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  1. I am under the impression traffic circles are worse for pedestrians. It makes the overall route longer, makes more crossings for pedestrians and drivers think they don't have to yield/slow down for pedestrians trying to cross. Source: having to traverse the traffic circle YaBoi posted on my walk to work every day. Check out that double cross, just to get into the circle, then two more to get out of it on the other side. Alternatively, if you wanted to walk all the way around DuPont circle, it's out of the way, and had to cross several additional streets. I understand that the traffic circle here wouldn't be fed by as many streets as DuPont, but I still think this would be worse for pedestrians. I get that traffic circles increase safety for drivers. They increase the amount of crashes, but due to the traffic calming nature of forcing people to slow down, the severity of each accident is decreased. But, if drivers think they don't have to stop anymore, they're going to be looking to the left for oncoming traffic and not necessarily the other direction for pedestrians.
  2. I have no idea how reliable this is, but someone told me Heinen's pulled the trigger when they thought they could earn back their investment within 2 years. In reality, it only took them 6 months. I think the downtown Heinen's is doing just fine.
  3. I for one, will accept full credit for when Target opens a store downtown
  4. This is great. If only it also included the one-story portion of Winton Manor, instead of having that little notch cut off the corner. But I'll take it!
  5. I hope to buy one of these in about 2 years after student loans are paid off and have enough for a down payment. My wife and I both work downtown, place a premium on walking to work, and want to own. These are exactly what we're looking for.
  6. I'm a moron for not checking to see if the picture was blurry before I left, but the BoA consists of only two ATMs.
  7. The Jersey Barriers are coming down!!! They are moving them to block the entrance to the road, so this might just be temporary. It looks like they are setting up for an event this weekend.
  8. Ah, I see what you're saying. Yeah, I just don't feel like that at all. My wife works in Key Tower, which is immediately adjacent. Transit access is at public square, which is immediately adjacent. We went to the winter Beerfest at the convention center, which is cati-corner to our building. West 6th is two blocks away, etc.
  9. In my opinion, the Standard is the best location in the city. Nothing else is as centrally located. I can easily walk west to get to West 6th or the flats. I can easily walk east to East 4th, Playhouse Square or the Stadiums. I can easily walk to Public Square to get on the RTA or the Healthline. I also can easily walk my dogs to either Public Square or the Mall. Every weeknight around 5:30, the downtown dog owners all congregate to let the dogs play on the Mall. If I'm driving, I can hit the highway easily without getting caught in Indian's or Cav's traffic--which is not the same as when I lived on East 9th. Anyone who thinks living across from the jail is an issue hasn't actually considered it. You sound like my suburban 55-year-old mother, who said: "wow, you guys are awfully close to the jail," the first time she came to visit. Do you know who makes good neighbors? The Cleveland Police Department and inmates. The police are in and out of that building all day and the inmates don't make a peep. Honestly, I don't think there I could feel any safer. As said earlier, the apartments are absolutely spectacular. The amenities are great, they have a gym, free Starbucks machine, and an indoor dog park. If you live on the upper floors, the views are incredible. There's hardly ever any traffic on St. Clair and Ontario after 7 pm, so you don't get woken up in the night. While they don't have their own attached garage, the parking really isn't that bad. I park in one of Westin's lots on W3 for $170 a month, but there's a back door out of the building which makes the walk not that far. The valet service is $225 per month. Honestly, parking in the surface lot here is way better and cheaper than parking at my previous apartment. I used to park in the PNC garage for $225 a month and it took way longer to drive up and down 4-5 floors every time I needed to either get the car or come home. Oh, and I just saw someone come tour the first-floor space with the owners yesterday. Not sure what they were looking to do with it just yet but I know they're actively trying to lease the space. P.S. If anyone chooses to move to the Standard from this post, DM me because I get $500 for any new referral to the building Edit: can't seem to scale down the video size VID_346670504_130103_322.mp4
  10. I don't think they're trying to use this picture to show the might of the project. Rather, they are promoting the location as the heart of the city, close to whatever it is that you want to do. Page 2: https://starkenterprises.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Property-Flyer-nuCLEus-2019.pdf
  11. I started at Case in 2016 and have waited three years for a place to get margaritas in UC. Finally, the Tacologist is here.
  12. For what it's worth, I spotted two construction workers with a third man walk out of the building this morning while I was out walking the dogs.
  13. The other side of the blank wall is a bank of elevators that line that entire side of the building. I can't imagine they would do that unless they thought another high rise would go in behind the Old Stone Church. Also, the Standard building is a great building to live in, my wife and I love it.
  14. The mayor's budget includes an overview of many projects the city is implementing, starts around page 37 of the pdf, 31 of the document. http://clevelandohio.gov/sites/default/files/cleNowPDFs/2019MayorsEstimate_0.pdf
  15. This is incredible news, KJP! My only thought, is there enough space to relocate the Greyhound bus station there? The current Greyhound building alone (without the parking and bus lane) is about 250x170ft = 42.5k sq ft. By my (very) rough google maps measurements, this plot is only 115x430ft, or about 50k sq ft.
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