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  1. I still listen to Rush religiously. And by Rush I mean the Holy Triumvirate from Canada!
  2. Yeah, I personally would prefer the laneway concept if it was somehow a direct extension of E 4th, but since that's unlikely, how cool it would be to get from Superior all the way down to Huron through three consecutive blocks of arcades!
  3. I'd rather have a full-on laneway like the Melbourne ones they hinted at, or a real state-of-the-art modern arcade than this awkward, enclosed, overshadowed sort of laneway we're at now.
  4. This could look pretty bad, but I want to see something more unique -- like London's City Hall.
  5. "Loans" could be center aligned below "Quicken"
  6. Nah man, civil disobedience is where it’s at. I propose we peacefully form a human chain at all entrances to the lot.
  7. (@dtCLEresidents has several thousand followers and has retweeted recent NEOtrans articles)
  8. I would prefer tall-but-slender structures of 12-15 stories, or even in the mid rise range, over a massive 100 ft tall wall here, especially with it being across from the cemetery. Looking up E14th, it just has a better look imo.
  9. Based on initial feedback, this is the best version of nuCLEus we've seen yet. After the accidentally-leaked renderings in January, I recall a spokesperson responding that they had gone through something like "several hundred" potential designs. I'd love to see some of those!
  10. This angle looks great! They really went for a NYC feel in this rendering.
  11. Cleveland’s first cat cafe...interesting https://www.cleveland.com/expo/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/01/8241d5fdfa3626/affogato-cat-caf-opens-to-clev.html “The affoGATO Cat Cafe in Tremont opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. Customers can reserve time to play with the cats in the cat room, or just enjoy a coffee in the cafe area.”
  12. Nice ULCC adds! Is Frontier keeping San Antonio?
  13. Washington Post reported that out of big cities, big city suburbs, towns, small town suburbs, or rural areas, the highest amount of people want to move to rural areas (27%)
  14. Hollow out Terminal Tower, Replace it with a 700-foot drop tower!
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