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  1. Great recommendations. I would also add State Meats, Perla Pierogies, Barabicu Smokehouse, Charm Thai, Corleone's and the Parma Tavern.
  2. Cleveland Bagel is open at 6:30 in Hingetown (Ohio City). They have a limited menu (bagels and bagel sandwiches), but it is in the area and the bagels are good. Yours Truly in playhouse square is a more traditional sit down breakfast option that is good. They open at 6:30 as well. http://clebagelco.com/menu/ https://ytr.com/playhouse-square/
  3. I would also stop at Mitchells for ice cream if you have a chance. One of the best I've ever had.
  4. I used to work there a little while back. I loved it. The building is in a great location and has a lot of character. I parked in the underground garage which was convenient. It's crowded and you have to leave your keys in your car in case the attendants have to move it, but you never had to worry about anyone breaking in.
  5. From what I was told, it will start out as a tap house with plans for food down the road. Currently scheduled to open in spring. I haven't heard the name of the brewery yet.
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