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  1. This new building will be good for Columbia Tusculum. I wish some infill would also come to the surface lot immediately to the south of this building. It would help to solidify the business district along Columbia Parkway. Also would love to see more investment around Eastern Avenue in the southern portion of CT. There are some beautiful buildings around there, and with some renovations and infill, it could be a really cool little sub-neighborhood of CT, with its own business district and everything.
  2. Yeah I assumed that might be part of the reasoning, too. But would GE have even opened the operations center in the city if it was a bad business climate? They already have the massive operation in Evendale, and could have easily built out space there for the new operations center.
  3. Yeah, Council is just soo anti-business that GE is moving hundreds of jobs from the suburbs to downtown. WTF does anti-business even mean? In a city that is largely dependent on its earning tax, I don't think any city official is "anti-business."
  4. Newport Aquarium is really committed to the 5th grade art class look for their exhibit renderings.
  5. Wasn't trying to argue. The story seems over the top, that's all. Kid from Connecticut goes to the most expensive high school in the country, somehow ends up at Hiram College in Ohio. Dad decamps to London to start a new family leaving the kids and mom penniless. Mom gets cancer and dies. Other siblings are totally disconnected with him and his mom to the point that they don't even show up at the funeral. No mention of aunts/uncles/relatives who could offer a place to stay or help him out. You must understand how the situation looks slightly odd to the outsider. Sounds like he should qualify for government assistance. I know there's a stigma around accepting those types of benefits, but the safety net exists for a reason. As I said before, I hope he lands on his feat and finds stability. You seem like a very good friend, and he should count himself luck to have you in his life. No more from me on this. Best of luck.
  6. Hm, you sure you have all the details of this kid's story correct, or believe the version of events he's told you? I'm not suggesting he's lying or whatever, but what rationale would the two sister's have for skipping the funeral of their tragic mother? The story almost reminds me of something a homeless person tells you to try to get money "for the bus". Just an unbelievable collection of events. I hope your friend can land on his feat and find some stability in his life.
  7. Book him a flight to London so he can go kick his bum of a dad's ass.
  8. edale


    Is there some sort of rule that ALL American politicians have to be pro-Israel? Are there not also Palestinian Americans and Muslim Americans who should also have their views represented in Congress? Why is a Muslim congresswoman from a city with a large Muslim population expected to be 100% behind Israel and their lobbying group? Certain factions of the Jewish population, and those on the Right who wish to exploit them to serve their own needs, are quick to label any criticism of Israel as antisemetic, and it's *******. You can criticize Israel and their human rights violations without being anti-semetic. It's also completely laughable to see the resident trolls conservatives here saying that Democrats have become the party of antisemitism when POTUS called actual Nazis who chanted "Jews will not replace us" very fine people. A Trump supporter shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh because he was outraged by the congregation's support for immigrants. You literally cannot be more anti-semetic than massacring Jews in a temple. Sorry, but a critique of AIPAC's influence on American politics doesn't even compare to the blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and yes, antisemitism espoused by the right almost daily. The majority of Jews in this country vote Democratic, and it's really not even that close. Why would they vote for an antisemetic party? This whole situation with the representative from MN has been blown out of proportion by the Right, who constantly seizes on any slip up (real or perceived) of the left to deflect from the disaster their party has become. The party who elected, enabled, and stands by Donald F**king Trump has NO room to cast aspersions at the other side for being insensitive or offensive. Period.
  9. Louisville surprised me, too. I've heard nothing but good things about that city recently.
  10. I'd imagine Christ hospital is lobbying to have the road widened, and is disguising it as a safety concern related to ambulance access or something. Agreed that the intersection with Dorchester is a mess and should be reconfigured and improved. With new development happening up in Mt. Auburn, I imagine issues at this intersection will only get worse. Unrelated, is that little corner store called "The Body Snatcher" still at that intersection? If that place isn't going to be torn down and redeveloped, can it at least be renamed?!
  11. Nah, the dudes over on SSP will assure you the Chicago is losing population overall, but it's just poor black people, so no cause for alarm. They're seriously messed up over there. Without seeing year over year data, it's hard for me to accept that Cleveland is starting to turn things around in regard to millennial retention when they lost over 1,000 in a year. Based on these numbers, one could make the case that Louisville and St. Louis are starting to turn things around, but a loss of 1,000 young people is still pretty bad.
  12. With how decrepit the old garage was, I could see spending a million dollars on the place. I actually went to that salon a few times, and as others noted, it was very large. Maybe they also factored in the cost of moving to that $1million total.
  13. edale


    nvm. trying to be a better person in 2019.
  14. edale


    Can we make it a requirement that forumers who post in the current events section of Urban Ohio also have to contribute to the photos/city discussion/development sections? Seems like Urban Ohio has become a current events and politics site with a dash of urban discussion.
  15. Lol, exactly what I was thinking. I've never been, but Mississippi must be a real sh*thole, to use the President's terminology.
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