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  1. If anyone has any links or resources for the additions please let me know and I can add them in. Also I think the hardest thing so far has been actually figuring out if something has moved from proposed to under construction or from under construction to completed. If anyone has any updates or corrections for the map please let me know. The latest additions are the following: New Proposed Construction: * Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute * Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute * Brooks Biorepository * Ashbury Apartments * East 70th Street Apartments * Ward 1 Recreation Center https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1hYus-E7IgaacmAAAssutcXdut_VGGOeO&usp=sharing
  2. Yup. I'll get it moved. This is part of the reason I send updates also so people can verify things are correct and give me tips on additional entries.
  3. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1hYus-E7IgaacmAAAssutcXdut_VGGOeO&usp=sharing Latest additions since the last one New Under Construction: The Residence at Cornerstone Under Construction Renovations: None New Proposed Construction: Gus’ Chicken Harbor Townhomes West 38th St. Triplex Great Lakes Brewing Company - Scranton Peninsula South Bank of Flats NRP Apartments - Scranton Harbor 44 The Avian W. 11th & Fairfield Washington Inn Housing Rock Hall Expansion and Connector New Proposed Renovations: None Infrastructure / Parks: None Completed New Construction: Clinton West Greenbrier Mews Completed New Renovation: 2929 Detroit Ave. (2018) Forest City Bank Building (2018) Additional Info: W 5th and Jefferson moved to New Under Construction The Tappan moved to New Under Construction
  4. Thanks for those updates mendo and surfohio. I'll add them this weekend.
  5. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1hYus-E7IgaacmAAAssutcXdut_VGGOeO&usp=sharing Been busy with All Star festivities so I don't have a lot of updates this week yet. bdaily will also be helping me out and adding things he already has knowledge on and any new construction. Here are the updates since the last post: New Under Construction: Eleven Scranton WestSide Highschool Under Construction Renovations: (Nothing Added) New Proposed Construction: Metro Health Apartments Grosvenor Place W 5th & Jefferson Randall & Lorain New Proposed Renovations: Cleveland Rocks Voss Apartments Pins Mechanical Infrastructure / Parks: Wendy Park Redesign (Proposed) Completed: Catania Court Additional Info: (Nothing Added) Once again if you guys have any additions, updates or find any mistakes please let me know and I can get them updated.
  6. Sorry I never saw your response. It was my fault because I wasn't actually logged in anymore and was only viewing as a guest. If you want to shoot me your email I can invite you and we can work on it together and maybe merge your map with mine if that works. I also try to keep a little log of what was updated so I can post weekly additions, changes, etc. So maybe we can coordinate that also if we both end up working on it. I will probably also add the year to the completed projects so we can keep track. I was thinking of doing a layer for each year completed but it appears there might be a limit on the amount of layers so maybe just putting a note with the year completed in the title would work.
  7. What is it saying when you click the link? What device and browser are you using? Just curious to see if this is a broader issue. Is anyone else having any issues?
  8. I wanted to focus on the bigger projects first and as I get caught up maybe I can add another category for smaller yet significant construction projects or rehabs.
  9. Im pretty sure I can add admin rights so we can have a few people who can edit it if anyone is interested. I would probably limit it to a handful of people just so things can look consistent and we wouldn't interfere with each other. In the mean time if there are any additions or modifications please let me know.
  10. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1hYus-E7IgaacmAAAssutcXdut_VGGOeO&usp=sharing This is a map I'm developing that will track any construction news in Cleveland whether it is new construction, renovations, proposed new construction, parks and infrastructure, etc. I have been trying to update it at least weekly and giving updates on reddit but this might be a better place for it. I would love for some feedback and any additions or corrections to what I already have out there. I have seen in numerous posts people asking for a Cleveland map and hope this can be stickied somewhere possibly as long as it's being updated regularly which I plan to. If this is in the wrong section please feel free to move it or let me know where I should post this map and future updates. Legend: Red Target= New Builds Under Construction Blue Target= Renovations Under Construction Green Star = Recently finished New Builds / Renovations Red Circles = Proposed New builds Blue Circles = Proposed Renovations Orange Meeting Symbol = Infrastructure / Parks Yellow Pin = Minor updates (signage,decoration,etc) https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1hYus-E7IgaacmAAAssutcXdut_VGGOeO&usp=sharing
  11. I actually have a Cleveland Development Map I started about a month ago. Check it out and give me any suggestions or additions. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1hYus-E7IgaacmAAAssutcXdut_VGGOeO&usp=sharing
  12. I'm assuming this comment came from someone on this board but in the article about aer lingus someone (AFT87) posted "Dang, another international flight? you would think a major tech company was about to about to move into tower city.." If it's not someone on this board then there might be some truth to these rumors.
  13. Planet Fitness to Take Over Unique Thrift Store Location in Ohio City In an email to Ohio City's SoLo residents, block club chair Julia Sieck revealed that fitness chain Planet Fitness had signed a lease on the Lorain Avenue building formerly occupied by Unique Thrift Store and recently commandeered by the Cleveland Flea. Representatives from ADA Architects, the Lakewood-based firm managing the project, will reportedly attend the SoLo block club meeting Feb. 6. Sieck said she did not believe the gym would need any zoning variances but expected more detailed information at the meeting. It won't let me put in an external link.. its from scene
  14. I have seen a ton of plates from New York and New Jersey in Lakewood. I even mentioned it to my wife and friends during summer because it was so apparent especially some side streets where I saw 6 or 7 out of state plates parked on the street.
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