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  1. Oh my god, and the blatant visibility of the garage fluorescent lights... Who freaking approved this building?!
  2. And at least it isn't still a suburban drive-through. This is certainly better than that. Literally anything is better than that.
  3. The whole complex is a strange mixture of architecture -- the two original buildings were connected and then added onto and then expanded again... I don't see Ohio State attempting to preserve a historic facade shell with a new build interior, but stranger things have happened...
  4. Turned out about as bad as the renderings suggested... Also, could we have included less planting in the streetscape if we tried?! Hopefully whatever eventually fills that corner where the convenience store is has some substance and style...
  5. Disappointed about demolishing Starling-Loving Hall. It's a beautiful historic building, but I understand the pressures from the medical center for modern spaces. Seemingly it could be avoided if done in tandem with whatever will replace the Doan and Rhodes halls... But I guess the timeline isn't working out that way.
  6. This project is a great example of, even though it was reduced in height a couple times, of infill that is in-scale, unique, with quality [-looking] finishes. It is unique yet blends with the aesthetic with the area. It is modern yet with traditional flair and massing. This is the kind of architecture that we need more of and less of the... downtown Edwards block.
  7. Yes, considering the amount of weight they're putting on it as a "gateway" and that it's adjacent to the iconic Wexner Center... It's a disappointing infill building. But the spaces inside are desperately needed by the theater and music departments and the interiors looks pretty timeless even if the exterior is lackluster.
  8. I don't see how that small office building would require that much parking. Seemingly they're building out all of the parking for the ultimate build-out capacity of that medical offices parcel.
  9. So it looks like they're no longer saving the rear portion of the Murphy building. Not a huge loss, I don't think. The density of this proposed block is really great so it's honestly a net gain.
  10. This looks like some pretty nice infill (riverfront parking!) but realistically it is staring at the garages of the buildings on High: https://www.google.com/maps/@40.1000362,-83.1131415,3a,75y,332.87h,78.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smkgpGcdeFwPnLvZuop8JXw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Assuming some further redevelopment of that corner it should make for a nice project eventually, but it would be a little strange initially. And a totally reconstruction of what is now an alley into a real 2-way road with street parking. Does Dublin have a downtown Master Plan at this point that considers all of the recent investment (i.e. the new library, parking garage, Bridge Park West, etc.)?
  11. It's an American crisis of architecture -- across the country no one is immune
  12. This is the architecture that our city deserves. More of this everywhere.
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