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  1. Yep - it's going in the new building that replaced Grandview Mercantile at 1st & High:
  2. The new exit ramp to Parsons from 70 EB replaces the exit ramp to 18th St from 70 EB. It will should be opening the same time the 18th St exit closes. (From what I understand, due to hospital access requirements the 18th St exit cannot close until the new Parsons Ave exit opens) Once the 3rd St ramp closes in November, there will not be a direct on-ramp to 70 EB from downtown until summer 2021.
  3. All of the letters were back up when I passed by this past Saturday, but as of this morning the M had gone missing again.
  4. Yes, they came to an agreement that keeps the bar for now but also allows the site to be redeveloped "someday" - https://www.dispatch.com/article/20160417/ENTERTAINMENT/304179886
  5. Yes - the guidelines can be downloaded from this page: https://www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?id=67372#GVg (note the guidelines document is a ~100MB PDF)
  6. Plan is to start playing games in the new stadium in July 2021, playing the first half of the season at Mapfre.
  7. Are you sure the first phase didn't include any affordable units? This article from the Dispatch says "Casto’s River and Rich project will have 230 units, 50 of which must be 'affordable housing.'" Did that change?
  8. Half of the land that Gravity 2 is being built on was owned by Nationwide and sold to Kaufman (mentioned in this article).
  9. This is all the article says about the commissioners: "Commissioners were favorable to the project on a first review."
  10. Putting the parcel number on that application into the auditor's website shows this as being the location: The application says apartments and parking garage, so that seems to match the expansion's site plan:
  11. Yes, there are skywalks between most of the buildings and their adjacent parking garages.
  12. It's a ceremonial groundbreaking planned to coincide with the ASAE conference... schedule says site mobilization won't start until the end of September.
  13. There's a construction schedule buried in the Request for Proposals for the FFE procurement services for the new hotel on the convention center authority's website... 18th page in this PDF. It's very likely dates have shifted some since that was published, but it shows: - foundation work starting in January 2020 - podium buildout starting in September 2020 - tower buildout starting in December 2020 - cranes/hoists being used starting in March 2020
  14. Do you possibly mean North High Street through the Short North near The Joseph (Le Meridien/Marriott)?
  15. I don't know what time LeVeque shuts their lights off, but they don't leave them on all night either (which is ridiculous). I think they turn back on at 6am.
  16. Isn't it going to be the same height as the existing tower (and look pretty similar architecturally)? At least that's what the rendering in this article from February suggests: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/02/13/ohio-state-sees-development-opportunities-opening.html
  17. From what I understand the High Street bridge isn't currently funded, only the Front Street bridge is. The project with the Front Street bridge (4R) is slated to go to bid next year and will also build the new exit to Fulton St from 70 EB and 71 NB. The High Street bridge has been broken out into its own project (4H). Third and Fourth would be under another project (4B). The city, ODOT, and MORPC are currently going after a $40 million federal INFRA grant to fund and build all three of those phases at once - http://www.morpc.org/columbuscrossroads/ An interesting tidbit regarding the caps --
  18. Not sure, been wondering that myself! I wonder if there was an issue with removing the existing sidewalk in front of that building; there could be a basement beneath the sidewalk there that needed to be closed off. You have to send an email to [email protected] to be added, see this page: https://www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?id=2147495133
  19. Last week's High St Streetscape update included this: They're still working to remove the old poles, so the remaining plantings are probably still a few weeks out.
  20. I don't think anything has been announced. Pizzuti recently bought the property and announced in February that they would be demolishing what was on the site but did not announce its plans for redevelopment at that time. https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/02/19/pizzuti-confirms-franklinton-land-buy.html
  21. The city's High St streetscape email update had this note last week, so it is probably for the building project:
  22. Unfortunately I don't think there's any room to widen the sidewalk there. High St is already only 50' wide (five 10' lanes). Most of the gains in sidewalk width in the Short North are where there was the extra northbound lane or where lanes were wider than 10'. From what I recall the city was going to narrow the parking lane as well in the Short North but COTA asked they keep it at 10' for their bus stops.
  23. There are renderings of the final streetscape up to 9th Ave on this page on the city's website (Phase 3 and 4 renderings under the January 23, 2019 public meeting): https://www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?id=2147501680 I don't think sidewalks north of 5th Ave are getting widened at all (other than bumpouts at intersections), the roadway is already pretty narrow there.
  24. No, empty conduit was installed at the beginning of the project to carry the overhead wires. It's possible they still need to run the remaining overhead wiring through the empty conduit, or its possible new wiring has already been run and the existing just needs to be removed. The only digging up left will be removing the remaining old overhead utility poles and replacing the (temporary) concrete that was poured around them.
  25. The city awarded the construction contract to Complete General Construction in July for the streetscape work in front of the building. They also awarded the contract for the work in front of 80 on the Commons to Complete General at the same time. They might have been waiting to get them both built together. (source: City of Columbus Public Service Upcoming Contracts)
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