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  1. I’m sure there will eventually be development around the stadium, think they are just trying to appease the residents for now until they gain more control of the land around it. I personally think it’s the best design they have released.
  2. Glad that they are taking up most of that plot of land. I was afraid it would just sit empty.
  3. Yes they have there’s a row of 6 or so that are all framed out and some more along Madison that are starting.
  4. Two of the boutique hotels under construction. For anyone who doesn’t know the locations of these, they are diagonally across from each other at 7th and Race.
  5. Almost all the way down. Taken 7/4. Hopefully the site will turnover quick for construction to start.
  6. Where else could it go? I think the spot it is currently in is best.
  7. What would be a cool idea imo would be to create a platform that includes the area behind the sky star and build a small cafe or bistro on it and name if after the sky star. Sky star cafe or something like that.
  8. Great news! Something tells me either the city doesn’t think the Newport skywheel will get built or the plans for it will fall apart since sky star is staying. Is there any word on it? I have not heard anything about construction.
  9. Are there any updates on the building that was supposed to replace those two one story garages across from Washington Park? I have heard nothing since summer of last year.
  10. The new building 1602 Pleasant street. That is where the Clooney mural is correct? I hate to see it go but am glad to see liberty street starting to fill up empty lots.
  11. Cincinnati prolly wanted to pull a Newport and grab the spotlight like Newport did with the music venue.
  12. https://local12.com/news/local/hamilton-county-working-to-keep-skystar-wheel-here-for-up-to-10-years Actually excited for this. For some reason something tells me skywheel newport will not happen.
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