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  1. I am glad to see that SHW will stay in Cleveland. Like it was said earlier, that would have been devistated if they were to located out of state. I think this a winner for cleveland and the state of Ohio.
  2. I was born in cleveland. Since I left I used to go to the local library and read the cleveland plain dealer. Mos t of my relatives back home in cleveland used to say that I knew more of what was happening than they did. I this forum really lets us know what is going on in our home town. I want to thank you all for having this site.
  3. I lived during summer months in Pekin I'm 20 minutes from Peoria and winter in Sun City West As. In Peoria Illinois they moved Caterpillar Headquarters to downtown Chicago because the wife's did not like the small city of Peoria. That was the real reason they left Peoria after almost 100 year. That how stupid a reason to leave a city after all that time being there. So you never know what a company will do one way or anther. I do hope they stay in Cleveland but you never know
  4. This my first time putting my two sense in. I was born in Cleveland at 26th and payne, but moved away in my latter part of grade school. Came back and work in Cleveland for couple times. It seems that over the past 40 years there has been quite a few 500. Companies have left Cleveland for so called greener pasture. So I am not sure and hope SW stays in Cleveland. When are they supposed to give their big announcement?
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