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  1. So while we were all fretting about possibly losing S-H they were doing their due diligence (evaluating possible locations) AND at the same time designing their new headquarters? Such that the design will dove-tail seamlessly with the chosen location? Walk and chew gum at the same time as they say. What's interesting to me about that approach is how can you design a complex without knowing where you're going to build or if you even control the site? If the above is credible and they ARE building on Jocobs/Westin then S-H already knew where they were going and they already had an agreement to purchase those properties. At any rate, like most (all?) of us here we thrilled that S-H is staying home and staying downtown. Now if only we could have kept Eaton and gotten Progressive to build downtown. Oh well. I guess we'll just have to be thankful for S-H and go from there.
  2. ^ It's not nonsense it's simple economics. It refers to the concept that when dollar x is invested in a development by a government agency then x additional dollars are pumped into the area by ancillary private developers. Ex: public dollars invested into the Gateway sports facilities followed by additional private investment in the surrounding neighborhood or public dollars invested in a convention center followed by private dollars invested to build hotels, apartments, restaurants etc. Now that's not to say that EVERY investment by government in economic development will generate additional public investment. It's simply that each project has to be viewed individually. Some produce way more in additional private development and some don't.
  3. Stearling Linder store. The one with the giant Christmas tree.
  4. The empty lots heading north or the empty lots heading east? Love to see all of them built on.
  5. Agreed. Stark is the classic developer who IS able to pull off development of a certain size and cost but he has bigger dreams. Sort of like the Wolstein's. They do give us something nice, just aren't able to develop on the scale they aspire to.
  6. That power plant is still operating? I thought it was closed years ago.
  7. Love the blue glass, hate the white stripes. The new Hilton is all glass and I haven't read any complaints about it. Feels like the review board thought the glass facade on this one was too monolithic so they slapped some stripes on it. Didn't know what else to do. Cheapens it in my opinion.
  8. I am a boomer who retired 2 years ago from the Clinic. Still live in RR with no plans to move.
  9. Damn! Just imagine if they were still standing. What an amazing street that would be. I see old buildings like these all over east cost cities and when I do I'm envious. They add incredible character and complexity to a neighborhood. Pisses me off that we had them too but were too shortsighted to keep them. City mentality really is different depending on where you go. "Old" is valued on the east coast. I'm making my annual trip to Boston this month to stay with a Cleveland ex-pat. He's been there 30 years now and one of the first differences he noticed is the almost reverential respect they have for their history. We don't have nearly enough of that here.
  10. I emailed Kerry McCormack and Tony Brancatelli. Losing Progressive because the city wouldn't build a parking platform was a terrible blunder. Losing Eaton because the mayor didn't put enough emphasis on helping them make the Flats site work was terribly short-sighted. Losing SW would be a real kick in the ass to all of the recent downtown renewal. What really concerns me is lack of political leadership here. This is a high stakes game. Cleveland cannot lose SW because its politicians were either asleep at the wheel or to incompetent to do what is necessary. I think our only real shot is if SW would actually prefer to remain downtown. They stay ONLY because it's what they prefer and not because the city figured out a way to keep them.
  11. As long as we're off topic here, any idea when/if that last smokestack is coming down? I remember there were 3 of them on that old plant. 2 have come down. Why stop there?
  12. ^ I thought I had read previously that the tracks were owned by a railroad company (I had forgotten which one) and that company didn't want to share the tracks. So the holdup is on them and not any particular city. The conductor was obviously wrong then. Its interesting to me how much disinformation and sheer ignorance about ANY subject is out there. Kinda makes it hard to come up with an informed decision about anything.
  13. Having the CVRR travel from downtown Cleveland to its southern terminus is such an obvious idea and its frustrating that the region hasn't been able to pull it off. Coincidentally we took some visitors from Texas on the train yesterday. I hadn't read KJP's post about the possibility of extending the line to Cleveland yet. Just for the hell of it I asked the conductor in our train why it wasn't possible to have a Cleveland stop knowing its been a problem from day one. He said it wasn't that it wasn't wanted, the problem was that, according to him, each city north of Rockside Rd. was responsible for track maintenance and there was no funding available. He said the CVRR owns the trains but not the tracks so that was the hold-up. He also said the reason the railroad stopped going to Canton was because the tracks were in disrepair, plus the terminal was in too bad of an area and the railroad was afraid there might be problems. He said it was so bad there was vandalism while the train was actually stoping there let alone what happened when the place was empty. Anyway those of us who are fans of all things train can only hope KJP is on to something with this possible great news. I live in the old "Pink Hotel" on the Rocky River. Just outside my front door is an old railroad terminal that the city uses for storage. I would love for that to be a RTA stop traveling from Lorain to Cleveland. Alas, the NIMBY's are not in favor of it. Even the people in my building that I've talked to about it don't want it. Sheeesh.
  14. I respectfully disagree Superior on what a parking garage should look like. If YOU want to be able to identify a garage a block away then you must love the garage on the nuCLEus site. I travel all the time and I've never had trouble locating a parking garage even when its architecture blends in rather than stands out. You CAN have an attractive facade and still be able to identify that its a parking garage. You don't have to settle for an eyesore.
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