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  1. The only big issue I have is with Rookwood (work a second job at one of the stores) is how much more parking there is on the Bed Bath and Beyond side opposed to the Nordstrom rack side. On any given summer Saturday or around the holidays it can be a pain to find any parking and they do not advertise very well that you can park in garage behind Potbelly’s.
  2. I looked at a few of Cincinnati’s peer cities (Pittsburgh and St.Louis) if I am looking correctly Cincinnati now has more people than Pittsburgh and is only a few hundred shy of St.louis.
  3. I am assuming for the time being there will be no development at the site (even though Cranley has stated a couple months ago that there were developments) They are prolly more interested in getting a new hotel for the convention center right now since the city is really pushing that issue and with all their other projects including the old kroger site.
  4. Hopefully will have some height to it. A 144 room hotel plus a garage is a lot for that lot.
  5. Article on the business courier says they are looking for new owners. Hopefully someone buys it quickly.
  6. It is exciting, I mean even wayfair opened their first ever store in Florence. That’s a pretty big deal seeing that they could have easily opened one in a larger city with a distribution center.
  7. Is there any word on where this will be located on the site? And how much acreage it will take up?
  8. I was hoping for some mid rise apartment buildings with some restaurant and retail space. Looks like now all we’ll see is townhomes and maybe some low rise apartments buildings. Pretty disappointed in all the hype I was having.
  9. Does anyone know what they are building behind the MCDonalds on Ridge ave? Looks like maybe a restaurant.
  10. I wonder if this ties in with North Americans 100 million dollar plan for Newport in the Levee.
  11. I would say a lot of people do not know the populations of a lot of cities especially the populations of their metros. Cincinnati does have a larger city vibe especially downtown and OTR. Cincy is also over double the density of Nashville.
  12. I honestly think that an Apple store would work very well downtown. You have to also factor in people who work downtown as well as companies who provide work phones to their employees that are Apple. If they have issues with them then they could just take them to the Apple store in downtown and otr instead of trudging all the way to kenwood.
  13. I’d really like to see a design and the height of something similar to this new hotel that will be in Indianapolis. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2019/02/22/new-downtown-indianapolis-hotel-would-literally-and-figuratively-change-our-skyline/2952180002/
  14. I believe it will be tall enough to make a pretty large impact on the skyline and should balance the skyline out pretty well.
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