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  1. @DarkandStormy that’s not unusual though. He has what he has against Stone, he indicted when it was air tight. I highly doubt Mueller even wanted Stone as a cooperating witness, hence Stone being the first conspirator to truly act backed into a corner. If he had been given Cohen or Flynn options he wouldn’t be acting like this. I suspect Mueller won’t find much new information via Stone, only confirmation of activities alleged. If he needed Stone’s residence for information, it would have been searched much sooner
  2. Both the special counsel and DOJ declining to comment is proof-positive that this is nearing an end
  3. Where did you hear that @KJP??? I honestly hope that's not true. I'll be on my honeymoon and I don't want to be out of the country when something like that drops.
  4. I witnessed firsthand Dewine hustle the Ohio GOP into thinking he would be cut from the Trump/Cruz/Paul mold - it was glorious. I think he's a bit too "cronied in", but I think he'll be a good governor.
  5. If that's the case and he has moved the Dem platform, why then wouldn't he throw his support behind someone like Elizabeth Warren? She shares most of his positions. She is not a white male, and she is 8 years his junior.
  6. Yeah I'd agree with that sentiment. If you truly believe his policies are unsound and his rhetoric is vapid, you shouldn't even need to refer to him by a sophomoric nickname, it should speak for itself.
  7. You also generally don't do that when you lack access to outside information (see North Korea), the ability to meet with 5 or more people in a public space without a permit (even to talk about baseball), limited access to websites, the government is the sole cell phone provider, lose access to government provisions if you leave the Communist party, and provisions additional to those supplied by the government are inordinately expensive - for example, when I was in Cienfuego in Cuba, we walked into a hardware store, therein, a four person card table was on sale for 20% off for the equivalent of $650 American dollars.
  8. I can respect someone espousing views contrary to my own - namely socialist views. I cannot respect someone defending the Castro regime or saying that bread lines are a good thing. I've been to Cuba. I've seen first hand the quality of life there and the degree to which the Cuban people are terrified of their own government.
  9. YABO713

    The Free Press

    Here's what I have learned - and you don't have to share this opinion with me... With regards to reactive storylines, i.e. Jussie Smollet, Covington Catholic, etc. publications like WaPo and NYT are often quick to portray assumptions as fact. Sometimes it's correct, sometimes it's not. We remember the times they're not correct the most. With regards to investigative pieces, the WaPo and NYT are air tight, and seldom need to offer any corrections. I try to base my perceptions of headlines based on if its a reactive story or an investigative piece.
  10. To assert he was wrong does NOT mean Reagan was right. Literally just said it’s not binary. First off, Reagan is passed away and not running for President in 2020. Secondly, can you not oppose President Trump’s policy towards Mexico without making an endorsement of AMLO as President? Honestly, this is some really weird whataboutism. Normally it’s my side of the aisle that’s terrible about that sort of thing.
  11. One can oppose Ronald Reagan policy decisions without extolling fascists and king pins though... it’s not binary
  12. Yeah, Iran Contra was an awful scandal and a cloud over American foreign policy in the Americas. You got us?
  13. How tf didn’t this get out in 2016. This isn’t an endorsement of Scandinavian social programs, this was an endorsement of fascists, and drug kingpins in Ortega.
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