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  1. Yeah, they've said that's where the tower will be going -- the new garage is being built to replace the Cannon garages, which are being demolished to make way for the new tower. From this article:
  2. There's an underground garage but I think the concrete for that only came up to ground level. There was also a concrete block exterior wall on the first floor. I think everything else is wood. From one of CU's updates:
  3. The city has right-of-way all the way up to the building face here, so the building basement would be considered a right-of-way encroachment. I thought the city typically had these areas sealed off and filled in when they encounter them, though the note in the plans just called for the existing sidewalk above the top surface of the basement to be removed and then the top of the basement waterproofed before the new sidewalk is built. In this case though it looks like the "sidewalk" might actually be the top of the basement itself...
  4. Yeah, this is it. I have a copy of the streetscape plans. There is an existing basement beneath the sidewalk. It was supposed to be removed/filled in as part of the project and replaced with new concrete but obviously it was not. It looks like the city also made adjustments to the pedestrian signal pole location and did not replace the curb ramp as originally called for in the plans. Considering they also shifted the new curb ramp on the north side of Bollinger to line up with the existing on the south side, I suspect that old concrete is here to stay...
  5. They are planning on a rooftop bar - their signing package, which was heard at the downtown commission meeting last month, included a couple of signs for it:
  6. Every time I pass by that building it infuriates me. It looks like the building itself will turn out fine but it will always look terrible with that blank wall above it.
  7. I passed by here on a run this morning; from what I could tell, most if not all of the area in front of the small building will be parking and driveway access to what appears to be a garage on the left. Curb had already been built and gravel had been laid for paving. street view from July for context:
  8. Mayor Ginther announced yesterday the City of Columbus is officially taking steps to become a Vision Zero community. Columbus Underground and The Dispatch both have articles on the announcement and the city has launched a website with a survey, a public input map, and more information: columbus.gov/visionzero I'm hopeful this means we may see some meaningful progress on improving the walkability and bikeability of more streets in Columbus. It remains to be seen how many resources the city actually puts behind the "Action Plan" that they will be creating as part of this process.
  9. So at one point the developer mentioned they had tried to buy the Budget lot but had been unsuccessful. I just looked up the property records and the Budget property changed hands to "THIRD & LONG SRR II LLC" in September 2018. The property being developed now is owned by "THIRD & LAFAYETTE SRR II LLC." Both have the same owner address, which is Schottenstein Property Group's office. So it seems Schottenstein was eventually able to buy that corner property but must be planning a second phase to finish up the block.
  10. They're (probably) going to be 4 to 5 stories, you can see the heights labeled in this image.
  11. I think Edge is probably only providing land use planning services, which would make sense considering this project is still in the very early planning stages. Based on Edge's website they don't seem to do building architecture.
  12. Doesn't the variance permitting an "eating and drinking establishment" mean the "cabaret" use is already permitted? Cabaret is included in the definition of an "eating and drinking establishment" in city code.
  13. Franklin County is planning to build a surface parking lot at 50 E Mound St (Franklin Commons). They also own the parking lot to the east. (Taken from slide 23 here)
  14. Looks like there are plastic tarps covering the glass while they work on the restaurant build-out. A couple of them are hanging more loosely now -- it definitely made it look like the glass was frosted before.
  15. Google Street View shows that this building was removed sometime between 2009 and 2014. 2009: 2014:
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