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  1. I'm assuming this comment came from someone on this board but in the article about aer lingus someone (AFT87) posted "Dang, another international flight? you would think a major tech company was about to about to move into tower city.." If it's not someone on this board then there might be some truth to these rumors.
  2. Planet Fitness to Take Over Unique Thrift Store Location in Ohio City In an email to Ohio City's SoLo residents, block club chair Julia Sieck revealed that fitness chain Planet Fitness had signed a lease on the Lorain Avenue building formerly occupied by Unique Thrift Store and recently commandeered by the Cleveland Flea. Representatives from ADA Architects, the Lakewood-based firm managing the project, will reportedly attend the SoLo block club meeting Feb. 6. Sieck said she did not believe the gym would need any zoning variances but expected more detailed information at the meeting. It won't let me put in an external link.. its from scene
  3. I have seen a ton of plates from New York and New Jersey in Lakewood. I even mentioned it to my wife and friends during summer because it was so apparent especially some side streets where I saw 6 or 7 out of state plates parked on the street.
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