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  1. You know, If only people could be able to vote alongside politicians in ways and means, and even city planning commissions we would have a denser Cleveland, with many vacant buildings. There's a reason why we have surface lots. I'm sure there would be much oversight on tax credits. I'm afraid if the people had a voice in TIF and subsidy markets, we would be bankrupt.
  2. I don't want to be one of those people who always ask where is this at or why havent I heard anything in the past 6 months kind of ordeal, but seeing as this project is more than necessary, I haven't heard a lick of tongue or literature on this project in a long while. Are there still birdwatchers, city/state, or NOAA related officials that may be holding this project back? I think this project is NEEDco. from LEEDco. My electric is over the top right now.
  3. I think it's typical. Usually when a place is brand new you see higher numbers in leasing, but understanding as it's trying to appeal more as a student housing project, its better to have a leasing percentage low for upcoming semesters. Granted it is open for public leasing outside schooling reasons for locations like Little Italy, but I can see why. There's plenty of units to come by in Centric. Although that looks like a small number, it's a biiiiiig building.
  4. I expect this to break ground level in a couple weeks, it takes loads of time to reinforce the first few foundations. In a couple weeks we should also be able to see rebar over the fence, and then we may have the first glimpse at the footprint or even a modest oversight on the street presence it will have. It is a relatively long building. Confirmed we are a hair off schedule, but its not the end of the world. I believe Beacon is behind schedule as well, seeing the cladding hasn't even been presented yet, allthough they haven't come out with a set deadline for outer completion.
  5. tastybunns

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Back when a voice meant the world.
  6. I'm very dissapointed in you @bjk It's Wayne Gretsky Alltime best and top hall of Famer NHL player who played Old-Time Hockey in the 80's. @CLE_Millennial that's an older rendering. There's a newer rendering that was approved to be higher than the original plans that were under way. I would direct you to the Non-Ohio Development Detroit thread.
  7. I find this kind of ironic, and may be a little offtopic. I just find it hilarious and ironic that Google Maps decided to update development on the Beacon but has yet to retake aerials of public square. Its been what, 3 years now? As you can see here they're building the elevator core here, with the crane visible as a shadow on the garage. And here's public square 1.0 on present day Google Maps. It has the right outlines though. SMH.
  8. I'm kind of at a crossroads here, because when I search 720 Euclid Ave it shows up on the Prospect side, so is this a single parcel or not? If it is a single parcel this project could be way bigger than anticipated. CCA could encompass the garage like a cocoon if they wanted, and we may see new development on the prospect side of things as well. That's 86,000 square feet!!! So it would make sense that we could see Jacob's lot scale buildings.
  9. We may even see an acceleration with the Ohio Bill giving transformational tax credits if they decide to add a few entertainment/office mixed uses. Does CCA dip their hands in mixed use? If so this would be a great opportunity to build a slender yet extravagant scraper.
  10. tastybunns


    I'm sure many of you have heard of the devastating Fires in California, thought I'd allow for an insight on this forum for this kind of a topic. Maybe add a little closure for some Cali residents, or some news regarding their situations. I have found a readily available fire map online, and it outlines the borders of each wildfire daily. It even shows newly burning fires or historical fires in the past. https://www.fireweatheravalanche.org/fire/ I hope this is useful, and I am sending my condolences for those affected by the fires especially those in Paradise, wiping the only home they've ever known off the map.
  11. tastybunns

    Off Topic

    Saw this on facebook captioned: Newburgh Hts Speed Trap Just thought it was funny because no police presence means people will continue to speed... Money-grab smh.
  12. I think it could be something similar to Cleveland's Amazon bid, where nothing is relatively open to the public. You already have some inside info on it from top execs, and the person that says its off the record is just trying to cover their traces. I believe they want a building taller than key. They're a growing 500 company, with recent acquisitions. I'm 100% sure they will either use the prior Ameritrust design, or go for a cheese grater / fractal design like in London and Sanfransico. I can see those designs picking up popularity since the Middle East is finished with Burj Khalifa and in the process with Jeddah 'Kingdom' Tower. If they do need a building smaller than key, there's already a rendering showing a scaled back version of Ameritrust. What could have been may just be a reality.
  13. They probably should have specified that. The definition of a traffic circle is a roundabout on google. Not a planter. If anyone has attended the meeting could you elaborate?
  14. @Enginerd just a conventional roundabout. However it seems they're going way too overboard with them on their traffic pattern