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  1. It’s hard to tell what floor it’s on, feel like the garage floors are all uneven.
  2. I haven’t been down there in a week, the last time I was down there they were in floor 12 I believe. So I’d say 1 at max 2 more floors.
  3. I’m kinda confused at it stating it’s 5 floors but the rendering is only 4. edit. Nvm, if I would have read the whole article I would have noticed where it said the fifth floor is set back.
  4. The new luxury apartment complex (Madison at Stewart) is called The Jameson.
  5. Looking at Madisonville community council meetings. Red Sesame looks to be renovating 4804 Whetsel into a restaurant. Will be a good location (interesting layout) and interesting to see a duplex turned into a restaurant.
  6. There was a developer wanting to build some Apartments there last year (the inner building on 12th) and was wanting to make that corner a parking lot. It was struck down which at first I was upset about but this plan is wayyy better and more beneficial to the community.
  7. I think it was 50/50 as mostly because of the clinic being closed. I know one or two of the stores have closed in the plaza and that the phase 1 improvements for the plaza have been done for some time. You can see that the clinic has its name on the brick but no other business has that.
  8. Sad that they weren’t able to Tear down this building and build something similar to what’s currently being built. I went to one of the community council meetings and Ackerman said it was cut due to costs, so they decided to rehab the building. It looks alright but from the looks of it (not having any signs for the businesses, with the exception of the Cincinnati health department) they are going to be ending the leases with the current tenants in that building.
  9. Can it be changed so it could become an alcohol establishment or something other than what the code dictates it can be?
  10. US Playing Card is apparently returning to Norwood at its old site that is currently being redeveloped. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/5332632002
  11. I feel like there’s only a few options you could do with this building and one of those would be my choice of a brewery (Urban Artifact).
  12. As a resident of Madisonville I would really like to see them redo Red Bank as well as Madison Like they did with Erie at Brotherton By adding trees and plants in the median. Idk what their plan was when the put in Red Bank but I hate this ugly concrete median that’s always full of garbage (photo below).
  13. I am on Watterson. The part that dead ends into (Laurel cemetery).
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