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  1. Who are taking the other two leases and in what buildings downtown?
  2. The city of Cleveland has a Official Tree Program that's trying to both encourage and in the case of larger development projects require a tree and landscaping plan to be submitted along with the other required plans to be approved by the various city departments. Depending on the situation they are NOT allowed to remove older large trees already present UNLESS they can show that they are diseased or that it's impossible to build the project without the removal of a certain tree.
  3. If I remember right they shortened the height of the building and also dug deeper into the hill to help preserve most of the views from the gated Bergen Village complex.
  4. Some more pics from this morning: It looks like they have most of the two level basement already dug out! And this is going to be a really large building by just looking at the large footprint... BUILD BABY BUILD!!
  5. I'm guessing that KJP's article will be about the ICE BREAKER WIND TURBINES PROJECT... Can I get a second guess?? THANKS KJP for ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE!!
  6. Long walks are bad for production...LOL BUT I do hope you both had a nice dinner! We should all be supporting our local restaurants!
  7. DCA's cleaning ambassadors will keep them clear of litter, remove weeds, and keep them watered too.
  8. You are very wecome! They seem to be making very GOOD PROGRESS so far! And just a reminder that with this project underway I'm hearing that the other three proposed projects near by are working hard to finish their plans and financing so that by the time they are finished in a year or two that the economy will be humming along and also that there will be plenty of renters and hopefully retail ready to fill these new and rehab projects: Stoneleigh Cos. is preparing plans for a $60 million, 241-suite project at the west end of Hope Memorial Bridge. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority's authorized mixed use development including public spaces with Carnegie Management and Development Corp. will include about 5 acres with air rights over GCRTA's Red Line at West 25 Street. Voss Industries four acre property, which includes a 240,000 square foot building and about 200 car parking lot by R&L Ohio City LLC-Casto residential conversion and redevelopment of the historic industrial buildings. AND THANKS TO KJP FOR INFORMATION from his always helpful NEOTRANS BLOG!
  9. More pics from today. And they have about 75 % of the two level basement garage already dug out.
  10. Some more quick pics from today. It looks like they have about half of the two level basement garage already dug out. DIG BABY DIG!!
  11. So I assume that the Flats Industrial Railroad will sell their right of ways property on the Scranton Peninsula to either the Thunderbird Project Partership OR to NRP to allow them to build a larger apartment project and or a large mix use project? Especially IF they can buy at least part of the rest of the Scranton Peninsula that is owned by the 100+ year old Trust.
  12. Yes from what I've heard it will be about 40 stories and the other tower at West 3rd & Superior will be about 20+ stories. And wth a large parking garage occupying part of the remaining lots which will also allow additional office towers to be built above them in the future if necessary.
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