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  1. JJ's in Abilene is still open... so I'm not worried. I just go for the "Free Smells"
  2. That takes up a rather larger than expected portion of OC... Why is it so big and widespread, so unnecessary considering so much private development is rising?
  3. If you open up brand-new "developable" property basically in the center of the City, i.e. Fairfax, you're completely molding the entire area the way your business would want for a brand new neighborhood. They're always watching urban real estate markets. My money is on either Microsoft or IBM as I mentioned above. If the Justice Center is moving there, there's still alot of room for some bigwigs. Fairfax will be the new Millionaire's Row. If we have anything to add about it please speak in the Fairfax thread.
  4. If I recall some time ago, IBM or Microsoft one or the two decided Cleveland was a growing market. Opening up that amount of land and street front would be perfect for branching fortune 500's.
  5. Thank you for all your steadfast dedication to bring us all good and bad news, as well as I. I'm glad to call this my #1 go to to keep my hopes up, because I don't do anything else on the internet but youtube and scour this entire forum for interesting tidbits. I'm glad to call this city home. This will be my first Thanksgiving away from home, as I've already spent every holiday away from my family since Christmas 2018. It's hard not being there with my family now that I'm in the USAF, but I do know that there are others who have it way worse than I do, and I am very grateful for those who are fighting overseas past, present, and future members of our services. I'm glad you guys are my connection to home, staying familiar to the city and staying informed on what I have to expect when I come home again. This website with your collaboration of course is without a doubt a lifesaver for me. Now as we say in sarcastic language as disgruntled government employees, " Thank you for your steadfast contributions to the overall mission of our United States Air Force", I extend that to you guys and every Ohioan across our 3 C's T, A/C, Y, D but very not sarcastically. You truly don't understand the weights of your deeds, and keeping me informed is all i need. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the note, i will fix the redactions, I completely overestimated the power of black highlighter. (U.S. Gov't please dont take notes)
  7. So me and another student at CSU in technical writing had a final project a few years ago. We decided to write up an RFP and semi-feasibility study to lace the Cleveland breakwaters with water turbines. Take a gander, because I think it really goes in place with green energy regarding these wind turbines. It's our first RFP, so please look past formatting issues and anything out of the norm. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qnpzKVE2tszwa0SsSUqTIBc_DVcn8EbNf9lF_T01ZGQ/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Possibly, not ruling it out, but R&D developments can be tricky in a downtown setting. Fumehoods and proper ventilation techniques are needed for chemical labs, and classroom/computer labs are needed as well, so lots of wiring, ventilation, and plenty of firewalls. Its doable for University since not much space is being used, but if we're talking multi use complexes with high numbers of stories, that's the challenge and potentially the shortfall for the R&D component. So I'm not expecting it to be as tall or even comparable to the corporate side, but at the same time there will be other components that will be comparable, just as big, or bigger in Sq Ft. Stay tuned!
  9. I think a double pinnacle tower like that is so iconic. With how short it is it definitely is in my top 10s.
  10. I'm just picturing this place during airshows and airstrip marathons
  11. WARNING! LENGTHY POST: If anyone isn't familiar with Vocon Architects, they actually have a very large canvas here in NEO *(pun inteded)* ... Here's a few new and flipped projects they've very decently executed, but never at the scale of what SHW and R&D will hold. This will be quite the challenge for them, and by the interior/exterior photos on their website, I think they'll do a great job putting together a sleek, large, and motivational work center. Cleveland Institute of Art: Student Housing Oatey LEED project GBX Group HQ at 2101 Superior Ave The Quarter Ohio City Goodyear Akron HQ Battery Park / Edgewater neighborhood And Medical Mart (Disclaimer: although it was a disastrous addition because the market wasn't right, it can always be repurposed, but all bets aside it's actually a really sleek building)
  12. I'm gonna be super smart ass here... Maybe he was thinking 75 stories in total, spread out into multiple other buildings. Tallest being 40 and the others are 15 and 20.
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