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  1. Eh, I don't think you'll really find too many places on the internet that discuss politics without some people with some really gross or controversial views. I used to post some on City-Data political forums, but it's gone full Stormfront these days. It's gotten to the point where every time I post something there, the mods always seem to ban me for a week, yet talk about how black people are all criminals is totally cool.
  2. Is it though? In your zeal to defend this, you're both admitting that the US is providing 3rd World conditions at best while also reminding us all that those conditions are exactly what you all want to send them back into.
  3. They also tore down a bunch of actual historic buildings when they rebuilt the church. The church is cool, but I would prefer the original streetscape.
  4. jonoh81

    Global Warming

    Yeah I think I’ll go with the scientific consensus on this and not some obscure NASA story not linked by one guy on the Internet.
  5. jonoh81

    Global Warming

    Why are you talking about natural fluctuations as if they are the same as human-induced increases? You can't make the assumption that the results will be the same when we have eliminated any natural mechanism of mitigation. You're also forgetting that even during those times of much higher C02, it took a very long time for natural processes to bring them back down, often over many thousands of years. Humanity won't have that long.
  6. For now, but let's not pretend like the goal isn't complete deregulation of guns. lol, so as long as the protests are announced, it's okay? Also, where in the Constitution does it say that protests must only occur when they're not inconvenient to traffic? Are you serious?
  7. Is this in relation to something specific? BTW, if you end up voting 3rd party, that's kind of the same thing as helping Trump, IMO. There are no Dem candidates right now, particularly the ones who have the greatest chance to win the nomination, who would be even a small fraction as damaging to the country as another 4 years with Trump even at their worst. If we're really at all concerned about the future of the US under an extended Trump presidency, a Democrat is the only serious choice. You may not like those choices, but I also think you recognize the potential consequences. 3rd party, staying home, write-in protest votes, etc. are unnecessarily playing with fire.
  8. "Regulate, not curb"... can we use that for guns too?
  9. People are dying, though. I'm not sure why they have to be executed on video to matter. These deaths are completely unnecessary, as are the camps or whatever anyone calls them. We can do better and we're choosing not to based on fear, ignorance and racism. The "but Obamas" and "but they're illegal" and "but MAGAs" going on are all complicit. We don't have to have genocide and complete fascist takeovers to say things are bad and getting worse. Any steps in that direction, no matter how small, are too many and too far.
  10. No one ever wants to admit they're the bad guys until it's too late.
  11. So wait, you're saying the Falwells aren't good Christians and are merely interested in protecting their own? Shocking! It makes one wonder what they have on all the other evangelicals that claim Trump is the 2nd Coming.
  12. I will never get the fascination with Trump supporters drooling over crowd size. David Koresh and Jim Jones could also fill a room. What relevance does it have to being a good president?
  13. And yet no comment on Republicans attempting to limit protest. Yeah, not dangerous at all.
  14. In your own definition, it does not say the term is used exclusively with the Nazis. The Nazis were hardly the first group to have concentration camps, and they weren't the last, but even they made distinctions between the death camps and not. I guess we have to wait till the brown people, LGBT and other government sweeps move through America before anyone cares, though. There's a progression to how all this happens. I honestly doubt even that would make you guys stop supporting him.
  15. In NE Columbus near the Morse corridor west of Easton, some of the census tracts have 40%-60% of the population being foreign born, and many of them are from African and ME nations.
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