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  1. Is there a parking lot in the back? If not, imagine paying for street parking lol
  2. Columbus has 2 that are 20 minutes apart from each other and while the city has a larger population that us the region population is similar and they are maintaining fine, the Cleveland one would be a similar distance apart. The Downtown one wouldn't draw away from Westlake too much because suburban drivers wouldn't want to pay for parking. The downtown one would be a draw for downtown residents, tourist, workers after work, sports fans that are visiting downtown and surrounding neighborhoods such as the growing Ohio City, and Tremont due to proximity.
  3. I feel a Dave & Busters would do wonderful in NuCLEus, a sports bar for the sports fanatics and an arcade for, well everyone AND it's smack in the middle of what is our entertainment district which bustles.
  4. Micro apartment project on Ashbury Avenue off of East 115th Street
  5. Windows are in. The building has an impressive presence to it. Hopefully the final product is better than the rendering but I'm in love with the feel it has from the street.
  6. Ugly especially due to material choice and the lack of front door access bothers me still.
  7. I love the simplicity of this and how it fits with the surrounding buildings so well. Timeless, I'd take these over the ultra modern designs we get so often.
  8. That used to change to a one way?! That must've been one large one way lol, bizarre.
  9. What's interesting is with these HUGE apartments taking up one half of a block (sometimes an entire block) going up all over the city in addition to the high-rise apartments. It seems Cleveland is building for a million again lol. I remember a study being done that stated Cleveland should focus on building for 500K people. Seems like developers are just going for the gusto instead of playing it safe. We are replacing older buildings on main thoroughfares that housed maybe 10-20 people above storefronts with apartments with 80-150 Units. I forgot where I saw the quote but they said in an article in development "Cleveland was built for 1 million people, we have a lot of room to grow" or something along those lines. I like that energy lol. Long story short, keep buildings like these coming!
  10. Oh they are actually serious about building that design? D*mn!
  11. Also, are these train tracks being actively used? If not you already know what I think should happen, an RTA rail station, pipe dream I know.
  12. Welp, it was an ambitious thought but just refocus with something more tangible. The use right now is fine, effort just needs to be put into the mall to get it back going. No one wants a watered down version of what was once proposed, do it in the original form or don't do it at all and focus on retail. A streetscape (not closing) of Prospect can still happen because it needs to be shrunken, do retail incubators for smaller business in the storefronts on Prospect to increase activity and subsidize the retail space inside the mall. If the retail incubators are successful and the businesses get popular, transition them to other Bedrock owned retail space and put national names in that spot. Cleveland needs to move past just settling for SOMETHING being better than nothing.
  13. If that land gets built for a soccer stadium I hope they would look at ideas to make a sort of "neighborhood". I attached what I'd like to see built at least over time, it contains parking simply because lets be honest, it won't see a road diet so it will be very car centric, but I want it to be mixed use. There are still normal sized roads that pedestrians can cross to access these different parts of land to bounce around and interact with the various developments. Housing is big here simply because of downtowns housing boom, so maybe a mid rise apartment or condo (only mentioned because of the recent outcry, idk how desirable this area would be), basically The Beacon/515 but shorter. I just feel that if a stadium is built, instead of revisiting mixed use around the stadium down the road like the Browns we need to get it right immediately. The area would be tricky due to it being fed cars getting off the highway but if done correctly this outlier of Downtown Cleveland can be a connector of two different areas. It ESPECIALLY the would benefit the Woodland area and help activate that underdeveloped neighborhood.
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