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  1. This sign just popped up on the corner of Montgomery Rd and Tulane.
  2. I don't know what a soccer bro is other a disparaging term for millennial soccer fan but you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. All the FCC fans I know would much rather have small local owned business and restaurants than whatever you seem to be implying, that's why so many FCC fans wanted the stadium in the West End for the access to all the local bars in OTR.
  3. and here I thought most were moving to Carthage/Elmwood Place.
  4. 1. It's 2 through lanes on 71N...See. It creates a dangerous back up that typically reaches Dana Ave every afternoon. The addition of the lateral lane is doesn't help the congestion on 71N for a few miles back. 2. I'm not concerned about my commute or commute time, but I am concerned about the safety of drivers who drive into the 4-lane-to-2-lane bottle neck everyday. I've seen plenty of wrecks and countless near wrecks because it. 3. I'm well versed in induced demand and sprawl but not every highway project is bad. This a good one from a safety point. I'm not sure how you would fix it without making it 3 lanes continuous instead of just 2.
  5. No, The fix is absolutely needed or at least making it 3 lanes instead of 2 lanes. Its very dangerous as is. It may help with suburban sprawl but it also helps with safety. I live in Pleasant Ridge and drive this stretch every day. Every single day cars gun it up the Ridge North exit and then slam on their brakes and cut into traffic to stay on the highway. Also the Metro Express Bus does this too every day. I've seen cars drive along the shoulder after the Ridge exit before forcing their way in. Making a highway go from 4 lanes to 2 lanes is a safety issue. It doesn't increase capacity - it keeps capacity at the same rate or at least -1 lane instead of -2 lanes.
  6. Plan is attached below. 1. 3 lanes on N71 to eliminate bottle neck that causes back ups to Dana every afternoon rush. 2. Ridge North exit will now go to Kennedy 3. 2 lanes on Ridge Road plus a sidewalk from Duck Creek to Jack in the Box north bound. 4. Re-building Kennedy on ramp to N71 and having it create a lane all the way down to the Red Bank exit.
  7. What? There is absolutely a limit on the number of teams MLS will bring in. Most likely MLS will stop 30 or 32 like the other major leagues in North America. Any city can bid assuming they have the money. Sacramento DOES now have a new ownership group and most likely you'll see both Sacramento and St Louis in for the next round. Beyond that places like Las Vegas, North Carolina, Detroit, San Diego and Phoenix will be the big final bidders. As far as FCC, I'm not sure what they thought would happen when they bought the apartment building. Clearly it was going to upset people, especially if it's not needed for the actual stadium. The critics of FCC and the stadium will jump on anything to point out how it's a bad deal or whatever, so why FCC would give them something so obvious as buying an apartment building full of low income renters is beyond me. Of course, many of the critics will hate FCC and the final stadium plan no matter what. Jeff Berding also, clearly, needs to just shut up at this point. IMO, FCC needs to either figure out what they're doing or hire a PR firm.
  8. New and Updated renderings are out. West Side Entrance: Stadium originally looked like Bayern Munich's Allianz Stadium to me but is now starting to give me Tottenham Hotspur Stadium vibe.
  9. Nobody should be telling anyone where they should donate their money. I get what Dennard was trying to do and I like her for the most part. I voted for her. But Notre Dame is one of the most important buildings in human history. That is why this has been such a massive news story. Anyone who can't grasp that is clearly not a student of history. There are 100s and 100s of cathedrals in France including several more in Paris but none are as important as Notre Dame. A cathedral burning down in Lyon, Orleans or Nantes would not have been this big of a story with these kind of donations. All she has to do is say "While you're donating to Notre Dame please take the time to also donated to burnt down churches in our country" just like Hillary did. But making this about race is just silly.
  10. Fort Thomas City Publishes Proposed Plans for Central Business District Development The city of Fort Thomas has put up a link on its website to plans for a development in the Central Business District at Highland and North Fort Thomas avenues. The plans were submitted by Greiwe Development with partners North American Properties and Sibcy Cline. The proposed project will be mixed use, with retail on the first floor and 24 condominium units on the top two floors. According to the plans, landscaping and other amenities are planned for the site to help create a buffer between the development and nearby neighbors. http://www.fortthomasmatters.com/2019/04/city-publishes-proposed-plans-for.html Actual plan for new center of Fort Thomas: http://ftthomas.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Highland-N.-Ft.-Thomas-Development-Plan.pdf
  11. Its the building right next to Tree House. Used to be VLT Acadamy. Signs are already up in the windows.
  12. As long as our city elections are on an off year and not lined up with the federal elections where turnout is actually above 15% people like Cranley will be elected Mayor. It's the same reason we have council members like Amy Murray and Jeff Pastor. Also, Cranley's playing a long game. He wants higher office and knows he'll have to win votes in the suburbs in the future.
  13. Sarah Perry no longer posts. Wilson left a long time ago. Perry Mason also no longer posts, thankfully. Motorman continues to post any article he can find about Cincinnati. But occasionally there's a legit thread from somebody thinking about moving to Cincy. For the most part it's a pretty calm board. I usually check it once a day.
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