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  1. Im sure the space will be occupied again rather quickly. Commercial spaces don't stay vacant rather long in hyde park. 10 years for a restaurant is a rather long time though and should be applauded for being around for that long regardless.
  2. 166 new residents is a pretty big win for Mt. Auburn. I wish Mt.Auburn had some type of business district row with shops and restaurants but I'm not sure if that will ever happen.
  3. So random observation but did the ghost sign change on the front facade, near the top? I know it used to say, "Metal Blast", but now it appears to say, "Jackson Brewery" in bold letters, with some more lettering underneath. I checked google maps for 2019 and it still said Metal Blast earlier this year..was the name change part of the rehab that the brewery was undergoing? Or did the heat of the flames peel back a new layer of ghost signs? I'm confused lol.
  4. I know the owner is Fred Burger....any word on where he is standing with all of this? I know he was slowly renovating the Jackson so I imagine this was a major blow for him and his efforts.
  5. Any word on when an assessment will be done on what can be stabilized? Is this something we will know within the next day or two? Or will this be a much longer process before we find out for certain?
  6. What exactly are the challenges with the Jackson Brewery that makes it so difficult to rehab? I naively want to fantasize that a wealthy high profit brewery (mad tree, braxton, Sam Adams) would have the capital to invest in the Jackson and return it to it's Glory ...Hell, could someone like Rhinegeist ever want to enter the hard seltzer space and use the Jackson space as an annex off brand space (similar to Braxton and their brand Vive) to use as a production facility/hard seltzer tap room...
  7. I'm glad that city administration seem to be in consensus that despite the devestating damage this is truly a piece of Cincinnati worth saving. Hopefully we learn more info in the coming days on how we can help support any type of stabilization efforts that are needed/required.
  8. Is their any rough - eye ball estimate for much stabilization would cost? Could a GoFundMe be set up today by chance for the sake of time urgency? Will gladly donate and I know many others who will do the same to save this building from demo.
  9. Will easily donate to a GoFundMe for emergency stabilization if the opportunity becomes available. We can't lose the Jackson. Way to valuable of an asset for otr to lose.
  10. Brewery District organizers are saying on Twitter they have plans for Jackson after the fire. I guess they will see if the building can be stabilized, which I would have to presume it can be. But that's just me guessing from simply looking at the pictures.
  11. From this morning It looks like it can still be salvaged no? I was expecting way worse.
  12. https://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/local-a-e/covington-yard-food-hall-announces-restaurant-tenants-spring-opening This is pretty awesome for Covington and the tri state area in general. It just gives Cincinnati as a whole and extra layer of entertainment depth and things to do.
  13. I was under the impression their was a side entrance off of republic.
  14. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/12/13/over-the-rhine-restaurant-closes.html Love the 3cdc spokesperson quote, "We hate to see a tenant close."....like dude you forced them to! Wtf?!
  15. I almost wonder if any of the meat scent would linger down to the cellars? That could be a logical reason for the move if so. Ghost baby owners may have also wanted to have a ground floor bar, with signage facing Vine Street rather than being hidden away behind republic.
  16. No clue. I imagine they will stay in otr, they are pretty ingrained with the business community and are part of the otr food tours.
  17. They aren't closing, they are relocating because of 3cdc request. Panino is very popular especially with the lunch crowd.
  18. Trying to understand why 3cdc would ask a rather successful tenant to leave? Does anyone know if their are some plans for this space?
  19. The right rendering looks like it includes a small Cafe/Starbucks. That would be a smart addition imo and could improve foot traffic a smidge. I also think it would be really smart to commission an ArtWorks mural on the building like the Kansas City downtown library which is a bunch of towering book binds.
  20. Is 3cdc just doing structural stabilization or did they announce plans already for this building? The coming soon banner has been up on weilerts for a while, so I hope that a full rehab is now in progress to bring a new tenant...also I wont accept anything less than a late night beer hall/beer garden...anything else would be a missed opportunity.
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