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  1. FCC is getting tons of exposure from the march on Sunday. Edit and international press. Here's a video from BBC Sport: https://streamable.com/4t3o5
  2. I post on the Cincinnati one periodically. But mostly just to help people want to move into the city or looking for ideas on things to do. A few years back when Jake got kicked off there was an insane streetcar thread. Many of the anti-streetcar folks in that thread have either been banned or stopped posting. During that time, myself and about 4 or 5 other pro-streetcar posters decided to quit feeding the trolls. There's still handful of posters that like to come on and post about how they hate streetcar, but they are mostly ignored or ridiculed especially since it's been pointed out they're spewing nonsense and how none of them live in the city. Once we stooped feeding the trolls the Cincinnati sub has become much more relaxing. I still post occasionally in the streetcar threads just because that site still draws a lot of clicks from outside of Cincinnati. The most recent streetcar thread has somebody from Scotland asking about it. I find it easy to reply directly to people asking real questions and to just ignore the trolls talking about "how the choo choo is always empty" or other insane things now.
  3. This is just getting absurd now.
  4. The Enquirer is of course having a field day with this story. Very few voters will remember or care about this come 2021 but it's just another way for local right wing media to shit on the city for suburban clicks. Don't get me wrong, the council members messed up but it doesn't deserve the kangaroo court and media circus.
  5. FC Cincinnati about to hit more attendance milestones as it enters MLS The team’s season ticket sales are on the verge of topping 20,000, FC Cincinnati president and general manager Jeff Berding said Tuesday at his “State of the Team." And ticket sales for FC Cincinnati’s home opener March 17 vs. the Portland Timbers have already topped the team’s record home-opening crowd in the United Soccer League of 25,667. That number will keep rising. “We expect continued swift sales as the date approaches,” he said. “We’re hoping for over 30,000 at the inaugural game.” FC Cincinnati has the second-most merchandise sales of any MLS expansion club as it enters the season, Berding said. And that was done in just three months. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/02/26/fc-cincinnati-about-to-hit-more-attendance.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline
  6. At what cost for Louisville? That Yum center has been in controversy since it opened much like PBS here. The building was in massive debt in 2017 and had to completely restructure to avoid default and the Louisville/Jefferson Co Metro Gov't is currently paying $10.8 Million annually for it. https://www.bizjournals.com/louisville/news/2017/12/07/yum-center-completes-restructure-of-hundreds-of.html
  7. I love how Jason Williams started out by attacking AOC. He's basically just a political hack at this point, not that he was ever much of a serious reporter. I've been a supporter of this stadium and using the funds to help build it but having it delayed by a week or two to make sure all parties involved are happy isn't bad business or extortion. It's good governance. This is just another example of The Enquirer finding some new way to shit on the city and running with it to get suburban clicks.
  8. FC Cincinnati, Music Hall companies have an agreement FC Cincinnati and the companies that use Music Hall have an agreement “in principle” on the issue of noise potentially entering the venerable venue during performances, the Business Courier has learned. It’s unclear what the details of that agreement with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Opera, the May Festival and the Cincinnati Ballet are, and it is just one pact that FCC likely will have to strike in order to see its development plan and a key land sale clear the Cincinnati City Council today. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/02/13/fc-cincinnati-music-hall-companies-have-an.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline
  9. I'm looking forward to Generation Y or whatever they'll be called to come up so people stop attacking Millennials, like myself. BTW, my wife and I cook every meal other than the weekend and most my close friends cook. But I guess along with killing a million business and industries we're also killing cooking? In fact, I've seen Millennials are more likely to be DIY because of youtube how-to videos.
  10. Yes, GoodFellas is still planning to open. They're waiting on permits. Other neighborhood tidbits: The Overlook bought the old Grand Central Deli location and plans to open a steak house there, 9 Giant is still working on their rare beer/event space on Ridge, Molly Mallones plus the hole where Coffee Exchange was is for sale, the new Coffee Exchange is going to be huge located in a building across the street from PRC and somebody bought Burger King or is in the process of buying it, but no word on what the plans are for it.
  11. and here's the story.... Dense, mixed-use development planned in Pleasant Ridge https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/02/06/dense-mixed-use-development-planned-in-pleasant.html?fbclid=IwAR3y65fp2C6uXJh3nt2t4z5RbOsdtNQhotfx8RVy0h7grLC_Ggfn5TmD7Tg Pleasant Ridge Development Corp. has purchased a key corner in the Cincinnati neighborhood with plans to develop a dense, mixed-use project on the site. PRDC purchased seven parcels totaling 1.25 acres on the southeast corner of Montgomery and Lester roads from Lester Real Estate LLC for $850,000. Jason Chamlee, president of PRDC, said the organization is looking to develop a dense, mixed-use project that includes apartments and “strategic” commercial space on the site that fits into the neighborhood business district. The idea is to bring an urban development to the neighborhood.
  12. Beyond what Cincy 513 posted, CSO's own report states they'd be subjected to about 75dba of noise from the outside. What else is that loud? A toilet flush, highway noise and lawn mower. http://chchearing.org/noise/common-environmental-noise-levels/ This. is. not. about. noise.
  13. MLS issues the schedule, not FCC.. But yes, this way they don't have to work around any one else's schedule like MLS has to do with Yankees for NYCFC. But this obviously about CSO trying to make FCC pay to move the Ballet.
  14. It is worded strangely like they just want have Central follow as if with no changes. I'm not sure if closing Central is the right thing to do but banning it all together seems short sited. Seelbach confirmed he wrote it and came up with himself, which is no surprise. He's on a war path to destroy anything good or bad towards FCC.
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