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  1. How many rooms could that lot size fit? Or does the size of the lot not really matter when you go vertical?
  2. Was horseshoe casino originally meant to have a hotel attatched? I recall something of that nature but could be imagining things.
  3. Would they want to get rid of that drop off circle? I feel like it sort of serves a purpose for Uber’s/valet who want to directly enter the front casino restaurants. I’m not entirely sure what the size of the hard rock hotel will be, or how many rooms, but I imagine that the lots across the street would have a better presence along 1-71, rather than a hotel that’s sort of tucked away. Usually hard rock hotels are sort of flashy and, “In your face”....
  4. Yeah, I guess we already know how Cleveland benefits SW and Vice Versa...but to play Devil's Advocate we also have to ask what does Cleveland fail to provide that other larger cities can provide and help facilitate further growth for SW? I think it's only fair to look at both sides of the token.
  5. I could see Hard Rock build a skywalk to connect the hotel to the casino if they are building at the lot across the street.
  6. Is this by those large empty lots Adjacent to the casino by E. Court St?
  7. Aka we are looking to see which state will give us better tax breaks and incentives before we make an announcement..
  8. In a quote the CEO stated they aren't projecting the short term, but the next, "100 years". I imagine whatever they have planned for the future, it's definitely long term.
  9. To be fair, they are still quite popular resturaunts that cater to a wide audience. Every tourist city needs things like a Hard Rock Cafe/Hard Rock Hotel/House of Blues, etc...It's a thing that tourists still love to go do/eat/see and sort of adds one more notch to your city.
  10. Well the Jack Casino/Hard Rock Transfer is set for 4th Quarter 2019..I think they alluded to sometime in November
  11. Not really. There are only 17 house of blues in the United States in total and they tend to not open more than 1 in the same state. I also believe Hard Rock has some stake of ownership as well.
  12. I'm thinking the hotel will probably be around 14-15 stories...Seems to be the height trend for most of hard Rock hotels. I was also told besides Hard Rock Cafe, there will be a House of Blues as part of the developement. I'm not sure if that would mean there would be 2 house of blues (one in Cleveland and one in Cincy) or if they would shut the Cleveland House of Blues down.
  13. I mean to be fair the few posters who have commented about SW possibly looking outside of Ohio for the HQ are using sources rather than theories... I mean to be fair we trust KJP because he has sources that have tendencies to prove accurate. That said, even if they don't come true we still listen to them. Same should go for any poster who says they have sourced information. We should take it at face value and realize that like any, "he said/she said" information could pose to be accurate or in accurate. Just a disclaimer I would bet money that SW stays in Cleveland, but in the same token I would be shocked if they are not doing their due diligence in researching if other states would welcome them with better incentives than Cleveland is offering.
  14. I also wonder if a bigger city could mean better talent acquisition for SW..I mean CLE isn't a slouch but some of the sharpest minds tend to to live in much larger metros
  15. Does SW CEO have any connection to Cleveland whatsoever? If I recall correctly he spent the majority of his youth in larger US cities.
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