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  1. The councilman also has secured $500,000 for a park renovation on Parkwood Avenue.
  2. I completely agree with your logic. If I didn't have to worry about the stress of driving and the pain of buying gas so frequently and just hop on the train/streetcar, I would do so in a heartbeat. I love the train, I love the speed at which you arrive at your destination, I love how I can sit back and relax while I get to said destination. If I could just walk out of my door and catch a train to work, I would in a heartbeat and I don't feel I'm even close to being the only one that feels that way.
  3. That's my point. To boost ridership you should build the area around it. The station right now is surrounded by dead zones or single use fast food chains. To Garner foot traffic those abandoned homes can be torn down into multi use apartments with retail at the bottom and the same goes for the parking lots. That would definitely skyrocket the ridership. In East Cleveland you have to take control of the development yourself because no one else will. To bring it back on topic, if RTA was serious about TOD imo they would have proposed TOD in an area where land is cheap and the layout is perfect for TOD. If they can't/won't get anything built there then hoping they build something on land as complicated as this Greenway proposal is a pipe dream.
  4. RTA doesn't truly care about TOD imo. If they truly did they would be trying to leverage development at their station that has the most TOD potential, Superior station.
  5. Side note with the budget, I wish we would have more debit/credit meters downtown at least fill that part of the city up with them. So much more useful.
  6. I got excited when I saw so much green in the Glenville neighborhood until I realized the peak population occurred in 1960.
  7. Question. Can someone explain the difference in the retail scene between Cleveland and Columbus? Both have about the same population in their counties (although headed in different directions) so I wouldn't think size is the issue. I understand L Brands is based there and that helps but there are L brand stores in Cincy that still haven't touched down in Cleveland, the larger market. Growing retail stores that haven't opened stores in Ohio yet seem to choose Columbus first before here consistently and that confuses me as well. The tone between the Cleveland retail thread and Columbus are completely different, they have new stores opening in their retail centers, we have stores that are simply reshuffling. Is it down to the developers of these retail centers dropping the ball? Oversaturation? Demographics? I'm genuinely confused.
  8. Too dense.....in a city. Riding through Columbus for this weekend made me realize that density is good and when done correctly, sparks life into a neighborhood. Before coming here I'd never seen a city where parking is on both sides of a street, and two way streets are the size of alleys. The homes are built so dense that it surrounds you and feels active at all times. This could be that similar type of neighborhood, a jumpstart to something amazing. I am not against the green space comment completely but when we have green space (Gordon park) that is underutilized, I don't think it's truly a necessity. The "too dense" comment makes me worry that this development can potentially be watered down. I'm cautiously optimistic to see what they come up with though.
  9. Yeah, that's the story I heard as well, completely dumb. Here's the link. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/news-archives/throwback-thursday-in-wews-video-vault-1982-implosion-of-two-buildings-on-clevelands-public-square "A side note, originally the Sohio Building was to be taller than the Terminal Tower, but city officials objected and it was built 50 feet shorter than the 708 feet Terminal Tower."
  10. The school of arts was just rebuilt and looks to be 3 stories.
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