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  1. From what I read in regard to the foundations for the Nucleus project the Huron Garage foundation is NOT designed for adding a tower in later years unfortunately.
  2. That would be great IF that parcel is developed with a four or five floor OFFICE BUILDING and some ground floor retail too! Especially since there is a pent up demand for office space in Ohio City. And because its next to the new high school being built, maybe some of the new employees would would have their kids attending that school and it would simplified their daily commute.
  3. The red X sign denotes that it's been inspected by the Cleveland Fire Department because it's a empty and or condemned building and they assess the fire risks and they enter information about the contains of the building into their database in case there is ever a fire in the building.
  4. That would be great IF that parcel is developed with a four or five floor apartment building with some ground floor retail! Especially because its next to the new high school being built to replace Max Hayes and maybe some of the school's employees would like a very short commute to work!
  5. True but from what I understand the Pittsburgh CBD has done a pretty good job of eliminating a lot of their excessive parking lots by greatly increasing the taxes on the parking lots to the point of making it more profitable to develop them instead of leaving them as eyesores aka parking lots. https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/why-is-parking-so-expensive-in-pittsburgh/Content?oid=1334401 Pittsburgh's 50 percent parking tax is "the highest rate in the nation," https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/how-many-parking-spots-does-the-new-penn-plaza-development-really-need/Content%3Foid%3D13492204%26media%3DAMP%2BHTML&ved=0ahUKEwiQ1ryy44nnAhWvT98KHfh3BIsQyM8BCDAwAg&usg=AOvVaw2-rtjJYeMmkb45toe7au30&ampcf=1 https://streets.mn/2012/12/10/tax-land-not-buildings/&ved=2ahUKEwjkj8mp54nnAhXxqFkKHZSrAR8QFjAZegQIWhAB&usg=AOvVaw2qOrHugAgAldLc4P3Ez_-v The conventional property tax, which taxes land and buildings at the same rate, is essentially backwards when it comes to the behaviors it incentivizes. It penalizes property owners for building or making improvements to their structures, while rewarding speculators and absentee landlords who would rather allow their properties to decay than make expensive (and annually taxable) improvements. Taxing land and buildings at the same rate means that as long as you don’t put any buildings on your land, your tax bill is going to remain relatively cheap.
  6. I also think that the Opportunity Corridor would be a great location for the R&D Center for SHW including helping to jumpstart that area's redevelopment! BUT I understand that SHW wants their R&D Center to be VERY CLOSE to their NEW HQ. True its a lot closer then Brecksville, but is it close enough for SHW? Another Cleveland location that maybe possible is the Midtown area, IF SHW is willing to wait for the cleanup process to be completed and IF they consider that area being close enough to their NEW HQ...
  7. Seeing this great photo, I'm thinking OMG Downtown Cleveland has REALLY IMPROVED so much since the 1980's let alone the 1960's-1970's when I was a kid!! I think we can start calling Downtown Cleveland: VERSION 2.0 or maybe even VERSION 3.0!!! I think that collectively we ALL GOT A NICE HOLIDAY PRESENT with all the new and renovated projects thats both been completed and still being developed!!! MAY WE ALL HAVE A GOOD AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!!
  8. From what I heard they are hard at work behind the scenes, but it will be a while before construction will began. You never know for sure about these projects until shovels are in the ground but I think this one will be built, I'll just take some time.
  9. They bought almost the whole block from the vibrator company. And between the new apartment building, new parking, and green spaces, I believe they will use most of the block except for a couple of the parcels they didn't buy.
  10. IF PLAYHOUSE SQUARE builds Lumen #2 Tower on the SE corner of East 13th and Chester and IF Victory Properties, Inc. also builds a residential tower across the street that will REALLY REMAKE THE ENTIRE FEEL OF THAT PART OF CHESTER AVENUE! KJP Posted 11 hours ago: Word is that PHS is making financial preparations for a Lumen, Act 2, ie fundraising, etc. They anticipate a positive response to Part 1 based on the reaction so far to The Beacon. But they still need to see actual numbers from Act 1 before taking more solid moves for Act 2. On PHS-owned land on the SE corner of East 13th and Chester.
  11. So is D*ck PACE completely OUT as the lakefront developer? I figured that another large developer would join PACE's PARTNERSHIP to provide more financial muscle and also some one who could perhaps more easier attract worthy anchor tenants of both the office and retail types. Or maybe have the Browns, Science Center, and or the Rock Hall as partners.
  12. SO TRUE but on this forum I believe most of us enjoy hearing the opinions and educated predictions of each of us! And collective we can be kinda like a SUPER COMPUTER with each of us contributing our unique knowledge.... AND I HOPE THAT EVERYONE HAS A NICE HOLIDAY SEASON!!
  13. The top floor (sixth floor) is being renovated for office space and the first floor will still be retail. With floors two thru five being used for parking. I'm not sure which floor it's on but the existing fitness center will also remain. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/636-708-St-Clair-Ave-NE-Cleveland-OH/9938271/
  14. I noticed that there is now a AMAZON HUB MACHINE inside the SAVE A LOT on CLARK Ave in Cleveland.
  15. Actually mostly in the Tremont and Broadway areas from what I remember as a kid. Since those areas are closest to the steel mills in the flats. But it also reminds that back in the 1960's traveling thru Pittsburgh it seem that city also was very smoky and dirty like a one of the DARK MOODY VERSIONS of the Batman movies. And then slowly in the late 1970's and 1980's they turn into a very beautiful city!
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