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  1. ^ I mean, for a long time he has been very well-known as a businessman who doesn't pay his contractors, so it makes sense.
  2. Ideally, I'd love retail frontage all around the footprint of that hypothetical project posted by KJP. However, if that's not possible, I'd prioritize Superior and W. 6th over W. 3rd. Superior is such a major street through downtown and it's currently a bit pathetic how much of a deadzone it is. And W. 6th already has some decent activity, but only for a couple blocks, so I'd love to see that activity capitalized and expanded. W. 3rd, on the other hand, almost seems beyond saving in that regard.
  3. When I said "some Indians fans" I'm putting a big emphasis on the *some* haha
  4. I'm sure some Indians fans will be eager to get a condo in that building, considering the views of Progressive Field! Can't wait to see some renderings!
  5. ^ Why did the original renderings show that building with a refaced wall? It was shown with new retail frontage (large windows and at least one door) facing the new square. I was very excited for that part of the project.
  6. I like the look of the panels. And I don't mind that the garage doesn't match the tower. My only criticism is that they should've at least changed the ugly pale red beams in the parking structure. They should've repainted them in brown hues that would match the panels in the tower.
  7. Thanks KJP! I knew it was going to be industrial space but was having a hard time finding a site plan. I do wish the Phase I building would be built closer to Madison with parking in the back, but I guess beggars can't be choosers for this type of development. I'm just really happy to see new industrial construction in Cleveland since so many industrial companies have been moving out to the suburbs lately.
  8. I'm very interested to see the new map they come up with and the process & logic behind the choice for the new boundaries. Hope we'll see a new map soon. I'm pretty confident that the redrawn map would lead to at least one new Democrat-safe district (Cincinnati), but possibly as many as 3 more Democrat-safe/lean districts in addition to that (Akron area, West Cuyahoga County/Lorain County, and northern Franklin County/Delaware County).
  9. I'm not a fan of the materials being used, and I'd prefer darker colors instead of all that white and beige. I love the gabled roofs though. IMO it's the feature that saves the whole design from total mediocrity. As for Kenect Cleveland, I don't mind at all that it's the shortest of the Kenects. I like that it's more in scale with its surroundings and it has a lot of retail space. I also like that they're using a darker rusty shade of orange instead of the bright yellow-orange that's in many of the other Kenects.
  10. I don't like how it's set back farther than the existing building next to it. Seems to be somewhat common in a lot of modern developments, unfortunately.
  11. Okay this has to be a joke. They already started putting up the letters for Quicken Loans.
  12. Even if Ryan doesn't win the nomination (which I'm pretty certain he won't), this presidential run will probably give his name recognition a significant boost which could give a lot of momentum for a future US Senate or Ohio Governor race...
  13. I hope they paint those ugly pinkish-red beams in the parking garage so that they match with the brown-hued color scheme (which I actually like).
  14. I'm not doubting the possibility that the City isn't working hard enough to retain them, but also keep in mind that there's a significant lack of quality warehouse real estate within the city limits. It's been a problem for a few years (probably because warehouses are frequently torn down for housing developments in high-demand neighborhoods). That's why it's kind of a big deal that Weston plans to build some new office/warehouse buildings at Madison & Berea.
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