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  1. There are actually only about four or five office towers with vacancy issues in the CBD, and the overall office occupancy rate is improving now after QCS came online with 800,000+ square feet of new space. Also, I was told by a very reliable source that one of those historic towers with high vacancy will be converted to apartments sometime soon. An announcement has yet to be made, and the source would not identify which building in particular, but it will help the market considerably to get that space off the office market.
  2. They did a media and invited guests night. They will be opening to the public very soon.
  3. I agree if you mean there is room for more structures but I don't think the grass is more terrible than extra pavement. Hopefully something will be built on that huge lot in front on the Hamilton side, which could distract from the grass. My point is that there can be better landscaping done in lieu of grass.
  4. I'm in total shock. With Panera opening a downtown location, and expanding their uptown location, I get the feeling that maybe franchise management has changed recently. Or they just hit a wall and realize that a strictly suburban growth model wasn't cutting it. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!
  5. If we're lucky Guy Fieri will open a Johnny Garlics in phase two of The Banks.
  6. Too much grass. If there are two things I generally dislike in urban environments it is 1) grass and 2) use of wood as a building material.
  7. I find that almost impossible to believe. I helped open that restaurant when it was built out originally, and was shocked at the time that they didn't build it out all the way west right at the beginning. The place never had enough room, but even though an expansion could be used, I just don't see them coughing up the cash to do it. Do you have something official supporting your claim, or are you just making an educated guess?
  8. I stand by the "upscale Applebee's" comment, though I haven't eaten at one, either. Frankly, you could make that same argument about the Lager House if it weren't for the fact that it is not a chain and has an acclaimed chef there making a menu for the specific restaurant and overseeing the kitchen...both of which cannot be said about the Yard House. Poke around on their menus. I think you'll agree they are similar. I guess Applebee's is "American Fusion". LOL. http://www.yardhouse.com/menus/house-favorites.aspx http://applebees.com/menu/sizzling-entrees It's not exactly Applebee's, but doesn't this count as "acclaimed chef." Haha! I kid. I kid.
  9. You mean incredibly amazingly energetically positive! LOL. http://www.local12.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoId=3479350&navCatId=20036 That last line from Kit Andrews was lifted from UrbanCincy.com this morning. Compare: UrbanCincy [http://urbn.cc/p2hm] at 11am said, "Cincinnati Mayor Mallory has already hinted that groundbreaking could take place this summer." Kit Andrews for WKRC at 5pm said, "Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has hinted that the city could break ground for the second phase of The Banks sometime this summer."
  10. Yard House seems more akin to Moerlein Lager House than it does Applebee's, but then again that's coming from a guy who's never been to a Yard House and hasn't been to an Applebee's in a decade.
  11. Right, the Business Courier republished the story we put up on UrbanCincy: http://www.urbancincy.com/2012/05/latest-phase-of-stetson-square-takes-on-new-urban-form/. That row of buildings in question is NOT coming down. The four new buildings are being built in that vacant area bounded by Eden, Rochelle, Gerard, and Donahue. Here:
  12. Maybe a better way would be to allow them to work for tips? There's a little bit of street theatre going on at NOTL. I've been to a wonderful little town where the street theatre was so good that it actually attracted people to the square, and all the artists worked for tips. Many people confuse street performers working for tips as bums. If you want to avoid this false perception, and create a non-invasive welcome, while also guaranteeing payment for these musicians, you should just pay them outright.
  13. I believe the safety beacon things, or whatever they are, are actually for the underground parking garage. You have to keep in mind that Hamilton County doesn't control anything at street-level. I believe that the security investment is actually to put those phone boxes and what not down inside the garage. A significant amount of that money will also not be for security-related measures at all and will actually go to manage traffic into and out of the Central Riverfront Parking Garage.
  14. Not sure if anyone has shared this video or not, but here you go: The Greens at Kenwood
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