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  1. Didn't the recently completed mid rise in Little Italy keep the sidewalk open?
  2. The presence of those large buildings didn't make the old Euclid Avenue so wide and oversized. Side note, that was A LOT of tear down. Who was behind this tear down? That is a large stretch, I've only witnessed such tear down when they have a replacement plan in place, clearly that wasn't the case.
  3. To me an Apple Store coming to NuCLEus would jump start national retailers coming downtown. Apple is VERY selective on where they place their stores so if they pick your location they see potential. A more realistic and possibly better location would be JHB, right next to the busy East 9th intersection and it's actually under construction
  4. Anyone know if the homes are market rate or a mix of lower income and market rate?
  5. My problem isn't the bridge itself it's that the bridge is ugly.
  6. Looking at the picture, is there no retail? This stretch of Euclid already has missing retail space in buildings, hopefully it is some in this development. Even if it doesn't fill immediately the space is there to fill when the demand rises. I love everything else in this development.
  7. Buy the land, sit on it, raze it when you have something solidified.
  8. I'd assume it would take a feel of Battery Park a somewhat isolated feel with a couple of eatery's or bars.
  9. I will because it's unnecessary to lose at this point.
  10. This is one of the better ugly buildings. I don't see why they have gone with this theme for their recent buildings instead of the glass design like the J building.
  11. It faces the street you can see the construction through the window, the access is through barnes and noble though. The store sits in front of the window by the street right next to Dunkin. I'll try to take a picture later on today.
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