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  1. From what I understand, while they were doing the initial search and pegged the Jacobs/Weston Lots, the city had plans for it which angered SHW and through a roadblock in their search. SHW flexed their power (rightfully so) and now they have the green light because the city stepped aside, also rightfully so. Imagine losing SHW downtown because you wanted to build a prison LMAO.
  2. Looked it up on google maps and when I turned the corner I was pleasantly surprised with how large that building is.
  3. I don’t know if it’s just the operator or something new that RTA is having the operator do but they now are telling you the ETA for the end of line and downtown as well as which buses connect to the stops. Very convenient, the train is filthy though.
  4. This corner has 4 soon to be 5 high rises and I didn't even realize. If the buildings were mixed use this would be a VERY lively corner.
  5. I'm sorry but the grass in front of the garage still makes no sense lol. I know it's fixable but still.
  6. I don't understand why they have to block off so much of the street to build this.
  7. They are. Talking to Verizon workers at the University Circle store the main reason they opened in the area was their focus on 5G in Cleveland. Cleveland actually has been a 5G focus for a lot of the carriers. I know T-MOBILE pushed 5G to Cleveland, we were one of their first 6 cities to receive it.
  8. No this is Glenville, Ashbury Avenue is relatively close to the Circle North development. Glenville is pretty large. Hough is further down 105th closer to Fairfax and Cleveland Clinic.
  9. Well to make an area vibrant that wasn't before (In this case Superior) you put something that gives people a reason to patronize the area. Literally right around the corner on W. 6th you have activity and shops and this could serve as development to build on that. TBH developments that sit on the corners and intersections of street are THE MOST necessary to have retail because they set the tone for an area. Since an area is already dead we shouldn't build something that changes that? We should add to the dead zone feel? The opposite should be happening if we are trying to create a true mixed used neighborhood for the future. Retail spaces sit empty to me because the company in charge of finding retail in that area isn't skilled enough to answer the call and get people there. For example Uptown is bustling with shops and retail and HUGE work and living population with growth and Little Italy has the same and is always busy, but Centric has empty windows in it's retail shops. Prime location sitting next to two bustling areas but can't capitalize because the group in charge of finding retail tenants probably isn't up to the task. MRN consistently finds tenants for its retail properties, it is all about who is in charge.
  10. That's depressing and infuriating, I hate the shortsighted and one track (or car lane) mind of this state leadership and government agencies.
  11. Honestly, I'd rather build the space for retail that may be filled a year down the line when the market may be ready for it than to build a blank wall that adds nothing to the street and is an extra and expensive cost to reverse just because we already have empty storefronts. These types of developments are one shot deals, there is no re-do for a LOOOOOONG time. Build for the long term vision of a neighborhood not the short sighted present day.
  12. Tell Dan Gilbert to let the city borrow any leftover bollards so they can FINALLY put some on Public Square
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