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  1. The stadium in LA is 2.4 Billion to build and the surrounding area (Housing, retail and commercial space) is 2.6 billion.
  2. Seattle only has 2 pro teams, Baltimore only has 2 professional teams, So does New Orleans, Phoenix has only the Suns and D-backs downtown, the Cardinals and Coyotes both play in Glendale, Nashville and Cincinnati also only have 2 professional teams. Let's try this again
  3. Nucleus WILL Happen. The gap is very minimal at this point. I don't see anyway it doesn't get done.
  4. City Target is already on this list, no need to contact...
  5. Groundbreaking will come after the all star game. Look for late July, more likely mid August would be my guess
  6. Until he lowers his price, it's not going anywhere. Was asking 2.9 mil as of a few weeks ago
  7. KJP, Thanks again for your help in assisting with this. Really appreciate it!!
  8. Cleveland Live is out of the picture. It was replaced by the Fox Sports Grill
  9. KJP will be uploading the most recent renderings shortly here for the project. The community meeting will be an open house on Monday, 5/6 from 6pm-7:30pm in the basement of Holy Rosary church. If anyone can make the meeting in support of the project, it would be greatly appreciated!
  10. From what I was told tonight, it will be no higher than 11 stories
  11. If you want a hint as to what will be happening in Tower City, go ahead and google (Station F in Paris). That will give you some insight as to what the future of Tower City is. Unfortunately, I can't say much more than that.
  12. I'll get some more information tomorrow regarding Scranton.
  13. https://f.tlcollect.com/fr2/819/15182/The_Barrington_at_Thunderbird_-_Digital_Version_v2.pdf New update for renovated office space
  14. I was there for a pre party yesterday before opening day. Very impressive what they are doing in that space! The rooftop will be like nothing Cleveland has right now. Resembles an NYC/Chicago vibe.
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