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  1. Why aren't the owners penalized in that case for allowing there owned property to become a public nusinance?
  2. https://www.citybeat.com/food-drink/the-dish/blog/21060423/sundry-and-vice-team-opening-comfort-station-cocktail-bar-in-a-centuryold-walnut-hills-rest-areabathing-house?utm_source=feature&utm_medium=home&utm_campaign=hpfeatures Sundry and Vice owner opening 2nd bar in Walnut hills. Again, the amount of entertainment destinations are increasing tremendously year over year. I'm really pleased with the Walnut hills redevelop of their business district!
  3. The area around fountain square is becoming even more depressing. Boi Na Braza the long time Brazilian steakhouse house announced it's closing at it's fountain square location. Hopefully 3cdc is hard at work...
  4. https://www.wcpo.com/news/transportation-development/move-up-cincinnati/will-city-file-public-nuisance-complaint-against-downtowns-largest-hotel Hopefully we see development on the new hotel sooner rather than later...the millennial hotel is the epitome of awful first impressions to first time visitors.
  5. Is saks not already a hole though? It operates only for 8 hours of the day, closes at 6pm, and sells clothes that only the top 20 percent of the top earning income bracket can afford. Give me a mixed use site with small local botiques/bars/resturaunts, etc and a residential tower built above.
  6. Parking is already bad enough on the weekend and especially during holidays...not sure how getting rid of parking will be a positive experience for Kenwood mall customers...
  7. Dayton is the epitome of ghost town. It never ceases to amaze me how dead it is during weekday rush hour, and how even more so during the weekend. Dayton's got a lot of good architectural bones, but the many empty storefronts and lack of street traffic is eerie to say the least. I'm kind of curious if we will be able to see a record 4 cranes with the construction of the West end fcc stadium? Wonder what the timing construction schedule is to bring a crane in for that project?
  8. The quick turn around in Walnut hills is nuts. Lots of food options nowadays... Just need a little more night life options.
  9. So how does this stop from all the construction workers quickly taking these flex spots....
  10. Real talk, when will we ever be able to really push for a robust rapid public transit system that connects many of the urban neighborhoods, and the suburbs? Parking in OTR is already bad. It's only get worse, especially as more of OTR gets redeveloped, gentrification of further urban core neighborhoods, population increase in the urban core/inner ring suburbs...More people, more cars, less and less accessible parking....At some point, this concept of, "easy" parking will get worse and worse. At some point, there is going to be have some legit conversations about a rapid transit system to alleviate this issue.
  11. Probably a BDSM club. Would fit the neighborhood quite well.
  12. That's a pretty big sized lot. Thought it would have taken a while before any developer prioritized that area.
  13. Not sure if this is the right place, but with the Shriners Hospital reportedly closing and relocating to Dayton hopefully means we can see a new large mixed use development similar to the old Deaconess hospital with new residential/retail/hotels, office
  14. So no new tower structure over the old Macy building? That will be severely disappointing if it's only a man made forest tourist trap...unless they can intergrate bars, resturaunts, cafes, etc inside the proposed, "forest" and create an entertainment emporium of sorts inside the Forest. That would be admittedly cool.
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