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  1. Is this the new subway station in NYC? The first one since 1989?
  2. Beautiful photos as always MayDay! Urban Scrawl looked like a lot of fun. Didn't go because I didn't need to spend any more money!
  3. I can't wait until this is finished! When will it be finished? I can't believe there are still attempts to bring this project down. It's crazy. I can't wait until the success is undeniable and the system is expanded!
  4. I've been watching Gotham. I have enjoyed the show. What makes it even cooler is that Corey Michael Smith is a graduate of Hilliard Darby High School and pretty much everyone I know from growing up seems to know him... everyone except me that is... one day! LOL.
  5. I thought there would be a lot more discussion about this here. I was really disappointed in the outcome. I thought Columbus really stood a chance and that Philadelphia would just be to cliche. I took it as a particular blow because I felt like it was the rest of the country not giving us enough credit. They don't seem to take us too seriously. Speculation has been that we did not get it because of logistics and not enough input from area businesses. Any discussion on what needs to be done to actually land a convention, or is that just too obvious and only beating a dead horse?
  6. So, is this project essentially dead? I mean, we came so close in, what was it, 2009? Still such a pity.
  7. Wow, I have been out of the loop for far too long! Nice to see how things are progressing lately! Love it all.
  8. Don't forget "(maybe 3)" Looking forward to more photos! Hope to see Ernest Hemingway's home!
  9. Great Pictures! I have some from a few years ago that I don't think I have added... It's been a long time since I was here and it's good to see these pictures!
  10. Nice work as usual Sherman! Beautiful picture,
  11. God that was a lengthy read for me but well worth it. It's very scary how powerful Fox News has become, assuming this article can be trusted. I wonder what the Governor has to say about this.
  12. I was infuriated when Kasich used that word to describe us... I almost wrote a letter demanding a personal apology.
  13. With all due respect Governor, perhaps if you had fought harder for your initiative BEFORE the election..... I would have to agree with this statement. Strickland should have pressed this issue during the election and done a better job of properly informing the public with the right facts.
  14. This has pissed me off so much! Kasich isn't even governor yet and he is already fucking us over!
  15. We should have the same billboard as Illinois made it clear at the Midwest High Speed Rail Association's fall conference that they would apply to receive the $400 million Ohio will give up.
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