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  1. Most 4eg bars don't exclusively focus on one music category. There are very few bars that focus exclusively on hip hop and rap...and those bars always face trouble...
  2. Once again, "Chalet" downtown is a hip hop oriented bar. When has this ever happened to a gay club. These hip hop bars attract the worst humans for whatever reason.
  3. J. Rodgers isnt a bad guy. His clubs attract bad apples but is it really his fault? On the weekends there was almost always a police guard next to OTR Live/Treehouse for safety purposes. They have a dress code, they have a security guard with an electric wand who would pat you down..they do all the right things aside from being annoying with the loud music. I don't want to make this thread controversial, but unfortunately alot of bad apples like rap music and clubs that play exclusively rap music. It's hard to find a bar that is exclusively a "hip hop" bar that doesn't cause controversy. Why don't gay clubs cause this same amount of nuisance? Why doesn't edm clubs cause this same amount of nuisance? It's almost always hip block, rap clubs that cause issues... But if this is indeed true, does this mean otr/downtown can't host clubs that exclusively cater to hip hop music? How can we better socially tame these people who like rap music and attend these clubs to be better humans?
  4. You take a few bad apples and make them spoil the entire bunch? Rhinehaus is a great bar that unites FCC fans before, during and after games. 3 points is a great tap room that hosts regular events for the neighborhood including bachelor watch parties. Homemakers bar on Walnut hosts almost daily events, including donation drives and cocktail mixology classes. 16 bit brings alot of families and kids when kids are allowed during the day and afternoon hours. Point is, bars have the ability to be more than just where you get rowdy and drunk. They can bring a local community together as a whole.
  5. I think the sycamore project will help some. Adding a sizeable amount of new residents and new businesses could have a spillover effect and activate Ziegler Park more in result. That said, I think bars tend to activate blocks more than resturaunts. Resturaunts, especially in otr tend to be closed Sunday and/or monday and they usually close around 9/10 on weekdays. A popular otr bar are usually open 7 days a week and usually open at 2pm and stay open until 2:30am. Definitely creates more activation coverage in the long term. Plus resturaunts tend to close. Bars don't really close that often because their margins are higher and you need less people to run a bar versus staffing a full service resturaunt.
  6. Yes I have noticed this as well. You would think that the nice renovated park and the addition of more families and kids would deter the drug dealers but they don't. You still see the same dude, on the same corner selling the same drug and then getting in the same loud shouting matches day in and day out. This is why gentrification is tricky. People of lower income are the demand that meets the supply for these dealers. So in theory the less affordable housing you have and the more rich people you have the less drug dealers you will have because the demand won't meet their supply...but poor people are humans to and you have to find a way to be kind heart and sympathetic..so how do you balance these 2 very polar opposites? I'm not saying poor people are the cause of otr problems past and present problems. Obviously it's much more complex than that. But if you walk around otr on any given day or night and you will see the stretches of affordable housing blocks that have police surrounded by these blocks on a consistent, almost weekly basis. That's why I often think about the future of otr. I don't know if the plan to make the socialist Utopia where rich and poor people live side by side is a realistic proposal. There is just too much data behind poverty and the relationship towards criminal behavior so how could this possibly mesh with rich people who are deterred by crime?
  7. Anyone know when the last time that building was occupied? The building looks to be in very fair shape.
  8. Developer is trying to demo a 1999 built non contributing building on Woodward street and build a one story commercial building that will house either a bar or a restaurant. Not sure how the anti gentrification crowd will take this. Isn't this essentially demolishing affordable housing so rich people can have another option to eat or drink?
  9. If they have the investors and billions of dollars to make it happen then I hope they go for it. Would be really cool for our region. Otherwise it will never happen.
  10. A name brand boutique hotel makes way to much sense not to happen. Traveling supporter fans is a big thing in mls, so I definitely think a nearby stadium hotel could nicely support traveling away fans, and greater cincinnatians who don't go to every fcc game but want to make an mini vacation from it (like nearby dayton). Only hotel options are still only cbd/banks/uptown. Still nothing in otr/west end.
  11. Article mentions Late Fed/Early March Opening Date...Tuesday to Saturday, will be open till 9 or 10pm, they haven't decided yet. Slightly disappointing that once again very few food entrepreneurs capitalize the late night bar crowd on weekends...I mean goodfellas line often stretches out the door for a block around 2:00am. Clearly there is demand for food after drinking, so why don't more otr dining options capitalize on this?
  12. Upcoming hcb packet agenda includes plan for 1905 elm Street to be rehabbed....Ive heard rumors from Rhinegeist employees that it will be a new brewery with a tap room. Glad to see more development especially right across the street from Rhinegeist...but Ive always saw that building as an opportunity for demo and building something more dense on that corner.
  13. I wonder if the new addition of billionaire Meg Whitman to the ownership group will help infuse an influx of cash to appropriately fund the additional development quicker?
  14. A 10 store building will be quite nice! I'm hoping that the daycare part is true. It's really hard finding a legit daycare in the urban core that is reputable. This might be a small thing, but that is a huge barrier for some younger millenial couples with kids to move down to the urban core because of the lack of quality day cares.
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