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  1. With the two hotels opening at 7/Race they could have arrangements to be the valet parking garage for hotel guests.
  2. I am pretty sure Macy's no longer owns the garage... it looks like it was sold to an outside investor in late 2017 for $8.4M.... hence the improvements since then.
  3. Based off what I have read most of the opposition is *traffic* and *green space*... mind you we are talking about six houses on land that is currently vacant and is not used for green space.
  4. Ingalls building is going to be a relatively small hotel as well once you factor in the space for elevator bays/stairwells/hallways etc.. could have something to do with what brand would be profitable? Just speculating. I am hoping an inter-continental/JW/Loew's for the convention center hotel if/when that happens.
  5. There is work going on at the retail space that has never been occupied closest to Smale (https://goo.gl/maps/dDtmMCGEDcoBLrF39).
  6. I wonder how many employees Kroger has in Blue Ash?... Fountain Place as it sits today is over 200,000 square feet so you could fit quite a few people in there. I would hope if they made the current base office they could build out a tower on top with residential or hotel etc.
  7. The Round 22 of Ohio historic Tax credit applicants:
  8. To get financing there has to be environmental work done to see if there is soil contamination in case the property falls into receivership.
  9. It seems to me that another 150ish room hotel would be a layup to bookend down by PBS and add more people dining out in the area.
  10. That would make sense as they have their temporary ATM setup slightly south on Vine. And i guess it could fill the space with some offices for some of their personal wealth team. From the landlords perspective BofA guaranteed lease makes more sense than a restaurant.
  11. It looks like permits were issued for 441 Vine (same address as Boi Na Braza) for "change of use from restaurant into a bank". Which is kind of interesting...that space is way too big for a regular bank branch. And also interesting if that would be the preference of the ownership of the building?
  12. Yes Slammers closed a few months ago.
  13. The blog posted above about types of cranes said the flat-top kind (like at 4/Race) is better for multi-crane project sites, and 4/Race is getting a second crane in April (this was mentioned in the last email-update sent out by 3CDC for the project). And the Kroger site only has one crane so I would think that is why.
  14. It sort of seems like Carew Tower owners want to go in a different direction with this space? As Boi Na Braza indicated they will be announcing a new location.
  15. Woah is that a sewer line under the sidewalk? I thought that was impossible on liberty street.
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