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  1. Wow... https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1142157838153895941?s=21 This is real? (And the Trumps shall inherit the Earth...)
  2. What a draft haul for the Cavs...Darius Garland (in the traditional Tatooinian garb ) at 5 (was hoping for Culver but this was a good selection; backcourt of the future). No trading up with JR’s contract but took Dylan Windler (21ppg/11reb at Belmont last season, good off-ball player, great shooting) who should fit nicely under Beilein’s offense (oh, and the Cavs have hired Lindsay Gottlieb, the first woman coach to go from NCAA to NBA, and Antonio Lang from the Utah Jazz as assistant coaches since the lottery). Finally, a surprise trade of 4 of our accumulated second-rounders and cash considerations for their 30th pick was made with the Pistons (30th pick via Bucks) for Kevin Porter Jr., as you mentioned above.
  3. Sorry to post again but I haven’t seen any posts of the glass at night (think it looks pretty great!)
  4. They managed to come back 3-1 against the Durant/Westbrook Thunder in the 2016 WCF (Thunder may have helped them out), Zaza injured Kawhi in Game 1 of the 2017 WCF when the Spurs were UP 20 in the second half (GSW easily came back and swept), and 2018 WCF they were lucky, CP3 injured for all of games 6 & 7. And how lucky is it to have the Rockets miss 27 3's in a row. Even during the semifinals this postseason against the Rockets, when KD went down, Houston expected to easily force Golden State to lay down and get trampled. FWIW, this 2019 run was actually pretty impressive. Their perfect luck finally ran out, and its come full circle since 2015.
  5. Don’t forget Cousins was whiny and constantly flopping every game (off a return from injury). In some ways this is like karma for 2015. But either way, their dynasty is inevitably coming to end.
  6. The footprint of this lot isn’t that small. It’s just a hair less square footage than The Beacon (tower itself).
  7. And lack of timeout with 15 seconds left, down one, with the ball in their hands.
  8. We have the perpendicular runway 10/28 but it’s only 6,000 feet long, and only occasionally used in bizarre weather and shifty winds. Agreed that the IX Center is not a good choice for a terminal—it’s quite unfit. Even the general shape doesn’t accommodate aircraft well and focus should be elsewhere if looking at potential terminal options for the master plan. Also, Hopkins might be somewhat of a cargo airport, but is nowhere near the other 2 C’s cargo hubs. CVG being an international DHL & Amazon hub; LCK with similar FedEx operations but also hosts Cathay Pacific/Cargolux/China Airlines/Emirates/Etihad 747s with direct service to cargo hubs in Europe, Hong Kong, and Moscow. Lots of good points though—we should probably relocate this to the Hopkins thread.
  9. Two years ago to this day, plans for the The Lumen were publicly revealed. Now we have slightly over one year left!
  10. The Raptors have out-Warriored the Warriors. This is shaping up to be the end of a dynasty. Kawhi ended the LeBron/Wade/Bosh Heat dynasty (denying them a three-peat) and is on the verge of doing the same thing to GSW five years later.
  11. UPDATE: KD is out for Game 4, Klay will play. Also, this offseason is shaping up to be pretty crazy. Big moves for the Lakers, Knicks, Nets, and more.
  12. Definitely visit KI—they have a great collection of intermediate coasters for the transition to larger rides (The Bat, The Racer, Flight of Fear, Invertigo or Vortex, and Backlot Stunt Coaster(!)). Whereas Cedar Point is more crowded and expensive with barely any coasters under 100 feet. They do have 10 or 11 highly thrilling coasters (including 6 over 200ft!), but I KI has at least several options at each level. (Low level=Woodstock Express, Adventure Express, Flying Ace, Surf Dog; High level=Banshee, The Beast, Diamondback, future giga) I’d go for both though!
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