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  1. The supportive housing group backed out. The buildings are now owned by a developer with plans to convert the buildings to apartments and a build a new apt building on the parking lot.
  2. In response to the Franklin Circle development the reason for the conflict is simple. For over 25 years there has been an extremely dedicated group of residents who through their own blood, sweat and tears have tried to preserve Franklin Blvd as a street of beautiful Victorian homes. These are the people that brought the street back from crime, drugs and decay. Most believe and I agree that once this large apartment complex is built their vision of the street is doomed. Similar to what happened to everyone’s precious Millionaires Row, developers will buy up the old homes level them and put up apartments-because that’s where the money is. You may say big deal it’s progress but to those who have invested themselves in making Ohio City a livable neighborhood it’s the end of the world.
  3. The building housing the former RAM electric store was purchased by the developer who owns other residential buildings on the street. Due to noise complaints he gets from his tenants he doesn’t want another bar or restaurant to go in the space so it was a defensive move in that regards. If an actual retail operator comes forward I’m sure it will be redone and occupied quickly.