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  1. Lets have a banana republic!
  2. Tried to recruit, Ted Kennedy met with the Russian Government to beat Reagan. Kennedy took money LOL.
  3. I would never follow you advice. Thank GOD!
  4. Prove it. Why would it matter? You will never marry AND have children, yes?
  5. Does not exist in the USA unless you count Banana Republic Obama. The far right in the USA has a cook out on Sunday now? It is insane. Basically, white, suburban means facsicm. LOL
  6. All of it is leftist, ALL of it. Yeah including the National Socialist Nazis, Leftists. The worse ever, but maybe Stalin had something to say about it. The Left kills everyone they disagree with, mass murder and genocide.
  7. All resistance to USA customs, laws, free speech, is from the left, all of it.
  8. the opposite of the USA, thanks for proving my point.
  9. Nope you are ignorant. All of them leftists and socialists.
  10. Always leftist politics lead to genocide. All of them.
  11. It is good that Fox bothers you. Good for the the society the debate. Are you without Christ? No rudder? Just guessing.
  12. Sure is, GDP Growth, Stock Market, massive wage increases, I can't get food at Krogers LOL. Your left wing politics lead to genocide. The USA is the leader against this, The USA is the leader of food production. You are a cry baby.
  13. Just hoping for Venezuela here, why not? Paradise.
  14. No, Trump's money-laundering, treason and obstruction of justice should earn him prison. Your poor judgment gets you Donald Trump and a nation that will need decades of newly rediscovered respect for morality, laws and decency to cleanse Trump's excrement off it. Yep that should do it! LOL He just a cigar and Monica.
  15. You are right, high taxation and marxism works well!
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