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  1. At this point, I wouldn't even be surprised if you were getting paid by the Russians.
  2. Jesus could come back, tell Trump supporters they're supporting the Antichrist, and they'd call him a liberal hack. They worship a new god now, not with a golden calf, but with gold toilets.
  3. I'm not opposed to different views, even one that takes a somewhat sympathetic look at the ground conditions in Trump-supporting communities. But the article was an absolute joke. It was like it was written completely outside of the reality of the last 3 years, where we're still supposed to buy the idea that Trump won mostly on economic anxiety. The same article even acknowledged that the county in question, Gallia, has long voted Republican. Trump didn't win people who weren't already going to vote for him, and economics had nothing to do with it. That was their rationalization, but they all know who he is now and what they're getting. Whatever economic excuse there was at the beginning has long since been destroyed.
  4. You really will fall for anything, won't you.
  5. Because they always knew it was a crime and they hedged their bets that their base wouldn't care and the rest of the public wouldn''t be paying attention anyway. They're right.
  6. The most cultish Trump supporters... are pretty much all Trump supporters, with very few exceptions. It's not a majority of the country, but it's a significant minority that's been given a disproportionately loud voice. I don't think most Republicans believe they'll face any repercussions from their district voters, and they're probably not wrong.
  7. It's hard to imagine that Dems would also win the Senate in 2020 just because of rigging with gerrymandering and so on, so I don't think we'll even have all of Congress like during Obama's first term. That means that any significant push to change the healthcare system must at least be supported by the public overall. If they try to push a M4A mandate without a public option, Republican spin will tear it apart, and they're just better salesmen than Democrats because fear works better. It'll be "death panels" all over again. Of course, they'll play that game even with the public option...
  8. I don't recall, but if so, that's crazy. It's a landlocked suburb that has limited space for development. Would Grandview really say no to a few variances to get a few more floors minimum?
  9. Agreed. M4A is ultimately the goal, but I don't necessarily trust the Dems to make it happen when it's clear not even all within their own party are on board with it, and it would waste any election mandate. More people will be willing to support if it they're given a choice. Perhaps that will undermine it to some degree, but we still live in a world where the entire concept of anything government run has been poisoned for decades by Republicans. Democrats have to be smart about it.
  10. And yet they don't go any denser than 4 stories. There is a direct disconnect to what they say about demand and what they're willing to build to meet it.
  11. I think that was just to prevent sewer backups from draining directly into the Scioto River, and it was EPA mandated, not really something Columbus leadership pushed for on their own. This project didn't really do anything to change the situation in most neighborhoods.
  12. I've always heard that Austin has horrible NIMBYism, seemingly to a much worse degree than Columbus. That seems to be the biggest issue with their development. I haven't heard too much about infrastructure problems except for traffic. Despite those issues, though, they get so much more development than Columbus. Admittedly, the region has been growing faster than Columbus, but actual city growth is much more comparable to Columbus, especially in the last 5 years or so.
  13. The stuff about Graham is incredibly infuriating. Senate Republicans are out in the open with their treason and dereliction of duty. And of course the rank and file Trump supporter here and elsewhere will say nothing. All cowards.
  14. It's a video that basically suggests that if the news got this particular story wrong, the Turks aren't actually murdering the Kurds and therefore Trump is an amazing leader and was so right. So yeah, dumb Trumper logic. You'll understand if it you just get more colored string to make the connections on the Big Board of Lib/Deep State Conspiracies.
  15. It's just so weird. Trump doesn't give a crap about the Kurds, especially based on his words today and previously, so it doesn't seem to make too much sense to see him almost begging for some kind of "deal" with offering concessions. Any desired deal is unlikely to have anything really to do with the Kurds. And what concessions? Trump is both threatening Turkey and in almost full surrender to them at the same time. If real, this is a painfully embarrassing look into Trump's foreign engagement, even greater than his actual corruption. It's ineptitude at the highest level.
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