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  1. ^It will take a while to fill 925 building since it's about the same sq. ft. as KEY TOWER.
  2. Since it will take a couple years for Millennia to do a total rehab of the 925 building, can't they still reserve certain floors for office space in the hope that they will be willing tenants by that time frame?
  3. Talking about Somera Road Inc. here's a interesting short article about the company's game plan in general and about Michael Fralin their General Counsel. https://www.vanguardlawmag.com/case-studies/michael-fralin-somera-road-inc/
  4. Probably because IF these buildings was built partly to house some of the old style really heavy CENTRAL OFFICE BELL SYSTEM EQUIPMENT then they had to be designed for really heavy loads and could be used for any type of offices, data center, retail, pretty much anything.
  5. Another great article!! Do you know which of these projects maybe started first? And in what type of timeline?
  6. With just 31 condos to sale it should be plenty of people in the Greater Cleveland area, not to mention boomerangs and new people moving into the area to rather quickly FILL THE BUILDING!
  7. It will look really GREAT when completed! And I just hope that they get some quality retailers for the first floor to add to the mix of the limited retail that is in the area now!
  8. Actually considering that townhouses in some other areas of Cleveland that are outside of Downtown is going for $ 500,000. Then $300,000 to $ 700,000+ is in the right ball park for DOWNTOWN CONDOS. IF they are high quality and good location.
  9. They should now be PUBLIC DOCUMENTS and: We NEED to see the RENDERINGS!! We NEED to see the RENDERINGS!! We NEED to see the RENDERINGS!!
  10. UPDATE on the $21 million project by the Savely Group that will add nearly 90 apartments to the neighborhood. The project on Detroit Avenue west of West 26th Street will also include space for several first floor businesses. Tax package for Ohio City project wins final approval from Cleveland City Council: Tax incentives for a development project that’s part of a makeover of the northern entrance to Ohio City won final approval Monday from Cleveland City Council. The council approved 30 years of tax increment financing for the project that will allow newly generated taxes from the project to be used to help pay for financing and development of commercial space in old Painters Union Building and adjacent construction. https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cleveland.com%2Fcityhall%2F2019%2F10%2Ftax-package-for-ohio-city-project-wins-final-approval-from-cleveland-city-council.html&psig=AOvVaw0bvltDfF1MsmGgxxAzOBt4&ust=1570596288520917
  11. Any new updates on the planned 75-unit apartment project at West 11 & Fairfield Avenue? Mike Tricarichi bought the three-quarters of an acre property in 2008. This is a Plain Dealer article from Apr 28, 2017: https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cleveland.com%2Frealestate-news%2F2017%2F04%2Fproperty_owner_plans_75-unit_a.html&psig=AOvVaw0KlXMOQK4nU3IgxQm8DaNP&ust=1570571586632288
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