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    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    That is a bit of a bummer. Given that CVG still has a direct flight to Paris, I imagine most of the European travel opted for that over the Wow service. I'd imagine the majority of the CVG-Paris fliers are doing it for business, so people are less likely to look for discount service, and don't want to deal with the added time of stopping and connecting in Iceland. It would be really great if we could get service back to London, too, but I don't know what the odds are of that happening.
  2. edale

    The Republican Party

    ^ I agree with most of what you post, but you're way too confrontational in your messaging. Mu2010 wasn't attempting to spread a lie, as you claim, but rather saying that people are getting fatigued by daily, incessant outrage. Yes, the president and much of the republican party is corrupt and participating in shameful activities. I want to see them held accountable and voted out of office. But Democrats also have to give people something to vote for. We need someone who can give us hope and optimism again, and it seems that lately, we are too focused on hyping up all the negative stuff the republicans are doing to try to scare people into voting for the alternative. The 2016 election is proof that people don't respond well to these tactics. How many times did Hillary warn us over DJT controlling the nuclear arsenal, and how did that work out for her? At some point, we need to shift to a message that Democrats have answers and solutions, and that we are more than just an oppositional party. It's not excusing injustice- I think all of us know that there is some majorly fu**ed up stuff going on basically every day- it's about better positioning ourselves to be put in a place to actually do something about the injustice. Your model of rage, anger, and insulting even those who are on 'your side' is only going to lead to more Democratic defeat.
  3. edale

    up in michigan

    Thanks for the pics! I have only been to Northern Michigan one time, and it was about 20 years ago when I was a kid. I remember it being so pristine and just heavenly. We stayed in Harbor Springs, which is an adorable little town right on the lake, but we also made it to Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Traverse City. I took a float down a creek, and I remember you could see every stone at the bottom because the water was so clear and clean. Just perfect up there in the summer. It feels more like Maine than somewhere in the Midwest. I really must get back soon.
  4. edale

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    Or, conversely, Haslam could threaten to move the Browns to Columbus if they offered to build a big new stadium that both teams could use.
  5. edale


    This whole ordeal has been so infuriating. This country is trash.
  6. edale


    Who knows what the news of tomorrow will bring, let alone what the political landscape will look like in 2020 and beyond.
  7. edale

    The Trump Presidency

    Pretty much the takeaway from the NYT article is not that Donnie did anything criminally illegal, but that his father essentially gave him much more wealth than what he originally stated. I read a series of tweets about this that really resonated with me. "Kavanaugh saying he worked his butt off to get into Yale only to learn that his grandfather graduated from Yale, and Trump saying he got a "small loan" from his dad only to learn it was a $450 million tax shelter is the gaslighting working class kids experience all their lives." "We are constantly fed false information about how people got from point A to point B and these folks purposefully leave out data that makes working class folks feel like they just aren't working hard enough or they just aren't smart enough."
  8. edale


    Not to me it's not. Someone seeking a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court should be an exemplary person- the best of the best. I 100% agree with others here and elsewhere who say that lying to the Senate is a bigger offense than binge drinking and belligerent behavior when Kavanaugh was a young man, but I also think that his behavior as a teen and young adult is unbecoming of someone seeking the position he is seeking. Look, I went to parties in high school. I never sexually assaulted anyone, but I drank and smoked weed in high school and college. I don't think of myself as a bad person, and I don't think my youthful missteps should prevent me from current employment. But I also recognize that I am not seeking a seat on the highest court in the land. I have not led the kind of straight and narrow life that is required of someone who is to be trusted with immense power and responsibility. I am not exceptional. In contrast, I had a friend on my school's tennis team who was exceptionally smart. He had the choice to attend parties and drink, but he always declined. He graduated at the top of our class, and went on to an Ivy League school for undergrad, became a Rhodes Scholar, and is now pursuing a PhD at Stanford. That is the type of person I want on the court. Not me or any of the average people I knew and was friends with. The fact that Kavanaugh is so close to becoming a supreme court justice even with the ADMITTED youthful indiscretions on his record is evidence of his privilege. I have to imagine if either a man of color or a woman had half as much baggage, they'd be discredited from the jump. Kavanaugh, on the other hand, is not only given a pass on this behavior, but he had the audacity to lie to the Senate and be extremely disrespectful and partisan throughout his questioning. All this, and he's still being lauded as some victim of a smear campaign. He is only a 'victim' of his own poor decisions and temperament.
  9. edale

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say with this post. Yes, of course Mexico and Puerto Rico are different places....? Maybe I am misunderstanding the point you're trying to make. I know that Cleveland's Latino community skews much more toward the Caribbean than Mexico, and that makes it a bit of an outlier in the Midwest. Cleveland does have a sizable Puerto Rican community, but the total population of Latinos is pretty small. Let's look at some numbers (2010 census data): Cleveland: 10% Latino 2010 population: 396,000 # of Latinos: 39,600 Columbus: 5.6% Hispanic (primary country of origin is Mexico) 2010 population: 787,000 # of Hispanics: 44,072 Cincinnati: 3% Hispanic (Mexico and Central American countries represent the most common countries of origin) 2010 population: 296,000 # of Hispanics: 8,800 (!) Milwaukee 17% Hispanic 2010 population: 594,000 # of Hispanics: 100,980 Indianapolis 10% Hispanic 2010 population: 820,000 # of Hispanics: 82,000 Now, I know that these numbers are almost a decade out of date, and I know enough about demographic trends to realize that many recent immigrants are bypassing urban cores, and living in suburban areas. In Cincinnati's case, the heart of the Hispanic community is in the northern suburbs, and the total community at the metro level is about 60,000 people strong, which isn't insignificant. I don't know if there are any lessons that can be learned from other cities about how to best attract immigrants, but there's no doubt that our cities could use the shot in the arm that immigrants can provide. I'm a bit of a demographics nerd, so I find this stuff endlessly interesting.
  10. edale

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    ^ True, but places like Virginia and North Carolina have experienced huge waves of Hispanic immigration. Even Midwestern cities like Milwaukee and Indianapolis have much larger Hispanic populations than any of the 3 Cs. The Hispanic population (gross numbers and percentages) in the Ohio cities + Pittsburgh + Louisville are all some of the lowest in the country for big cities. I think that's weird.
  11. edale

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    There is something weird about how Ohio's part of the country has largely been passed over by Hispanic immigration. Yes, there are Hispanic communities in each of Ohio's big cities, and yes those numbers have grown dramatically. But, as DEPACincy[/member] notes, our share of immigrants is a fraction of other states. Pittsburgh has the lowest levels of Hispanic immigration of any major city in the country, I think, and Cincinnati can't be too far behind. I know a lot of immigration just follows job availability and proximity to the border, but I don't know if that tells the whole story.
  12. I think it's a fantastic idea for multiple reasons for 3CDC to partner with the African American Chamber to try to get more black owned businesses in OTR. In addition to the noble goal of trying to increase diversity in the neighborhood, I think this is also great for the optics and helping to minimize the exclusionary, 'gentrified out of the neighborhood' narrative that always lingers over 3CDC’s work in OTR. Also, since there is a good amount of subsidy that has gone into turning OTR around, it’s reasonable for citizens to expect some sort of equity and inclusion in the neighborhood's new spaces, and I think this partnership helps achieve that. Cincinnati has huge economic and health disparities between its white and black populations, and any smart steps we can take to closing that gap is a good thing, imo. About a month ago, we talked about the urbanophile piece about the sameness of newly gentrified neighborhoods across the country. In addition to the ubiquity of craft breweries, third wave coffee houses, etc., another common feature of gentrifying neighborhoods is the racial dynamic that plays out. Whites move in as blacks and latinos move out, most of the time. Encouraging more black businesses, and thus increasing black visibility and participation in the neighborhood, is a concrete step OTR can take to differentiating itself from the rest of the crop of new hot urban places. We have amazing architecture and a built environment that would be impossible to recreate today, and we have the chance to layer on a truly diverse and accepting populace on top of that. If that vision can get realized, OTR will truly be one of the country's most special neighborhoods.
  13. edale

    Nashville Gentrification Madness 2

    I am completely perplexed by Nashville. Why are so many people moving to this city?! It looks horrendous.
  14. edale

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    I like these urban area definitions(2018): Cleveland: 1,760,000 Cincinnati: 1,675,000 Columbus: 1,540,000 http://www.demographia.com/db-worldua.pdf Hm I wonder why you like those numbers better?
  15. Yes that’s true! Happy to see things starting to come together in Madisonville!