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  1. Skylines aren't really important. Sure, skylines are nice and they make a city more scenic from a distance, but ultimately they don't really matter. Paris doesn't have much of a skyline, yet they're still thriving.
  2. Is that true? The space to the east of Taco Bell is occupied?
  3. Just curious, why do you think Warren alienated suburban voters?
  4. To be fair, Pompeo's alleged reason for resigning (assuming the reports are correct) is that he wants to run for the US Senate seat in Kansas. Of course, that may just be a convenient excuse to leave the sinking ship while still pursuing political ambitions.
  5. I think the original location on the Burke was MUCH better than the new location. At least that original location would be walkable from Northcoast Harbor and allowed for the possibility of better connection to lakefront development in the future.
  6. ^ RR companies getting in the way... that's sure nothing new. Good to hear it's at least moving along and not completely stalled.
  7. Yeah, I'm not a huge Buttigieg fan (or at least not for President), but yeah I think it's clear there's no big "gotcha" there
  8. Yes, this is true. Nixon wouldn't have been forced to resign if Fox News existed back then.
  9. It says the page doesn't exist. Was the tweet removed? What did it say?
  10. Anyone know where they are going to be putting these new offices? I'm surprised that wasn't part of the new announcement.
  11. ^ Hey Ram that's mean, don't insult that nice cat which probably has a far more functional brain than our president.
  12. I personally think they should also punch Father Frascati through to connect to W. 70th and add some stop signs at the new 4-way intersection they'd be creating at W. 73rd. Too many people seem to treat W. 73rd as a freeway ramp off the Shoreway, and I think a stop sign at W. 73d & Father Frascati would help mitigate some of that.
  13. ^^ His pupils are so noticeably dilated in that photo. Reminds me of this article. Trump clearly uses some kind of stimulant medication (perhaps adderall), which probably only worsens his unhinged behavior. https://medium.com/@DrGJackBrown/body-language-and-medical-analysis-4221-why-are-donald-trumps-pupils-intermittently-so-large-f4d883c8126a
  14. Thankfully the conservatives are now vastly outnumbered on the side of my family that hosts Thanksgiving, so they rarely bring that stuff up anymore. They used to be the conservative side of my family, but most of their views have vastly changed over the past 5 years or so (especially the younger people). Looking at my extended family gives me some hope for the future, in spite of all the reasons to feel pessimistic.
  15. That's going to make for a lot of "fun" Thanksgiving dinner conversations with my conservative grandpa and uncle
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