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  1. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    I'm beginning to think no Republicans here are going to address those state legislatures. Color me shocked. But did you hear Christmas is under attack?
  2. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    Hey, EVD and Ram- since you're around- any comment on NC, Michigan or Wisconsin? Any comment on Trump being basically directly implicated now in multiple crimes concerning Cohen and Russia? Any thoughts on literally anything of relevance to our democracy?
  3. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    Posts for days in the Political Correctness thread by conservatives, but not a one brave enough to discuss the insurrection of American democracy. Even if they think it's wrong, they'll keep supporting these wretched fascists.
  4. jonoh81

    In The World: Korea

    Democracy in shambles, our enemies empowered, the rule of law destroyed, Republicans watch it all burn.
  5. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    How about any Republicans at all try to defend this. What’s happening in those 3 states is a huge FU to democracy, to good leadership, to basic morality. On that note, business as usual for Republicans, I guess. Too cowardly to even respond.
  6. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    NC, Michigan, Wisconsin- Tell us your thoughts.
  7. Ok I thought I heard something like this, but a while back. Also, what’s this insider information on transit? Don’t hold out on us.
  8. I don’t know if I’m remembering right, but wasn’t there once a plan to move it downtown at some point?
  9. jonoh81

    The Trump Presidency

    The level of something sure is soaring.
  10. jonoh81

    The Trump Presidency

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/president-trump-traveled-250-yards-to-greet-george-w-bush-he-used-a-stretch-limo-and-an-eight-vehicle-motorcade-to-make-the-trip/2018/12/04/19cf3760-f815-11e8-863c-9e2f864d47e7_story.html?utm_term=.5553c3a1640c The ultimate strong man.
  11. jonoh81

    The Republican Party

    I personally hope they are sued into oblivion. Shocking that “conservatives” here are totally silent. Law and order indeed.
  12. jonoh81

    The Trump Presidency

    The economy would normally help the incumbent, but his approval remains too low to show he’s getting anything but very marginal returns for it. The midterms certainly didn’t work out great. And there seems to be quite a few signs building of a downturn coming.
  13. jonoh81

    Political Correctness

    I’m just a caveman lawyer, but I agree.
  14. jonoh81

    Political Correctness

    So you were really triggered by that reference, huh.
  15. jonoh81

    Political Correctness

    How many Constitutional rights were harmed in the making of Ram’s PC outrage, ballpark?