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  1. An interesting idea which would work for this building would be a store like a City Target in the atrium area, with open concept office spaces on the upper floors. This building just isn't ideal for residential.
  2. I don't think you realize how large this building is. This would be a bigger undertaking than Centennial, and this building is in far worse condition.
  3. This property would be awful for residential conversion. Way too much interior floor space as the floor plates are massive in the interior.
  4. Trust me, the chemicals/acids didn't work in the warm weather either. I've watched them from my office on a daily basis, and barely anything has worked
  5. Pre-leasing hasn't even started yet, so there's no way the building is 90% spoken for. Also, they can't move more than 3-4 people in per day. Management discussed this last month at the Colliers event at Music Box.
  6. Only 1 room caught on fire. Apparently someone left a lit cigarette in a room. Minimal damage to the property
  7. That picture is from my apartment on the 9th floor of the Schofield, lol. I'll take another one this afternoon.
  8. They are going to stay as apartments. Not converting back to condos
  9. The stadium in LA is 2.4 Billion to build and the surrounding area (Housing, retail and commercial space) is 2.6 billion.
  10. Seattle only has 2 pro teams, Baltimore only has 2 professional teams, So does New Orleans, Phoenix has only the Suns and D-backs downtown, the Cardinals and Coyotes both play in Glendale, Nashville and Cincinnati also only have 2 professional teams. Let's try this again
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