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  1. troeros

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    So the did the food hall that was supposed to occur in the leaders furniture building on the elm street side fall apart?
  2. OTR Main St continues to be on fire with its late night offering. Babushka Perogies opening up a Perogie late night take out window, and full service vodka bar at the former royal spot. Pins, Platform, and Babushka are all supposed to be open by end of December.
  3. Can someone confirm that 1518 Race was recommended from staff for approval? These packets get kind of confusing to decipher sometimes.... Im gathering from this it was: The backlash from the community is quite head scratching. They are calling out the density for the project, 15 units...You would think you would want increased density in OTR, which would not only create added foot traffic and allow more eyes on the street to deter any drug dealing or crime, but also supplement nearby businesses with new residents who will be spending their money 7 days a week in otr.
  4. Legit question...is there even a middle class in NYC anymore? Or is it essentially incredibly wealthy expats, and wealthy generational families? My past vacation to NYC, mind you for 3 days, cost me over 5k. My hotel, was modest at best. I just didn’t want anything w/ cockroaches and bedbugs. Cost me 575$ a night. Again MODEST at BEST. Probably a 2.5 star hotel in most cites. The restaurants were out of control. Why am I paying 9 bucks for a regular cup of coffee that I would normally buy for 2$? Why am I paying 24 dollars for a burger that would typically cost me 7$ at best...why is this Diet Coke 4$?!!! I see so many young people to...assuming they live in the city how in the hell are they affording this? Is mommy and daddy giving them blank checks ala carte essentially. I would take it a step further, how do public safety (cops, firefighters, EMT, etc) afford to live in the city? I have to imagine it’s penny pinching to the max if they do. The prices in NYC are becoming a utopia for the rich and wealthy. I’m surprised more folks aren’t creating a massive uproar about this. It’s literal insanity.
  5. Just saw some renderings that are floating around for the new infill building that will replace the Kroger site on Vine. Looks very akin to the Mercer Building imo.
  6. In the latest hcb packet it appears that 1518 Race Infill (15 units, ground floor retail) has been approved by the HCB. Also more pleasant st development. That street in 5 years will probably be completely built out at this rate.
  7. Is their anyone “in the know” with the current status of the race st infill project which was delayed because of a printing company occupying the space? Do we know if the printing company finally had left the space that was slated to be demolished? Also, this is an aside but I hope we figure out what (if any) plans there are for the last block of walnut st are/grammars Bar. The bar in particular is starting to look worse and worse, and that block of walnut is probably the least developed block in all of south of liberty. Hopefully we find out Wade will do, I still really liked those old renderings that were shown a few years ago. Sad it’s dead now.
  8. Can anyone explain why it's taking so long for the old Lachey's spot to find a new tenant? It's nearing a year since they announced their closing, and I would've thought that the space would have found a new tenant much quicker than it currently has... It's in a prime spot in OTR. Next to a parking garage, right along the street car line as well. But alas, it's still vacant. I've heard in the past that 3cdc is very difficult to work with, and charge very high rent rates to businesses leasing their spaces...this makes me wonder if their is some truth to this..especially considering Urban Sites has been filling in new tenants left and right for their recent projects.
  9. I really hope the gondola rumor is true...would be a great addition to otr. Would instantly be a tourist destination for those visiting.
  10. Awesome news! Any clue which building Queen City Radio is trying to occupy?
  11. Ive always been curious if that park will remain a park once gentrifcation reaches north of liberty, or if they will reverse that land back for new construction infill. Seems like a waste to leave it as a park imo.
  12. Whats ironic is that you made a reddit thread on fc cincinnati forum about how to best utilize your land that you own that’s located right next to the stadium. Your one of the few on this forum who are poised to profit most out of any of us from fcc stadium being located in the west end.
  13. Why are there way more Cleveland-ers on this forum? I always found it strange that it’s hugely disproportionate compared to Columbus and Cincy.
  14. Heard from someone higher up who works with Eli’s BBQ that they will not renew their lease at the findley market location and will relocate south of liberty to a larger location with more seating area. If true, I can understand why. The hours are at the findley market location are super limited and the seating area is super tiny inside.
  15. It’s a tap room plus restaurant....hopefully the food is decent.