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Great American Tower 665'
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  1. A true gem of a city. Very accesible too thanks to the compact size and great bus system.
  2. A city I'd really love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing!
  3. LOL, you and me both. Very, very beautiful photos though!
  4. And in other news... Diebler missed a three-pointer.
  5. Looks like they have a strong bike culture in place. Montreal is definitely a top-tier city in NA.
  6. You must have missed the University Circle and Little Italy threads recently posted.
  7. Little Italy is always on my itinerary when making trips to Cleveland. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Those look amazing... that developer/architect will hopefully be getting a lot of phone calls from around the country! We need more of that... everywhere!
  9. ^Maybe this will help motivate the Kroger in South Campus to renovate!
  10. IIRC that Graeters has a line out the door during summertime.
  11. Wow, what a great set of photos! That Macy's looks absolutely stunning.
  12. gold42

    It's a wrap

    The fog shot definitely blew me away. Great work all around!
  13. I highly approve of the exterior design and street-level retail on that parking garage! Is that tallest residential? Surprising that there would be zero commercial towers.
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