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  1. I was just looking through the forums online because I was bored and then I came to wonder something that I have often wondered about in the past. How do we get columbus in the race for hosting the Summer Olympic games? I really think that Columbus could host the games, we have two arenas, a huge football stadium, a soccer specific stadium, a small baseball stadium with a second one in the works. There would be a lot of work to do in order to prepare Columbus for the Olympics, but every city needs help. Also, with Columbus' proximity to other major ciites such as Cleveland and Cincinnati could allow the whole state to participate in one way or another. Having the Olympics would be a great excuse to build the high speed passanger train between Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland that people have been only dreaming about for decades. I think Columbus has a lot of potential. When the Olympic Committee came to look at Columbus when Cincinnati was making an Olympic bid, they liked what they saw. So, what does everyone else think? Is it possible, and if not, what needs to happen to make it possible?
  2. To my understanding, there was a big light in one of the posts of the arches and fiber optics were used to light the bulbs. Water would collect in the posts and short the system out. At the turn of the 20th Century, Columbus was known as Arch City (this was long before the Arch of St. Louis was even concieved) because arches like those now in the Short North District once ligned the entire downtown stretch of High Street. I forget exactly why they were moved, but I think it may have had to do something with the Trolly System they once had. I am really looking forward to the new LED lights because of the flickering that they are able to do. If anyone has ever been to Paris and seen Le Tour Eiffel at night, you know what I mean. Hopefully the same thing will happen on High Street, that would be awesome. Although, it would create quite a distraction for drivers.
  3. For some reason Pat, I doubt that.
  4. Hey mtg1255, congratulations on the new job! You must be happy. Columbus is booming with new places to live within an urban setting, but most that I know of are only condominiums. If you want to be close to work, and only have to walk, there is this website <http://arenadistrictliving.com/> you may have already found it. I would live in Arena Crossing myself if I was not in school and poor. They are some relatively new apartments directly accross from Nationwide Arena. It's also within walking distance of the Short North District and the North Market. You may also want to check out <downtowncolumbus.com> and check out the rental properties in and around downtown.
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    Okay all, sorry about that. You should be able to find me now. I had to where only people from my school could see my profile.
  6. Neither are these adds in downtown columbus, and they don't have to be a highway, they just have to be roads that are funded by the federal government, and that includes US routes. High Street is US Route 23 and Long Street is US Route 33 and then there are others. Also there are buffers around these routes. I don't think there are any "highways" near or around Times Square, but there must be a federally funded route near-by, I am sure.
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    Sorry, I thought it was on my profile. The name is Jeremy Miller. Send me a message that you are on Urban Ohio, because if I don't know you, I will most likely reject you. :-D
  8. This is so true! We need to protect the lakes. I know that we are all a part of the same country, but it is rediciulous to pump water out to Pheonix and LA. They shouldn't be building in areas that can't support a large population. Already, LA is taking water from areas in Northern California, and I think there are even talks of diverting or siphoning off water from the Columbia River. Again, these arid areas need to put a limit on how much they grow.
  9. Oh, I was wondering how pig boy had anything to do with keeping OU out of the number one spot. Now I understand.
  10. Another thing that I think may have been mentioned before, but how does New York's Time Square get away with this?
  11. I don't know what to say really about the coach being caught with a DUI. I really hope that he doesn't take this situation lightly. Hopefully it was a one time thing and not a more serious problem. I am also bummed out that this happened because it doesn't look too good for our school. Our image is already bad enough. I am not happy with our image as the number 2 party school in the country and I certainly hope that we don't become the number one party school. Oih.
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    Oh, and if any of you guys want to be my friend, go ahead, it would be cool. And don't worry, won't ask to stay the night at your place :-P
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    I got facebook! I like it. I admit, at first, you spend a lot of time on it, and when you are board you spend a lot of time on it. I like it because you can keep in contact with friends from high school and or college. You can be like, "Oh, bob is now living in Irland! That's awesome!" It's like your personal phone book too. I might be heading to chicago, and a friend of mine lives there now, I havn't talked to him in a while, but I am sure he wouldn't mind letting me stay there for the night.
  14. I am seeking a Bachelor of Science Degree at Ohio University in Urban Planning. I am projected to Graduate in the summer of 2006. Currently, I am looking into Graduate School possibilities either in architecture or urban planning.
  15. dude! that would have been awesome! what did you go as? I forget
  16. okay, i went to OSU today to check out there Architecture program, well as much as I could, it was a busy day for everyone there. I didn't get to do much, I met with a woman there, she explained a few things to me, and I basically walked around. So if you saw a guy with dark short hair with glasses wearing a red longsleave shirt, that was me! Anyway, I found it to be a little intimidating. It seems a little to artistic and abstract for me and I have never done anything like what I saw today in the studios. Anyone on here a part of the Architecture program there at OSU? If so, I would like to get some insight on what it is like and what you think of the program. Is there a college thread on this board?
  17. I don't have picture of myself yet, but I will. I am new here and have only recently found this site and I think it is awesome! I am currently at OU in Athens trying to obtain a degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Hopefully will be going to OSU next year for a masters in Architecture or City Planning, which everone I am accepted into. Anyone have any advise on OSU? Peace!
  18. I like the advertisements that are discussed here. They are creative and unique. I have only a few problems with them. How much is too much? Are there rules and guidelines in place to keep everybuilding from being painted over into an oversized advertisement? I think the federal law does have some merrit. I believe when it was created, it was created so that every available inch along the highway wouldn't be one endless mass of advertisement. Also, it was created to prevent--what some people may concider--objectionable material from being plastered everywhere you turn your eyes. Just my two cents.
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