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  1. I'm so happy this project won't be delayed. It's a massive development for Pendelton and OTR. We can debate the design back and forth for ages, but the bottom line is that otr needs dense residential units. OTR is far to dead on the weekdays at night. Just stroll through main Street at midnight and it's like a ghost town, compare to how the street is flooded on the weekends. Hell, even pins closes at midnight last night because there was no one there. Plain and simple we need more people living in otr, and we need ALOT more people. It's not just about allowing these businesses in otr thriving on weekends but also on week days as well. Plus, more residents means more "eyes" on the street which will allow the bad apples who still thrive in drug dealing and there bad criminal behavior to realize that they have to go to price Hill or Avondale to do there new criminal activites. When the streets are dead, crime thrives. Plain and simple. We need people who live in otr to deter crime and support businesses regardless of how appropriate the design may or may not be.
  2. I was at 16 bit last night and unfortunately a triple shooting occurred while I was there. 3 men shooting each other on the street and could've easily hit a by stander. Sad and I hope this won't hurt otr reputation
  3. The most recent plans showed them preseving the historic building
  4. It would be a permanent location.
  5. I thought this might require it's own thread. Council member PG Sittenfeld is pursuing a permanent Food Truck Park installation in the city of Cincinnati, similar to what Austin TX features and other major cities feature.
  6. Cool news! The OTR museum finally lands 2 buildings in North of liberty for it's 2020 museum opening. https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/culture/article/21043460/an-overtherhine-museum-chronicling-the-neighborhoods-past-is-underway
  7. This is what sort of confuses me about 3cdc. Clearly they are in the field of positively marketing OTR as a safe, clean, and family friendly environment. Obviously they want to market that image to gather new commercial tenants, and sign leases for there 300k dollar condos. It's part of their business. By and large they have successfully done that. That said, if you are new to OTR, and stumble across Walnut St at night and continue North past 16 bit it becomes legit scary. Abandoned buildings, pitch black streets. I know 3cdc can't necessarily control how fast buildings are developed around OTR...That said they can definitely make an impact with the lighting. There is no reason why Walnut St should feel so dark and uninviting compared to Vine or Main or even Race! For instance, that last block of Walnut where Grammers is located, and Mecca (super popular hipster bar), that walk from 16 bit to 15th and Walnut can be legit scary at night for newcomers to OTR become of how damn pitch black it is. Hopefully 3cdc can hurry up with a master plan to streets cape Walnut St, and make it feel more inviting for newcomers, because it's hard to advertise all the beautiful improvements of OTR and then show them a street that's so pitch black that you can easily be mugged in a Mississippi second. I've clearly brought this up alot...but something simple as street scaping and improved street lighting goes a long way in detering crime, and create a safer environment for those who live and visit in OTR. Maybe the proposed SIDS district can help fund some of that?
  8. Is there a way to get rid of the OTR Community Council? I swear at times they remind me of Restock and Buddy Gray combinded. Bunch of old timers. They need mellenial blood on that council who are in there early 20s and still have unique vision for the neighborhood.
  9. So what will this SID proposal allow? Is this going towards future 3cdc projects/affordable housing projects/eviction protection/artworks projects?
  10. Maybe not at this point in time, but if this divorce will take another 15 years it will
  11. I'm hoping we see the Grammer block developed at some point before emergency demo is required for the detoriating Grammer building completely collapses. Maybe 3cdc can purchase this block at some point. That last block of Walnut truly is the biggest remaining sore point of south of liberty.
  12. Platform is an interesting brewery to say the least. They have been rapidly growing into different markets like crazy... Just recently announced a Pittsburgh taproom for this year...can't tell if this expansion will crush them or help them prevail to be a leading craft brewery.
  13. troeros

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    Any data? I believe it, but I still don't really recall hearing much about shootings
  14. PG Sittenfeld is attempting to spearhead a permanent food truck Hall space ein cincy similar to that in Austin Texas
  15. Curious why this would be a major blow? There are still thousands of CBD workers/otr workers who won't be able to use this skywalk..