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  1. What is the reason for closing? I have a lot of coworkers who really enjoyed that restaurant.
  2. It’s possible but I don’t know why they wouldn’t just put it to the full height. The building I believe is 170-180 ft tall. So around the height of the second national bank building a block up on Main.
  3. I wonder if you’ll be able to see the cranes from Bellevue hill park? Maybe be able to see 4th and Race from Devou.
  4. I would highly doubt that the crane for or maybe even cranes for the FCC stadium will be up before the one at Court and Walnut is taken down. I’d give that maybe 2 weeks before it’s dismantled.
  5. I do not believe e it would have made a huge different, it would honestly prolly just be empty storefront for a few years. Hoping they are planning on staying since in the next few years there will be a few more hundred residents in that area of downtown with 4th and Race and hopefully a residential component of the old Macy’s development.
  6. Crane going up. Didn’t seem as tall as the building is supposed to be. Walked by maybe half and hour later and it seemed they were getting ready to install the arm.
  7. I would think that either Cincinnati Children’s and UC Medical Center will redevelop it Into more bed space or offices.
  8. Two of those cranes I believe were for one building (84.51) if I remember correctly.
  9. I think for a very short time there will be (4th and Race, 8th and main and Court and Walnut) but Court and Walnut is only 2-3 floors from being topped out so I only give that crane a couple more weeks.
  10. Have a feeling the property will just sit waiting for someone to buy it. I guess they’d rather have some empty crumbling buildings then a new dense development.
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