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  1. I didn't say Bernie did anything to help Trump. I was talking specifically about his supporters who refused to vote for Clinton when she was the last Democrat standing. They had a hell of a lot more in common on policy than not. Clinton made mistakes, but the people made their choice. The blame goes many ways.
  2. I don't just mean space for shops. Restaurants and bars are still popular. There are also potential entertainment concepts that could be done.
  3. jonoh81


    Liberal media, though.
  4. Even with the higher 3rd party voting in Franklin and Hamilton counties, they were 2 of only 3 Ohio counties that ended up more strongly Democratic in 2016 vs. 2012. The only other was Delaware. The 3rd party, weaker Democratic vote seems to have definitely been a phenomenon everywhere else, though. NEO moved strongly right, especially, Summit aside.
  5. This all assumes also, that America could never have gone the populist route without extraordinary circumstances. Certainly there were extraordinary circumstances at play, many of which you mentioned, but this idea that the country could never fall prey to a moronic madman with only a love of self, power and foreign dictators was never a guarantee. Maybe it was just time for Americans to lose their collective sh**. It's happened in plenty of other nations over the years. Why not us?
  6. jonoh81


    The silence IS their answer. They can't defend it, and we know that for many the ends justify the means. When they avoid these topics like the plague, it's because they're okay with it all.
  7. And for thinking this and demanding ideological purity, Bernie supporters helped Trump become president.
  8. "Dirty tricks" like the actual primary voters not supporting him? This narrative of Poor, Cheated Bernie is just as ridiculous now as it was 2 years ago. The jobs of the DNC and RNC are to support candidates that they think have the best chance at winning. Otherwise, what's the point? Bernie wasn't gaining ground. The voters didn't want him. Yeah, and how did all that idiot populism work out for Trump's voters? While most of them are too far gone to ever stop supporting him, they've been just as hurt by his policies as anyone else. You should maybe stop praising something that clearly didn't have the result most people wanted. When you have to hold your nose to support someone, don't be surprised when that person is actually a turd.
  9. Columbus is really hell-bent on having no historic architecture at all. It goes to show what a vast difference there is between a neighborhood like German Village with very strong standards for historic preservation versus Franklinton or Olde Towne East that continue to let their history slip way. I generally like Homeport, but this proposal is mediocre and the church should've been incorporated.
  10. The 2010 Downtown Plan called for a Broad Street diet with fewer lanes and even landscaped multi-use trails on either side. Not sure why that never went anywhere. Most of those ideas were eventually implemented. I also find it just a tad ironic when developers talk about neighborhoods needing 24-hour amenities when half or more of the projects they build within the urban core have zero mixed-use elements such as ground floor retail space. They're part of the problem.
  11. jonoh81

    The Free Press

    First of all, I don't think anyone can take any claims from Logan seriously to begin with. Her view that most media is liberally-biased is not supportable. Most media is, in fact, neutral or with only small inherent biases one way or another. Second, while her point on media integrity being watered down these days holds merit, she loses all credibility by suggesting it is only a problem with liberal media. Fox News is practically Trump's personal propaganda mouthpiece, and I don't think we even need to get into the problems with Brietbart, but she acted like they had no such integrity issues. Simply put, she's full of crap. Finally, I don't see Fox News as some legitimate counter to overwhelming liberal bias in the media. Trash is trash. I'd happily give up any of the most extremely biases news organizations on the left if it meant Fox News and the like would go crawl back under the rocks from which they came.
  12. Nonsense. Her actual platform was well within Democratic norms, if not more progressive than in previous years. People didn’t like her personally, in part because both low information voters and Bernie Bros were all too eager to swallow Republican- and as it turned out, Russian- propaganda. At worst she would’ve been a status quo president, which considering present circumstances, I’d take in a heartbeat. I have no use for ideological purists. I’m not running for president, so I can call the voters what they are. It’s nit like most people have any idea what’s going on half the time. They vote for whomever promises them the most.
  13. jonoh81

    The Free Press

    I'm struggling to connect both the belief that media standards are "horseshit" because they don't verify their information... with praise that Fox and Breitbart are excellent sources of responsible journalism. Lara Logan sounds like an absolute tool.
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