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  1. Wow, that's actually pretty cool how they did that. Once one thing gets going i'm very sure taller buildings will follow suit, it's a relatively large 20 year ongoing undisturbed piece of soil.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but are Thunderbird and NRP two different firms, or just a different name on the project? If they are different, what makes NRP stand out, and why did they take priority over SP when seemingly nothing about a bidding war was in the news? I keep asking but i never get a solid answer. Is it or is it not still Thunderbird?
  3. Well for $135 million, 34 stories on PHS tower is pretty inexpensive, but I imagine cost goes up per floor-plate above. For a 34 story tower that's astoundingly cheap. I'm sure SW will have no problem building over 40 considering the marketability of cheap high-rise construction. If they build over 40 we're probably looking at $250 million, and if it's a $billion project you've got plenty more for campus style development, including multiple other high-rises. If we include campus style buildings, I look towards CSU's 100,000 sq ft. Washkewicz Engineering building which was done ahead of schedule at $60 million, including new tech and furnishing. There's plenty of financial leeway here, and plenty of money for some great development.
  4. You would think they would finish the crowning on the rightmost building before they put the windows in, but other than that it looks night and day from what it was.
  5. tastybunns

    Off Topic

    I didn't want to put this in politics because it's just too funny and irrelevant, although very accurate to any presidential debate. Dont taze me bro!
  6. I have my fantasies too, but before the topic derails again i'd like to share something i've made on mspaint quite a while ago regarding the new SW headquarters. Just for lighting sake I love LED honeycomb, I've seen it used at Ohio State University i believe in one of their Engineering buildings, at night it's just so vibrant and colorful, but also provides a nice relaxing place to settle down and study. Also, as you can tell I love spires, Let it be so bright you can see it from freaking Canada...
  7. 7 days a week, sure but the government is already not liking this whole 'endangering the public and workers' part of the deal. I'm not sure if we had a set completion date but we may be ahead of schedule anyways. Just saying had it been the military people would have gotten f***ed even if they themselves were in danger, nothing really relevant but i just thought it was funny. Because believe it or not one other thing that happens in the military; If you miss an appointment, believe it or not, borderline jailtime.
  8. I just see things in the eyes of the military, it's actually funny believe it or not; if it was indeed the cable that failed on its own, believe it or not Article 15's and LOR's for anybody related to the crane incident, no justification, just go with it.
  9. I could just imagine a cookie cutter photo of Gene Simmons in there if they ever go on tour again.
  10. He's speaking the exact words on the behalf of every comment on the Cleveland.com article.
  11. Golden hour just blows every color in PHS out of the water, I love driving through there in the evenings however it will be a while till I'll actually be on leave to see the finished project. I love it already.
  12. So wait a minute, is this Thunderbird? There was no mention of its name in the article.
  13. Wait a minute, are you guys telling me that BKL or KCLE could be completely redone as a part of this entire SW deal? Is it SW doing this or is Cleveland just randomly spending fiscal money?
  14. The only reason they would build a tunnel is to connect the rapids to their campus, because a large part of their force is brought by Rapids.
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