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  1. I'm cross posting this from Cleveland's Lake Erie Wind farm from LEEDCO. Last year in 2019 the citizens of Toledo held a special election to protect our mother lake from environmental & ecosystem disaster. The election passed in favor of a new Bill of Rights pertaining to Lake Erie, giving it personal rights and protections, along with the right to sue and enforce a legal Lake Erie. There are protected lands in the form of National and State Parks, but no land or water has ever been protected by a BOR. That's what makes this movement very unique in its stature, as no Lake has ever been granted sovereignty over itself with no inhabitants. Here's the doc: https://beyondpesticides.org/assets/media/documents/LakeErieBillofRights.pdf Additionally you can learn more about rights of nature here: https://celdf.org/2019/02/breaking-news-toledo-voters-enact-lake-erie-bill-of-rights/ However, LEBOR was originally killed by Ohio Chamber of Commerce and then deemed un-costitutionally vague by a federal judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio amidst it's challenge. Toledo Blade quotes [ “It is clear the future of Lake Erie and the health of the community is up to us. The people have two choices: Continue to watch the slow death of the lake that sustains all life in this city or take action to protect her and our future,” Crystal Jankowski of Toledoans for Safe Water said. ] https://www.toledoblade.com/local/environment/2020/05/11/toledo-quietly-drops-appeal-of-lebor-ruling-lake-erie/stories/20200511082 I believe it was initially dead in the water because it was brought up by Toledo and only Toledo citizens as quoted in the LEBOR document [ "We the people of the City of Toledo" ]. I think that if the entire North Coast was in on the deal, LEBOR would have been so much more impactful. I'm sad to see the entire thing fall apart in shambles, as it looked like something great was happening like an uprising of environmental right. Although I'm not much of an activist, rather a pacifist on major issues like the environment, this was one bit of history I was really excited for. Hopefully we can revive this ordeal in a more collective manner. Any thoughts, leads, or conjecture I would love to see. This is something that has never really been successful but lend Lake Erie a hand.
  2. @KJP Here's the draft of LEBOR giving Lake Erie Person-hood like rights originated in Toledo offices and resident special elections. https://beyondpesticides.org/assets/media/documents/LakeErieBillofRights.pdf HOWEVER: This happened as well... https://www.jurist.org/news/2020/02/federal-judge-rules-lake-erie-bill-of-rights-unconstitutional/ If i never knew its ruling I never would have said it that has autonomous rights. But as it's basically step one equivalent to first draft, I'm sure the movement will grow as algal blooms creep across Lake Erie. VOX also did a piece on LEBOR, it's definitely a good watch... I think we should start a new topic on this, because it doesn't really pertain to LEEDCO's wind turbines, but it's basically Ohio law and district stipulation.
  3. This is a state EPA Board? I do know that Lake Erie now has a Bill of Rights now meaning that Lake Erie is the only self governing body of water in the entire united states if not the world. Which may put it outside Ohio's Jurisdiction. So tell me, how in the world does a small 8-mile dotted line kill every bird that crosses Lake Erie at night?
  4. Just hope there's still enough parking for Jacob's Pavilion.
  5. We'll see if that outdated rendering of Eerieview's additional floors ever happens, then we'll talk.
  6. To me it looks like this project has suffered prolonged ED. And well under a 6 year timespan. Why do I laugh at such childish things.
  7. I was looking around to see where a potential spot for a mega school could go because I've been pondering where the money would even come from. I'm not all for this entire restructuring of the district thing but where in the hell are you going to build this thing? Well I have a few concepts and ideas that may be on the forefront, but keep in mind this is just where I think they would be considering. So searching for a spot to build in or near the triad, is actually pretty difficult because everything is super developed, and it's hard trying to find a centrally located plot of land which will be used to serve 3 municipalities. I greatly oppose to consolidate all 3 because there's just no possible way you can cater to 3 cities in one location. This is why I think the trifecta or triad serves its purpose really well. Normandy offers close education to Seven Hills, Parma offers close education to the majority of Central/Northern Parma. and Valley Forge offers close education to Parma Heights and Western Parma. So if we really wanted to shut them down and rebuild something massive, it's got to be within or close to the area of the big 3. Here are some options that I would definitely consider. Some of the areas I highlight will come at a cost, but in order to build something that the entire district has been wanting to do for years we are going to need some extra property. 1) Even though you may not be able to see it from the main road very good, I stumbled upon ParmaDale Orphanage and Juvenile correction center off of State Road and W Ridgewood Drive. The entire compound is currently being demolished, and to be frank i never knew it was there my entire life. It's actually one of the only plots of land that something as big as a mega school could go without encroaching on nearby neighborhoods but there are some minor problems with its placement. Even though it's more of a central location to serve each 3 cities, it sits right across from Padua Franciscan High School, so automatically the traffic trying to get to and from school and traveling through that area would just absolutely suck unless the road is widened a lane or so, also no one can see it. I think one of the biggest focal points of building a public facility, it must be visible to the public as well as accessible by main road. So building something so far back may be a minor drawback but not a game changer either. 2) So we have two of the most ugly run down shopping plaza's on either side of the Shoppes at Parma, which are in really close proximity to Byers Field. I would be in favor of just leveling the entire strip from Legend's Sports Bar to the old Giant Eagle corpse as there's no business between Ames Drive and the Day Drive to Ridge access road. There's also some landfill or undeveloped land right behind that shopping strip to keep in in mind. There are some active properties in between like Olive Garden, Planet Fitness, Victoria's Deli, Mr. Hero, and the RTA park and ride station. Those properties can stay where they're already located. A pro about the property is that Day drive is already a 25 mph stretch of road, so a school zone sure wouldn't affect traffic, plus it's not a major thoroughfare as there's virtually no working business until you get to the actual working Giant Eagle. As it currently sits, it's just a sad stretch of road. They just recently repaved that entire length of Day Drive, and it's decently wide for the amount of traffic that flows through. I wouldn't mind throwing a facility here. 3) The other run down shopping plaza is where Parma Ridge Medical Center, Save A Lot, Leslie's Pools right across from Sheetz on Day Drive and Ridge Road. It's just a very unsuccessful strip of land, it seems like every time I come home and I pass by that entire plaza there's something missing, or something new that will never garner any new attraction. I would ask Leslie's pool supplies to move because they actually see a decent amount of business. I would put them at Shoppes at Parma because there's still plenty of space available, but who are we to tell them where to relocate? Ridge is about to be fully resurfaced, and by the time that entire is project is finished people wont drive so wildly, possibly making it safer for walking pedestrians. Traffic may be horrible closer to rush hour, but its no perfect property. 4) The last one that we could potentially draw up is acquiring the Constellation Middle/High School on W 54th and claiming eminent domain on a few properties so we can close some of the roads intersecting W 54th. Ries Rink and the Baseball Diamonds would be used as school facilities, and would remain in place. I'm not all for claiming ownership of people's properties, but there's absolutely nowhere we can build without any kind of interference or land with steep grade and protected land. Anyhow, W 54th was completely resurfaced some time ago but was never widened. I never thought a 3 lane road was ever suitable for PSH, but I guess it wasn't a problem to throw a massive high school in a neighborhood with barely any main road. Speaking of which, every time I have ever driven down W 54th, the speed limit is 35, meanwhile people think the school zone never ends and never stops at any point in time. Why people why? They couldn't have made it a 4 lane road instead of 2 lanes with a turning lane? Oh well... Continuing onward, that entire plot of land is plenty big for any school facility. There's already a charter school sitting on the land but there's no way it's a successful school system in general. I don't see why we can't just swoop in and acquire the entire thing and include the ice rink with the property. If we level the entire thing it may be costly but to open up some land for this so called "Monster" we need to be spending some serious money to open something up. I'm not so supportive of the entire movement, but if they feel like they need to consolidate, there's literally nowhere you can build it to be in a convenient location, because remember, you're serving Parma Heights, Parma, and Seven Hills, and that's why we have the big three where they are right now. I guess they're really dated, and yes I agree but I think they're forgetting that they can remodel, add an annex or even knock some walls down. Instead of doing what they want to do I feel like they should be saving their nickels and discover remodeling options. I just don't want this entire thing to ruin rivalries for a Berea Midpark Style Failure. Sorry for the lengthy post, but there needs to be a long talk to be had. There's no way there's any sort of land that's just ready to be built upon. We're not made of money either. If you have an idea of where we could place this giant feel free to share.
  8. I'm wondering how the TMUD bill will fare after a monstrous amount of workers are receiving financial aid? Not exactly sure if this should go here, but if it means Ohio's construction then it may go here. Move it if an annoyance. Sorry in advance.
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