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  1. The city awarded the construction contract to Complete General Construction in July for the streetscape work in front of the building. They also awarded the contract for the work in front of 80 on the Commons to Complete General at the same time. They might have been waiting to get them both built together. (source: City of Columbus Public Service Upcoming Contracts)
  2. The site plan on the retail leasing site shows Spectrum has leased the space at the corner of 7th and High.
  3. The convention facilities authority has secured air rights from the city for above the road. The building will be built over the road, just a like a bridge. I imagine they'll have columns on either side of the road to support the building.
  4. That was the reason for the delay, but the Dispatch reported last week that work has been approved to move forward. Relevant bit from that article:
  5. There's the urban commercial overlay which would apply here. But they can always apply for variances...somehow the rebuild of the Brewery District McDonald's got through, after all.
  6. No, that photo is of State St. This is the street view from State St:
  7. It looks to me like the "Market Hall" pictured in this post would be the arcade/atrium:
  8. Yes -- there was even supposed to be a waterfall element. I wonder if that railing is temporary until they build the pool (next year?)
  9. .justin

    Columbus: I-70/I-71 Split Project

    Some of the steel for the Grant Ave bridge was installed. Drove through yesterday and it appears to completely span the WB lanes but does not fully span the EB lanes yet. ODOT says the new bridge is due to be open by December 31 (weather permitting, of course).
  10. Looks like the Hilton expansion might be moving forward soon... Downtown Hilton expansion to help area attract national events Hoping to attract national political, sports and other events, officials expect to announce a plan soon to expand the existing Downtown Hilton. The current Hilton, 401 N. High St., has 532 rooms, but tourism officials have stressed that for Columbus and Franklin County to become a major player in drawing national events, it has to have a hotel large enough to accommodate visitors. ... The Dispatch has learned that officials are expected to announce in mid-March that the Hilton will be expanded across North High Street to abut the convention center and add 468 beds, giving it the 1,000 beds coveted by tourism officials. That proposal also would add an 18,000-square-foot ballroom and 42,000 square feet of meeting and conference rooms. Full article: http://www.dispatch.com/news/20180301/downtown-hilton-expansion-to-help-area-attract-national-events
  11. Where did you get the updates? I haven't seen a new link since the Jan. 26 updates (via https://www.columbus.gov/Templates/Detail.aspx?id=2147495133) I'm on the email list -- the High Street project page says to send an email to dpspublicmeetings@columbus.gov to get added to the list.
  12. The Castle's crane will be coming down this weekend. From the High Street streetscape updates:
  13. They are going to have to work quickly if they expect to finish by August...
  14. The first residents moved in this past weekend; the interiors of the upper floors of the building are still being completed. Construction has also begun on the new LC building across the street (on the northwest corner). Looks like they have been drilling piles for the foundation this week.
  15. That trailer has been there for at least a month, maybe more. I think the trailer says Danis, which is a construction company in Columbus. When I first noticed the trailer there, I thought that maybe (hopefully!!) it is related to the Millennial Tower project, but I think it's just as likely that it's being used for one of the other projects nearby. The one reason I think it might be related to the Millennial Tower project is because it is taking up parking spaces in the surface lot which, I believe, is owned by Arshot. So either someone is paying Arshot some decent money to leave that trailer there, or it's actually for the Millennial Tower project. I'm pretty sure this trailer is an LC trailer. Until recently it was on one of the parking lots that LC owns on the northwest corner of Main and Front. Speaking of which, it looks like the LC Matan project on that corner is about to get underway -- the rest of the site was fenced off last week, and this morning a backhoe was out tearing up pavement.