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  1. It is all the way down. Hopefully it will switch over to construction soon.
  2. Madison and Whetsel development. New Medpace headquarters is starting in its third level of the parking garage and work is currently underway on the garage for the second phase of the red apartments (believe it is on its second level).
  3. 1st photo is the infill at Race and Pleasant st. Second is the redevelopment on Court st.
  4. Denolition has not only begun on stargel stadium but also of the buildings across the street.
  5. 1st photo is the bar at Race and Liberty. Second is the infill on Race that has had some conflict due to the number of units (which baffles me because OTR is meant to be dense). Third photo is a single family home close to Taft ale house. Fourth is the infill in West 15th st. (Still finishing construction on them and feels like they have been under construction for well over a year now) also in two years you will be able to see the new Fc stadium at the end of the street.
  6. First two photos are of the Deacon and the second is Children’s. Forgot all about the Ronald Mcdonald house.
  7. Great news! Could we at one point in the next year see possibly 3-4 cranes throughout the basin? Fourth and Race, 8th and main (assuming it is tall enough to have one as well as it starting soon after the complete demo of the old building), Fc Cincinnati’s stadium (I’m guessing they will have one, maybe even two?), Court and Walnut (May be down by the time 8th and main and Fc get started)
  8. Anyone have any updates on the project at 1216 and 1218 Race st? I know they were waiting for some business to move but that was supposed to happen in September if I remember correctly.
  9. Finally building a home store on the East side. Hate having to drive up to Springdale to go to this.
  10. This building I believe. I wonder if they are planning on adding on to it? Seems long but narrow.
  11. Oh man haha I haven’t been on that page in forever. I used to check up on it almost daily but haven’t in awhile.
  12. No haha I just love seeing new construction in Cincinnati (especially when a crane is involved) I have some friends from out of town who like to keep up to date in construction projects around the city so I thought this would be a good place to post.
  13. I was thinking about doing a every other week photo updated major projects around Cincy . Would it be more useful to maybe create a separate section for just construction photos?