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  1. MTA is not free of issues by any means and have signaling equipment arguably older than RTAs.
  2. The homes on 120th-122nd Wade Park that just were constructed are $250K-$300K and they sold before they were even built and a house getting built on that street right now is sold and the foundation hasn't been poured. That Street is a simple right turn off of Ashbury. Ashbury is fine and unless you are coming with crime stats that typical crime argument is invalid. Now I will accept the other arguments that the design doesn't warrant that price. 200K-250K would have been the price to go with based off of what they offer.
  3. You tear an entire structure down based off what they showed?! You could've petitioned for them to be more family friendly or simply, idk, CHANGED THE USE OF THE BUILDING.
  4. I think implementing turnstiles that require a card swipe (preferably a reloadable smart card) support mobile payments, and support the scanners that are down at Tower City could help with that problem of "free" riders. Yes it's an initial cost upfront but the long term gain from getting fares back from everyone would help offset that. 4 per station (2 for leaving the station and 2 for entering the station) would be sufficient. I can't remember if they had turnstiles at every station before (it's been over 10 years) but a newer more advanced style would be nice.
  5. Speaking of which I PRAY that we have enough cars to handle the (likely) influx of riders for Cavs all star weekend. I'd imagine West 25th Station and Little Italy station will get a major amount of riders. I hope we can operate two car trains pretty regularly by then.
  6. Wait is this the design that they will be sending in to get approved? I thought it was a placeholder (the 24 story tower). Edit: Never-mind I missed it in the article.
  7. According to that downtown article a few days ago they HAVE to be condos. I wouldn't mind seeing mid-rise brick condo's here that fit in with the surrounding architecture, I was going to say brownstone style architecture but I would want retail attached.
  8. Would you all consider this the most transformative project that Ohio City has seen during its boom? Based off its location, what it's replacing, the scale as well as what they are proposing to bring to the area, I would say so.
  9. For a project that was in so much financial hell and had so many false promises, this redevelopment is as good as you can ask for. This is one of my favorite projects going on in the city.
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