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  1. I didn't waste my time commenting. I'm retired now. Looks like you wasted your time though. Chill out man. We're not saving the world here. just having our little say.
  2. Too dense......in a city. Brilliant comment. Wish I would have thought of it.
  3. Anecdotal story on Cleveland population: I have a friend who is one of those highly educated but insular Bostonians. While he is far more accomplished than me I'm way more traveled than him. "Why should I leave New England? It has everything I need." Anyway, he did manage to visit me awhile back and we hit all the usual CLE sites. I'll sum up his impression in two sentences. "Cleveland is different, more interesting than I expected." and "Where's all the people." Yeah, I think he nailed it.
  4. You have more connections than I do KJP. If you're curious tap those connections and see if you can get an answer. As you know to be successful in the business world an idea often needs a champion. On these forums you are our champion for TOD. You are one of the leaders for density (believe me, I'm in complete agreement) but in this town I feel like we are too often swimming upstream. That being said, there has been real progress especially when you consider how steep our fall. Its just that when we compare our progress with other regions that are really growing we realize our progress pales in comparison. Still, we're here and doing our best to encourage ANY positive steps.
  5. Stap you are right! Conversely $70 -$100 a month to park would be considered a great deal in a large market. Our complaints are really more of an indication of our small city thinking. Many in CLE don't know what real traffic is, what the real cost of housing is in a large city etc. In many ways we just don't get it. We compare our costs locally as in the difference between urban and suburban not between Cleveland and Boston, Chicago etc.
  6. KJP, to answer your question there are at least three huge parking structures with possibly more planned as the Clinic is not finished fleshing out the campus. More to come. You ask some interesting questions about whether or not the existing garages can handle additional housing built on top. A better question might be "IF the garages could handle it would the Clinic be interested?" Under Cosgrove the Clinic was focused on delivering the best medical care in the most efficient manner. It wasn't focused on the neighborhood and it certainly wan't focused on housing built on garages. And that thought is reflected in Clinic architecture which many on these forums have complained about. Unlike Mayo the Clinic is not integrated into its neighborhood. Its design seems to turn its back on the community. Now that there is a new CEO that may change. I don't know because I retired so I no longer have any insight on a directional change - if any.
  7. Stap...I'm not saying Clinic employees knowing anything about what it costs to build the parking structures because they don't. I am simply saying most think that whatever the cost there is no way the Clinic is losing money i.e. subsidizing employee parking such that employees are not paying the real cost of parking and the Clinic is losing money on the garages. Now that prevailing opinion may be wrong but I will say that as an employee we were never told that the Clinic was taking a financial hit in order to help with the cost to employees. We simply had a monthly debit for parking taken out of our paychecks. When management is silent on an issue employees will come to their own conclusion - right or wrong. And of course I know that its not just Clinic employees who pay for parking but also downtown workers in any large city. I thought that was assumed.
  8. KJP I'm not an architect so I can't speak to the viability of building housing above the garages but even if it was possible have you seen the footprint of those garages? They are HUGE. Much bigger than say, the Beacon downtown so even if it was possible the footprint is just too big to be viable IMO. StapHanger I can''t say the Clinic subsidizes parking but I doubt it. For what it's worth the prevailing opinion among Clinic employees is the Clinic makes money on employee parking. And it may just be sour grapes but one reason employees hate to pay for parking is because a big chunk of them drive in from the suburbs and EVERYONE knows people who work elsewhere who don't have to pay for their work parking. It's a common complaint among workers. Probably because the average employees don't compare their work place with the likes of NY, Boston, Chicago etc where it is common to pay for parking in the urban area. Most of us come from suburban Cleveland where we don't pay for parking at our jobs. So there is that underlying resentment about paying to park at the Clinic.
  9. Oh and the Clinic leased out the parking to a third party. They received a flat fee from the parking company and the parking company determined the costs for the various lots. Whenever employees complained about the cost of parking going up the Clinic would say "We have no control over that."
  10. I recently retired from the Clinic after 20+ years. In all that time I'm not aware there was a parking discount for employees. You paid various amounts for parking which was determined by the location and whether or not it was a garage or surface lot. Employee discount? That's news to me.
  11. Another problem with economic segregation is a lack of role models for the young. If all you see around you is poverty, low end or no jobs what kind of work are you going to look for? If everyone around you has limited or no exposure to education it is that more difficult to educate yourself. If your role models are those looking for crime or the dole what do you think you will gravitate too? There's an old saying that some of our parents used to hammer into us. Something about 'You are who you hang out with." In other words, if you hang with people going nowhere you'll probably go nowhere and if you hang with people getting ahead chances are you'll get ahead too. It's trite but still true.
  12. I think the Forum cafeteria was on Euclid Ave. and the building it was in was torn down when the BP building was constructed.
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