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  1. The Battelle/FDA story is insane. These decisions by the administration seemed almost purposely designed to kill more people. I hope DeWine rips them to shreds at the 2pm update.
  2. Federal Republicans certainly. And at least some state and local, as well. DeWine has been more of an exception, unfortunately.
  3. 1406 cases, 25 deaths in Ohio. 344 hospitalizations and 123 in ICU.
  4. I still have trouble believing it occurred that long ago with the incubation times. The media narrative was that China has this under control, and maybe they do now, but they were literally welding people into their homes at one point. They also recognized the new virus after only a few dozen cases. This suggests to me that it's always been very contagious and serious, but also against it going through the greater population in the US unnoticed.
  5. W Bush had a 90% approval rating simply for being in office on 9/11. If anything, Trump's numbers are very low in a time of crisis. That said, Americans are proving that we are some of the dumbest people in the entire world. A crisis like this was inevitable with the sociopathic incompetence of this administration. Meanwhile, Trump is demanding Michigan's governor be nice to him or he won't send them federal medical supplies. He is a murderer as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Well, either way, the outbreak looks to have started 3 weeks earlier than thought in Ohio, but it's definitely ramping up only recently.
  7. The only thing I think can count for the differences is that test results are being added after the official updates, but not necessarily being included in the next day's totals.
  8. I noticed some interesting things on the interactive county map the state has now. For example, if you click on an individual county, you get the timeline of confirmed cases. For Cuyahoga, they list the first case on February 16th, 3 weeks before the official first 3-case confirmation. Were these earlier cases ever reported or are they retroactive? They report a total of 27 cases in Cuyahoga by March 9th, when the first 3 were officially announced. The daily case total history for the state also doesn't match earlier reports. For example, yesterday's was supposed to be 867, but the map says yesterday's total was 1109. Is this just a function of previously only reporting at 2pm and they're retroactively adding all the confirmed cases of the day rather than just to 2pm? I thought maybe except that the total of 1137 given for today is listed for 3/26, and the 1109 for 3/25, and so on. Clearly some differences in both progression and totals versus earlier reports.
  9. But it's far worse for older people who overwhelmingly vote Republican.
  10. Trump is not trying to save lives, though.
  11. That and more people have become infected post-lockdown as too many people weren't staying inside.
  12. Trump is literally a narcissistic sociopath.
  13. But again, for the very low fatality rates to be real, 40%-70% would arguably already have needed to have had it, not going to get it. We would've seen a dire situation in hospitals weeks ago based on incubation rates. This is no doubt more widespread than confirmed cases, but I don't think it has been as widespread for as long as some people seem to believe.
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