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  1. Could that be related to the Historic Hulett Iron Ore Unloaders? That looks like the location where there WAS a plan to partially install one of the Huletts as part of D*ck Pace's project for the lakefront...
  2. In this case it's an actual physical lockbox at both the front and rear entrances of City Hall that you can use any time. And the City Hall is open to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to conduct a limited amount of business in person. But also I know both the City and County are adding more online options to their services over the last several years. For example if you a lawyer, you can submit a lot of your legal documents online to the courts now.
  3. Ken or anyone else, what will be the total sq. ft. of the planned 10-11 story office building IF it's built with just the office and retail?? NOT INCLUDING THE PARKING sq. ft. Thanks EDIT: The good news is that they increased the number of apartments from 250 to 290 with nine floors for the residential tower. And also increased the amount of sq. ft. from 150,000 sq. ft. to 208,000 sq. ft. with 11-12 floors for the office tower per the Loopnet listing. But of course the final sq. ft. and height of the office tower will depend on the number and size of the companies that will take advantage of an IDEA LOCATION. Especially considering that it will be in the heart of Ohio City and will be surrounded by great restaurants, retail, apartments/homes, schools, public transit AND only a mile from the CBD. PLUS it will have most of the perks of a Ernst & Young building but with perhaps a lower cost to lease.
  4. ANOTHER great article KEN! What will be the total sq. ft. of the planned 10-story office building if it's built (office + retail + parking)?
  5. I ran across this interesting Cleveland.com article from last week: City Council President Kevin Kelley said on Mar 17, 2020: “There’s got to be a solution at some point where we can have planning commission meetings; where we can hear complaints at the board of zoning appeals,” Kelley said. Cleveland’s government isn’t shutting down, although access to services is limited; finding workarounds the challenge https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/03/clevelands-government-isnt-shutting-down-although-access-to-offices-is-limited-finding-workarounds-the-challenge.html The building department is already accepting building permit applications via two physical dropboxs at City Hall anytime and in person on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a limited degree. And hopefully they will be able to restart the Planning and Zoning Commissions SOON!!
  6. YES from what I understand a couple of out of town developers are still considering purchasing and or partnering with the existing owners of those parking lots, Stark and Weston respectively. To build either a mix use apartment tower or MAYBE a mix use office tower IF the state TMUD Tax Credit Law is approved. And assuming that the City can get the various approval boards reopened in a reasonable amount of time.
  7. Is it $ 23 million OR $ 49 million dollars that SHW PAID FOR the SUPERBLOCK and PS parking lots? PER CLEVELAND.COM: Sherwin-Williams pays $49.4M for future downtown Cleveland headquarters site. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/03/sherwin-williams-pays-494m-for-future-downtown-cleveland-headquarters-site.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  8. Brickman has been trying to sell a large part of those parcels to another developer for a couple years now. He originally did buy up all of those parcels and demo most of the few buildings that was still standing. And at times he was also actively developing the site but the last thing I've heard is that he trying to sell a large part of those parcels to another developer for a couple years now.
  9. It's supposed to be part of the Irish Town Bend Park BUT MR GEORGE bought the property a year or so ago and even thru he doesn't own the parking lot next to the building he CLAIMS he's going to redevelop the property... And he CLAIMS that he was not aware of the the park project thats been in the planning stage for several years now...
  10. Thanks Ken for ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE! It reminds us that it's always darkest before the dawn of a NEW DAY and as Walt Disney once said: "YOU HAVE TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD!" And from what I'm hearing is that yes there will be some slowdown with logistics and changes in sop but this is in a lot of ways a good time to finally get some of these major projects completed.
  11. ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE by Crain's Cleveland Business! I really liked these paragraphs: Harbor Bay paid $10.5 million and worked on relocating the Market Plaza strips's businesses, providing construction and financing services to assist in rehabbing abandoned buildings for them in the Ohio City area. "Most developers are focused on getting the site cleared as quickly as possible," Whalen said. "But, for me, having lived in the area before, it was important to work with everyone to achieve a sustainable solution for the neighborhood." Now to me that's DOING THE RIGHT THING and PAYING IT FORWARD TOO! We are really lucky to have some of the BEST DEVELOPERS working in this area!
  12. Amen, another GREAT ARTICLE KEN! Just a little typo: It's the SOUTHEAST CORNER of East 13th Street and Chester Avenue where PHS is considering building a second apartment tower on land owned by the foundation if the FIRST ACT is Successful.
  13. ^^ The Cleveland--Cuyahoga County Port do has a basic cruise ship port that's been up and running for a few years now. And they are renovating a building for the US Custom -- Border Patrol. And they have been working to get a agreement with a Canadian Port for about ten years now BUT they haven't been successful yet. BUT NO FERRY SERVICE YET... The problem is that Toledo actually built a cruise ship terminal about ten years ago BUT they was not able to make a success of it. And so they sold or lease the building to the Great Lakes Museum. Which by the way I've been to and it's a really nice museum. It least now we have a growing number of well to do visitors who visit our CITY every summer by cruise ship.
  14. It's so nice having Michelle back reporting on real estate projects again!
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