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  1. https://www.fox19.com/2020/07/02/reds-players-test-positive-coronavirus-team-reports/ 2 reds players test positive for coronavirus...is the mlb season still going to happen?
  2. Yup mayor cranky just announced this as well..said he heard that Dewine will announce something today regarding new closures...we shall see what this implies I guess. I pray for all the service industry people, especially if they lose their jobs again and especially if the unemployment benefits are not extended.
  3. Florida reports a state record for new cases with 10,109 new cases...67 new deaths..median age of death is 37.
  4. More bad news for Texas
  5. Georgia breaks 1 day record for new cases with over 3,000 new cases reported in one day.
  6. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/01/coronavirus-texas-houston-hospitals-cases-surge/ I'm not really sure why the media hasn't been covering more what is currently going on with texas. There ICU's are at 102 percent capicity. Patients are beginning to be transferred to out of state hospitals for treatment. The surge is incredibly daunting in Texas right for and has disaster waiting to happen written all over it.
  7. Meanwhile unemployment is at historic highs, and millions are facing eviction? Aside from Amazon and some other big name brands which companies are flourishing during all of this?
  8. One of the first, more extensive, NEW re-lockdown done by any state yet. I hope y'all are ready for the second wave of shut downs. No matter what your state governor has said in the past, when you run out of hospital beds you run the true risk of becoming the Italy or Wuhan. No state, no matter how dire the economic impact, wants to be in that position.
  9. While I agree, I also think there are plenty of people who aren't able to miss a paycheck because of financial difficulties. My girlfriend teaches at a studio and they are not required to wear masks while teaching and neither are the students. I just never heard about Dewine getting rid of this tempature check requirement..can someone verify this announcement?
  10. So is this accurate information regarding phase 2 of reopening for Ohio? My girlfriend's employer, who works at a dance studio says they won't be required to do tempature checks anymore for their employees starting July 1st... Is this accurate information? I was sort of shocked to hear her boss post this information.
  11. Well that's the whole point isn't it? Increased cases correlate with increased hospitalizions....I definitely think as Dewine alluded to we might see more county by county basis rather than the whole state... I also think at some point the only way to truly balance keeping the econemy reopened and balancing the r0 infection rate you would need to mandate an enforceable mask mandate for every Ohio resident...whether or not this will happen is what will determine future spikes and future lockdown considerations.
  12. I would have to assume the r0 is increasing based off various state data of hospitalizions increase. The percent positive is also a very telling sign that the r0 has indeed increased. Anecdotal story, living in Cincinnati I went to a restaurant at the kenwood mall, walked around the kenwood mall itself, and platoes closet in fields ertel. I probably see roughly 20-25 percent of people wearing masks, excluding staff...typically I see more African Americans wearing masks than whites...just interesting observations I've noticed from my experiences. Regardless, if you only have a quarter of the people wearing masks on a consistent basis while out in public the your r0 will undoubtedly increase. I believe a previous articles I read that studied mask usage in other countries and they found that you need to have at least 60 to 70 percent of your population wearing masks on a consistent every day basis in order to lower the r0 value.
  13. South Carolina National Guard preparing to add 3,000 hospital beds at hotels and gymnasiums as the occupancy rate approaches critical levels.
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