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  1. Oh dear lord. God forbid we call the game by its proper terms. I don't care if you call the score zero-zero but the proper term in nil-nil. Jersey is a kit, field is a pitch. blah blah blah. I'll call them by the proper terms but if you don't that's no big deal to me. It also shouldn't matter to you when people use the proper terms, I feel sorry for you if it does. Also, US is not the only country to call it soccer. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa and Ireland all call it soccer or use soccer and football interchangeably. In Italy it's called Calicio and in many SE Asian country's it's called kick ball. While the name of the sport changes the matchs are still played on pitches with players wearing kits. It has nothing to do with EPL or wanting to be European to me. I don't follow any other league than MLS. I can only name maybe 5 or 6 EPL clubs. Are you upset in French game of Tennis and the score LOVE instead of Zero or when score is actually 3-1 but it's called 40-15? Are you mad when baseball purists remind you baseball is played in a ballpark and not a stadium? Are you mad at the Scottish game golf? The word bogey? Probably not, as this is just about poo-pooing on soccer and it's fans...erhm supporters. Oh no...I'm sorry...fans. You're just coming off as old man yells at cloud meme because you're triggered by the fact that people are starting use to soccer proper terms.
  2. You all should know better and not reply to Jake in soccer threads. He's just trolling.
  3. Me too, I work on Central Parwkay so plan to walk over there from time to time. My wife does most of the grocery shopping at Aldi but Aldi doesn't carry everything so I occasionally have to go to Kroger. This will make those trip easier since I can just do them during my lunch break.
  4. That block of Court Street will have DD, Kitty's and now Starbucks.
  5. Wow, I never realized how wasteful it is. Very interesting. Let's do that and get the county jail moved while we're at it.
  6. I meant 12th street, yes. I've been parking in a Levine spot for almost 7 years and I have never-ever seen the lot at 12th and Sycamore full. Even when half of it was closed for movie trailers a few years ago there were still plenty of spots in the morning. The only time I ever see A&D full is during the winter months or rainy days. Even if both were filled the casino is never close to being full. The idea that it's hard to find a spot to park near the courthouse between 8 and 10am is simply not true because if nothing else, you can always park at the casino.
  7. The Sycamore/15th lot that is hopefully going to become a new building in Pendleton is never filled up. The A&D garage does occasionally fills up, mostly in the winter though. The casino is never close to filled. Plenty of parking around the court house....
  8. The highlight of the match for FCC was the glorious tifo. Other than that FCC had no answers for Zardes making his runs. Fun rivalry already, will truly be something special.
  9. Too bad Oakley keeps getting drive-thrus.
  10. In what shouldn't be much of a surprise, Queen City Brewery of Cincinnati in Blue Ash announced they're closing. Famously started of a kick starter, they mostly used malt extract instead of all grain. You can read their facebook post here. I was at Fretboard recently on a Saturday afternoon. They were packed and have some great beers, fun atmosphere and good bbq. Then drove over over to QCB. The place was empty, the taproom was odd to say the least and it was depressing. The beer was also bad. I'd file them under the same umbrella as Tap & Screw. Just because you make an decent home brew with a kit from Listermans doesn't mean you should open a brewery.
  11. 15 stories....does anyone know how tall the GE building is?
  12. I'm sorry you didn't like my phrasing but I just used the word unnecessary because I was getting the impression (as other posters were) that some posters were indicating that Mad Tree was struggling by not growing-via-downtown-taproom. Personally, I'd much rather see a brand new unique to the area brewery like 3 Points or a well known craft brewery that will draw in beer tourists like Brew Dog and Sam Adams as opposed to Mad Tree opening a 2nd location downtown.
  13. Mad Tree is making hand over fist. They're growing even without opening an unnecessary 2nd location downtown. In 2018, they expanded into the Nashville market. They recently started a cider brand though the haven't started canning it yet. Once they start selling those ciders in cans they'll make even more money. This This 2017 article from biz courier says all you need to know: "MadTree was founded in 2013 and was the first craft beer in Ohio to can its product. The brewery recently moved into a new $18 million facility in the rehabbed former RockTenn manufacturing facility at 3301 Madison Road. The upgrade will allow MadTree to produce 50,000 barrels of beer by 2018 with room to expand to 100,000 barrels by 2020. MadTree is Cincinnati's third-largest craft brewery by barrels of beer produced with 19,700 in the first nine months of 2017, according to Courier research. It's also one of Cincinnati's fastest-growing private companies, increasing revenue 85 percent since 2014, with 2016 revenue of $8.2 million."
  14. There's a lot of underground work being done on Sycamore right next to the lot this week. Unsure if it's related to a project or not.
  15. Montgomery Road re-pavement has started. Will repave and re-stripe from Norwood line to Silverton line. It's getting the Delta Avenue treatment. 4 lanes to 3 lanes plus a bike lane. Through the PR Business district will 4 lanes with but 2 of the lanes will be parking during non-rush hour. Adds left turn lane to Losantiville Ave. Also adding a stop light to Grand Vista. Expected to take until New Years. Link to the PDF: https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/dote/dote-projects/montgomery-road-safety-project/montgomery-road-bike-lanes-drawing/
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