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  1. This video was mainly meant to showcase Populous stadium redesign...
  2. Greek food/Cafe/bakery coming to OTR https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/07/15/greek-cafe-coming-to-over-the-rhine.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline Loving otr being a multicultural hub for food. Still need legit Indian food, legit Mexican food (not Bakersfield), Ethiopian food, Cincinnati Food (Chili, Goetta, Larosas? Anything that is actually Cincy food related would be great), etc... Still really excited to try Teak again once it opens up soon as well in otr.
  3. I'm confused where they could build the hotel and garage without affecting the Kroger surface lot?
  4. How many guests rooms is the hotel? I'm curious how many parking spots this hotel will need for hotel guests and hotel employees....will this 4 story garage structure be for just hotel patrons or Kroger customers as well?
  5. Would that be just the hotel foot print without any parking structure? If so, can you show how much of the surface lot would remain would a new parking garage structure on that site.
  6. So how will parking now work for the Clifton Kroger? Will the hotel residents and grocery customers be able to use the same hotel garage?
  7. Can someone draw a rough sketch of how this will look and how much of the surface lot this will eat up with the hotel, and the structured garage?
  8. Still surprising regardless. Never thought anything would ever be on this site.
  9. Hotel planned on Clifton Kroger parking lot https://www.cincinnati.com/story/money/2019/07/12/hotel-planned-corryville-kroger-site/1717506001/
  10. I understand the perception...but what Cincy was back in the early - mid 2000's is NOTHING compared to what it is today... The banks was a massive parking lot. OTR was a crime filled, drug laden wasteland with demolition every other month. There was no night life except for some bars scattered around the CBD and Mt. Adams being the focal point. There was no street car, even as a so called "choo choo" train, it's still a good starting point for something bigger and more expansive....and with the right leadership well get there. I know 3cdc gets mixed impressions from time to time but they know what the hell they are doing. They turned this city around in a relatively short period that urbanists and other city officials are doing case studies and taking notes of their success. 3cdc knows what this city needs. It needs gentrification. It needs Luxery residential units. It needs rich people with spending power living downtown. I'm all for supporting the poor and needy but they do absolutely nothing for moving the city forward as a whole. All of the most big and successful cities in America have more educated and rich residents living in their urban core than poor and lower class...This is for a REASON... Poor people can't support the cities economy. Instead the city has to support them. This is why Luxery retail fleads from Cincy. They have no support....but with gentrification, by creating Luxery, by making otr a Disney Land full of obscure, overpriced resturaunts, by creating entertainment options and creating bars it creates a step forward that leads to what successful cities have. The sad reality is that we can't have a mixed city full of rich people and poor people living side by side. It's a demented dream. There will always be segregation, there will always be a south side of Chicago and a north side. I hate that im saying this, but it's the truth. 3cdc knows what the hell they are doing and for better or for worse it will get where cincy needs to be to compete with the large cities of America.
  11. I think value is a factor for sure... But I think bigger factors are School Systems (Cincinnati public sucks), Safety (Can you walk alone at night downtown without overlooking your shoulder that you won't get mugged?), Ammenties (clothes stores, grocery stores, a bicycle store, a mom and pop vaccum store, etc), etc. I think people who want an urban downtown life won't be turned off by the value aspect. I think raising a family in downtown Cincy is tough with the crappy Cincinnati public school system, and lack of urban ammenties.
  12. Wait why are you saying people are not living their when I have quite a few friends that already live at the banks? I'm not sure why their is a perceotion that no one lives at the banks when that is simply not true...
  13. You can't really fix the school system though. 99.9 percent of people in Cincy choose their suburban neighborhoods because of the school districts...Mason, Sycamore, etc... Cincinnati Public school is just so disgustingly bad...I don't know how you raise your kids in the urban core and send then to Cincinnati public?
  14. Exactly! Aside from the banks and portions of south of liberty otr how much entertainment saturation really is there? By and large most of the CBD is still grossly dead, aside for pockets like race St (thanks by and large to tokoyo kitty and north side distillery)...
  15. Is 90s Main St era really a good comparison though? It fell flat on it's face not because of the entertainment and wildness but because of the 2001 OTR race riots that absolutely decimated OTR and left crime to spew like crazy years after. Also, how do people survive in Chicago or NYC? Any big city you will have hundreds upon thousands of pedestrians, you will have retail tenants on the ground floor, you will have the sound of buses, trams, cars, people chatting, hot dog vendors shouting, music in the streets...If a city is quiet and tranquil that's a MAJOR problem. Cities are not meant to places of quiet and tranquility. They are meant to be a hub for life, energy and and bustle.
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