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  1. More Walnut Hills related news... https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/14/exclusive-fast-growing-cincinnati-company-moves-hq.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline Sharonville based company is relocating its HQ to Walnut Hills in the Cable House building.
  2. Is this new development proposals? Apologies if old... Park Avenue Square https://wearewalnuthills.org/park-avenue-square/ Poste Phase II https://wearewalnuthills.org/poste-phase-2-2/
  3. Would you care to explain how/when housing market value caps? For instance, single family homes in OTR back in 2002/2003 were going for 60/70k max. Now single family homes has capped at 1.1 million (I believe that is the most expensive home sale in otr to date). So if a home has the capability to cap at 1.1 million, in a neighborhood that still has many rough edges than how do you predict what the future housing cap will be in 20+ years once the neighborhood is fully gentrified?
  4. If homes are pending near the 1 million range..when probably 60% of OTR is still not gentrified/hot spot crime areas/drug dealing......25 years down the line, when all of OTR is gentrified, when it becomes a very low crime neighborhood, all of the drug dealers have moved to Mason...Could we theoretically see single home value in OTR jump in the 10 - 15 Million Dollar range once OTR is 100% cleaned up and gentrified?
  5. Sure, but as mentioned before 3cdc is literally not making improvements to fountain place, they are just filling in the vacant businesses with new businesses. I understand if they were going to build a new mixed use tower on that site but they arent...so your telling me it takes a year to find businesses to open at fountain place?
  6. Just browsing 3cdc current projects page... They are still wrapped up with; Behlen Building Meiner's Building 4th and Race Doesn't seem that much of a heavy work load at the moment compared to past years.
  7. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/dining/2019/11/06/cincinnati-inspired-hotel-restaurant-coming-downtown-edward-lee/2484644001/ That's where the new Edward Lee Restaurant is going right? It's his first concept in Cincinnati...he has won countless culinary awards so I'm excited to see with what he can come up with.
  8. Can you elaborate? Did an out of town developer want to redevelop fountain place? Just seems odd that if 3cdc is simply redeveloping the property by including office space on the upper levels, and new commercial tenants on the ground floor that it would take almost a year for any activity or movement since there purchase back in January. Seems counter productive towards 3cdc mission of "reactivating spaces and the urban core" by letting Cincinnati's most prime real estate sit completely vacant for so long now without any movement or progress on the site.
  9. You seem pretty well "in tune" with developement thats occuring downtown. Any clue what's taking so long with fountain place being still vacant after almost a year since 3cdc purchases the property?
  10. Between the Millennium Hotel Shutting down, Fountain Square going through Fifth Third Renovations closing the businesses there temporarily, and fountain place still completely vacant...one of the more active areas of downtown has become a total ghost town.
  11. There homeless population is Insanity, and their traffic is gut wrenching. It's an urban city that still has an obsession with cars, fast food drive throughs, and parking.
  12. Isn't the banks almost at 90% occupancy with their retail tenants. The banks is super popular on weekends and its been a hot minute since a business has closed and in just the past year opened a planet fitness, a Smoothie King, a classy night club/resturaunt in Galla Park, a great ferris wheel that still draws lines, and a pop up retail shop ran by Agar. So I'm not understanding this constant narrative of the banks is this disaster when I consistently see families and kids drawn to smale riverfront park, to the ferris wheel, to canados tacos, to taste of Belgium, etc...
  13. The enquirer reported millennium has a 30 percent occupancy rate, has a multitude of failed inspections, severely understaffed (100 employees for a nearly 900 room hotel?), and is a magnet for illegal and illicit activity. This place is a problem and neglected property. Not a performing asset.
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