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  1. Usually its up to city code, OSHA, and company policy. It's safer for the workers that way, and if there's a dropped object nobody just walking down the street is in peril
  2. The windows are at the perfect height to fit the entire reflection. It kinda looks like they're building ontop of Keith.
  3. As much as it is troubling to think about potential recession, it's like you guys hate new things. This is a blast better than the original. I mean stark just built a really cool proving grounds with the Beacon. To get mad at him for not building it fast enough, or it's not what you wanted, now that's just ignorance, It's not even his fault. People spit all over 200 Public Square because it's tall, brown, and ugly, but I think it's a great defining feature for Cleveland. Let NuCLEus be another.
  4. Already made it https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/taxday?iso=20200415T00&p0=417&msg=Holy+Crap%2C+Sherwin+Williams+is+Leaving+Downtown+Doomsday+Clock&font=slab Please dont quote me as serious lol. The title is so long it doesnt even fit on the page.
  5. As far as I know, acquiring land from ODOT is really tricky. If someone was truly ambitious to acquire land from them and it wasn't initially for sale, even though there is an interest to buy and a large amount of money in your face for it, you may as well be asking a girl out on a date, showing up to a fancy restaurant, and voila! You get stood up...
  6. So I have an inside on the rumors of SW tower even though I'm no longer in Cleveland. I have a buddy who is in the Financial division of SW right outside of Cleveland. He says it's just not in the budget right now, there's nowhere near the amount of capital. They're looking for finance options at the moment, but after the acquisition of Valspar it's been scraping really close to the bottom dollar.
  7. HAH, what garbage! My car puts out more smoke starting and stopping than it does just running...
  8. Looks like a great deal to me, the only problems I have with companies saying they want to break ground within a year, is that the CPC wont let them. Even without a financing issue like Lumen, there has never been a time where a project has been fast forwarded. All bets set aside I think they are enough a reputable company, but CPC always wants more than what's been necessarily given. I hope this goes up without a hitch. BRING ON CRANE #5!!!
  9. Years of development news and investigating Italian mafias in Cleveland, has he finally gone insane!?! on Westinghouse Redevelopment: on City Club Apartments: WHAT COULD THIS MEAN!?!
  10. They show the hawks that nest up there, shows off development news, and sometimes they even take requests!
  11. If you follow: https://twitter.com/TowerLightsCLE?s=17 They give you insights on what the color will be and for what reason. Usually they light up for awareness, but during a color change or transition it goes through that same color palette. It's all part of the program they use to sync their lights together. This page also regularly post historic photos and things to do around Cleveland. Quite a useful page I'll say.
  12. Now if we could only get Medical Mutu... oh yeah that's right...
  13. Meeting budget requirements by damaging aircraft? I think the worth of an aircraft is greater than fuel, best not to damage an operational aircraft. We do store remaining fuel in-between flight periods overnight, but not topped off full. There is a certain spec and little discrepancy for weight and balance per wing and inboard and outboard tanks & external tanks. We wouldn't refuel just to balance out an entire aircraft. We just end up transferring fuel between fuel tanks which is an easier process than re-fuel/de-fuel, and there is absolutely no reason to do so post-flight. Manuals tell us not to do so.
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