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  1. Plans for new downtown Cincinnati hotel moving forward - https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/plans-for-new-downtown-cincinnati-hotel-moving-forwardPlans for new downtown Cincinnati hotel moving forward - https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/plans-for-new-downtown-cincinnati-hotel-moving-forward New convention hotel will officially be revealed by the end of the year. City wants to fast track this, so hopefully we can see construction similar to the pace of the Kroger building and begin spring of 2020.
  2. I've been spending more time in Rookwood commons, the big giant suburban strip mall with all the chain stores and whole foods, etc.. I've come to the conclusion that who ever approved this development is a massive idiot. Just why? Don't get me started on why they choose to do a massive suburban strip mall instead of something more enclosed/urban minded. It's so close to the urban core, why did they want such a large suburban mall instead of something more fitting for it's surroundings? Blows my mind...this must have been during a time where "urban centric design" was considered a curse word and any development without 20 acres of surface parking was considered sin. Next, the pedestrian safety, or lack thereof is disgusting. Walking from the parking lot to the chains you have cars bolting through the lanes of traffic. I almost got hit 3 times yesterday! No one looks, everyone is speeding. This area needs bump outs, 3D cross walks, larger and wider side walks, patrols. This development is so messed up. The design is stupid, out of place suburban worshipping, while being so near the urban core. Kenwood mall comes across as more urban than this crap. Furthermore, this design was so focused on cars that nothing was designed for the pedestrian. It's disgusting and the city of Norwood should feel ashamed that this ugly thing was ever built.
  3. Let's not forget Toronto back in the early 70s was similar in size to the 3C's. Not saying it will happen, but something like the CVG Amazon airhub could be a major catalyst for future growth of online distribution centers and could create a ripple effect in the region with new job opportunities and regional growth. Again, not saying either of the 3C's will become this mega city like Toronto, but job growth results in population growth which results in new development growth. The Amazon air hub could be the stone that creates a much larger ripple of new corporations moving down to the cincinnati region to be closer to Amazon air hub and thus result in new jobs and potentially new growth.
  4. Would fountain place be able to have new tenants while also going through construction of a new tower? Could those 2 things happen simultaneously? Or would 3cdc have to end those leases and make the site vacant again? Not sure how development works in that scenario.
  5. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/05/23/exclusive-3cdc-selects-cre-firm-to-market-fountain.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline If they are trying to lease the spaces at fountain place now does that mean no new redeveloped tower for that site?
  6. Cleveland will host the 2021 NFL draft, Kansas City 2023. I've come to the conclusion it's not a city image issue..it's that our convention situation and surrounding hotel suck. Crappy arena, crappy convention center that's small, crappy millennium hotel....how did city leaders let it get this bad. For a city that's on the rise, we can't be held back on things like this. It kills our ability to bring tourists and large convention goers. This crap needs to be fixed.
  7. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/05/21/over-the-rhine-board-game-bar-closes-for-now.html
  8. Still waiting for confirmation. Nothing is posted on their door yet, and nothing is mentioned about closure on Facebook or their website. That said, it will be indeed sad if it's true.
  9. Apperantly The Rook has shut down. Shame, one of the more enjoyable bars in otr. Wonder what happened that could have caused the sudden closure?
  10. You think that playground is haunted? With all the shootings and deaths that happened their you have to imagine it might be.
  11. I'm just curious why the ownership group of us bank arena is so uninterested in investing in our arena. I know they released those upgrade renderings a while back...I just don't why they aren't more bullish on making this happen? Is the ownership group broke? Doesn't see a need for an upgraded arena in a city like Cincy? Besides the restricted capicity which damages revenue streams for bigger, national events..the places looks extremely outdated and is a dump compared to today standards for arenas. Just don't understand why some ownership groups in cincy are so content with being absent and uninvolved.
  12. The mall is quite large so I didn't get to explore all of it. I'm sure the anchor stores departing had some effect, but it was unnoticable to me as a first timer their. The pedestrian activity was no different than say Kenwood. The food court was full of options, and the stores inside the mall still had the essential core retail chains you would have at most malls. For instance the h and m store is much larger than the kenwood. Also in regards to chains. I went to a chain resturaunt by monument circle and the food was exactly what I expected to be. I also went to a non chain and ended spending 70 dollars on high end, farm to table, organic food and left hungry and disappointed. I think chains to a certain extent are good. You know what your getting it's setting a standard. Non chains can either blow your mind with the food quality or leave you broke, hungry and disappointed. At the end of the day I think every city, especially one that attempts the attract tourists, needs a fair balance of chains and non chain food establishments
  13. I was their maybe 3 hours ago. Tons of people shopping. Barely any vacant store fronts in the mall, like say tri-county, tons of resturaunts too like P.F Chang's, other chain type places. It was a legit good mall! It seriously reminded me of an urban mall you would find in a bigger city like say Toronto or Chicago so I'm genuinely curious how they pulled off an urban mall that's very successful in a city that is equal in density/population to Cincy. Like I said above, it doesn't make sense. I get it if Indy was booming, with new residential towers left and right (I barely saw much construction in Indy but maybe I missed something), but it's not. The whole city sort of reminds me of Dayton but on serious, serious steroids (in that in Cincy CBD you feel like your in a slice of a bigger city with the dense towers left and right. Indy Downtown feels a little flatter, with less height in it's CBD (in my opinion at least). 3cdc needs to stop by Indy and examine what Indy has done with the monument circle area and the downtown mall and see what strategies they can implement in our CBD. I'm honestly jealous and taken aback right now. Seriously didn't expect that type of retail and vibrancy. I'm so used to vacant urban mall in Midwest cities so I'm not sure how they were able to pull this off for a city their size.
  14. So I'm in Indianapolis right now for the first time. What I noticed was how much resturaunts and retail there were by monument circle. I saw a tj Maxx and the nearby monument circle mall is very nice and reminds of an urban Kenwood mall of sorts. Tons of shops and name brand stores inside. This area reminds me how fountain square SHOULD be. Tons of people, tons of resturaunts and a nice amount of tourist retail destinations. I'm just curious how Indy made this urban mall so populated and successful? Walking around downtown, it doesn't feel like a dense populated city like say Chicago where they have a lot of residents living in downtown lofts and apartments...It feels like a smallish midsized city no different than cincinnati...so I'm not sure how Indy made this urban mall/area around monument circle so successful while our city can't get any name brand retail (like an h & m) anywhere near the urban core whatsoever. What is Indy recipe for success? Because I would KILL for Cincy to have such a vibrant fountain square/urban mall destination where I can actually buy clothes and do some weekend day shopping. I literally spent hours just hanging out at the mall with my girlfriend and looking at the different retail shops. Again, cities need a retail destination. It's needs a retail corridor. You can't solely rely on eat and drink to be the only attraction your city relies on.
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