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  1. Agreed. There is just something so fishy with the way Iran responded with such a mild and calculated weak strike, and how trump and iran just hugged right afterwards calling for peace....Am I the only one who thinks there's something behind the scenes between these two countries?
  2. Call me crazy, but I've seen this conspiracy theory discussed and I'm starting to wonder maybe there is something true about it... Iran attack last night was pathetic. New satalite images show the destruction and it was almost Iran was purposely minimize as much of the damage as they could. What if Iran wanted their top guy dead and America took the bait. What if this was all a show for someone Iran and America mutually wanted dead... I'm not too much into conspiracy theories honestly, but I'm not sure what the attack from Iran was called. The way everyone just made nice with each other the next day? What the hell? All of this seems so bizarre and makes me wonder if this was just a cover up fake dispute to get someone dead.
  3. That's neat..hopefully that's true as it is has a really high profile development site potential. Though, I feel this will once again put fuel to the fire regarding gentrification..especially if 3cdc does the tactic of taking a social service and shipping it off the outskirts of the west end (which they have a recent track record of doing).
  4. Based off Iran weak "retaliation" what do you think will happen next? Everything will go on as normal and be forgotten..or this will spark proxy rebel groups to take matters into their own hands because of iran weak response. Honestly, I'm rather amazed that's all they did. They made trump and the us army look strong and fearful and made Iran look like a shy little weak mouse.
  5. I agree that 12th and vine would make for the perfect boutique hotel location. Hotel guests would have abundant parking across the street and would be adjacent to a street car stop and would be in the center of many otr bars/resturaunts/etc. Hopefully 3cdc has a similar vision. Adding a few boutique hotels would also be great for otr street engagement. You typically have hotel guests in and out at various odd hours helping create pedestrian safety during late afternoon hours and busy side walk engagement.
  6. Does 3cdc still not own that lot? That lot was ear marked for future developement at some point.
  7. The only way I see Russia getting involved is a serious bad case of accidental friendly fire from the us that murders one of Russia's men...or a diversion attack from Iran that shoots down a Russian plane but scapegoats America as the one who did it.
  8. WW3 is bound to happen at some point. The most realistic path to that is if the situation escalation continues and Russia and China defend Iran and join them in defense. Trump calls upon NATO and we have ourselves the New World War. Knowing Trump, he will probably cause the escalation to reach a point where one of Iran allies fires a nuclear weapons into us territory, probably Russia and half of our costal cities will be reduced to ashes and rubble. As Albert Einstein once said, ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones.
  9. Dutch in Hyde Park now closed... What's going on with Hyde Park lately and their rash of shut downs?
  10. Seems like ny has replaced guns with knives, machetes and fists. Look at the female college student who was knifed to death by the 14 year old teen, or the rabbi and Jews being attacked in Brooklyn. I don't think their is a cure for violence. To many kids were raised in dysfunctional homes and we end up seeing the fallout years later...and if it's not the home life then it's severe mental illness and brain chemical imbalance that causes severe abnormal spikes in aggression and lack of empathy...but we closed down all the mental institutions decades ago. The reality about this world today is that you need to be aware of your surroundings and carry protection with you. When your alone on the street with 3 teenages coming straight at you and begin pushing and shoving you and then stomping you on the ground till your brain cracks open are you gonna just sit there and let your death happen over what's in your wallet?
  11. Whats the latest status with this building? Its been going through the court system and appeals process for what seems like years now...
  12. That's cool the old proposed hen of the woods location will become a beer garden and bar. Glad that space on main Street will finally be put to use! Also, I was under the impression 1518 race street was never approved by the HCB/city planning commission..did I miss something?
  13. I'm just curious why Thunderdome decided to hold on to the Kaze brand for so long, especially when they stated they wanted to do something new with the space since they aquired the brand last year. Is it a lease thing?
  14. Kaze owner was gonna close until thunderdome approached them wanting to purchase the resturaunt. Kaze did solid on the weekends but was very dead during the week. Their menu was solid, but nothing extraordinary. If anything it was a bit over priced. Sad to see it go, but looking forward to a new original Thunderdome resturaunt. Their latest Italian joint Pepp and Delores on 15th and vine is very, very good.
  15. A new concept will be announced early 2020. If I understand this is in the Rheingeist building, and I imagine that Rhinegeist owns the property by now. So I'm guessing they have the freedom and flexibility to be able to turn over new concepts when they feel one concept isn't being profitable enough.
  16. I meant in terms of chain retail. I'm very supportive of "shop small" but by and large I spend most of my money at chains like H&M, Bath and Body, Victoria Secret for my GF. Downtown has none of this. It's very difficult to find men clothes in general downtown.
  17. I was at liberty not too long ago. The only saving grace about liberty mall is the outdoor portion. Feels like a tiny urban shopping district which I wish downtown cincy could have one day in the future. Also, they have a North star Cafe which makes me jealous. The actual mall is in this awkward phase of tri-county and Kenwood. The food court is really nice, and so is the Dillard's H & M, and Dicks they have there. That said there is a good amount of vacant retail spots, closed food court resturaunts, and awkward businesses like an event space, photography studio inside the mall that make you feel like your back in tri-county mall. Forever 21 is nearly closed in the outdoor portion as well. I'm not sure what liberty mall future is, but I just have a bad feeling that this will be forest fair mall 2.0 in the next 10 years..at the very least the inside portion of the mall.
  18. Chicken or the egg. Hard to attract new Businesses/residential without parking. Findlay market has been struggling with parking for years and even more so lately and this has affected business/residential developement. Cutting off logan is less than ideal, but north of liberty, especially the area around Findlay needs a parking boost if we want to see continued investment.
  19. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/12/20/exclusive-4eg-partner-talks-keystone-closing-new.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline 4EG is bringing a new bar concept to Court Street by Kroger. The location was not mentioned, but if I had to guess it probably is next to the recently renovated 3cdc cluster of buildings. I'm suspecting with the new liquor licenses issued for court street we will to start a small little entertainment strip that's equivelent to the banks/main Street.
  20. Isn't that land being used by Urban Sites for a new mixed use office/residential project? It just received tax incentives by city council for the project.
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