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  1. Got word today that an AT&T store is going in at the corner of East 9th in Euclid at the Schofield. The location was formerly the Holiday pop up bar and former Nike Pop Up store.
  2. I can tell you that this is not an updated design. This doesn't show the warehouses on the north end of the lakefront. Construction is supposed to begin in late spring/early summer on that portion.
  3. I'm waiting for Dick to send me the actual renderings of the warehouses. Will post them as soon as I receive them.
  4. Guys, I checked the renderings. Nothing has changed from the ones I have. I will ask Dick tomorrow for the updated renderings of the warehouses. I'd be happy to upload them anyway
  5. Left them at the office. Will upload tomorrow. I also realized I need to get the updated pics of the warehouse from Dick next time I see him.
  6. I'll be posting them later this afternoon. Dick Pace has been living up to his end so far. It's Trammel and Co. out of Dallas that's done absolutely nothing for this project.
  7. He said the office will come soon. This is just the next phase. I saw the plans today and have them. I will upload them tomorrow sometime.
  8. He said that the original plan was to tear down the warehouses, but that's no longer the case. They will keep the existing structure up, however completely change the facade of the building.
  9. Pics from Harbor Veranda's today on the lakefront. I was with Dick Pace, and he told me the next phase is starting in June. It will be the warehouses north of the stadium and they will be converted to retail, shops and restaurants. They will convert the ceilings to skylights to bring in the natural light. The plans look amazing. He said connecting the Rock Hall and the Science Center would come after that. Pics from Harbor Veranda's today on the lakefront.
  10. Just spoke to someone from CRM, and they are opening a pop up bar in the Schofield called Lake Effect at the corner of East 9th and Euclid.
  11. Updated construction photo. Multiple workers currently working on the exterior.
  12. I believe they said 163 units total. Also, the floor with the fire place is 9,000 SQ ft designed specifically for office space. 60 different floor plans, which I found fascinating. They already have multiple units leased according to the management company.
  13. Was on a hard hat tour today of the building and took some pics. First apartments open up in January, and the rest of the building opens in March.
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