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  1. Another construction view from a couple weeks ago...this will offer fantastic sunrise views!
  2. I think Top Gun/The Bat’s Great Lake peer is Iron Dragon really (same manufacturer and style of suspended coaster). Raptor is much taller and more modern, allowing for several inversions, and is similar to Banshee at KI. I prefer (what is now) The Bat to Iron Dragon based off the sheer forces and the steeper/taller drop.
  3. Just wow. And 1st in the Central is solely ours after coming back from 11.5 games behind the Twins in June!
  4. Plus the 22-story City Club Tower going up on the Hippodrome lot just a couple hundred feet from E9th on Euclid!
  5. Midweek updates: June numbers have been released. 4.88 million pax at this year’s midpoint, up 4.5% over 2018. Considering July/Aug and the seasonal holiday rush, we’re on pace for 10M for the first time since pre-recession and the subsequent loss of CO’s London & Paris service. Interestingly, recent sources have strongly pointed towards Icelandair returning to CLE for 2020 and beyond (assuming the 737 MAX is airworthy by then, which it should...). First Aer Lingus A321XLR rolled off the assembly line. If we land EI for 2020/21, this aircraft would most likely serve the route (DUB).
  6. I stand corrected. Was def not expecting Bebo to be homering at double the rate Kipnis is (18//9) at this point in the season.
  7. He’s Tyler Naquin, enough said. Above-average defence, hitting well over .400 this month, best in the majors, to raise his season AVG to .300. Oh, and solid comeback game against Houston this evening. Two 3-run HRs as well as 2 Perez solo shots was more than enough to bury the Astros.
  8. Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails (CLE), Smashing Pumpkins, Motorhead, Duran Duran, Soundgraden anyone?
  9. I thought it was some sort of recreation floor with balconies... From a 2016 Cle.com article on the project: “The most noticeable - and complicated - lighting feature is on the 21st floor, the only floor where residents will have balconies. Renderings depict that floor as a band of light at night. Katherine Faulkner of Nadaaa said the designers are working on ways to ensure that the tower is illuminated to stand out without causing disruptions for tenants. ‘It is probably our biggest design challenge,’ Faulkner told the design-review group.” As for the lowest level, it should get closed off next. If not, it’d be a bit of an eyesore... renderings show the glass bit of the garage facade extended upwards to meet the cladding.
  10. Lol I wish, but there’s a hardly a ghost of a chance. One positive is that UA has been moderately expanding and Cleveland is their one true “focus city” now...
  11. Lots of bands that deserve to be in the Rock Hall aren't there if they don’t fit the format they believe. At this point it’s not confined just to “rock’n’roll” so why bother, expand it to generally include all facets of rock with an emphasis on the early and classic eras (although it seems they’re shifting towards this).
  12. If I’m not mistaken, Hopkins was among UA’s several most profitable hubs, and UAL CEO Jeff Smisek’s resignation in 2015 was partially linked to the decision.
  13. Being a print rather than a laser-cut streetgrid, is the Cleveland map worth less? Somewhere in the range of $50-60 reasonable?
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