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  1. I got the feeling it was something they're excited about and looking forward to seeing happen, fwiw.
  2. A WH spokesman is claiming the Bolton account is fake because the book's publisher hates Trump... despite being the same publisher of Trump's own books. This is so sad, so pathetic, and yet in these times of idiocy will now be repeated by tens of millions of Trumpers.
  3. They actually say university professors, not students, so I'm not sure that's the case.
  4. I'll believe it when I see it. I could see something from Collins like: "While the Bolton manuscript is disturbing and verifies the Democrats' entire case against Trump, the fact that Democrats didn't say please when asking for witnesses is equally, if not more, disturbing and is a major blow to their credibility."
  5. So in regards to the plan to build towers and a new neighborhood at Easton, I have been told directly by those involved that they have hired folks at OSU to help them with this plan. They're supposed to help solve the issues in basically building an entire organic-feeling neighborhood from scratch and incorporating it into the existing development. So there is some movement ongoing. I'm working on getting an interview with them.
  6. Aww, you hate to see those complicit in a coverup being blindsided by the criminals they're trying to protect. Thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to hear the new narrative that Bolton is a Never Trumper.
  7. I think that, more than anything else, Trump has exposed the deep flaws in the system that have previously gone largely unnoticed or ignored. We have never been in a position where so much of the government existed solely to cover up the misdeeds and crimes of a president. I don't think the Founders even considered such a scenario where so many people would be so corrupt and so deeply unpatriotic. Furthermore, I'm confounded by the very idea that a president should be able to block any evidence or witnesses in an investigation into their own wrongdoings, let alone their trial. In what other situation does a potential criminal get to dictate submitted evidence or testimony, especially without recourse? What is the use of an impeachment and trial process for a president if there can never be any conviction simply due to either partisan hackery or, again, a largely single-party government collaborating to defend the accused? Once Senate Republicans acquit- and they will- the precedent is set that presidents are untouchable by any law, including the Constitution. At that point, can we call ourselves a constitutional democracy? Or a nation of laws?
  8. jonoh81


    In what context? I've always considered religious extremism, regardless of source, to be very much on the Right side of the scale, as well as any type of racial supremacy philosophy.
  9. Honestly, all those people voted against some very reasonable amendments already, so I seriously doubt we'll end up with any real support for witnesses. We've seen this song and dance before, especially by those like Romney and Collins. It's all "deeply concerned" before falling in line.
  10. "How dare you continue to gentrify a neighborhood after I contributed to its gentrification!"
  11. I could buy the walkouts are overblown, but I'm not buying that everyone is really listening. Pretty much everyone has their minds already made up. Republicans don't care about the case being presented.
  12. jonoh81


    So you think extreme religious views are somehow liberal? Ok.
  13. So you're saying the 5-2 ratio on calls didn't sway Portman to put his country first? Shocking.
  14. Who said it had to exist as a necessity of its overall function? We complain about buildings of all types being built with crappy designs that don't encourage a better streetscape, so why should government buildings be exempt from that? I don't really buy the safety argument, and I don't think it would be some inevitable financial loss to taxpayers. If having retail/office space in buildings was such a financial burden, there wouldn't be a single developer adding it anywhere Downtown.
  15. I think you answered your own question. Government issues contracts for projects all the time. Why couldn't they contract a company to manage office or retail space? Is there not a single government building anywhere that doesn't have office or retail space? How are those managed?
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