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  1. Despite the number of strides Cleveland (downtown specifically) has made over the past 5-15 years, maybe this is a reality check that we still have a long way to go in terms of critical mass, blah blah blah. Honestly, we've seen a huge influx of dining options downtown in the past 5 years--probably more than waranted??? I'm not trying to be negative, just posing a question. If the vast majority of the daytime population is either working in the service industry or a "desk" job, sitting down for a formal lunch isn't always conducive to a productive day. Heck, a yogurt makes me sleepy sometimes! There have also been a 4-5 great coffee shops to open too which are more ideal for normal lunch hours-or 1/2 hours. Regardless of whether or not the owners have the capital or whatever to remain open for lunch, how can you possibly retain servers or other tipped staff to work for $15 when they can be doing something else and actually earning money? I'm sure things will be better in a few months too!
  2. Especially when you can actually work for 4-5 hrs while sitting on the train--In the worst case scenario, we have an affordable alternative to flying while increasing our professional productivity.
  3. The Hollywood Video at Fulton and Lorain has closed. I don't know if this is happening to any other locations throughout the city or country for that matter but it will be interesting to see what goes into that building. As I live in the neighborhood, it'd be great to see a pharmacy or specialty market open here.
  4. Recently a building was demolished at W26th/Lorain-across the street from the Greek store. The old building used to be a bar a couple years ago. Any word on what's going on?
  5. Chicken vs. Egg question but are there current plans to include a duty-free shop in the near future with the Airmall expansion?
  6. MTS, you started your trip at my alma mater! Good old Bronzeville/Bridgeport! Ah the memories... Wow, seems like a lot of people here either love it or hate it! It's a great city-for better and for worse...North, south, and west. Like all places there's good and bad but to say it's "only Detroit with the northside" or "just a bigger CLE" or "the most perfect city in the world" shows that one really doesn't understand the city at all.
  7. Cincy, Columbus, MPLS, Pittsburgh a seem like the most notable "major" markets not to make the cut. Anyone think Cleveland's chances are even greater now with major int'l sporting events in 2013 and 2014? I really hope most of the cities that hosted in 1994 don't host in 2018/22
  8. I googled CLE 2014 just to read other articles and came across a blog. 3/4 where pretty positive comments. A few said no one would come to Cleveland, blah blah blah... Oh well, not to dwell on this negative junk as this is an incredible opportunity for CLE!
  9. Big statement for equality in CLE, the "heartland", or "Rustbelt"...whatever you want to call it! Those people who are upset that the "better" cities didn't land the games are hypocrites! Discriminating/hating on CLE because it's different?! Come on! The fact that the selection committee found CLE to be quite the suitable stage for an int'l event like this says a lot about our way of life along the Lake Erie shores... One of the most important days in Cleveland's history! God I love this John Williams soundtrack. "Summon the Heroes" you'll all cry!
  10. Thanks for the warning docta! I'll cry when I play the John Williams Olympic soundtrack tonight! lol This is our warm up for 2036 Olympic games!!! Best of luck Chicago!
  11. Went to Bridge Project Friday and it was AMAZING! There seemed to be a pretty dense crowd between 9-11pm and there was a nice array of various art installments. The crowd was young (as in 20s like me) which was nice to see as it proved young people choose to live in Cleveland! What made the entire experience was seeing the city from a new and different perspective. I thought the dimly lit tunnel was perfect as it really let you enjoy the skyline backdrop. My friends enjoyed the bridge too. They were surprised that Cleveland was as gritty and transitioning as it is but liked all of the character nonetheless. The possibilities of programming the bridge tunnels are endless! Hopefully events like this will lead to making it a 24/7 destination!
  12. friends are in town from MPLS/Chicago...This is their first trip to Cleveland and I think they'll like it!
  13. Well here it is... The first architecture-specific Cleveland Design Competition! Check it out! www.clevelandcompetition.com
  14. God Please! 2004 Int'l Children's Games, 2013 Senior Games, 2014 Gay Games, World Cup City...2032 Ok maybe 2040 Olympic City! One day at a time!
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