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  1. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    This is why it was not only in the country’s but the presidents best interest for him to have just abided by the Emoluments Clause
  2. I work upstairs, there was another restaurant operating in there today, but I didn't have time to stop down and learn more. I'll keep everyone posted.
  3. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    No. Not at all. Because there would be no suggestion of a necessary mens rea. Don... I know you believe in him man, but at what point will you say AT LEAST, "Okay, this isn't good for the President. He shouldn't have been paying hush money to mistresses." As a time saving measure in anticipation of any response you may offer, let's just start with the baseline assumption that I'm aware Bill Clinton did bad things in office, that Barack Obama and Hillary dropped the ball in Benghazi, that the Left is waging a war on Christmas, and that political correctness is crippling freedom of expression.
  4. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    I don't believe he was under oath when submitting the written questions, anyways. So perjury wouldn't be in play, it would be the "Lying to a Federal Official" charge they hit Manafort and Popadopolous with. And at this point, Don, to make an argument that the President is not implicated, at the very least least through court pleadings, in any felonies is to make an argument devoid of fact and logic. Again, not saying he's guilty - because I have no clue if he is or isn't. But to say he isn't implicated in this is being willfully blind.
  5. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    Wow. Mueller baited him. Trump has already given statements to the contrary and Giuliani hinted that this was the subject matter of some of the written questions.
  6. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    In all seriousness, in regular prosecutions, Federal felony conspiracies are broken from the bottom up. Smaller players acting at the direction of larger players are usually sentenced first, with a reduction for cooperation. The defendant who coordinated and instructed the felonies typically gets a heavier sentence. Individual 1 is purported to be the coordinator of this conspiracy, per SDNY
  7. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    I know it's fun for the liberals on here to react to, but I hope everyone appreciates the gravity of this. In 2019, there is a strong chance that there will be a trial for impeachment before the Senate with a President who could potentially encourage uprising in the course of that. It's not really funny, actually, it's terrifying. I long withheld judgment regarding the President's involvement in illegal activities and always assumed Manafort, Flynn, and perhaps DJT2 would go down. But I really didn't believe the President would be directly implicated in multiple felonies. It's not really a time for laughter or schadenfreude, it's not a time for retaliatory politics from the Democrats, it's a time to make sure our nation comes out of the other end of this intact.
  8. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    Back channeling isn't unusual within administrations. Leveraging your own country's institutions as a result of that back channeling is, however.
  9. NICEEEE teaser for the article. Well played.
  10. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    I think it's important for both sides to remain level-headed re: these points. From the Left: People often look at association with Russian oligarchs in his business dealings as a "dead to rights" sign that he's under their thumb. From the Right: People assume every real estate developer in major markets has to cross paths with Russian oligarchs. The truth is, it is regular for developers in New York to cross paths with some sketchy Russians. However, the determinative factors in all of this are going to be: a) Did Trump International seek out these relationships or at least pursue them after introductions, and b) did the Trump camp attempt to use DJT's new found political capital as consideration in these dealings.
  11. I thought the George’s were done with acquisitions in Cuyahoga County?
  12. YABO713

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    Friend works for the Browns - yesterday was an anomaly with the gates. One was closed due to a perceived security threat. That's why the lines were longer than usual. I haven't missed a home game this year, yesterday was the most full its been. Browns are still selling 97.2% of every available ticket for home games... convincing people to come is the issue. If the Browns beat the Broncos, FirstEnergy will be a 2002 sort of atmosphere for Hue's return.
  13. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    Nothing the Mueller Report shows will make you believe anything other than that.
  14. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    In the same way Cohen's SDNY case is unrelated to the Special Counsel. Her narrative is at the very least relative to the Special Counsel's investigation
  15. YABO713

    Political Correctness

    Here's the source of the movement I think http://newjersey.news12.com/story/39597762/classic-rudolph-christmas-tv-special-called-sexist-bigoted-and-abusive