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  1. I completely disagree. As a regular bicyclist (and walker) in DC. Traffic circles work well for ALL when designed correctly. Look at Logan Circle and DuPont Circle as examples. They are neighborhood centerpieces where locals gather and hang out. The key to them being successful is light synchronization and smart street design.
  2. Random post... but Garrettsville is still recovering from the massive fire that destroyed a huge portion of its quaint downtown in 2015. The village has come a long way since then but it’s still trying to rebound. While it’s unfortunate it’s getting national attention for a local landmark that’s struggling. It’s still great that it’s getting the attention and love that it deserves. Tune into the Food Network’s (& Robert Irvine’s) ‘Restaurant Impossible’ on Thursday, February 9th @ 9:00 to see what happens to a town’s pride and joy.
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