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  1. Awesome density move for UC. Always thought our health districts deserved a larger residency base for short commutes to UH and CC.
  2. Wherever we are now we sure are dying out.
  3. I'm creating a self motivated project based on political compass. The results will be compiled on a crowd chart. Just for reference this is where I stand on political, cultural, and social events. I consider myself a super Moderate and I'm wondering if Moderate America is a dying breed. I have a little trouble understanding where our nation's leaders stand, but I attribute my dot on the chart to the fact that I just don't care what people do with their family, businesses, or politics. Take the test on: https://www.politicalcompass.org/test Take time to actually research the questions being asked as well, as they may be confusing, but actually know what you are agreeing with and disagreeing with. Everything aside I would like to start a new conversation on how it seems to be that American Moderates have 0 say in any political environment because of our indecisive tendencies. It is a bit of a loaded statement in saying we're too indecisive, but for myself I just think we're the ones who don't like internal conflict, we're experienced thinkers outweighing pros and cons, and we just don't care about what happens with anybody. I feel that we also take stance with how nothing is right, nothing is wrong, but it would all be ok if everyone stopped caring as much as they do. It's a you do you kind of mindset. But as we lay ever more idle and sit in between our two very hateful parties we're losing confidence and completely disregard any political conflict because it's not needed. Maybe some congress people don't understand what's being said on the floor, or maybe they just work out of spite of the opposing. There's always two sides to a story but most people disregard the fact that the police officer is now the third party involved when filing a police report. You may argue that no, it's just the judiciary system taking place, but where people fail to pick up the pieces, there's a third entity that hopefully comes to a consensus. We need a third entity in all of government. You have 3 systems of government, but the problem is there's only two parties to manage. The moderate government almost doesn't exist, so there's where we need any support we can get to fix America. I can tell you right now that every president that will be voted into office whether man or woman, every single one of them will vow to "Fix America" because the previous president didn't line up with their American Dreams. I'm not saying it will be fixed, but blurring the lines between a two party system and going with three, will most likely help strengthen and maintain the greatness of America. Since bouncing from one extreme to the other is so bad, why not go for your next least worst option which basically gives every hardcore democrat or republican a saving grace or an actual chance to influence future generations by not erasing everything that has ever been, but rather innovate it as a mediation party or full on hardcore "Don't anger yourself, We'll fix it for you so both sides can agree" politics. You wouldn't argue with your therapist, you wouldn't fight the police, and you sure as hell wouldn't attack our military.
  4. I mean if it's better than Lord of the Rings Two Towers, I'm in...
  5. Most likely allowing SHW, Frangos, and quite possibly Lumen Act II the opportunity to run for the TIF. As big as SHW is, there's no doubt I think they would immediately attain it, maybe even City Club.
  6. THIS JUST IN: Ichabod is back for lumen part 2 Wouldn't it be nice if they reserved that same crane for the second tower?
  7. Im curious to know why parking lot parcels are divided like such. Alot more confusion comes from the weston lots. My interpretation is the smaller you break up your land the less property tax you need to pay per parcel, but another devil on my shoulder is saying there's partnership to how the land is divided, here as the smallest partners get the smaller portions. I'm not too entirely sure but it may be talk for another thread or maybe open a larger discussion based on the divisions of parking parcels. Would love to see that and the strategies each company ensues to ensure their entire parcel is priced per minima.
  8. @mrnyc Elon's Boring Company is digging tunnels under the city for Teslas. The idea is that your car would be carried and rocketed forward through the tunnel on a platform providing "fast, easy, and foolproof" transit from point A to point B. Essentially a people mover for your car. https://www.lvloop.com/vegasloop
  9. Remember Parma never had a firework show for the 4th since 2010... I think that says alot about killing our entertainment value for road repairs that never happened till last year.
  10. The only reason why we as Parmaseans haven't accepted any new apt. or condo projects is because any new complex they build is wrongly/entirely aimed at one group of people. Seniors. Also there's bad reputation with how poorly kept every apt. property is on York, Ridge, and State. The only real decent complex in Parma is Pleasant Lake off of York, and its away from commuter's eyes. Idk, they just shouldn't be building complexes just for one demographic. Now when I get old I better hope I never have to live there...
  11. For a second there I thought the rebranded Red Circle and tore it down... but thank god no.
  12. Crossthreading this to both sides to spare future offtopic locks
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