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  1. The tower is very nice and will be a great addition to the skyline. I still wish they would've done something like this on the north side of the convention center too instead of just that small 2-story addition. Such a wasted opportunity there.
  2. By bright future, I can only assume it means that the mall will be torn down and replaced with a strip mall and some fast food outlets. I see no type of mixed-use, dense development going there. It could be an Easton or even Grandview Crossing type development given how large the whole site is, but I just don't see developers seeing that kind of potential there. It's gong to be a "good enough" approach just like so many others. The best case I could see is that they do a standard suburban-style apartment complex similar to what exists just to the south, along with the strip center. But hey, I'll be happy if I'm wrong.
  3. It's really weird to see someone who never questions the ideology of a crazy, controversial and influential leader being unable to understand how large groups of people can be duped into believing crazy sh**. You don't seem to realize that you are really no different when it comes to gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda. The only difference is the type of radicalization.
  4. Of course you don't, because you don't want to see him for what he is anymore than EVD, Ram or most of his supporters do. Saying he's all talk is just incredibly dishonest, just from the standpoint on the laws and changes to laws that have occurred during his administration so far, let alone any question of criminal behavior. Of COURSE he's going to run again, are you serious? There's no reason for him not to. He has incredible power and influence over the entire world, and a man with his ego is not going to let that go for anything. That's why YABO's worry about him refusing to leave office if he loses in 2020 is so scary. He could very well end American democracy as we know it, and you guys still have your heads in the sand acting like nothing is real. It's unbelievable. His average approval for his presidency so far is several points lower than any of his predecessors and the lowest in modern history.
  5. It doesn't matter who it was said about, it still applies. People willing to excuse criminality or evil because they benefit personally are arguably just as immoral as who and what they excuse. It's no longer a case of "good people doing nothing", it's a case of bad people tolerating evil because they don't care. Who the hell aspires to be that kind of person? Right, Republicans. Trump's approval rating is historically low despite having moderate approval on the economy, so maybe it doesn't hold as much as you think.
  6. If this guy was brown, he’d be in Guantanamo by now. He just threantened to kill liberals or perceived liberals, and that’s a-ok.
  7. Ah yes, the infallible “Hitler made the trains run on time” argument that posits decent people ignore any evil so long as they benefit economically. Such lofty ideals.
  8. It's also going to be more difficult to attract young voters to actually get out and vote for someone who may not connect with them on any real level. I like Biden and would vote for him if he ended up being the nominee, but he's entrenched in his ways at this point and I don't think he can adapt to the current environment as well as some of the younger candidates.
  9. The former is clearly a predatory monster while the latter is a good Christian trying to MAGA. How could you see it any other way? Sarcasm aside, Biden needs to drop the touching. It doesn't benefit him and he can only coast on the "being an old-school politician" so far in the current environment regarding sexual assault and inappropriate conduct. Just because Trump supporters are deeply amoral on this issue doesn't mean Biden's potential voters won't hold him accountable.
  10. I've gone on record saying I think impeachment would be spun successfully against the Democrats. However, I can definitely see the argument that doing the right thing, even at a potentially high cost, is better than setting the standard that presidents can get away with this kind of thing in the future. It's just annoying that it always seems to fall on Democrats to do the right thing. They seem to get stuck cleaning up Republican messes constantly because Republicans don't have the balls or integrity to do it themselves. Then again, perhaps that's all by design. Republicans screw things up, blame the Democrats and put the onus on them to do something about it, then use all those lies to stay in power and weaken the government at the same time.
  11. Trump wasn't remotely talking hypothetically. There were no "ifs" or conditional wording. It was a direct statement on actions performed. And where did Biden grab a women's crotch on tape? Or admit to doing so? Are you really so oblivious to reality that you don't realize how transparent you are in your hypocrisy?
  12. jonoh81


    Yeah, maybe we can round up whole families of brown people by having ICE pose as Census workers like Nazis rounding up the Jews. The glorious wet dream of Trumpers.
  13. jonoh81


    Besides being another assault on democracy from the Right, this would hurt states like Texas just as much as California. Do Republicans really believe all undocumented immigrants live in blue states? Undocumented people from Latin America are largely concentrated along the border and in the South and Plains, which are mostly red states.
  14. Christians don't impose their worldview on society... Yeah, so either you're blatantly lying here or you really are totally oblivious to reality. It's difficult to tell these days.
  15. Who said anything about blindly believing everything the government says? But that's a hell of a lot different than arbitrarily creating conspiracies based on little to no supporting evidence. The problem with conspiracy theorists is that the truth will never be exciting enough for them. They want to live in fantasy, where only they know what's real while everyone else is being duped. It's delusion.
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