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  1. The Scranton Fortress... If the SHW HQ doesn't end up being a glassy, avant-garde, 21st century tower, I think a well-executed(!) postmodern build could work nicely as well—three Midwest peer cities (DET, PIT, MKE) all feature something along those lines prominently in their skylines...
  2. Considering everything, the master plan is undoubtedly going to keep KCLE where it is for the foreseeable mid-term future, which won't help a push to build a brand new regional airport after a ~$1,000,000,000 complete or partial overhaul of the terminals/concourses and everything...
  3. Quality W tonight. Collin dropped 31pts for a career high at Madison Square Garden. We are now tied for 7th seed (playoff standings) and Garland had another strong outing (12/6ast), Sexton looks much improved on the defensive side. We forced a LOT of tovs, and Nance Jr came up with 3 stls. JC also contributed well and made some buckets when we went cold. First time since 2010 the Cavs have won back-to-back games in which we’ve led them wire to wire! Not to mention they were both ROAD wins.
  4. 159ft is a long-@#% kick (through 18ft wide uprights). Couple that with the pressure of a game on the line and that was a very missable attempt.
  5. https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2019/nov/10/miamis-dion-waiters-has-panic-attack-after-eating-weed-gummies-reports-say 10-game suspension here after a strange incident... and https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28043602/celtics-gordon-hayward-breaks-left-hand-spurs%3fplatform=amp plus Curry may be out the entire season and the Cavs have a better record than GSW...what a crazy start to the season...
  6. Boomer tensions have been on the rise lately across the internet
  7. I’ve been on no more than 50 flights in my life and 2 of those ended with go-arounds (one CLE-SFO on UA, one at CLE on a DL flight from LGA). I really like the idea of a billion-dollar terminal to compete with nearby airports such as PIT, but it may not be necessary to demolish everything. Concourse D should be retained, even if it ends up becoming a museum or something other than a terminal...
  8. I predict a win (narrow margin of victory).
  9. @KJP Do you have the (1980s?) vision for the current Bedrock site? @Geowizical's unofficial massing for the site is reminiscent of that by comparison.
  10. That game was a fluke. Our regular season win over Indiana was not.
  11. I hope D can be retained, although I'm not sure how it will should even fit into the plan--A/B, the FIS, and the main terminal must go though. Pittsburgh just got a brand new $1 billion terminal so something similar does sound appealing, but CLE is pretty landlocked and I'm sure the financial picture varies between us and Pittsburgh.
  12. Dhaka, Guangzhou, & Seoul
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