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  1. PUSH! Series 2 here we come! Awesome 3-0 win to beat Tampa completely out. Ehem I mean Syracuse. But ranting about the attendance: I can't help but feel a lack of dedication from the audience though. The arena was only half full. Maybe because its Thursday night, or maybe because people don't like risking buying tickets for TBD games. Not really sure how that works ticket return wise, but I kind of wish the Monsters were branded a little better in Cleveland. We're a hockey town and nobody even references the monsters as a pro team in Cleveland. People always mention how good and bad the Indians, Cavs, and Browns are doing. Nobody mentions the Monsters. Brand it appropriately! The only reception it gets is from young players, Youth and High School alike, but there's a real lackluster of adult attendance which I believe is a more desirable environment than feeling like you're at the circus. The amount of screeching children there outweigh the adults and it's not very pleasing to hear, nor is it even that loud, it's just outright annoying. Please make the Monsters like the Jackets. Perfectly balanced audience, with a loud audience that can rival NFL stadiums. I went to a Blue Jackets game in Columbus, and it was like nobody even recognized that I was wearing a Monsters Jersey. Somebody who was rooting for the Jackets that night came up to me and said nice Canucks jersey. I was astonished, because I got so many glares that night. Apparently I didn't represent the Jackets, rather some team foreign to even CBJ fans. The monsters aren't even branded down there either, and there's no reason they shouldn't be. With an affiliate in a 71 drive north, you would think that there would be some sort of a correlation, but nobody knows who the Monsters are. And there's the problem. Nobody knows we exist. Give us more media attention! End Rant TL;DR (The Monsters having a very lackluster audience for the playoffs is cause of horrible branding & marketing. A franchised affiliate so close they don't know we exist. People need to pay more attention. Support our playoff teams.) Go Jackets, Go Monsters! Square up Round 2!
  2. I'm sorry, in the time that I haven't been in Cleveland because i'm in the Air Force; but what in gods name was the deciding factor in the re-brand? Was it you Mayor Jackspoon, was it you Danny Boy, or was it "Quicken Owns your life" trying to upscale a satellite company? Either way we're going to end up not calling it by what it is... Why don't you just Rocket my mortgage into crippling depression? Stop trying so hard.
  3. I cant be the only one who says ope when I accidentally bump into someone... Down here in Texas I say ope, and they look at me like I have a third eye...
  4. I was just touring around another website that was found not too long ago by another user on this website, but we may have a future look on what this development may look like. With different stain of course. This is the Mjøstårnet. It is the tallest timber building in the world, just recently finished and built in Brumunddal, Norway. It reminded me of the Market Square building we'll be constructing. Not as tall, but definitely makes it up in street presence & darker a e s t h e t i c s. Found this on https://skyrisecities.com/ It has plenty of news, projects under construction, concepts, and finished projects all around the world. A big thing about this website shows the approach of other cities approach to architecture, their construction methods, and final outcomes of such megastructures. The only problem is that Cleveland doesn't have much of an image on this website yet. The only major thing I've noticed about Cleveland on the website is the praise we get for our RTA system. It needs to be way more than that. We need to show them what we're building and none of it's on there yet.
  5. It's already being done. Well the neighborhood aspect. And as a mistake as placing the stadium there really is, there is no way there will be another stadium on the lakefront.
  6. No way with the amount of capital the browns have, will they ever team up with a startup to build another stadium. I know there is a slight push to build another elsewhere, but considering its relatively young in age there is just no logic in tearing down fresh steel. Besides, remember that the county used the sin tax accumulation for the Q's new facade. $140 million just for a facade re-up ain't cheap. It's way more expensive to build new foundations for an NFL stadium. Also remember Atlanta's $1.6 BILLION stadium. They ain't cheap! The Raiders are building a freaking prison under the stadium, making the project cost just over $1.8 BILLION. I'll just say that tearing down a useful structure that is about as old as I am is a rubbish idea, although they didn't think it forward enough to leave the lakefront, FES lives on. There is no money for it.
  7. Looks to be just about two weeks. But based on the current floor because it houses the amenities like the pool, additional cement & support is needed, so extra time allotted. We should be seeing beacon speed which was about a floor every week and half to two weeks.
  8. also @KJP there is no alteration, the random colors create a gradient effect with like hues. It's basically going through a color wheel of browns.
  9. With a parking garage of that design i'm afraid there's not much you could do with going vertical unless you add another deck of parking that flattens everything out
  10. Back on topic? Cant this go into a gentrification thread for controversial sake?
  11. I'm sure the Halle parking is Art-Deco / Beaux-Arts. Also seems like lunch break for the workers.
  12. What do you mean we don't care about how a parking garage looks? The one in Playhouse Square right behind the Crowne Plaza, just looks like any other Art-Deco style building. You may have not even noticed it was a parking garage because its well hidden. Also 515 Pre-Beacon had glass panels cascade the facade, and the garage for the casino at tower city doesn't look like hot garbage because it's got a very minimalist look. Geometric, and two toned. That's literally all we even ask for. Just make concrete not look like concrete.
  13. I have in the past with the previous version of NuCLEus, but I have yet to update it with the newer version.
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