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  1. Agreed but I feel like I read that the city had the concrete barriers up for "security reasons" and were going to replace them once they found a proper replacement. Three years later and nothing. Does anyone know if the city has ANY plans for a replacement, it's ugly and doesn't look good with all of these major events coming up.
  2. The biggest fear I had when Public Square was redesigned was the bad track record Cleveland has for upkeep and maintenance of their public spaces. Public Square has been done for years now yet those concrete barriers are still an eyesore. For Cleveland's main and major public space it looks terrible for it to not have proper barriers that don't look thrown together.
  3. I honestly was SHOCKED that they went with the color scheme they have now. Mainly due to the garage already being glass I assumed they'd keep that same scheme.
  4. If these lakefront developments don't include retail then it's a waste. This is a one shot deal, gotta make it useable for all not a virtual gated community. Fingers crossed.
  5. I just thought of it as another way for residents to access the garage space, maybe if they went for a walk or something and need to access their car.
  6. I can agree with that, on Ashbury with so many classic brick apartments, brick townhomes would have been much more appropriate here.
  7. What surprises me about the direction Dan Gilbert seems to be heading. With all of these big events coming downtown (Indians ASG, Cavs ASG, Browns Draft etc.) in back to back years, beefing up the TC retail would be a no brainier, especially with Progressive Field and The Q attached.
  8. Does anyone know what is going into the space next to Burger IM?
  9. Victorias Secret, GNC, Bath and Body Works (leaves this upcoming April), FYE, Lids (For sports memorabilia) just to name some of the top of my head. They all have national name recognition and are all the top brands in their respective categories.
  10. I bet Stark is pissed that he took the Hotel portion out of NuCLEus now
  11. I honestly think a "Campus" of Mid Rise to High Rise buildings on the Warehouse District lots could be the best that the city could ask for. Density in an area that is void of it, reinvigorates and at the same time re-invents a neighborhood that is at a crossroads with identity, and could fit enough buildings to fix their issue with space. I'd rather have a development that can change the dynamic of an ENTIRE neighborhood (if done right) that a tall 900 ft skyscaper that plugs a hole and adds activity to a specific corner.
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