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  1. Agreed. Delta and Endeavour account for about 40% of the traffic out of CVG with the non-ULCCs making up about 36%. There is also a decent amount of competition on many routes between legacy carriers and/or SWA. I think 10MM pax/year is more than reasonable within 2 years. Increased frequencies and upgauging alone would go a long way towards that and that is to say nothing of new routes/airlines.
  2. Airfares at CVG Remain Lowest in Region The U.S. Department of Transportation released its average airfare ranking report for third quarter 2019, and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) once again has the lowest airfares in the region. CVG ranked #80 – average fare $314 Columbus (CMH) ranked #49 – average fare $359 Indianapolis (IND) ranked #46 – average fare $360 Louisville (SDF) ranked #36 – average fare $377 Dayton (DAY) ranked #3 – average fare $445 It's crazy to see the fares at DAY. They have seen pretty significant cuts in capacity over the past couple of years and it shows.
  3. Oh wow I didn't realize every flight was a CRJ2. Yikes. I wonder if that might change since UA is flying the CRJ550s to ORD now. Obviously the 550 is still a "50 seat" jet, the more premium heavy layout might force DL to move to CRJ7 or 9 to take advantage of the increase in premium seats.
  4. No press release but starting in the first week of June, DL will be increasing the CVG-RDU frequency to 3x daily. They (Endeavour) currently operate a CRJ200 and a CRJ700 on the route but a second CRJ2 will be added. Google Flights shows this additional frequency starting 6/8 but obviously subject to change.
  5. CVG Passenger Stats for December December: 2018: 668,917 2019: 718,487 Var: +7.4% YTD 2018: 8,865,568 2019: 9,103,554 Var: +2.7% CVG just released its December passenger numbers and they were massive. Dec 2019 saw 50,000 more passengers pass through CVG compared to 2018 which is a huge 7.4% increase YoY. This takes the final passenger numbers for 2019 up to 9,103,554, up nearly 2.7% vs. LY. Having flown into and out of CVG twice this holiday season, I can confirm it was humming. This is great news for the airport and hopefully this leads to another strong year in 2020. I wouldn't be surprised to see Delta upgrade its Phoenix nonstop to year-round and in that case, American would likely follow suit. Other routes to keep an eye on would be Delta to Austin and possibly an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin. **To clarify the CVG-AUS Delta route, it is currently operated by a CRJ9 and with Delta expanding in Austin, I wouldn't be surprised to see this upgauged to a mainline flight on a B717.
  6. CVG-MEM is part of a massive Allegiant expansion. Over 40 new routes have been announced including a number of non-warm weather city pairs.
  7. Allegiant Announces New Nonstop to Memphis Allegiant will commence service on May 22 https://www.cvgairport.com/about/news/2020/01/14/allegiant-announces-new-nonstop-service-to-memphis-with-one-way-fares-as-low-as-$55
  8. CVG Passenger Stats for November November: 2018: 707,672 2019: 710,816 Var: +0.4% YTD: 2018: 8,196,651 2019: 8,385,261 Var: +2.3% November came in nearly flat to LY with just a ~2,800 passenger growth vs. 2018. This represents the lowest Month over Month growth since April. Part of this could be due to the late Thanksgiving meaning that only two travel days followed the holiday in the month of November. In any event, we will see how the rest of the holiday season plays out. As I mentioned above, AA just launched its nonstop to PHX in time for the holidays and the new Allegiant flight to PBI should see some strong December demand as well. Be sure to leave a little extra time if you're flying around Christmas!
  9. American Airlines Seasonal Flight to PHX Starts https://www.cvgairport.com/about/news/2019/12/18/american-airlines-now-offers-seasonal-service-from-cvg-to-phoenix AA is starting their seasonal nonstop to PHX. This flight runs from 12/18/19 - 4/6/20 and is operated by an A319. After a quick check of Google Flights, prices to PHX from CVG are pretty cheap through the holiday season due to competition with the Delta nonstop. For reference, that flight is operated with a larger A321.
  10. I really should have put "continental Europe" in quotes haha. But in that vein, Aer Lingus does have a pretty strong onward connecting network. Dublin is also unique in that it has a US border preclearance facility.
  11. Aer Lingus now has 4 A321LRs in its fleet with 4 more lease options on order. They currently are configured with a 184 seat (16 Biz, 168 Econ) layout and have more than enough range to make the ~3,200nm flight to Dublin from CVG. They also have 6 A321XLRs on order which should be delivered in 2023-2024. This would be a good test of load factors to a continental European destination. Assuming the article's figures represent passengers flying out of CVG, there is a roughly 500 pax/day demand to Europe meaning that there is probably room for a couple daily flights in addition to Delta's CVG-CDG flight.
  12. CVG Passenger Stats for October October: 2018: 789,682 2019: 808,127 Var: +2.3% YTD 2018: 7,488,979 2019: 7,674,445 Var: +2.5% October pax numbers just came in. October came in with solid YoY growth compared to August and September which were nearly flat to LY. This looks like it could be a very busy holiday season for CVG. Assuming YoY passenger numbers continue to grow at around 2.5%, CVG should end 2019 with a shade under 9.1MM passengers. Delta has restarted their CVG-PHX seasonal nonstop and Allegiant will start flying to PBI here later in the month so we'll see how those flights shake out once we get data for November. American's flight to PHX won't start until December so we won't get a read on the performance of that flight for a while.
  13. Endeavor Air to Open Base at CVG As part of Delta's consolidation of regional carriers, Endeavor expects departures out of CVG to increase by 25% and will be basing 40 pilots and flight attendants at the airport. https://thepointsguy.com/news/delta-affiliate-endeavor-to-open-a-new-base-in-cincinnati/
  14. United To Drop San Francisco Service From CVG United will drop its daily CVG-SFO flight starting January 3. Delta currently operates the only other year round nonstop to SFO from CVG. https://thepointsguy.com/news/united-airlines-drops-west-coast-service-from-cincinnati/
  15. CVG Passenger Stats for September September 2018: 716,740 2019: 722,372 Var: +0.8% YTD 2018: 6,699,297 2019: 6,866,318 Var: +2.5% September came in relatively flat vs. LY. We will probably see the impact in the new Allegiant and Frontier flights here in October. Obviously there is good overall growth for CVG as evidenced by the new Escape lounge talked about above. There are only 6 here in the US and it's nice to see CVG get some more lounge options for passengers. More amenities are always a good sign.
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