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  1. Okey dokey. I minored in Urban and Community Planning in college, so I don't plan to hit up the library as you condescendingly stated. I never said it fits or doesn't fit the urban fabric. I just stated that a lot people seem like it, myself included. You do not, you've made that point quite clear.
  2. FC Cincinnati reveals design plan for new stadium https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/07/16/fc-cincinnati-reveals-design-planfor-new-stadium.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline • A Grand Staircase (French steps) rising 30 feet from Central Parkway, with stairs 150 feet wide, to serve as a “regal entrance” into the stadium and give the fan’s supporters a dramatic entry into the stadium following their pregame supporters march. • LED lighting on 513 vertical fins that form a wavelike external structure surrounding the stadium. • A one-of-a-kind lighting feature on the fins that allows unique motion sequences to be shown on the east-facing façade. • A 360-degree canopy roof covering all of the seats. • The Mercy Health Plaza at the southeast corner of the stadium to provide community programming space. • A total of 59 suites, including two-party suites and three field-level suites, the most in MLS for a soccer-specific venue. A total of 4,500 premium club seats. • The Bailey, the team's designated supporters section behind one of the goals, will feature 3,100 seats where fans can stand safely. That section, twice the size of the current Bailey at Nippert Stadium, covers nearly the entire north end of the stadium. The stadium won’t have a beer garden, a feature Berding suggested during the Business Courier Power Breakfast event April 30. “I do not expect there will be a public-facing beer hall baked into the walls of the stadium,” he said. But the team is working with commercial real estate developers to decide if a beer hall makes sense in the mixed-use developments surrounding the stadium. Parking will be available in a variety of places. Hamilton County has committed to building a 1,000 parking spaces nearby. The team is building a 400-space garage on the east side of the stadium and building a surface lot on the west side that would hold about 100 vehicles. Berding also said a lot of fans arrive at games through ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. The team plans to create spaces so fans can easily find their ride home. And the stadium is two blocks away from a streetcar stop on Elm Street near Music Hall. “Our hope is that some folks will park at the Banks or under Fountain Square and take the streetcar up,” Berding said
  3. Counterpoint....football stadiums in Paris, France. Of course these while being completely different architecture than the surrounding buildings squeeze in because of the lack of parking obsession in Europe.
  4. How good a building looks will almost always be debatable. The negativity by some on this forum is not surprising. Meanwhile from what I'm seeing on Twitter and Reddit most people seem to love the building. PBS is always so interesting to me because it's won architecture awards yet tons of people hate the building.
  5. I think it looks great and will be a great atmosphere inside with the new Bailey. Exciting times. Looking forward to hosting some CONCACAF Nations League matches, Gold Cup matches and World Cup Qualifiers. Doesn't look too dramatically different from renderings we already saw....I sure feel vindicated That being said, not sure what the ramp building is next to the staircase. Also would have rather had the team shop up on the road and I saw on twitter somebody stated a cut out on the SE corner would be a nice to see downtown from the pitch.
  6. https://www.westendstadium.com/ New and probably final renderings up. . . . . .
  7. FC Cincinnati to announce new stadium design Tuesday FC Cincinnati has announced it will unveil the latest design for the West End stadium Tuesday morning. After aesthetic redesigns, zoning changes and conflicts with residents on the area over the purchase and planned demolition of apartment buildings in the West End, FC Cincinnati plans to show the public its new design for the home they're planning to build in the West End. https://www.wcpo.com/sports/fc-cincinnati/fc-cincinnati-to-announce-new-stadium-design-tuesday --------------- Random rumors or r/FCCincinnati state it's quite a departure from previous designs and construction materials. We'll see tomorrow.
  8. The USWNT vs France game drew 6.1 million viewers on Friday. For comparison sake the NBA finals peaked with a viewership of over 10 million. https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2019/06/uswnt-france-viewers-fox-womens-world-cup/
  9. cincydave8


    Census ruling in. 5-4 Roberts joins liberal justices to block adding citizenship question. Although the Court sends the case back to the agency, it largely rejects the substantive objections New York raised regarding the agency's power to include a citizenship question. So the remand may prove to be a temporary, and limited, victory. From Soctus Blog: Here's how I would characterize the bottom line on the census: The Court has rejected the proposition that it is impossible for Commerce to add a citizenship question, but it has also held that it does not believe the voting-rights related justification that Commerce offered. That means Commerce could get another chance to justify its decision. Whether it has the time to do that is a practical question, not a legal one. Pulled quote from the liveblog they had running: http://live.scotusblog.com/Event/Live_blog_of_opinions__June_27_2019
  10. cincydave8


    Justice Kagan's closing paragraph: "Of all times to abandon the Court’s duty to declare the law, this was not the one. The practices challenged in these cases imperil our system of government. Part of the Court’s role in that system is to defend its foundations. None is more important than free and fair elections. With respect but deep sadness, I dissent. "
  11. cincydave8


    5-4 to dismiss gerrymandering cases over lack of jurisdiction. Basically states can and still will gerrymander. Follow along: http://live.scotusblog.com/Event/Live_blog_of_opinions__June_27_2019
  12. Local media is trying to make what appears to be a boring budget exciting by attacking the streetcar. I watched WLWT at 6 last night and the whole segment on the budget was about the streetcar. Interviewed both Cranley and Murray with quotes about how they think streetcar sucks and how they think it's only going to get worse. Nothing about how we're mostly raising fees on people parking illegally or how it passed easily 6-3 and no quotes or on camera interviews from the Democrats.
  13. I lived in an apartment on Stettinius for almost 3 years, my wife and I started referring to the 2 Hyde Parks as "Beer Hyde Park" and "Champagne Hyde Park."
  14. Yes, we're all aware of what has happened. I was just trying to say there are very strong opinions on this issue and some people will dislike FCC regardless of what happens while some people will support everything FCC has done. I'm a fan of the team but realize this process has been bad and clearly FCC has done things wrong or at least could have handled it better.
  15. I would contend that you're making broad brush strokes. I'm not defending what FCC has done, they clearly could have handled this whole saga better and I have previously posted that I think Jeff Berding just needs to shut his mouth. I'm just pointing out that Jake acted like we haven't seen stadium plans but we have from multiple sources and have been posted in this thread. We have NOT seen plans for the site around the stadium. I too will be disappointed if it's just parking garages. Too many people want to make this black and white on whether or not your support the stadium or not. Of course it's not that simple and people should stick to the facts regardless of beliefs. The stadium design may have few more minor changes as all stadium plans do but the basic look, layout and seating capacity has long been established which is the point I was making. The bottom line is there are posters on this forum will hate FCC no matter what they do, even if the final plans had been posted and were an urbanist dream come true some posters would still stomp their feet and complain. Their are also plenty of supporters, not so much on this forum that I've seen, that will support FCC no matter what including supporting scrapping the Liberty Street diet. Both of these type of people add nothing to a civil debate or discourse on what our city should be.
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