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  1. It's going to be really great if they update the lighting on West 2nd with this renovation. The backdoor to the Standard was back there and didn't exactly feel like the safest part of the street because all the lights from 75 Public Square were out.
  2. My dream streetcar would go something like this with maybe track running down W. 25th to make a figure 8. It would intersect with 3 RTA stations, downtown, W. 25th and W. 65th, travel down the two main corridors and get people in and out of downtown.
  3. Thanks for posting the update. This is one of my favorite conversions. I used to ride past it everyday on my way to work and seeing it come back to life is wonderful.
  4. With Breen Technology center moving, this is the perfect opportunity for CVSR to make this a reality.
  5. To me, these numbers are the square footage of office/lab space and do not include the parking components. It simply wouldn't make sense to say the "R&D Center + Parking" is 500,000 sq. ft. Extending that to the HQ, they likely are saying the actual office square footage is 1,000,000 sq. ft.
  6. I have to drive to the steelyard Marshall's or Target. If we're getting fancy, I have to drive out to Beachwood for the mall/Legacy Village. Having the outlet mall at least close to downtown gives a much wider variety of options without having to drive 30 min to the burbs.
  7. Saw crews drilling into the pavement yesterday on the northeast side of the parking lot. I presume it was related to the outlet mall. Sorry, I couldn't get a pic in time.
  8. Especially those with buildings over them. I have no problem with parking garages with buildings over them because they activate the space (pending some kind of street presence).
  9. I toured one of these last weekend while they were having an open house. It was super nice. The top floor has two rooftop decks, one facing either side, with a kind of "four-season" room in the middle, which was a really cool part of the house. They are having a "model opening" party tomorrow night to attract buyers. $515,000 was a little steep for us, but when you factor in the 15-year tax abatement, it's comparable to buying a non-tax-abated property for around $350,000.
  10. WCPN interviewed the Director of Canalway Partners Tim Donovan and his replacement, Mera Cardenas on a recent episode of The Sound of Ideas. No specific time frame, but it sounds like as soon as Mera gets started, her focus will be canal basin park. https://wcpn.ideastream.org/programs/sound-of-ideas/canalway-partners-changes-leadership
  11. I agree that the hyperloop is a scam and wanted to let NOACA my thoughts on the project. So, I commented something along the lines of "Why not just fund high-speed rail instead? A high-speed rail line would get you from Cleveland to Chicago in 1hr 45 min with a technology that actually exists." Their response: Thank you for your comments Robert. NOACA is the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the Cleveland, Geauga, Lorain, Lake and Medina county areas. We are the leading transportation and environmental planning agency that studies and provides analysis for transportation infrastructure projects, systems and mobility access within our region. Due to our planning efforts, NOACA was able to fund 99 local projects totaling $161 million this year alone for transportation improvements to highways, roadways, bridges, trails and access for pedestrians and bicycles. Just as we planned for the appropriateness of the above projects, our focus as a feasibility partner, is to see if the Hyperloop is appropriate for our region. If the feasibility results show that Hyperloop would not be effective, including fare, operations, station locations, environmentally unstable, we will not recommend this system. The feasibility results will be released next month. No federal or government funds have been used toward the feasibility study. System technologies, including magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) that operates like rail, is not new and has been around for decades. This system has been proven to be less expensive and environmentally sustainable over high speed rail and is the reason you do not hear more about funding rail. Areas in Asia, Europe and in the U.S. have operated and created MAGLEV systems that have run within dedicated areas with short distances (ie cross local use and airports). This technology does exists. The U.S. Federal Rail Administration (FRA) will be reviewing grants next month on funding MAGLEV systems because this technology has proven to be sound, effective for passenger travel. The Hyperloop system looks to elevate the travel experience through a more advanced MAGLEV system that will transport cargo and passengers regionally. Yes, the advance of this technology is new and testing tracks have been built by several companies such as Virgin One, Hyperloop One and our partner Hyperloop Transportation Technology (HTT) to ensure system safety based on the speeds of 750 + mph. Hyperloop will be funded primarily by the private sector, while standards, safety policies, regulations would be funded by the public sector. Pricing, fare structures, and fixed guideway structure should not impact public transit funding for other projects. We appreciate your comments and hope that we are able to continue providing more information and results of the study. Please visit our website at www.noaca.org Best, NOACA
  12. Way to break the news Ken! Does this also include the northernmost plot, the site that was formally Stark's HQ? It would be such a shame if they had to build around it. Also, I guess I need to find a new spot to park my car. But that's all right, I'll take filling in those craters any day.
  13. This is the most interesting thing to me. Does Bernie know something we don't? This is the current SW property... Also, I don't know if I'm sold on completely closing down Prospect? Narrowing the street, adding more sidewalk and improving the streetscape would be great, for sure. But, just look at the utilization of public square. It's great in the summer and pretty fully utilized, but not really once the weather turns. I just don't know if there is enough pedestrian demand for Prospect to be completely closed, especially in the winter. I would much rather see pedestrian improvements to both Prospect and Huron before completely closing down Prospect.
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