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  1. It looks like the 925 building was power washed. Does anyone know if that's true or is it just an optical allusion?
  2. I'm not sure which numbers correspond to which unidentified buildings but for the ones which appear clustered around E.9th in the picture what lots are available in that area? The Geis tower is too far south and maybe to short to make it in the picture. So Ken, can you give us some more info into the possible sites? Thanks.
  3. But is it underway or just fenced off? I thought we were at least months if not years away from stabilization. I hope I'm wrong and work has begun.
  4. I see from the renderings that the northeast corner of the 668 building has some kind of colorful mural that appears to mimic the colorful City Club design. Since the owners of the new building don't have a financial interest in the 668 building I assume no mural will be painted and that the one in the rendering is just for show. I like the idea of a mural on that wall I wonder if the developer will work with 668 to install one. Or will that wall remain plain as it is now? One can hope for the former.
  5. Hot Damn! Those renderings look better than I could have imagined. Please Design Review Board don't muck this up. It ain't broke - don't fix it. Thank You.
  6. Whatever it looks like I have a simple request. Balconies!!
  7. Whelp...I hear ya Ken and of course the most important news is that SHW remains based here. Then we benefit from any future growth. Sure that's more important than a building. I'm just thinking why can't we have it all - HQ and a skyline presence. Other cities seem to do it without even trying. Onward AND upward Cleveland.
  8. So while we were all fretting about possibly losing S-H they were doing their due diligence (evaluating possible locations) AND at the same time designing their new headquarters? Such that the design will dove-tail seamlessly with the chosen location? Walk and chew gum at the same time as they say. What's interesting to me about that approach is how can you design a complex without knowing where you're going to build or if you even control the site? If the above is credible and they ARE building on Jocobs/Westin then S-H already knew where they were going and they already had an agreement to purchase those properties. At any rate, like most (all?) of us here we thrilled that S-H is staying home and staying downtown. Now if only we could have kept Eaton and gotten Progressive to build downtown. Oh well. I guess we'll just have to be thankful for S-H and go from there.
  9. ^ It's not nonsense it's simple economics. It refers to the concept that when dollar x is invested in a development by a government agency then x additional dollars are pumped into the area by ancillary private developers. Ex: public dollars invested into the Gateway sports facilities followed by additional private investment in the surrounding neighborhood or public dollars invested in a convention center followed by private dollars invested to build hotels, apartments, restaurants etc. Now that's not to say that EVERY investment by government in economic development will generate additional public investment. It's simply that each project has to be viewed individually. Some produce way more in additional private development and some don't.
  10. Stearling Linder store. The one with the giant Christmas tree.
  11. The empty lots heading north or the empty lots heading east? Love to see all of them built on.
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