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  1. These numbers are so smushed together without spaces or explanation of what each figure is. Can you explain or at least put some spaces in?
  2. Kind of a shame they aren't planning to save this building. Looks like it could be turned into some cool lofts.
  3. Why did the County not coordinate with the City and 3CDC before they issued an RFP? Given the reputation Cincinnati has with out of town developers, a stunt like this- calling off an RFP after a much publicized release- just reinforces the idea that Cincinnati is a poor place to build projects.
  4. ^ I know several middle class people who live in OTR. Your claim is hyperbole. A quick peruse of Zillow shows condos going for $190,000 and $229,000 which is pretty affordable for a hot neighborhood. I have a friend who bar tends at a couple OTR bars and lives on Main St., and she and her friends are definitely not rich but they also aren't living in OTRCH units. There is a middle ground, for sure.
  5. So his inaction is his accomplishment. Wow, great. The House has passed dozens of bills that Mitch won't even bring to the Senate floor, despite Republicans having a majority there. What is he so afraid of? Mitch McConnell is a despicable man and politician. If these kids see him as The Great Obstructor of Progress and think that's somehow admirable, then it reinforces my point that they are lost and merely following the herd that they're surrounded by.
  6. I wonder if any of these guys went to Cov Cath... I'd also be curious to ask them why they're "Team Mitch". What, specifically, has Mitch McConnell done to earn their support? Refuse to bring bills to the Senate floor? Refuse to give Garland a hearing for over a year? Totally upend the Senate and grind it to a halt? My bet is they couldn't name a single thing that he's done. These 'kids' just parrot their low information parents and support Trump and McConnell and co. because it's the cool thing to do in their homogeneous conservative hometowns and schools.
  7. I need to get back up to Portland soon. The homelessness is an unfortunate reality in every major West Coast city. Tent camping on the sidewalks is pretty much the new norm and while most are harmless, there are some who are quite aggressive and unpredictable. On my last visit to Portland, the biggest take away I had was how homogeneous it felt. It's very odd to be in a major American city and basically only see white people. I know they have a decent Asian population and perhaps a growing Hispanic population as well, but I don't remember seeing much in the way of either. The black population is minuscule and I don't think I saw a single black person there my whole visit. Beyond race, though, it felt like most people were kind of the same type. Somewhat quirky looking, hipsterish people everywhere. Oregon also has quite a history of white supremacist movements, and there is an extreme divide between the urban liberals and the lumberjack types in the country. The Republicans in their state legislature just fled the statehouse to avoid a quorum so a vote could be held on a bill on climate change, and said lumberjack types formed militia groups to protect them! That's a level of crazy even Ohio Republicans would have a hard time outdoing. Idk...Oregon is pretty, but not somewhere I'd like to live.
  8. This whole neighborhood is gorgeous!
  9. Oh I think ceiling height makes a huge difference in whether or not a place feels cramped. I went from a 450 sq. ft. apartment with very low ceilings (basement level unit) to an apartment that was about 550 sq. ft. with very tall ceilings, and the unit felt twice as big.
  10. I know that whites and blacks smoke marijuana at nearly identical rates (whites are even higher) but blacks are 4 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. https://www.aclu.org/issues/smart-justice/sentencing-reform/war-marijuana-black-and-white You can find a ton of lawsuits that contain data that shows racial profiling occurring when it comes to traffic stops. In 2016, 62% of all drivers stopped by Cincinnati Police were black, despite their population only accounting for ~40% of the city population, and only ~25% of the county population. https://www.wcpo.com/news/government/greater-cincinnati-government/early-warning-system-to-spot-racial-profiling-in-cincinnati-police-should-be-back-by-january There is plenty of evidence that shows racial bias in policing. Perhaps a little research of your own would do you good.
  11. Ok, that's very true and a good point. I tend to be against a lot of nuisance laws because of the ability/likelihood that they will be enforced disproportionately against people of color and the poor. Actually, now that I think about it, my dad was pulled over for some BS like rolling a stop sign, and the cop made some veiled threat about how he was within his right to cite him for lacking a second plate. My dad is a middle/upper middle class white guy, so I can only imagine the experience of people who don't look like him have about this issue. Haven't heard of any problems with this in CA or really any push to change it, which is surprising given that CA will put just about anything for a vote.
  12. California requires a front plate, and I've always just assumed it was a money making scheme for the state. Annoying, but I'd prefer the state make more money off drivers/cars than looting transit funds or something. I don't really see why anyone would care one way or another about this issue. Perhaps I'm missing something...
  13. And Maxine Water's district. Also majority black and brown. It's a clear as day pattern. For those saying Trump is just calling a spade a spade and that Baltimore really is a dump, ask yourself this. Would Trump ever (publicly) refer to impoverished parts of Kentucky or West Virginia as disgusting places where no human would choose to live? Has he ever referred to a majority white, republican area in such terms even if they are as bad or worse than the levels of disinvestment found in inner city Baltimore? Of course he wouldn't. Even if he would, it is totally inappropriate for the POTUS to talk about any part of our country that way.
  14. 4th and Race will fill that gap between the Netherland Plaza and the Millennium nicely. Wish it was a bit higher (or really that 8451 was higher but I've beat that horse dead long ago), but it will still add to the density of the skyline. It's exciting to think of the impact the new convention hotel will have, should it come to fruition. Also, great photos @taestell. The warm light in this photo is really nice.
  15. I know it's a pretty small site compared to the other vacant sites at the Banks, but I think getting the office tower built at 2nd and Walnut will do wonders for making The Banks feel more complete. Plus, more office users will be a great way to get more non-bar uses down there. With more day time traffic, I can definitely see the need for a coffee shop and maybe some fast casual lunch type places. I would love to see a Cava (more or less a Mediterranean Chipotle) or something similar open down there.
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