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  1. Yes it was and your post is racist. You may not mean it to be but it is. A white male attacking black woman's health decision in a way that is stating that they think any black woman that make the incredible personal health decision around keeping or aborting a fetus somehow means they don't support black lives is very racist, woefully ignorant and clearly a straw man argument.
  2. Budget Hearing Breaks Down After Mann Abruptly Ends Meeting https://www.wvxu.org/post/budget-hearing-breaks-down-after-mann-abruptly-ends-meeting Cincinnati City Council's final public hearing Thursday night on the city budget ended in chaos. Budget and Finance Committee Chairman David Mann abruptly adjourned the session at the Duke Energy Convention Center and walked out. That came after the audience booed and attempted to shout down a speaker who was in favor of fully funding the city police department. Mann told WVXU he reminded the crowd they were there to listen to each other, and that included the man who spoke up about fully funding police. "And the crowd erupted at me, and I vividly recall a gentleman saying 'We don't want to hear from somebody that we don't agree with,' " Mann said. "This is on the heels of a lot of very unpleasant allegations, and I just felt like we were past the point of having a meaningful discussion or public input. It was turning into a mob, so I said, 'This meeting is adjourned.' " After Mann left, other council members including Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Jeff Pastor, P.G. Sittenfeld, and Greg Landsman tried to keep the meeting going. Members Chris Seelbach and Wendell Young were watching remotely on Zoom. But some speakers agued the meeting was no longer legitimate with Mann gone.
  3. Nine Giant has done very good, IMO. For awhile they had online pick up only. They would text you when it was ready and you would walk and your to go bag would be on a table with your name on it. Now, they make you wait before being seated and have a huge thing of hand sanitizer where you wait. They spread out the tables inside and added a back patio and all the employees are wearing masks.
  4. Cranley has made a point to make sure the streetcar vote is a standalone vote per Chris W’s tweet. Needs 6 votes.
  5. https://www.transportation.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/odot/projects/projects/91826 Est. Const. Cost: $35,980,000 Begin Construction: Spring 2018 End Construction: Summer 2021
  6. Breakfast places almost never fail. People freaking love breakfast food, plus people already know about and many love the Sugar n Spice in Paddock Hills.
  7. The intersection from Red Bank to westbound Columbia Parkway is always confusing. That seems like it needs to be part of any possible improvement plan.
  8. lol such grumpy haters on here. Gary is greatest name for a mascot ever. Started out as a joke that clearly annoyed Jeff Berding and the club eventually caved when they realized the fans were going to call him Gary no matter what. As for the stadium, looks nice. Simple but with some style. I still think MNUFC has the best pattern for their supporters section in MLS with their loon:
  9. Does anyone know what the price will be on those lots?
  10. The first 2 things people think of when it comes to Mann is how old he is and what exactly his platform would be versus PG. Interesting little tidbit from the WVXU article on him entering the race: Mann told Wilkinson he is not at all happy with the recent tenor on City Council or the antics of the "Gang of Five." Still, he refused to say anything negative about Sittenfeld or his council colleagues. "If I do this, I'd talk about my vision for what this city can be,'' Mann said. "Some days I think the 'good old days' weren't so bad, when we had people here like Bobbie Sterne and Gene Ruehlmann. Serious people."
  11. New Residential Community Planned on Beverly Hills Supper Club Site https://www.rcnky.com/articles/2020/05/07/new-residential-community-planned-beverly-hills-supper-club-site A new development is coming to the former site of the Beverly Hills Supper Club, the famed Northern Kentucky destination that burned in the late 1970s, killing 165 people. The estimated $65 million project includes single-family homes, apartments, and an assisted living facility, and will also include a memorial to the victims of the 1977 fire. Memorial Point will be built in phases over approximately five years with construction tentatively scheduled to begin in the fall of 2021. The project will include: 89 single-family, two to four bedroom homes that will be offered starting in the upper $300,000 range. A Home Owners Association will maintain the units, a neighborhood park and greenspace. 100 to 200 luxury apartments that will offer rents from $1,100 to $2,000 a month and feature a common area that includes a swimming pool, indoor exercise facility and an event center for parties, meetings, family gatherings, etc. A for-profit assisted living facility of 79 residential units that with care and support fees will be offered at $3,000 to $6,000 a month.
  12. They'll just replace Williams with some other turd to get angry suburbanite clicks if ever got fired. Remember, this is the paper that employed Peter Bronson.
  13. I really want this little building redeveloped at Court and Main: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.1067214,-84.5110165,3a,75y,219.76h,94.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVD9jhmDcwZxIHZQSZ6eNQA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en
  14. It's Alaska. You can already book flights for August:
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