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  1. I mean I think it's more of the fact 60 million dollars is going to be spent in renovations for a 3 story building. Imo, 3cdc should have just focused on leasing out the building to new retail and use that 60 million for an office tower infill in the much abundant surface lots of the urban core...
  2. Yeah I'm not sure what 3cdc was thinking with this one. Assuming their is no tower in the cards, then 3cdc is essentially spending 60 million dollars for renovating office space. While adding 1,500 jobs (hopefully new jobs, or relocating suburban jobs) will be a huge win for the CBD, it feels like a missed opportunity to not have a Kenwood Towne center type of developement where you have a mixed use entertainment center filled with a boutique envision cinemas, a comedy club, maybe a sprinkle in a few cafes/resturaunts/dinner show type of establishments. Things that are new to the urban core in terms of entertainment, while adding new foot traffic. THEN add a office tower on top with new jobs. Instead we are getting a sprinkle of retail and mainly office jobs and this corner will still be primarily dead during the weekdays when the workers go home, and maybe see a little bit of activity during the weekend with the new retail tenants...all while spending 60 million dollars, which in theory, could have afforded 3cdc to build a nucely sized modest tower above. I guess we don't know all of the details yet or long term plans. But so far none of it makes sense. Especially when 3cdc has a great, proven track record of bringing new life and vibrancy to quiet street corners.
  3. Yeah, does it really cost 60 million dollars to convert a 3 store building into Class A office space?
  4. https://www.wcpo.com/news/transportation-development/move-up-cincinnati/3cdc-hopes-redeveloped-fountain-place-will-attract-major-tenant-1-500-workers Nothing that new to add except 3cdc is now stating upwards of 1,500 jobs at Fountain Place and total Renovation cost will be upwards of 60 million dollars. 5-6 new, smaller square footage, ground floor retail tenants that will generate high foot traffic. Interior demolition started last week, with no completion date set as of yet.
  5. 3cdc is now stating they aren't 100% sure if they are going to demolish the skywalk. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/planning-commission-vote-would-lay-groundwork-to-demolish-skywalk-on-fifth-street-city-says They are still stating it will cost 59 million dollars..which makes it that more absurd if there are no costs associated with skywalk demo. I mean am I crazy but couldnt 59 million dollars build a short squat tower up top... especially if the skywalk isn't being demo'd?
  6. From what I understand alot of the jobs will be Kroger corporate jobs that are currently based in the suburbs (around blue Ash) that will be relocating downtown. The speculation about whether this could eventually be Kroger new HQ is an interesting thought. The Kroger on Central is starting to max out in regards to available space. I almost do wonder as well if the long term plan would be to eventually build a tower above the base to house Kroger new HQ.
  7. Man, to bad some of y'all weren't around when 1-75 was being built and literally destroyed all of the West end. Losing historic buildings suck, but we lost the West end decades ago. Let's say a toast to the west end and look to the future. We will all die soon. Some of us 20-30 maybe 40 years? I've always been curious how Cincinnati would look like in the year 2100. I always imagined it would look like blade runner. Neon lights everywhere, hover cars. We are in this world for a blink of time. Nothing last forever and neither do we. Like the old buildings being demolished, soon gravity and time will demolish us as well. Nothing lasts forever. One day all of this historic treasures in the world will also be dust once the sun Super Nova's So enjoy the ride. Appreciate the past. Look to the future. Can't do anything about an outcome? Move on, nothing else you can do really. The more time you waste the less time you have to gain. There is always light, even in darkness. Sometimes.
  8. MLS thought oakley was to suburban. Most mls stadiums are nowadays built in cities urban cores.
  9. I'm guessing the exterior facade will be replaced? That would maybe explain the cost I guess...
  10. What exactly costs 59 million though? I know the building needs a bit of polishing, and needs interior demolition to make way for the new office space/ground floor retail..but 59 million dollars? That seems a bit much, no? I'm happy the CBD will have more jobs. I believe it was rumored to be upwards of 1,000 new jobs if I'm not mistaken...That said it's a bit sad that this corner will seemingly become a dead spot after 5-6pm and more so on the weekends. Ideally including 1,000 plus jobs on the upper levels of fountain place and a residential tower above would have done wonders for this corner in terms of reactivating it day and night.
  11. Is their any data on how much of main street is occupied by residents versus unoccupied. Most of Main Street seemed rehabbed, and there really isn't much infill opportunity to increase density on main either. I'm curious how vine compares to main in terms of residential occupancy if there are disparities?
  12. What is exactly driving all of this developement aside from the popularity in county music? I understand Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, etc...cities that are hubs for jobs in various sectors..but what is Nashville bringing job wise and what sector? It's not like it has LA climate, or even has half the culture of NYC or even Atlanta.
  13. Foot traffic is vital for any urban business to succeed. Main Street has a higher turnover of small businesses and I believe that has alot to do with small amout of foot traffic during the day. If you can help these small businesses by adding resturaunts wedged in between these small businesses wouldn't this help generate more foot traffic and in turn help more Small Businesses on main thrive?
  14. Alot of 3cdc recent work in otr has been very heavily geared towards new office space. The Meiners, Behlen Building all contain ground floor commercial space with office on the upper floors. I think otr has enough historic stock + infill lots to where it can supply a sufficient balance of office/residential/commercial.
  15. Two hotel projects move forward Two hotel projects, one downtown and another in Corryville, could move forward after the Cincinnati City Council approves property tax breaks for them on Wednesday. Council’s budget committee has given initial approval to tax abatements for a hotel conversion project at 432 Walnut St. downtown, which currently is vacant. It is expected to become a Kimpton hotel with a $50 million project cost, Phil Denning, the city’s economic development director, told council members on Monday. Tennessee-based Parkes Development Group is rehabilitating the 15-story structure known as the Traction Building. The developer has obtained state and federal historic tax credits for the project, which will build 147 hotel rooms along with a restaurant, fitness room, ballroom space and rooftop bar. More below: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/12/03/two-hotel-projects-move-forward.html
  16. I believe this case is still alive and has had various appeals and Court hearings. They had a recent appeal hearing just a month ago I believe. This whole case has had so much back and forth that I've lost track with what's going on tbh.
  17. You see, this is kind of my point on how the average visitor views otr as a whole. If you ask a person who visits otr and is from anywhere in greater cincinnati they will say that Vine Street from Taste of Belgium to the Eagle is otr, and main Street is , "downtown". Or Music Hall to Greaters is all of OTR. Or hell, some people still just park at the closest Findlay Market parking lot and say Rhinegeist to Findlay Market is all of otr. I almost get the impression that the 24 year old, bar hopping from Queen City Radio to the Lackman to Mecca on Walnut and Mr. Pitifuls on main have a better impression of what otr is simply due to the nature of exploring the neighborhood by foot through bar hopping. I think older people from greater cincinnati are still primarily people who visit on a Saturday during the day time or afternoon and primarily focus on resturaunts and maybe the occasional bar that's near by to the restaurant they just visited. I think we need more resturaunts to create "resturaunt hopping" for older day time visitors, which I think in theory could break the mental Barrier. The small artsy shops and places like take away on main are great. But like you said, they don't really attract the average greater cincinnati visitor, except for maybe an art academy student/near by otr resident. I think LouVino, Aladdin's, and Wodka Bar are excellent additions to Main. But the street as a whole definitely could handle at least 6-8 more high quality Resturaunts, which I think would help spillover some of the Vine Street crowds on to main during the day.
  18. There is that Goods on Main store...that literally reminds me of a junk shop. Also, if you look on commercial spaces available on Main Street it's quite a bit more vacant compared to other stretches of otr. Regardless, people who visit otr still primarily frequently Vine and occasionally Race because of the anchor known as Taft Ale House. Main Street is very quiet during the day, especially on the week days, which isn't necessarily a bad thing per say (though probably hurts a lot of smaller day time businesses and shops) but for whatever reason I feel Main Street doesn't attract nearly the same level of foot traffic that the resturaunt corridor on Vine Street does. Obviously Main Street has some great Businesses like Iris Book Cafe, Buzzed Bull Creamery, MOTR, The Woodward Theater, Platform Brewery, Pins, etc.. Maybe main Street needs a larger lineup of resturaunts and cafes? Point is, the level of foot traffic (unless it's a weekend night) is not nearly the same level compared to other stretches of otr..Adding more residents will surely help, but I think adding more resturaunts and cafes will perhaps generate more foot traffic in the long run.
  19. 20,000 square feet of office space though, plus 66 residential units, plus any of the handful of workers who will be part of the ground floor commercial developement..93 spaces doesn't seem nearly enough when you combine all of these elements..Also, the findlay parking lot is already near max capacity on most days. Model group is adding more and more Businesses/residential around findlay, but nothing in the way of parking. I just feel like until north of liberty is further cleaned up, it will be a tough sell to tell workers to park on Vine or Walnut in north of liberty...do we end up with a sticky situation of how do you continue stimulating investment without dedicated parking.
  20. I wish Main Street managed to find a better footing with it's commercial business offerings. Obviously, Main Street is pretty successful as a bar hopping area but I would still love to see more resturaunts/cafes/speciality stores similar to Vine. As it stands it's basically a bunch of bars a few restaurants sprinkled in and alot of speciality stores that don't really have an identity and feel alot like flea market shops. I would love to see more day activity on Main similar to Vine, but I'm not sure what a realistic approach would be aside from adding more residents.
  21. This could be a real game changer for north of liberty. This will probably be the largest new construction developement in North of liberty in many, many decades. I always that the Hamilton county FCC garage would go on that parking lot though? Is their another sizable parking lot that could fit a large garage structure that's adjacent to Findlay Market? Obviously there is the parking lot right behind Findlay Market, but I hope that if the garage goes there there will be mixed use aspects involved.
  22. Urban Sites has been awarded 1712 Logan Street after the RFP the City issued this past spring. They plan on constructing a mixed use building on the current parking lot. Council will hold an emergency ordinance agenda to approve this transfer along with property tax exemptions associated with this transfer.
  23. Im not in college anymore where I am being graded by my professor on spelling. This is the internet where people post memes of cats and make a million dollars taking half naked selfies on Instagram. Relax, this isn't our corporate office email chain.
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