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  1. The lot to the right of W. 3rd used to be the Jacob's lot development, which is where this was supposed to go 30 years ago: It was supposed to be taller than key tower, but now there's maybe talk to re-envision this for Sherwin Williams, and the block to the left of W. 3rd is supposedly to be 'envisioned' Weston superblock, which hasn't seen any press or inside info for the past 3 years now which would take over that massive lot. We consider this project dead until further updates: Who knows, one day we may see both projects happen. But seeing that we cant even get Nu-CLEus off the Ohio Senate floor for transformational tax abatement, I have no idea if we would see anything of these magnitudes in the near 10 year future.
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    Well guys, this is my last post for a while. USAF here I come! Wish me luck... Au revoir
  3. If the bill doesn't pass then expect a scaled back version, and expect several phases to the issue.
  4. I've done some dreaming lately... I mean very recently because @KJP got our hopes up once more about the Sherwin Williams situation. I have come up with some very basic design on a building with some things that would make it a fairly individual new age building. Sitting on-top of the Jacob's Lot, with 50+ floors giving ample room for expansion and variable tennantship:
  5. With able room to expand a fortune 500, there is an obvious need for 'Extra Room'. If SW decides to add some extra floor-space they can rent floors out to other companies in need. Do tell about the 50+. So if they're working on blueprints, this probably means Ameritrust is out of the picture. I'm more than expecting something vibrant that screams paint and chemicals. Everything is about new age architecture am i right? I'll try my best to gather up what my thought is. Stay tuned in the Cleveland Architecture thread. P.S. sorry I cant embed the links, they don't show up for me. I've taken it up with @MayDay about the issue to notify @richNcincy.
  6. Funding is basically already secured for Ohio Bell, with the historic tax credits just obtained they will most likely aim for a hasty re-purpose within the next year.
  7. I think it's time to recognize Puerto Rico as a state, It's not doing any good being a failing territory. Here are some really good reasons why: 1. We're basically sending free aides and giving so many gifts to them after the Hurricane spells these past couple of years. 2. They can't vote even though they're technically American but Un-American because they don't need passports or visas to cross borders. They even elect a senator who has vocal representation but no paper vote in the senate, and the current senator advocates for the annex. 3. Key word, 'Tourism' which isn't being utilized by American benefit. 4. The people of Puerto-Rico have voted to enter statehood, but US congress wont recognize their debacle with an ever eating financial crisis. We just keep giving them money rather than declaring state of emergency or bankruptcy under the States, which ties into number 1. we give them FREE aid and relief, even an instance of police cruisers with no deal what so ever. It's becoming a polarized relationship where the US is PR's sugar daddy. Obviously it's not working so well. 5. They already use the US Dollar but they use their own version of a Fiscal plan in similar ways to other states, but their own fiscal system put them into bankruptcy. Puerto Rico is in the midst of a 12 year recession, already owing the rest of America $123 Billion+. The transition into a US state could reduce inflation against the USD throughout the country for ceding the land rather than paying for it. 6. We can strike up a deal, we will rebuild your entire land in exchange for the annex. They need it more than anything since It's their own fault that they don't have the money to rebuild. You may be asking wouldn't Keynsian economics help them out of their debt crisis, but raise inflation. Yes, but we're not bailing them out with copious amounts of money and government investments. In reality, if we cede their land under even more conditions, that $123 Billion is back under American mainland control. In exchange for a lower inflation rate at the current rate for the rest of the USA which will take effect for the people of Puerto Rico, and in exchange for more fiscal power, congress could shunt money drawn from state income taxes straight to the federal level. I'd say this plan would be nowhere near Keynes or Hayek economic models, rather regulating their taxes and punishment for using money that shouldn't have been borrowed is a better model for smashing that sugar daddy relationship we've always had. Well these are some of the reasons I think Trump should get on the Puerto Rico deal. Just take the land already.
  8. If you go onto the lumen thread I'm sure that you will see yourself very disappointed. LOL
  9. Anything marketable is great imo, not going completely laissez faire of course. Even if it's a faster expanding restaurant than steak n shake.
  10. Not just yet, it took at least 5-6 years to get Beacon up. Stark has some resilience with holding onto projects.
  11. Havent even heard of shake shack until I went to Detroit earlier this year for NCAA basketball tournaments at Cesar's Arena. Me and a couple of bandmates from CSU were walking down the street and saw Shake Shack. Never Heard of it. I ate it, and it just tasted like steak n shake. I thought it was only Detroit/Michigan specific, but then again I've heard of In-n-out burger before but we don't have any of those up north, or even what-a-burger. I think out of state burger chains would be good in this market branching out into foodie cities. Just to taste what everyone has been 'Ranting and Raving' about. But it probably just tastes like fast food equivalent to steak n shake.
  12. You know, If only people could be able to vote alongside politicians in ways and means, and even city planning commissions we would have a denser Cleveland, with many vacant buildings. There's a reason why we have surface lots. I'm sure there would be much oversight on tax credits. I'm afraid if the people had a voice in TIF and subsidy markets, we would be bankrupt.
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