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  1. Could he be any more vague about our development? Looks like he whipped that up in 2 fat minutes.
  2. Wow, that is actually so much Cleveland and not a freeloader. Kuddos to Sherwin Williams
  3. tastybunns

    The Trump Presidency

    I think universal Health Care definitely works, but the thing is UHC only works in countries with smaller populations. I made a little spreadsheet encompassing all countries with UHC. I couldn't really get the chart to work out perfectly because the data sets kinda merged together and wouldn't separate. I guess I'm not that good with excel after all. Anyhow, the only major outliers are japan with a population surpassing over 100 Million people, and Luxembourg with a GDP Per Capita surpassing 100 thousand USD. Comparing these numbers with the United states isn't fairing too well and isn't favorable to UHC. The Bar Graph is not properly scaled to either category, of course Millions and Thousands would outweigh and wouldn't be legible to read. Although since the United States has an average GDP per capita matching other nation's with some margins of error, we have a larger population than every single one of them. Unless the United States is able to raise their GDPPC, UHC is nowhere a possibility. Populations of nations like India and China are not suitable for UHC. With the amount of people as poor as they are, there is no benefit and little to no money for UHC. I'd like to think the same with the United States as they are just too big of a population. Currently I don't think there's an index that I know of that shows proportions between GDPPC and Population because GDPPC is already a quotient of Population/RGDP.
  4. Will Church & state require cranework?
  5. tastybunns

    Rural Ohio is dying

    Isn't the opioid crisis mostly in the inner cities? Ignore the Duplicates I dont know how to fix that issue.
  6. God, Bank of America's Atlanta building would look so good in Cleveland. I like pinnacle tips on buildings. "WE SHOULD TAKE BANK OF AMERICA AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE"
  7. You are now able to resize images inside the text box as they appear, maybe they seem better in quality as they were edited so they could be a manageable size. Also with the new update Twitter Tweets are posted and displayed in full.
  8. Key tower is ~880 ft to ceiling height, but its architectural height reaches ~947 ft. It will be ~35 ft shorter than Key, allowing it to remain as the tallest tower from New York to Chicago.
  9. tastybunns

    Northeast Accents

    Just asking, do you guys say Roof or Ruff as in the part of your house that keeps you out of the rain.
  10. Old vs New, I'd take the old because the outer skirt is just fascinating, but I hope they improve the new rendering, as in they put in some more flashy stuff.
  11. That should jump it just higher than any building in front of it. And as far as I know There's plenty of work still needed to be done involving the crane on the Beacon. They still need the cladding done, they need the AC and pump units up top, and they still need glass which is in progress as we speak actually.
  12. Any speculation if the garage or the building will rise first?
  13. tastybunns

    The "Generation Gap"

    Too many syllables, it doesn't ring.
  14. tastybunns

    Pet Peeves!

    When somebody double parks, and you just so happen to have sidewalk chalk in your car to make special parking.