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  1. This is a bit disappointing since I thought you were one of the more level-headed conservatives, but I guess the anti-Millennial programming is hard to overcome. And that reference to communism is pretty funny. The millennial support for "socialism" is kind of a misnomer though, so I guess that must be why you think it's reasonable to bring up communism. It'd be more accurate to describe it as "social democracy" rather than socialism. Younger generations simply want social programs that will help the entire country achieve a higher standard of living. These are programs that have been working rather successfully for decades in other developed countries, such as universal healthcare, stronger environmental protections, financially accessible higher education, and strong safety nets for the poor. Can you explain why you think that countries such as France, Canada, or Finland are apparently on the verge of transforming into brutal authoritarian dictatorships with centrally planned economies, simply because they offer those social protections I mentioned?
  2. For the most part, I'm not mad about the new plan. The massing is pretty good, and hey, one story retail is fine with me (two stories might've been an unrealistic expectation to begin with). However, that massive curb cut is AWFUL. And are they abandoning the plan to make the rest of E 4th pedestrian-only? That's super disappointing.
  3. I think a lot of you are misunderstanding what exactly the term gender dysphoria is referring to. Gender dysphoria is the "distress a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth." So, whether you decide to call gender dysphoria a "disorder" or a "condition" or something else, that's beside the point. The term refers to the mental and emotional distress that comes from feeling as if you don't match with the gender and/or sex assigned to you at birth. It does NOT refer to the mismatch in gender identity as the issue by itself. Furthermore, the suggested treatment for gender dysphoria is to achieve self-acceptance and to live comfortably as the gender you identify (which may or may not involve gender reassignment surgery). Unfortunately, the most difficult part of treating gender dysphoria is the fact that the problem is largely a result of society's attitudes, which are obviously not as easy to change as it is to treat a single patient. So this is why so many transgender people continue to experience gender dysphoria even after they transition - because they feel so unwelcomed and unsafe in society. So people like Gramarye are only making things worse for sufferers of gender dysphoria. Simply because they refuse to make the effort to fully understand this issue, despite the significant amount of publications that are embraced by the medical, mental health, and social work fields. Why can't you just let people live their lives without being a bully?
  4. I understand why people want to avoid splitting up city boundaries, but that rule kinda creates a weird situation around Columbus. If, by 2020, Columbus doesn't surpass the average population for a congressional district, it'll all be drawn into one weird zig-zaggy district along the border of the city of Columbus. I think it would make more sense to split the metro more evenly (thus splitting the city since the city of Columbus is so sprawling and encompasses such a huge portion of its metro area). Fingers crossed that Columbus's rapid growth continues so that it surpasses the population of the average congressional district by 2020. But regardless, the maps under the new rules are clearly improvements over what we are currently stuck with.
  5. In eastvillagedon's defense, he's probably too solidly in his conservative bubble and generally misinformed to ever have had a chance to view this issue outside of hyperpartisan lenses.
  6. ethlaw


    A pretty telling infographic showing how often Kavanaugh avoided answering questions, compared to Blasey-Ford.
  7. ethlaw


    What makes you so confident Amy Barrett is the next choice? If I recall correctly, McConnell suggested against choosing Barrett because he was worried about her chances of confirmation. The White House is going to make the safest choice possible after this Kavanaugh fiasco, so I'm thinking it'll be Hardiman.
  8. I hope they extend both Father Frescati and Battery Park Blvd to W. 70th st. 73rd could really use a couple stop signs right around there to control traffic coming off of the shoreway.
  9. ethlaw


    Kavanaugh vote has officially been cancelled.
  10. eastvillagedon[/member] is yet another example of why Trump loves the poorly educated
  11. What about minors who are there against their will? That's the issue with the free will angle here. It's probably against the "will" of 95% of minors to attend school and clean their rooms. Does that make it wrong for their parents to persuade them to do so? So you (and apparently Ram) believe that cruel psychological torture is comparable to attending school. Good ol' conservative values.
  12. ^ What is it supposed to look like when it's completed?
  13. Oh boy do I sure hope Ram is trolling because that is one of the tackiest paintings I've ever seen in my life
  14. Even more interestingly, the FOP almost entirely endorsed Democrats for the statewide races this year: Cordray for governor, Brown for Senator, Dettelbach for AG, Space for Auditor, Richardson for Treasurer, and Stewart and Donnelly for Supreme Court. The only Republican they endorsed was LaRose for Secretary of State, which kinda makes me wonder what exactly they saw in Kathleen Clyde that differentiated her so much from the rest of the Democrats. Not that I really care that much either way. The FOP is not an organization I would take political advice from. Still I thought this was interesting.
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