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  1. This addition looked way cooler when it was more modern. Still kept the historic massing but made a really abrupt departure from all of the historic brick in the immediate vicinity. This is... a little 80s office park-y? Hopefully this continues to evolve and refine and we'll see some aesthetic improvements. Regardless couldn't be happier that such a prominent corner is getting some action and development!
  2. That is almost literally what it looks like. One stacked on top of the other. If we had countless other examples of good modern architecture in the city it would be one thing, but for such a visible (and in this case almost solitary) tower, in such a heavily visited part of downtown, we really do deserve a showpiece. If this group isn't going to follow-through on providing a new architectural icon for Columbus then there are a number of other competition entries that could...
  3. Easton has updated their leasing brouchere as of May 2018 and this was included as the latest master plan. Looks like some more stand-alone retail but also new mixed-use residential buildings, the previously announced hotel, all working to connect the 2 shopping areas along Worth Ave.
  4. If they take out that long skinny 4-story building to create a pedestrian alley, it would be good to see them revise the plans for the north side of their other building (which only has windows facing north on the sixth floor) -- they could eliminate that pedestrian alley and utilize that entire gap (parking lot and already demolished building) for the future hotel project (or a high-rise?!) -- see a quick photoshop elevatio I threw together
  5. Did they finally finish the work at the RR bridge? Do the sidewalks connect yet?
  6. An updated rendering: Yikes. This is a terrible rendering. I appreciate some of the light elements and such that they are trying to introduce but I really hope it meshes better than real life than this awful rendering suggests.
  7. Sorry forgot to include it - http://www.thisweeknews.com/business/20180719/pair-of-proposals-would-add-300-apartments I agree this is a huge downgrade. The previous proposal was perfect for this spot Thanks for the link! Yea, this updated proposal is totally unacceptable. I hope the commission pushes back on this update. I can understand why the Highpointe development was only 6 stories because it was so massive, and the same goes for the Edwards development at High and Gay. This development has no excuse for going below 8 stories. It would be a huge missed opportunity. Also, I will say that although LC has taken forever to finally complete their 8-story building, it is actually looking really good. Perhaps the almost 4 year wait was somewhat worth it. It is also ridiculous considering the second LC building planned for having a tall development right beside it and didn't put windows on the south side. With this short of a building next door they could have included windows to the top few floors. They should at least match the height of the building directly adjacent!
  8. Have there been any plans published by Battelle for plans to replace this parking? Any garages or upgrades on their campus? How much do they currently utilize this surface lot?
  9. It's such a prime spot too. Well, the bad news is it's owned by our favorite slumlords...er... I mean local owners... The Tonti Organization. Maybe they'll pull a Madison's Building on us all and sell it finally? I designed a nice pocket park for this parking lot when I was in school - in 1988. It's been a parking lot for a long time... The 10 W Broad building planned pretty well for a neighbor/expansion on that north facade -- a 4-story podium with a 13-floor set-back tower would fit perfectly.
  10. University City (the redevelopment of the Kroger shopping center) has some updated plans and renderings via Casto (for the retail availability). VIA http://www.castoinfo.com/retail/portfolio/ohio/university-city/
  11. This "scrubby stuff" is what holds the river banks together. This section of the Olentangy is not an "urban river" The path should always stay clear and the adjacent vegetation maintained, but there is no reason to obstruct the habitat space and vegetation that prevents erosion and keeps the Olentangy River more wildlife-friendly in this area. We have a healthier river corridor because of these vegetated banks. Don't overlook that for your anthropocentric need for an orderly landscape everywhere you deem "yours"
  12. Not at all surprised. The "lego" comment is totally valid, though. They need to show precedents in other cities if they haven't already -- and further explain that this is an EMPTY site and the potential tax advantages of having 200+ apartments on this small site. They are an urban-adjacent residential neighborhood. If not here then on High Street. What difference does it make? The Short North is only going to get wider... Might as well start here with a building that actually attempts to mitigate the difference in scale.
  13. It even looks like a City Hall already. How appropriate. That all worked out a little too well for Dublin
  14. If you want to do a full review of your top favorites I'm sure many (myself included) would appreciate it!
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