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  1. I don't see how that small office building would require that much parking. Seemingly they're building out all of the parking for the ultimate build-out capacity of that medical offices parcel.
  2. So it looks like they're no longer saving the rear portion of the Murphy building. Not a huge loss, I don't think. The density of this proposed block is really great so it's honestly a net gain.
  3. This looks like some pretty nice infill (riverfront parking!) but realistically it is staring at the garages of the buildings on High: https://www.google.com/maps/@40.1000362,-83.1131415,3a,75y,332.87h,78.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smkgpGcdeFwPnLvZuop8JXw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Assuming some further redevelopment of that corner it should make for a nice project eventually, but it would be a little strange initially. And a totally reconstruction of what is now an alley into a real 2-way road with street parking. Does Dublin have a downtown Master Plan at this point that considers all of the recent investment (i.e. the new library, parking garage, Bridge Park West, etc.)?
  4. It's an American crisis of architecture -- across the country no one is immune
  5. This is the architecture that our city deserves. More of this everywhere.
  6. They're seemingly really hitting it out of the park in terms of a unit mix for this neighborhood. The townhome/apartment buildings look really nice and the incorporation of the front garden spaces is great (presuming there are garages in the back)
  7. In looking at Meyers + Associates hotel page, I noticed this: http://meyersarchitects.com/case-studies/hyatt-centric-columbus/ I guess it's under "Case Studies" but I feel like I missed this ever being looked at by Hyatt? It's not dated so I don't know how long ago it could have been.
  8. I'm totally fine with the change in architecture (even if it is a downsize) because we didn't get this nifty building on the other side of the site (the smaller-scale buildings in a grid pattern were built instead)
  9. Is the second phase the office? I thought the two projects were in tandem -- the parking is incorporated into the office component if I'm not mistaken? From Columbus Business First: "This the first phase of a project that also will see an office building developed on the site by Continental Real Estate Cos... The second planned building, on the parking lot west of the new hotel, will have structured parking and about 80,000 square feet of office space" Is there a different second phase that I'm forgetting?
  10. This addition looked way cooler when it was more modern. Still kept the historic massing but made a really abrupt departure from all of the historic brick in the immediate vicinity. This is... a little 80s office park-y? Hopefully this continues to evolve and refine and we'll see some aesthetic improvements. Regardless couldn't be happier that such a prominent corner is getting some action and development!
  11. That is almost literally what it looks like. One stacked on top of the other. If we had countless other examples of good modern architecture in the city it would be one thing, but for such a visible (and in this case almost solitary) tower, in such a heavily visited part of downtown, we really do deserve a showpiece. If this group isn't going to follow-through on providing a new architectural icon for Columbus then there are a number of other competition entries that could...
  12. Easton has updated their leasing brouchere as of May 2018 and this was included as the latest master plan. Looks like some more stand-alone retail but also new mixed-use residential buildings, the previously announced hotel, all working to connect the 2 shopping areas along Worth Ave.
  13. If they take out that long skinny 4-story building to create a pedestrian alley, it would be good to see them revise the plans for the north side of their other building (which only has windows facing north on the sixth floor) -- they could eliminate that pedestrian alley and utilize that entire gap (parking lot and already demolished building) for the future hotel project (or a high-rise?!) -- see a quick photoshop elevatio I threw together
  14. Did they finally finish the work at the RR bridge? Do the sidewalks connect yet?
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