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  1. Greystone Court is a great building. Not sure why anyone would want that torn down!
  2. What about the way it looks? That was a not "joke", it was a clear passive aggressive dig.
  3. What looks great about it? And what does my hometown have to do with anything?
  4. This is literally nothing good about this building. From these angles it's clearly a hodgepodge of styles. It's a slightly bricked version the angular messes invading suburbs across the country.
  5. Except it literally is not. Beauty is a universal. As is ugliness. Every school of architecture can produce a beautiful building, but Modernism does it the least and does not match the beauty of others. No one looks at a Modernist building with the same awe as a Gothic Church or a Classical amphitheater unless they're insane. Hearst is boring. Putting polygonal shapes on a building is what happens when we design buildings with math equations. Architecture has been an art as much as science. Modernism seeks to remove the artistic resulting in these sorts of cold, calculated, sterile, secular boxes that occasionally try to be unique by putting on a red hat.
  6. 1. Hyperbole is an exaggeration made to prove a point. It is not in it of itself "over the top". 2. Now you're just being dense. 3. So you think all that it takes to blend is slapping brick on something? Says a lot, really. 4. Complete truth. Judging by your willingness to deliberately misrepresent my statements, I'm going to have to say you're sufficiently upset that someone doesn't like this building.
  7. I'm sure it will be there for awhile. The 25 years comment was not meant to present a definitive lifespan. However, it reminds me of Bliss Tower in Canton, and I'm sure will age just as well. Beauty is not subjective, and arguing (pretending) it is has played a great part in landing us where we are aesthetically. The ability to see beauty or be captivated by it may vary but humans more or less find the same things beautiful. Classical and traditional architecture is usually beautiful and often people in communities actively try to save those buildings and repurpose them. The same can rarely be said for Modernist buildings. People don't like them and the only ones who seem to appreciate them are architects. So the stereotype of Modernist architecture being out of touch architecture for architects by architects seems to be generally a truth. Hubbard Park is particle board cheapness. Getting the aesthetics more right is only half the battle.
  8. 1. Hyperbole. 2. I didn't say it was brutalism. I said all-glass is 21st century brutalism, as in all the warmth and charm of concrete on concrete. 3. It's lazy because it's just brick with no attempts to blend in with the surrounding buildings' styles. 4. It looks exactly like Soldier Field especially in the context of the neighborhood; it looks like a small space ship has decided to land on top of a brick building. I did not call it brutalism. Go back and read again.
  9. What does the curve bring? Why does it belong in the Short North? The Short North doesn't need visibility. Egoism. Pure egoism.
  10. What is over the top about it? My comparison to brutalism? Not singing the praising of Modernism? If it's not apparent by now, I'll just state it flat-out: I think Modernist architecture is the absolute worst. I prefer striving for beauty above "newness" and what's strictly economical. "Newness" and "efficient" have given us the worst architecture in the history of mankind the last 70-odd years. I am giving my honest assessment of the building. I think it is ugly and boring and lazy. I'm sorry if that is upsetting for a few people here.
  11. If you actually think that looks good, I hope you are no where near development, construction, or architecture.
  12. The quality of the materials isn't in question, it's the aesthetics. It's ugly. And as time goes on, most will realize it unless they're stubborn. The rest will be the sordid who simply have bad taste. In downtown Vancouver, maybe. Much of the rest of the city is limited to mid-rise.
  13. The all glass look is just more modernist ugliness that we'll be tearing down in 25 years wondering why anyone ever thought it looked good. It's 21stcentury brutalism. Adding a bricked up lower level in a lazy attempt to blend the buildings in doesn't change that. It looks like a building designed by Soldier Field. Ugly.
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