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  1. Will Church & state require cranework?
  2. tastybunns

    Rural Ohio is dying

    Isn't the opioid crisis mostly in the inner cities? Ignore the Duplicates I dont know how to fix that issue.
  3. God, Bank of America's Atlanta building would look so good in Cleveland. I like pinnacle tips on buildings. "WE SHOULD TAKE BANK OF AMERICA AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE"
  4. You are now able to resize images inside the text box as they appear, maybe they seem better in quality as they were edited so they could be a manageable size. Also with the new update Twitter Tweets are posted and displayed in full.
  5. Key tower is ~880 ft to ceiling height, but its architectural height reaches ~947 ft. It will be ~35 ft shorter than Key, allowing it to remain as the tallest tower from New York to Chicago.
  6. tastybunns

    Northeast Accents

    Just asking, do you guys say Roof or Ruff as in the part of your house that keeps you out of the rain.
  7. Old vs New, I'd take the old because the outer skirt is just fascinating, but I hope they improve the new rendering, as in they put in some more flashy stuff.
  8. That should jump it just higher than any building in front of it. And as far as I know There's plenty of work still needed to be done involving the crane on the Beacon. They still need the cladding done, they need the AC and pump units up top, and they still need glass which is in progress as we speak actually.
  9. Any speculation if the garage or the building will rise first?
  10. tastybunns

    The "Generation Gap"

    Too many syllables, it doesn't ring.
  11. tastybunns

    Pet Peeves!

    When somebody double parks, and you just so happen to have sidewalk chalk in your car to make special parking.
  12. tastybunns

    UFC/MMA: General News & Discussion

    Thought I'd start this up, because I never saw a fight like tonight just erupt in absolute chaos and upon search there is no topic. Anyways here's the rundown of the McGregor Nurmagomedov fight: McGregor kept a cool head the first round as Nurmagomedov shoots and goes for the takedown, McGregor's legs were tied up between Nurmagomedov's with no escape and little to no response from McGregor. McGregor Illegally ties his toes around the chains and the round ends. Second round basically ran down the same way except Nurmagomedov ties McGregor's legs and throws 'ABSOLUT' hammer blows to the face of McGregor, although McGregor seemed unphased by the end of the second round. It was quoted that Nurmagomedov wanted to change his face before the final round. He definitely wanted to. Again McGregor made illegal moves grabbing Nurmagomedov's gloves and knee's him Illegally on the ground. The round ends. Third round was a staring contest between the two actually exchanging quality blows as McGregor tries to go for the TKO with a couple uppercuts but managed to land one to the jaw and lands a shot. Nurmagomedov unphased breaks the shot, and shoots McGregor against the fence, and the majority of the round ends up with McGregor pinned up against the fence exchanging elbows between eachother. The round ends. Fourth round McGregor exchanges blows with Nurmagomedov, but Nurmagomedov goes for the takedown once again, exchanging elbows against eachother. Nurmagomedov goes for the submission and McGregor taps out on a neck crank. POST FIGHT: Nurmagomedov celebrates his victory arms up, but jumps over the octagon to confront and throw blows at McGregor's teammate, it looked like an all out circle pit at a heavy metal concert. Meanwhile inside the octagon, one of Nurmagomedov's teammates decides to hop over the octagon and assault McGregor. Security is in an all out scramble at this point to secure the situation. The situation was secure and they let Nurmagomedov back into the octagon, and he demanded his belt by that point. It looks like he didn't get the belt inside the octagon. Rather he may or may not get it later depending on the elected consequences. MY OPINION ON THE FIGHT: Nurmagomedov dominated in the octagon, and he won fair and square. HOWEVER, McGregor should get the belt based on his victimhood at the end of the fight, and the uncalled for exchange of blows on McGregor's teammates. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be legal repercussions later. Nurmagomedov will no doubt in my mind have an assault charge, and have his green card revoked, and probably suspended, fined, stripped, or barred from the UFC alltogether. All because of this in the moment move, there will be plenty of civilian fighting going on into the night for something so uncalled for. Shame on Nurmagomedov and kuddos to McGregor for keeping his cool after the fight.
  13. tastybunns

    The "Generation Gap"

    Atleast one thing good about this whole millenial thing is the memes. This is about Millenials killing the Fabric Softener industry. I'm 20 born in 1998 so I guess that makes me a Z? I have no idea, because most sources on the internet are misconstrued on when the generations end. MULTIPLE sources state multiple ending years, so i'm kind of reasonably confused between Millenial and Gen Z. I even made a name for Gen Z. I call us Ints, as we are born on the internet and so comfortable with social media. Is it fair to say that Ints and Millenials are sort of the same grouping? We have a larger Cohort than both Millenials and Boomers, but yet we have parents of both X and Millenials, yet Ints tend to be more conservative than Millenials. When Millenials take over i'm sure Ints will do anything in their power to fix the Millenial mess. I'm not proud of our American demographic today, as media is growing more biased against Millenials, the Ints are slowly growing up with no problems at all. Our parents are paying for our college, helping start out our lives, and teaching us how to be quality moderate people. I'm not speaking for everyone in the Int population, but with the peers and friends growing up there is little talk of P.C., rather we joke about things like oppression and tragedy. We are a generation of stone, and we keep one hell of a poker face out of this war between Allies X and Boomers vs the Axis Millenials. But yet the cycle continues. Back in colonial times, only the rich and famous could go to school leaving only them in control, in the 1800's education was constructed a human right, universities and public schools popped up everywhere, 1900's come along with Daddy Warbucks and segregation, only whites could have education, Jim Crowe laws ended and so enacted civil rights where other demographics were allowed quality education, college costed a dime in the 70's-80's-early 90's, and nowadays college is only for risky oppressed Millenials. The cycle continues. Having only gone through one year of college, I don't want to put a financial burden on my parents, but they're helping me get my life together. However I dropped out, seeking FREE TUITION in the Air Force. People think there's only one way to live life. I say you're wrong, because there are an infinite stream of possibilities you can do. The modern peer pressure is to not do drugs, to finish high school, and go to college. It's not that we're choosing this path, we're more forced into an instant path of debt, both by our peers, our parents, and our schools. As an Int I definitely feel some struggles of Millenials, but i'm no entitled PC POS. Big money has started an internal conflict with older / younger Americans. I'm not saying College should be free, but rather open new government opportunities to subsidize higher education. Minimum wage is too low, but there's nothing you can do about it, as you raise Min, inflation goes up, and so does everyone else's wage, so there's no impact on the system. Another Problem is that companies demand that you have a degree to hire. But before the 90's there was no such requirement as there is plenty on the job training. But nowadays you are just thrown into your workspace and are expected to know everything right off the bat. You ought to be out of your minds. Sidenote/Footer: I'd like to keep this forum clean, because there are alot of chain replies, if you have something to discuss from my view by an even younger standpoint, please use a small snippet.
  14. tastybunns

    Favorite Music At The Moment?

    Yes I love music, I listen to the Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald every day.