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  1. Would you happen to have a link to the packet?
  2. Are there any plots that they have to have before construction or have all of those been bought?
  3. Yes that lot created a divide between OTR and Pendleton.
  4. It will be taking the place of an empty lot. One that badly needs to be redeveloped.
  5. What is everyone’s ideal height for this plot of land? I was thinking somewhere around 450ft. Also does anyone know if the building that houses rock bottom brewery can support a building built in top of it?
  6. Hopefully after these are done they will buy the rally’s and the vacant car repair shop and the car wash and redevelop that section. They also need to make the area between the red and Medpace more pedestrian friendly as I’d think a lot of Medpace employees are renting those apartments.
  7. A Jw would be really nice. I would think whoever develops it would not tear down the building that is already there. Especially if it’ll save them a few millions dollars. A hotel/apartments would be really nice. Heck maybe even western and southern could move their headquarters there.
  8. http://reztark.com/en/portfolio-item/fifty-fifth/ Just happened to be in their website and stumbled across this.
  9. Ucgrad2015

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    It's going basically in the Crossroads parking lot, fronting Madison. So, basically a continuation of the suburban crap behind it. As disappointing as this whole area is, I will say it was at least nice to see some construction there when I was back in Cincy a couple weeks ago. I hadn't been back in quite some time, and I was surprised to see how little construction was going on (outside of the roads/highways) in the city. I guess I had assumed that a lot of the projects that had been announced a while back would have at least begun construction, but outside of this part of Oakley and pockets of OTR, I really didn't see much happening. Madisonville is seeing a lot of development with Medpace, the red apartments and the new apartments in “downtown Madisonville”. CUF is also seeing a lot of development around UC and the giant hospital expansion. Soon they will “hopefully” start on the innovation corridor.
  10. I think a hotel/apartment combo would work really well. Hopefully it will not be anything less than 20 floors.
  11. Palominos will be closing at the end of October. Stated it was due to leasing issues. Does anyone think that the owner is forcing everyone out so they can get the building redeveloped?
  12. Drove by today. The old bank has been demolished. There is a banner on the fencing around the site showing the project rendering. My guess it this will get built.
  13. Wonder if they will also do something with the lot to the west of it.
  14. Was that people who actually paid for it? I was on it and it was packed most of the evening.