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  1. It also has a fun soviet style to it. The renderings weren't awful, hopefully it will brighten up a bit when they finish the exterior.
  2. Super excited for this project. I think Gravity 1.0 came together really well and it looks like they used quality materials that will still look good in 10 years, unlike alot of new builds.
  3. Northwest Market is what popped into my head when I first read the article. But I have a feeling they'll want to keep the North Market branding. We'll probably get something like "North Market Bridge Park" or "North Market Dublin"
  4. I appreciate the attempt to go tall instead of tearing everything down. Hopefully they're able to make that plan work.
  5. Wow, I didn't even recognize this corner at first. It's definitely come a long way from a taxi depot and liquor carryout
  6. I don't know, it's seems like they can't build hotels fast enough. Why not this one, it's a good location.
  7. I wonder if all the people who've recently bought their $450k condos with rooftop views of downtown know that's the plan. I imagine that height would block alot of that. I know your not entitled to a view, but they do make it part of the selling point and they're the ones developing the whole project. I'd be a little upset
  8. I will say I don't really like that angle, it looks too stout and bland, but the view from the park is actually pretty cool
  9. I also noticed last week that they had demolished the warehouse there that used to be along the northwest side of the site, just south of Fifth.
  10. Ask and you shall receive CU Construction Roundup: Downtown/Franklinton
  11. Yes, this. Easton is trying to get denser. I remember reading somewhere that the Easton developers regretted isolating the original residential component as much as they did. Now is the new section as sense as bridge park definitely not, but it's trending more that way. The section they're now spending a half a billion on "is designed to have a Short North-like feel meant to appeal to young professionals in particular." it's going to incorporate residential and the renders show some 5/6 story buildings.
  12. This from the Columbus Underground Article "“We were so happy to be able to back away from our retail plan,” said Mark Wagenbrenner, President of Wagenbrenner Development. He explained that, because the new land was never used as a landfill, taller and heavier buildings could be constructed on top of it (like a parking garage, which in turn facilitates more density and a mix of uses)." I'm not an engineer, but I'll believe him.
  13. This is much better than the original big box retail focused development. I think what limits this developments density is that it's almost all built over land fill. The only area that can support parking garages, has parking garages in the plan, which necessitates the remaining parking lots. That said I hope they fill up Dublin Road with retail. It'd be nice to see that fill in.
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