241,186 222-226 Mohawk Cincinnati FY19032 $227,000 Belden Seymour Cleveland FY19025 $222,000 1223 E. Main St Columbus FY19028 $191,000 1704 Elm Cincinnati FY19031 $184,681 1662 Blue Rock Cincinnati FY19030 $159,000 Levinson Building Cuyahoga Falls FY19037 $156,727 Hughes Building St. Clairsville FY19038 $149,496 1233 E. Main St Columbus FY19027 $110,000 1278 E. Main St Columbus FY19026 $60,000
  9. Were those the buildings that a group of people wanted to turn into all AirBNB rentals?
  10. The addition of tan vinyl siding is a nice touch as well. I wonder what the motivation was behind the desire to demolish the building? They cant use it for additional parking and do not seem to have any plan in place.
  11. https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/buildings/historic-conservation/historic-conservation-board/september-24-2018-staff-report-and-attachments/ Latest HCB packet has been uploaded... looks like the former Boys and Girls Club at Liberty/Central (purchased by Fortus Group who is partnering with the elm and liberty project) is going to be demolished and replaced with a parking lot... I am wondering if this is to avoid building the parking garage part of the development? Disappointing to see as that is a major corner and opportunity for some height and density.
  12. I have a feeling these buildings are goners, hope im wrong. I wish they could at least somehow incorporate the facades of the buildings into whatever the plan is so it still has some character and not big blank walls everywhere. Overall - i am glad they are investing in the core but need to do it with a sense of place in mind, which i am not hopeful for.
  13. The City released a memo for the upcoming potential capital projects. http://city-egov.cincinnati-oh.gov/Webtop/ws/fyi/public/fyi_docs/Blob/4339.pdf?rpp=-10&m=1&w=doc_no%3D%273748%27 Some interesting notes - The "Dream Campus" would require $20-30MM of city dollars for their parking garage. - The Terrex Development at MLK / Reading is apparently still a long ways off - memo notes there is a $24MM financing gap (about half the cost of the project). If this project can't secure funding with UC already lined up as a tenant and solid developers behind the deal then it may be some time before anything gets built at the interchange. - There is a note about a $100MM renovation and alteration of the Central Trust/PNC Tower into a mixed use property. I imagine that the office space in that building is dated... would be great to get some more lower class office space offline and into residential. ( I would think this building would be a shoe-in for historic tax credits).
  14. 7th and Vine, I think that was a typo, I believe it was meant to be 7th and Race which is the McHanh's Store being developed into a hotel, which wjh2 mentioned. Unless I missed something too 7/Vine is the old provident building which has a residential conversion proposal as well.
  15. Along with Ingalls Building and Traction Building re-use into hotels...and potentially 7th/Race with the former McHanh's store.
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