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  1. Good eyes. I'd missed that originally. I'd almost rather they not force it and leave one or two lots as an empty grass lot for now and then go taller later.
  2. I thought this exact same thing. This location probably has the best view of their entire lot, why not go higher, maximize what you charge for views, and shorten the waitlist? Overall, I don't mind the design and like that it's built out to sidewalk. Hopefully this encourages some density when they redevelop the old giant eagle lot up the block.
  3. These are awesome. Any sense of what these things cost? They seem like a great solution.
  4. Ooofff (actual sound I made when I saw these). This is pretty bad, but they couldn't get their nicer/denser project passed, they couldn't sell the lot, so they brought in the cost cutters and here you are. You can't really blame them, they need to get something out of the site.
  5. I thought this would be an issue and I'm surprised they didn't try to front the tracks with the parking garage component. They're not even taking that approach with Gravity 2.0, so either they're not that concerned about it or they've found some other way to mitigate it.
  6. Sweet math bro. Wpcc88 is entitled to his own opinion, particularly, since it's his neighborhood. No need to force him out of his house, because you got a hard on for some renderings.
  7. I just want to know what he intends to see scuba diving in his brand new mud lake? It's not exactly like they'll be coral or a shipwreck
  8. Yeah, I don't fully understand what residents are complaining? I don't agree with them, but I at least can understand that for those who paid $400k+ for a house in German Village why there'd be a vocal minority. But who living in this area cares enough to complain. Isn't most everyone just renting?
  9. I personally love the big red "risk of closure" banner. Anyway, so we don't get one ourselves... I still have some faith in the stadium development. I know they've scaled it back, but I'm hopeful that just means they'll be lots they leave for future development, call it a pocket park or something in the interim. I'd hate for it all to be a bunch of cheap as possible 3 story buildings.
  10. Sorry, I meant on the existing Breen parking lots. I hadn't realized how much of that land is parking/grass. I know it might involve a bit more of a shuffle logistically than a completely new site, but if you build a garage I'd think they'd have plenty of room to develop around the existing buildings.
  11. First time anyone on the internet has said that. If the peninsula won't work why couldn't Sherwin just a build a parking garage and new R&D facility on the parking lots for their existing R&D facility? I didn't realize how much room they had there until KJP posted the map. It maybe not be as easy as building a new site, but if they're committed to downtown, then this doesn't seem like it would be too much of a stretch to make happen.
  12. The development is great and I think a little quirkiness can be good to mix things up. But something about the way this building interacts (or rather doesn't at all) with its neighbors is a little off-putting. I think the biggest thing for me is the wing at the top. That seems the most out of place, had me looking for palm trees in the rendering
  13. Honestly, they should just propose a 2 story brick house B&B, get it approved then just build the original design. Apparently there aren't any repurcussions if you build to a different design in this city anyway. Worst case they have to blame it on a mix-up and paint a mural.
  14. Impossible was probably too strong, but I think it's relevant to the conversation to put the costs of these projects (particularly underground projects) into perspective. When people look to much larger cities or metro areas and say "well why can't we just have that" there's a cost to consider. How much of a tax increase or rearranging of spend are people actually going to support? A full blown transit network is going to require more than an extra 0.5% sales tax or something similar. I hope we get much better transit, but we should be smart in how we approach it.
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