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  1. Yes because 15-20 more people living In That area is going to cause massive backups. Just NIMBYs being NIMBYs.
  2. Would be awesome to see them relocate to Cincy and build where the Dennison used to stand, but highly doubt they’d relocate to another Ohio city. I’d see them moving to one of the coastal cities.
  3. Does anyone know the status of the development that is supposed to go across from the mall and next to the Jewish hospital?
  4. I actually heard from a friend who donates to the ballet and they announced it at one of their get togethers that they are building next to Baldwin. Apparently they tried to buy a plot of land downtown but did not have any luck due to the prices on downtown lots.
  5. Yes that is what it looks like. There’s another house next to this one along Madison but I am not seeing it in the plans.
  6. Here’s the site plan. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/049450_72c2257d906f4f4e95d9b1ebf754b863.pdf.
  7. Here’s a rendering. I think this will look really nice and would love to see one of the original houses turned into a brewery or something like that.
  8. Next door strangely haha. There’s a community council meeting this month, I think the 13th or 19th. I live in Madisonville so I’ll definitely be attending.
  9. Cleared out a huge area on the corner of Madison and Stewart. The house used to be covered by trees. Rumor is that there is going to be a new 150 apartments. They are keeping this house and the house next to it, but have demolished some houses along Stewart.
  10. Drove by where the Hubbard Broadcasting building will be built and they are clearing out the trees currently.
  11. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but could we keep this on topic of 8th and Main.
  12. So which lots are currently going to become part of the parking garage? And I wonder if the awkward lot 13 will ever be built out.
  13. Do they mention anything about the construction start date? I know they said in 2020 but since it’s moving along quickly that maybe it could start even earlier?
  14. It’s been closed I believe for two maybe even more months. I’m assuming the company that owns that building is planning on renovating it.
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