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  1. I love when you post lol. When I see your name I know it's some new development popping up and I get excited lol.
  2. Tbh the best time to replace the streetlamp's is now, due to the city putting in the new LED's across the city.
  3. I never saw the rendering for this building, wow that white is ugly. I don't mind the parking situation, it's an urban area it just comes with the territory of a growing neighborhood.
  4. There really isn't a story or site plan on it that i can find but they are building 8 micro apartments in the space, which is why the size is smaller. Also, WELCOME!!
  5. When I saw "also would consider a merger" I thought they meant merging the cities entirely. Ahh a man can dream lol.
  6. A shot to show how far back the apartment goes as well as how tight of a footprint it fits.
  7. Going back to the topic I posted in a previous thread of East Coast transplants relocating to U.C and feeling like it's disconnected from amenities in certain areas it got me wondering. Wouldn't it be useful for RTA as well as University Circle to run it's trolly system from Windermere station down Euclid and to other UC hotspot destinations such as Little Italy and even serving as the connector to University Circle train station? For RTA you will definitely increase your ridership due to people not having to take cars as much and it being a reliable means to get to where you want quickly, also serving as a feeder for a train station that isn't the easiest to access. For UC it would benefit them by connecting their residents, tourist and workers to various destinations that isn't the easiest or most convenient to get to for those aforementioned people that may want to live a carless lifestyle. It could start in East Cleveland with stops on Euclid and Superior (still a major intersection for EC residents), Uptown, Little Italy Station, ONE University Circle, UC Train Station (Not in that order) to start. If successful a second trolly line could be added to visit other areas in University Circle, maybe the city of Cleveland Clinic. It wouldn't step on the toes of the Healthline due to limited stops it would have and it turning up side streets, going places it doesn't go but serves as a good connector for UC residents, visitors and workers.
  8. That's great, that building needs more space and with the train station right next to it, the building is the perfect location for work, play and in this case family things lol.
  9. Took a stroll down my old neighborhood to see the progress of the new homes they are building on Lee and 105th Street. Also checked in on the Ashbury Apartments a few days ago.
  10. They must've restocked finally, I live in the area and the grocery selection has been bare for a while. Also the traffic inside was very low, I was afraid that they would close soon. I stopped visiting due to lack of selection.
  11. I'd rather demolish the Enterprise building across the street.
  12. I didn't realize how large that sidewalk is until now. IT'S HUUUUUGE lol.
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