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  1. This is pretty big news. 500 new, high paying ($100,000 average salary) jobs coming to Marcy's Bond Hill campus following the merger with Maryland healthcare company Bon Secours. Mercy Health Adding 500 Jobs to HQ
  2. A business that just sells pretzels isn't exactly a new thing, you know. Didn't Aunt Annie's just open up in the Carew Tower a few months ago? That's a business that only sells pretzels...guess someone should tell their CEO that they're doomed, as businesses that only sell pretzels suck. Come on, guys. No need to disparage an out of market business that took a chance on OTR when it was more risky to do so just because they're closing. I enjoyed having them in OTR, and I thought their pretzels were pretty good. They're from Columbus, I think, and I'm glad they operated in OTR as long as they did. I don't think the slow down in OTR (perceived or real) can just be attributed to slow growth in the city. It shouldn't be, at least. A city doesn't need to be growing overall for its premier neighborhood to be booming. Look at the growth occurring in Downtown and Midtown Detroit, center city Chicago, Ohio City Cleveland, ...any number of neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. All of those cities have been losing population at the city level, and Pittsburgh and Cleveland have been shrinking at the regional level, too. I think some of the slow down might just be timing. If the large infill projects in Pendleton and Elm and Liberty were happening, I don't think this discussion would be happening. As far as I've heard, those projects are still moving forward, they just aren't in the construction phase yet. There is the Columbia building on Walnut, the new office rehabs occurring near the old Kroger, the office project fronting Race and Pleasant, and I'm sure a smattering of other non-3CDC work underway throughout the neighborhood. Plus, as has already been mentioned, the Findlay Market area appears to still be booming with projects, as Model works to complete their Market Square projects. I don't think the OTR market has slowed. Rather, it's a symptom of having so much redevelopment tied to one organization that is currently a bit distracted with large projects downtown (convention hotel, Macy's redevelopment, new Kroger+apartments, Court Street rehabs, etc.)
  3. This gets at the disconnect between spatial (visual) density and actual population density. Outside of the downtown example, the Philly examples show impressive built density with very narrow streets. It is certainly easy to see why someone might think these areas are denser than LA, with its front and side setbacks and wide streets. However, the buildings in LA are usually built to or very close to the rear lot line, and they contain buildings that have many times the number of housing units that could be housed in those Philly row houses. The aerial images of the first links that you and @BigDipper 80 shared tell a more complete story, I think. LA: https://www.google.com/maps/@34.0677974,-118.2994003,152a,35y,166.83h,44.98t/data=!3m1!1e3 Philly: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.9310733,-75.1570952,127a,35y,98.59h,45t/data=!3m1!1e3 One of those apartment buildings in K-Town probably house as many people as one side of the whole block in Philly. I think most would agree that the Philly neighborhood is more walkable, though, which goes to show that population density isn't the sole determinant of walkability.
  4. Exactly. The Warriors have been incredibly lucky to go into the finals almost completely healthy for the past 4 years. It seems like the Cavs were battling injuries every finals against them while GS was at full health. Their injury luck finally ran out. I also cannot stand the Warriors as an organization. They did a great job drafting and grooming their stars- Draymond, Curry, and Klay. But the way they stacked the deck by adding KD AND Cousins was just ridiculous. It just wasn't fun to watch this all star dominate everyone...it just didn't seem fair or competitive at all. I know Lebron basically started the 'form your own all star team' thing when he went to Miami, but the Warriors took it to a whole new level. KD is a sucker and deserves to be clowned for taking the easy route and going to the Warriors. Same thing with Boogie Cousins. I also find their fans and ownership obnoxious. Very glad to see them lose, and hopefully their dynasty be over. Now it's time for AD to come to join Lebron in LA and get the Lakers back in the mix for a championship.
  5. Holy sh*t when I first read this, I thought Bernie had dropped out of the 2020 race!
  6. Not sure that's true. The DCI State of Downtown reports show a map that includes the CBD, and most of OTR and Pendleton for the downtown area. Mt. Adams is included in the 45202 zip code, and I'm pretty sure its numbers aren't included in those downtown figures. If it was, there would be much more in the way of for sale housing, and the average price would also be substantially higher.
  7. LOL yeah ok. You voted for the guy who hasn't and won't release his tax returns and financial ties abroad. You supported an end to the Mueller investigation before it was wrapped up, convinced it was just a witch hunt. You support a president who wouldn't even sit for an interview with Mueller because his team knew he was literally incapable of not committing perjury in such a situation. You support a president who abuses executive privilege to avoid potentially damning information becoming part of the public record. You don't give a damn about transparency.
  8. Lowry has a long history of choking, including in the second to last possession where he committed a terrible turn over. If you rewatch the final 15 seconds of the game, he had a chance to shoot it as soon as he got the ball. He waited, albeit just a second, and his shot ended up getting blocked. I will definitely acknowledge it was a great defensive play by Green.
  9. Yes, I know. It was a bad play that took the ball out of their best player's hands, and it was also a bad shot. They needed one to tie, two to win and they end up taking a 3 literally at the buzzer? It was a disaster all around. They should have shot it earlier in the clock so they would have had a chance at a rebound/put-back in the case of a miss, and Lowry should have shot differently so as to avoid the block or draw a foul.
  10. @BigDipper 80 That's a bad take, IMO. Maybe true of the area right around the square, but the whole Rookwood neighborhood and Grandin Rd and the streets off of it are impressive as anything else in Cincy, I think. Some of the grandest parts of HP: This area behind Summit Rookwood Aerial of this part of Rookwood shows some of the homes better than streetview Handasyde Grandin Even over here on Vista has some really great old homes...
  11. Except, of course, Meis was mysteriously replaced as the architect for this stadium, remember? The fact that FCC fired this firm months ago, but continues to use its plans and renderings on its website is telling. They also include images showing the orange wrapping on the stadium, which Berding said would no longer be used. Ultimately, it appears we still have not seen final plans or renderings for this stadium. I would contend your fandom is getting in the way of seeing how ridiculously poor FCC has handled this stadium situation from day 1. As a project that is receiving public subsidy and requiring the relocation of residents, the public has every right to know what is getting built, how it will look, how the light and noise will impact its surroundings.
  12. Yeah, there were some pretty terrible coaching decisions made in the final minutes by Toronto. Also, Kyle Lowry completely choked in the final 3 minutes of the game. He bricked a wide open 3, committed a terrible turnover, and had that awful shot at the buzzer. After he committed the turnover, Golden State moved the ball with laser like precision to get Klay the 3 that he nailed, I could tell the game was over then. I actually think Toronto might have blown the series in that moment. I don't see Golden State losing their last ever game at Oracle, and game 7 is always a crap shoot...but I'd be inclined to take the back-to-back champs over the Raps in a game 7.
  13. This is the exact attitude that led to the demolition of the West End for Queensgate. Switch "private" with "public", and it's the exact attitude that led to even more demolition of the urban basin for I-75, I-71, Liberty St, public housing in the West End, etc. I am no fan of FCC or this project, but I will admit that I think once this whole stadium construction saga is over, this will represent a win for the urban basin. I don't like how FCC has continued to treat poor people and historic buildings as being expendable, and I think there is a whole lot of hubris coming from FCC, which I cannot stand. That said, IF the stadium can attract new housing and commercial development around it, jump-start (or accelerate) rehabilitation and infill development in the West End, and provide a nice business boost to bars and restaurants in OTR on game days, this will probably be worth it in the end. We shall see.
  14. Nice photos, thanks for sharing! My parents just got back from Vienna, and said it was really wonderful. One thing that surprised them was how there is little separation between church and state in Austria, and that the country is heavily Catholic. One of the days they were there, most shops were closed for 'Ascension Thursday'- a holiday I didn't even know existed! Interesting you went to church on vacation. I've of course toured churches while traveling, but have never thought of going to mass. I guess the Catholic mass is pretty standard around the world, so even if you don't understand the language, you still pretty much know what's going on.
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