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  1. 23 minutes ago, thomasbw said:

    There's so many things wrong with this proposal, but the one that stood out to me was the fact they don't know there isn't Amtrak service between Cincinnati and Cleveland- https://www.airtractransport.com/


    If they have the investors and billions of dollars to make it happen then I hope they go for it. Would be really cool for our region. Otherwise it will never happen. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, tonyalexander said:


    10 x 23k sqft. floor plates is well into nice hotel cost/benefit range with room to spare. They didn't mention it in the article specifically but it would be great to see there.


    A name brand boutique hotel makes way to much sense not to happen. 


    Traveling supporter fans is a big thing in mls, so I definitely think a nearby stadium hotel could nicely support traveling away fans, and greater cincinnatians who don't go to every fcc game but want to make an mini vacation from it (like nearby dayton). Only hotel options are still only cbd/banks/uptown. Still nothing in otr/west end. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, ColDayMan said:

    OTR popup serving Asian buns opening brick-and-mortar


    An Over-the-Rhine popup serving Asian bao buns out of a weekend walk-up window will soon have a permanent space near Washington Park.


    More below:





    Article mentions Late Fed/Early March Opening Date...Tuesday to Saturday, will be open till 9 or 10pm, they haven't decided yet. 


    Slightly disappointing that once again very few food entrepreneurs capitalize the late night bar crowd on weekends...I mean goodfellas line often stretches out the door for a block around 2:00am. Clearly there is demand for food after drinking, so why don't more otr dining options capitalize on this? 

  4. Upcoming hcb packet agenda includes plan for 1905 elm Street to be rehabbed....Ive heard rumors from Rhinegeist employees that it will be a new brewery with a tap room. 


    Glad to see more development especially right across the street from Rhinegeist...but Ive always saw that building as an opportunity for demo and building something more dense on that corner. 


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  5. 58 minutes ago, Ucgrad2015 said:

    Information about Hard Rick casino. I’m not a enquirer member so I cannot read it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/4465967002


    Im not a subscriber either, but from what I've heard is that the hard rock hotel will feature "Las Vegas" like features..Luxery suites, rooftop pool, night club on ground level, etc. I'm not if this is what the article talks about though in terms of the unique features of the hard rock hotel coming. 

  6. 1 hour ago, taestell said:

    Boom Box Buns, which currently operates a late night window on Woodward Street, announced that they will open a permanent location in the former Picnic & Pantry space at 14th & Republic:




    I just wanted to add that I hope this building can finally have a long term tenant. It's a really strong spot that has a turn over for tenants. Picnic and Pantry was a nice little bodega type of store, and the Indian place was decent but really confusing. Hopefully boom box can stay longer than a handful of years. 

  7. Just now, ryanlammi said:

    The magic of their current space is that it's so close to all of the bars on Main Street, and so accessible. The area around Race/Elm/Vine is more of a restaurant district, not a bar district. It doesn't have that built-in audience that Main Street has. It's why Goodfellas does so well on Main Street. If it was on Republic, they would probably do less than half their current weekend business IMO.


    The new night club, "Ghost Baby" will open soon a few blocks down off on republic/Vine. The Jazz Bar will open in the Behlen Vine Street building in the spring, standard otr (a craft beer shop/tap room bar) will open a few blocks away on 15th and race. Bar Bar OTR by the Queen City Radio folks will open soon as well on race. I have a feeling they will ultimately be fine...but I do wonder if the recently renovated Columbia Building commercial space off of Walnut would have been better to some degree. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, ryanlammi said:

    Excited for them, but I think they'll do a fraction of the business at that location. Their current location off of Main is perfect.


    It sounds like they might be looking at expanded options, but it would be nice if they could keep their current location running, too.


    Customer aquisition. Location always play a role for a business to be successful, but the aquisition of the customer via social media is just as vital. They have done an excellent job on exposing their brand through social media, creating "boom box stickers", etc. 


    The thing about their off the beaten path location on main was that you typically didn't know it was their unless you found out through Instagram/Facebook. The guy who makes the buns isn't even their every weekend selling them...so I think that just really highlights how important social media is with driving sales and customer aquisition. 


    I think this location will be fairly successful as long as they keep consistent hours, expand their menu a bit, and hopefully target late night folks who want to eat after drinking. 







  9. 17 minutes ago, taestell said:

    If they are still weighing 3 options, it is by definition not a "firm plan". The Convention Center isn't even sure if they need to expand -- they just started studying it in October and probably won't know the answer for a few more months. So we don't know what size the new hotel will be, whether a convention center expansion will be incorporated into the new building, and whether the city would even agree to the Elm Street closure that may or may not be required to build the expansion.


    Regardless if the demo requires a full year from once the process begins, they can surely finalize their firm plan once demolition is nearing to completion...

  10. 18 minutes ago, taestell said:


    It just blows my mind that the same "fiscal conservatives" who lost their minds when the city proposed renovating the City Hall courtyard at a cost of $4 million, or say that the streetcar's $4 million/year operating cost is going to bankrupt the city, but don't make a peep when the county votes to spend nearly $60 million to acquire and demolish a building when there's not even a firm plan in place for its replacement.


    I mean they have a firm plan I thought? Aren't they weighing the 3 options of the various hotel rooms with one option being a convention center expansion beneath and the other two options with no convention expansion with less rooms? There was an info graphic published by the business courier not to long ago regarding this. 

  11. 28 minutes ago, Brutus_buckeye said:

    So what is the over under on how long this will just be a giant parking lot? 3 years/5 years?


    Probably less than 2. A dedicated connected convention center hotel is critical for most convention centers in US Cities. Convention Center officials are also very bullish on wanting to expand the center. I think that serves as a dual purpose project and will have a quick turn around time on getting this site redeveloped into a new name brand convention center hotel with an expanded convention center underneath the hotel. 

  12. 9 minutes ago, jmecklenborg said:


    Those are little kids who don't have phones.  Their parents usually come with them. Ages 10+ all have phones and don't go outside.   


    I've never seen a pickup game of anything other than basketball anywhere in the city pretty much ever.  I haven't seen a kid throwing a baseball against a wall or two kids tossing or any of that - not in 15+ plus years.  


    All of the fields in the West End - and there are like 9 of them - get hardly any formal use and almost zero informal use.  


    This isn't hard for me to believe as someone who was about 10 when video games were invented and cable TV proliferated and all of the sudden pickup games and riding bikes and playing in the woods ceased to occur.  We had "seasons" and statistics that we kept between our pickup games because they were daily, sometimes multiple games and multiple sports per day.  



    Inner city american youth hardly play anything but basketball due to space (harder to find large open fields in an urban environment), and easier barrier to entry (you just need 1 ball, and one hoop versus baseball gloves, baseball bat, baseball, make shift bases, potentially breaking someone's car window or house window). That's why baseball statistically struggles with the race gap between it's players. 

  13. 1 hour ago, mcmicken said:

    Yes.  As the rest of the neighborhood densifies, open public green space will only become more important. That doesn't mean we can't get creative on integrating parking and development, moving assets around, etc.


    I don't agree. 


    Cincinnati isn't this dense mega city the size of NYC or Hong Kong. 


    Cincinnati already has an abundance of parks from Eden park, Sayer Point, Smale Riverfront park, Piatt Park, Washington Park, Ziegler Park, Bellevue Park..not to mention the abundance of pocket parks through out the city. 


    I say one of those parks needs to go. Preferably Findlay Playground. Build a dense mixed use structure that can help anchor north of liberty development up on Vine. A Mercer type project, with necessary parking, retail/resturaunts/bars would be a huge catalyst for speeding up development in NoLi. 



  14. 12 minutes ago, Ucgrad2015 said:

    Was there a plan for it a few years ago? I remember seeing some sort of billboard in the lot behind the building showing some renderings but it has since been taken down. Would be great to see it developed with some townhomes on that empty lot. That Cell phone store across the street needs to go. 


    Urban sites is actively marketing that site for commercial space on their lease now page on their website. 


    I'm guessing urban sites won't redevelop the site until the can sign a tenant for the space...which is kinda tricky since that area isn't the most attractive part of otr currently..might take a few more years imo. 


    3cdc owns that plot of land where the cell phone store is. I'm guessing we will eventually some large scale development at some point. Probably once the liberty street diet is finished, which is scheduled to start this spring. 

  15. 4 hours ago, taestell said:

    I really hope this happens. The current design of the downtown library is so anti-urban with its massive setbacks, underutilized plazas, and parking lot at the NW corner of Ninth and Walnut. Having street-level retail (and potentially housing above) right next to the streetcar stop would be huge.




    This would be amazing! Would be great for increasing pedestrian traffic around the library. This seems costly though? I wonder if 3cdc would be willing to partner with them on the residential portion. 

  16. Just saw on Carriage House Instagram story that they had recently purchased the blue painted 1208 Sycamore Street building and plan to bring a bar and a continuation of their airbnb business to that building with guest airbnb apartments above.


    For those who aren't familiar with Carriage House, they own the small white brick building thats tucked away in an alley on sycamore. The company is expanding, and offer unique airbnb suites worldwide, and I guess this is part of there next phase with the pendelton neighborhood. 

  17. 15 minutes ago, ColDayMan said:

    Startup entrepreneurs to redevelop two Brewery District buildings




    A commercial real estate company founded by Cincinnati startup entrepreneurs plans to redevelop two historical buildings in the Brewery District of Over-the-Rhine.


    More below:



    I believe one of the partners of this group is on UrbanOhioForum....I believe it's Tony Alexander?


    I didn't realize how many projects North Crown properties has in the pipeline for North of Liberty...


    112 Corwine St


    1614 Walnut



    We acquired this old farmers exchange building in 2018 to create a mixed use development consisting of a 3,000 sq ft commercial loft space, six one-bedroom apartments.

    The development is flanked by another building that will become four smaller one bedroom units suitable for students or starter accommodation.


    1618 Walnut St


     The smaller building at 1618 Walnut St. is a long-vacant three-story structure built in 1914. It requires significant structural and mechanical improvements, as well as work on the historic fabric, such as repairs to decorative exterior features and interior stairs and woodwork. The plan is to create two smaller apartment units and one larger, two-story apartment.


    1630 Walnut


    This former warehouse has been converted into a 22 space parking garage and staging area to support other developments on the block for the short term.

    In the long term we plan to build three additional stories on top of the garage to create 22 unique apartments with views of Grant Park and of the Cincinnati cityscape.



    100 E McMicken.


     A six unit apartment building undergoing renovation and modernization in 2020.



    64 E McMicken.



    A six unit apartment building in planning for modernization in 2021.

    The ground floor has a large commercial space which we subsidize to allow the Wesley Chapel group to operate vital after school programs for neighborhood youth.

    Wesley Chapel Mission Center is a non-profit that relies on donations. Visit their website to learn more or to volunteer.





    The land adjacent to The Crown Brewing Company is under development to become a new neighborhood bar and outdoor focused event space.

    We are using interesting objects and construction materials personally sourced and imported from the UK, India, Indonesia, South America and Europe, to bring something dramatic and truly unique to the city.



    I also believe they are bringing a Beer Garden to the old proposed Hen of the Woods location on Main Street...but that could be a different developer. 

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