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  1. Then Jason Williams will write some article with the headline "Citizen Watchdog Group warns Bus Tax Could go to Streetcar"
  2. cincydave8

    Cincinnati Bengals Discussion

    God, that would be awful. It's quite clear Katie Blackburn is in full control now and is making the changes. The biggest take away is all those empty seats in PBS mattered and forces their hand. The fans wanted to blow it up, the Bengals did that. The fans wanted a young offensive coach, the Bengals did that.
  3. cincydave8

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    Terry's is getting all the coverage because it was on TV. I've been there twice. It's nice. The burgers are good and all the signs are fun. Zips is better though.
  4. cincydave8

    Cincinnati Bengals Discussion

    Probably not. The media and fans of other teams love the joke. The story goes in 2015, Marvin wanted to retire and have Hue Jackson take over as head coach but Mike Brown refused. So either, Mike Brown thought Marvin should still be coaching at that point or felt like he'd rather have Marvin than Hue or just straight up didn't want Hue to be head coach.
  5. cincydave8

    FC Cincinnati Discussion

    MLS not messing around here with perennial powers Seattle and Portland along with MLS champs Atlanta. Also, more likely, a welcome to the casual FCC fan by seeing FCC play in front of 50,000 fans in Seattle then 70,000 fans in Atlanta.
  6. cincydave8

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Alms & Doepke is Job and Family Services not the BMV, which is located in the CAB building.
  7. Of all the supporter groups this kind of action will almost have to fall on DI being the city supporter group. It will be interesting to see what bars all the groups end up at. I imagine the march will start at Washington Park but I have no idea. The only thing I remember seeing that QCM was talking to Taft Ale House but that was a long time ago and I'm not even sure QCM should count as a legit group. Rhinehaus would be an obvious pick for DI but it's way too small and maybe a bit too far away.
  8. There will be traffic after the game. For the past 3 years I've gone down to Meck or Fries by 5:00-5:30 to pregame before the match and have never had a problem with traffic or parking. The supporter groups will pick a handful of bars that will be slammed every match day by 6pm but many fans will start trickling in for drinking and food by 4pm. Plus a lot of families will come down for dinner before the match. Nearly all 25,000 fans will be leaving at 9pm and this will probably cause heavy traffic for a bit on Liberty, Central and Ezzard Charles from 9pm to 9:30pm but that'll be it. MLK to 71 North is usually completely clogged up from the on-ramp back to Vine currently after the matches.
  9. cincydave8

    Cincinnati: Eastern Bypass

    Kentucky loves building some highways. The state already has several basically pointless parkways that they're now re branding into I-69 and I-169 and I-66. They are all mostly former toll roads and some still have the old toll road ramps like this. Also since re-branding parts of the Purchase, Western Kentucky and Pennyrile Parkway to I-69 they've created some interesting intersections: Example.
  10. cincydave8

    Columbus Crew Discussion

    So the crew staying and building the new stadium is 100% done? Also, were owners of BrewDogs a part of it?
  11. This was posted in the Pleasant Ridge Facebook Group. Has been rumored for a long time.
  12. People are always fishing at the lake in Burnet Woods.
  13. Are those drawings still the site plan?
  14. cincydave8

    Ohio's 1st Congressional District

    Ohio Democrats outpolled Republicans in Statehouse races, but will remain in the deep minority; what's ahead for gerrymandering Despite the strong showing by the Ohio GOP, the Democrats actually did make significant gains over 2016, argues Richard Gunther, who worked on gerrymandering reform and is a professor emeritus of political science at Ohio State University. He found the vote margin between Democrats and Republicans in Ohio's congressional races shifted the Democrats' way by an average of 10 percentage points. That was in line, he said, with national trends. "Ohio did not miss out on the wave at all," Gunther said. "The difference is that gerrymandering was so effective that the Democrats picked up no additional seats." https://www.cleveland.com/expo/news/erry-2018/11/0f32e762411182/ohio-democrats-outpolled-repub.html
  15. I haven't been in a few years but their beer just was never that good. My wife and I used to go a lot when we had an apartment in Hyde Park because it was close and usually pretty empty. So we could walk right in, get a beer and talk to the bartenders and/or brewers. Then the new owners bought it and it started changing for better or worse. Not soon after I moved to Pleasant Ridge and stopped going all together.