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  1. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/01/16/pendleton-council-otrcc-over-the-line-trying-to.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline
  2. Very true. I would be pretty upset if I was a Pendleton cc memeber bc OTR Cc should have no right to appeal it, and if it does go through than what’s the point of even having a Pendleton cc of Otr can just stick their noses in everything that Pendleton cc passes.
  3. I feel for that plot and how big it is, that it wouldn’t look right to build just some 3-4 story apartment building. I don’t think everything needs to be only a couple stories tall. I mean someone could have proposed a 15 story tall building at that site. And if this project doesn’t go through then how long till someone else buys it? And what would be the price tag for that plot of land then? I would much rather have a larger 7 story apartment building than some crappy looking lot that makes Pendleton seem detached from OTR.
  4. Is there anyway to contact otr community council and state our opposition to their opposition?
  5. Ucgrad2015

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Hopefully with the construction of 8th and main and success (hopefully), they will move forward with that project as long as it’s an actually development.
  6. Ucgrad2015

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Two mid to high rises apartments for the 7th and vine lot as well jean Roberts would really liven that area up.
  7. Ucgrad2015

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    L I had no idea of this site existing. I knew of downtown Cincinnati site but not this section of it. Was excited to see the 7th and vine lots have a purchasing rights and that jean rivers table is wanting to do a mix used at their restaurant site. Seeing both of those redeveloped would really enhance that section near the library.
  8. And would have to be some place fairly reasonable in price and brand new to the city. I would say uniqlo would be awesome because the closest one I believe is in Chicago.
  9. Just baffles my mind that they would rather have a surface parking lot than apartments. Would they rather wait 10 years to just have someone else develop it (which it would prolly still be a larger development due to the size of the lot).
  10. Any news about the apartmen development on the parking lot on Sycamore?
  11. Almost as tall if not as tall as the American building, so around 250 ft.
  12. I would would say prolly more apartments like the Boulevard at Oakley Station (I don’t actually mind the style of the older apartments, not so much of the newer ones though) would be nice if they could add some taller apartment buildings, say 7-10 floors, but that not likely.
  13. Ucgrad2015

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Maybe some Amazon air corporate jobs? Would be nice.
  14. Ucgrad2015

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    More about the CVS closing downtown. Wonder if the developer is wanting to add more floors on top of the building or not or if that building can even support additional floors. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/2466559002