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  1. Urban Sites has been awarded 1712 Logan Street after the RFP the City issued this past spring. They plan on constructing a mixed use building on the current parking lot. Council will hold an emergency ordinance agenda to approve this transfer along with property tax exemptions associated with this transfer.
  2. Im not in college anymore where I am being graded by my professor on spelling. This is the internet where people post memes of cats and make a million dollars taking half naked selfies on Instagram. Relax, this isn't our corporate office email chain.
  3. A little urban island. It's neat, but sort of a moot developement since most of that area around summit is highly unwalkable with very few dedicated pedestrian sidewalks.
  4. Hamilton county commissioner was just quoted in the business journal how their goal and expectation is for a Findley market garage. Isnt hamilton county ultimately in control of the funds they promised FCC Cincinnati for the structured parking portion.
  5. No it means that something is being presented and they are giving a letter of support towards the said presentation which I assume is in reference to Hamilton county presenting a parking garage in the Findley market area, which is what Hamilton County had set out to do initially.
  6. Saw this OTR community council agenda and thought some of the items mentioned were interesting. Does anyone know what the planned business is for 1304 main Street? I believe those are the buildings adjacent to St Mary's that were previously boarded up, but has continuous work being done on them now. Also it looks like the FCC related Findley market adjacent parking garage is also moving ahead. I'm curious though, I always hear how a parking garage near Findley market will help elevate that area of OTR. I guess my question is, in what way?
  7. Confirmed 3 injured 1 dead. https://www.wlwt.com/article/1-dead-3-injured-in-partial-building-collapse-downtown-cincinnati/29959216 Tragic. Not sure what will happen to this project now.
  8. Coroner is on scene sounds like someone may have died. Tragic..I'm also guessing this project will be delayed for a very long period of time now.
  9. Didn't City council just approve the West end as a TIF district? Wouldn't this probably aid FCC in financing any of their mixed use plans for the FCC site?
  10. Take up to 5 shots in 2 minutes...isnt the potentially illegal and the bar could be held liable and prosecuted in court if a person becomes drunk and commits a fatal dui?
  11. Funny because one of the guys behind ghost baby was also part of club clau. I never went to clau but I have seen videos and I'm genuinely curious why it was so popular with the occasional celebs?
  12. The new underground night club, ghost baby, has been dominating my Facebook. So many people talking about this club. I've never seen a club, let alone in otr, generate this much social media hype. I get it though, an undergroud night club is probably the most unique club setting you can get. You would normally find this in NYC or some other large city, not cincy.
  13. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/21/2019-was-a-year-of-additions-expansion-in-otr.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline Another great year for OTR. 60 New Businesses, 400 new jobs created, and OTR Chamber moving to the renovated Columbia Building on Walnut
  14. These are the cluster of buildings adjacent to saint Mary's correct? Will the rehab create commercial space on the ground floor?
  15. Thanks. I'm glad this is moving forward. I'm hoping that the tenants they land are somewhat unique and different...I also hope that the plan isn't just to fill the space with a bunch of national chain resturaunts. It would be nice to get a comedy club/dinner show type of establishment. Something that doesn't really currently exist yet in the urban core.
  16. Why do all the history books talk about how otr had a booming brewery industry and once of the most dense cities with bars, theaters and saloons on almost every block? Every book I read on otr history discussed how the area was defined by alcoholism and entertainment very early on in it's history?
  17. But the problem is that otr was ALWAYS a desirable place. Throughout its history, especially early on it was full of breweries, bars, beer gardens etc. Obviously the collapse had alot to do because of the West end being demolished and many of the poor people over taking otr. But even the 90s and early 2000s before the riots hit, otr was still very much a popular place.
  18. Things indeed do change. I'm not arguing that Mt. Adams could never rebound. I am just echoing constant feedback I hear about Mt. Adams in which people complain about lack of parking, extremely narrow and confusing streets. People have always enjoyed convienence and simplicity. Going out to dinner or for drinks at the banks or otr is so much simpler. I'd also argue that for college kids who live in Clifton, they probably have cheaper Uber rates for otr versus Mt. Adams which I'm sure plays a small role as well.
  19. Hasn't Main Street been a bar district since the 90s? And would have continued to be a successful bar district if it wasn't for the 2001 riots? That's almost 30 years as an entertainment district. I think OTR will always feature resturaunts and bars. Barring some major collapse, otr is equivelent to the french quarters. You want to live there, you want to stare at the archeticture, you want to party there. Its a vibe. People like otr because it's cool. No where else in cincinnati looks or feels like otr and that's why it's made people totally infatuated. Mt. Adams will never be back to where it once was. Mt. Adams parking situation sucks and is hard to traverse. Mt Adams was the party spot because the banks didn't exist, otr was the most dangerous neighborhood in America and downtown was filled with a few good places but alot of people had reservations about being downtown in general after midnight during those days because of safety concerns. Mt adams was like a little private Oasis, away from all the violence. So people flocked.
  20. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/20/exclusive-new-real-estate-development-firm-has-big.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline I'll believe it when I see it...
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