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  1. jonoh81


    https://news.yahoo.com/drivers-idaho-keep-harassing-busloads-192317750.html But the Left and PC is the real threat.
  2. So marginalized people demanding equal treatment is now the latest excuse for "muh white pride". Trump is not going to split the Jewish vote any more than any other minority vote. They mostly hate him and his party, and that's not going to change.
  3. So what you're really saying here is that Trump is lying and his minions will eat it up because they're too intellectually lazy to do anything but kiss his ring. That's a pretty low view of the party and people you defend while trying to make the Democrats look like the bad guys. Do any of you have any self respect?
  4. To make it even stronger-er, duh.
  5. Didn't Thomas Jefferson have kids with some of his slaves?
  6. jonoh81


    Why are these white supremacists always clear genetic failures? Wait... yes... I answered my own question.
  7. jonoh81


    It's kind of a shame no one wanted to touch this. I was hoping at least one of the more conservative posters, especially, might offer some counter arguments if they had any.
  8. That last rendering looks suspiciously like the original 235 S. High proposal, just flipped. Also, while it's all fine, I hope they put in some actual high rises with the larger portion of the Peninsula. I thought one of the reasons that Buckingham lost the bid was because they were going too small with the development. This proposal is only marginally taller. At least some of the development east of the railroad tracks should be taller than anything west of them, and we have 12 stories to the west with Gravity 2.0.
  9. So you’re Never Trump because he’s never changing. It’s weird, though, seeing Gram tie your support of Trump to your conservative values. That supports what most of us have been saying- that it’s a lot less about being conservative and now just equating Trump support to conservatism directly, as if they are one and the same.
  10. I’ve seen this idea here and there, but it seems to be in relation to the idea that the Court and Congressional representation should be tied more to population, or because there are too many big decisions being decided by single vote margins. A larger court doesn’t actually guarantee a liberal outcome, though. And the idea of stacking the court in one’s political favor can happen regardless of the number of judges, which is why I mentioned Obama’s pick not even being given a vote. Republicans played dirty to get the court they wanted, so it’s a bit disingenuous to call out Democrats for something they haven’t even attempted yet and may never attempt. In any case, I’d still like to hear what you think are the significant liberal threats, in whatever thread you think is appropriate.
  11. I'm curious what you think the big threats are that exist from the Left? Also, if court packing is a serious concern for Republicans, why does so much of the proclaimed support for Trump have to do with ensuring a conservative court? They seem just fine packing the court with who they want, and did everything they could to break the traditional nominating process to block Obama's pick. And the last few times Democrats have nominated SCOTUS judges, they've arguably been pretty moderate (including Obama's), so this seems like fear-mongering to me and, frankly, more than a little projection. I also don't think getting rid of the EC has much popular support, even necessarily within liberal circles. I've seen just as much discussion about tweaking it or keeping it as it is than eliminating it. I think the problem has come because we've had arguably 2 of our worst presidents ever come into office after having lost the popular vote just since 2000, which makes people wonder if the EC is still working as it should.
  12. My question stands...
  13. Can we maybe not have Russian propaganda posted here?
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