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  1. It would make sense if we saw more, considering the runaway spending of the current admin
  2. “Climate ideology” —> Scientific evidence climate change isnt disputable. The level of alarm and plan of responsiveness is
  3. Do we really want to go down the "focused on golf during a crisis" path...
  4. I'm normally not a huge fan of Vice, but this is extremely well done. An intimate look into the oppression and systemic extermination of Uighur muslims in China.
  5. The House - sure. How many governorships went red? Did the Senate gain seats? Did Doug Collins run against a pedophile? I'm not doubting that there's reasons for Blue Wave optimism - but your response is based solely on the House - when there was more to be had in 2018
  6. 2. Lol - yeah his base is not susceptible to logic or reason. Most of them are perennial losers who have finally latched to a man who makes them feel like a winner. 3. You're not trying to appease people who might vote for a racist. You're trying to win the votes of people who might vote for your candidate. Look at how good the GOP mesaging was in re: deplorable. It shouldn't matter who votes from the Dem candidate, as long as you get that dude tf out of the White House. If ideological purity of messaging is crucial in your opinion, then it makes you a good person for standing your ground, but likely loses you the election
  7. I know the "socialism" word is thrown around by Hannity & Co. with a tenuous grasp on what the word even means... But it doesn't help that Sanders is on tape praising bread lines in the USSR.
  8. And the lack of self reflection and internal maintenance will kill the Dems in 2020. And I pray I'm wrong - but Dem leadership, sans Pelosi, has proven less than adept at political calculations as of late.
  9. Lol! No Corbyn was way too far left and arguably an anti-semite... but he got driven into the hinterlands by bots. You're also right about the bots. But no... what I'm suggesting is this... the 2020 election is happening on a plateau, with a cliff to the right, and a cliff to the left. To the right, 30% of Americans have built a net, that will never allow the President to be pushed off that cliff. To the left, no such net exists. If the dem candidate starts too far to the left, then Bots, GOP attacks, and moderate Democratic voters could all push that candidate off the proverbial cliff. If the candidate starts closer to middle of the left side of that plateau, he or she has a much longer way to be pushed before the precipice. Unfortunately, my profession introduces me to the grim realities of what cyber capabilities will be utilized in 2020, and the easier it is for them to paint a candidate as "extreme" the easier it is to mobilize 600,000 white dudes in Wisconsin who stayed home in 2016. Why give them a head start?
  10. If you think the Conservative populist movements in our two countries are not correlated, I don't think we can have any real substantive conversations on the topic. Labour's platform is based on taking on the rich and ending austerity. The had poor messaging in re: re-negotiating Brexit, sure... but to deny the correlation is a massive disservice to the Democratic primary candidates and the party itself. Moreover, Labour was subject to the same disinformation issues that will face the Dems in 2020 vis-a-vis Russia. Bots blew a lot of Corbyn's positions out of the water, making them seem more extremely Left than they actually were - then Corbyn refused to refute any of those claims, as he did not want to put off far-left voters within the party. Without a denial, the populist fear mongering grew legs. Additionally, elections in Estonia, Ukraine, France, and the UK have all been widely viewed as testing grounds for Sandworm and Fancy Bear - groups within Russia's GRU who engaged in disruptions in our 2016 election - with Fancy Bear members even accessing the Board of Elections in Arizona and Illinois. They're learning from these "exhibition games" and what worked in the UK will be amplified 20x in 2020 in the United States.
  11. Boris Johnson just won a majority with 86 to parliament. Boris Johnson has a 35% approval rating and a 46% disapproval. His main platform position is opposed by a majority of Britons. His primary opponent in Labour ran the furthest left campaign in recent British history under the flag of "mobilizing the base." I'm not saying it - the numbers are. And the UK, on the whole, is a far more liberal country than we are... But please, let's run Warren on principle.
  12. Lol Don I told you you’d be fine with Trump refusing to leave office or seeking a third term well over a year ago @eastvillagedon
  13. Pete - out there raising money for a Presidential campaign... Honestly, where does this guy get off?
  14. "A compass, I learnt when I was surveying, it'll... it'll point you True North from where you're standing, but it's got no advice about the swamps and deserts and chasms that you'll encounter along the way. If in pursuit of your destination, you plunge ahead, heedless of obstacles, and achieve nothing more than to sink in a swamp... What's the use of knowing True North?" To take an excerpt from Lincoln... if you plunge ahead heedless of known obstacles in 2020 (i.e. the state's necessary to win) and lose the election again, then what's the use of having a moral compass?
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