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  1. So at one point the developer mentioned they had tried to buy the Budget lot but had been unsuccessful. I just looked up the property records and the Budget property changed hands to "THIRD & LONG SRR II LLC" in September 2018. The property being developed now is owned by "THIRD & LAFAYETTE SRR II LLC." Both have the same owner address, which is Schottenstein Property Group's office. So it seems Schottenstein was eventually able to buy that corner property but must be planning a second phase to finish up the block.
  2. They're (probably) going to be 4 to 5 stories, you can see the heights labeled in this image.
  3. I think Edge is probably only providing land use planning services, which would make sense considering this project is still in the very early planning stages. Based on Edge's website they don't seem to do building architecture.
  4. Doesn't the variance permitting an "eating and drinking establishment" mean the "cabaret" use is already permitted? Cabaret is included in the definition of an "eating and drinking establishment" in city code.
  5. Franklin County is planning to build a surface parking lot at 50 E Mound St (Franklin Commons). They also own the parking lot to the east. (Taken from slide 23 here)
  6. Looks like there are plastic tarps covering the glass while they work on the restaurant build-out. A couple of them are hanging more loosely now -- it definitely made it look like the glass was frosted before.
  7. Google Street View shows that this building was removed sometime between 2009 and 2014. 2009: 2014:
  8. The northwest corner of Morse and Sunbury seems likely. That parcel is owned by "Easton Innkeepers LLC" and has an owner address of 4404 Buckeye Ln Ste 220, Beavercreek, OH. Sticking that address in Google brings up Middletown Hotel Management, which is the developer mentioned in that article.
  9. It seems like that's the main intent -- an expansion of the existing greenways as well as additional east-west connections. The map on the Rapid Project website shows existing and future planned greenway trails, which seems similar to the other greenway trail plans I've seen. There's actually a list of trail projects the city plans to build in the next 5 years on their website, but I can't find it right now as it looks like the city's website is down.
  10. There's definitely a culture (and honestly I think training/education) issue in DPS regarding crosswalk markings... I had reported the crosswalk at Thurman and City Park Ave in German Village (where they had added basic parallel line markings over the summer) asking for ladder style markings to be added and the response I got back referenced NCHRP guidelines for uncontrolled crosswalks from 2006. I looked through those guidelines and they don't say anything about the style of markings used. More recent guidelines from FHWA, NACTO, etc all recommend using higher-visibility markings like the ladder style markings that Columbus uses in some places but not most places.
  11. The Dispatch article yesterday says CSX has been trying to sell the land but has had difficulty due to the challenges at the site:
  12. What further protections do you suggest? Couldn't any protections passed by the city council, the Metro Parks board, or anyone else be overturned in the future if leaders change and priorities shift?
  13. Keep in mind Metro Parks are a wholly separate government entity from the City of Columbus. Metro Parks primary mission is to conserve open space. There is already language in the Ohio Revised Code adding some protections for land that has been acquired by Metro Parks - see ORC 1545.
  14. I don't have a photo but the individual Columbus lettering has been replaced with a single-piece sign.
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