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  1. YABO713

    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    “If I’m not with the first team why don’t y’all just trade me?”
  2. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    Look - we all know I'm not a Hillary Clinton cheerleader. But 10 hours in a committee hearing on top of House investigations is pretty much the definition of being held accountable. The fact that nothing criminal or treasonous was found doesn't change that. Just to put this into scale - she spent the whole day in that hearing - and she should have, Americans died, someone needed to be grilled on why communication faltered. However, Justice Kavanaugh faced rather innocuous questions, especially comparatively, and we all said "I can't believe they're making him go through this!" We just need to be consistent, and here's where I, personally, would start: 1. Operate (publicly) under the presumption that he was killed in the Saudi consulate until given compelling evidence suggesting otherwise. 2. Launch an investigation in the Senate or through the AG to investigate the death of an American with permanent resident status. Use the investigation as leverage elsewhere in the relationship. 3. Privately question Jared Kushner about MBS and their exchanged list of journalists from April - ask Jared if MBS made his intentions re: journalists readily known. 4. Put a moratorium on offensive weapons sold to Saudi Arabia until the investigation has concluded.
  3. YABO713

    The Republican Party

    That's because gerrymandering - as a science - is still in its infancy. There's no data to suggest that Democrats wouldn't do that because they really haven't had time in the last two cenuses. The REDMAP project was innovative, but in the worst way possible. Gerrymandering used to be more or less a strategic guessing game, done by both parties. Now its algorithmic and devastatingly accurate.
  4. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    @Gramarye hearing Obama-era officials talk about it now, the logic behind the Iran deal was to treat them how we do Saudi Arabia... Since it's presumed they will continue to be a non-Democratic state, the Obama Admin thought they could leverage economic benefits with Iran's policies. That, and it would serve as a counter to SA's hegemony backed by the US, which could have been healthy for countries like Kuwait and ultimately Yemen, with sizable Shi'ia populations. Not saying I agree or disagree, but there are policies that try to mold bad actors into good ones with the benefits of friendship (which you could argue Trump is trying to do with NK), and then there is simply turning a blind eye to atrocity, which we've now done twice in the last 3 months with Saudi Arabia
  5. My firm will block book rooms in Columbus days in which we have hearings and/or trials down there, I don't know of anyone that actually stays though. I think: A) 50,000 students with parents and family B) Being the seat of government C) Having a stadium that draws 105,000 people 6x a year, not including concerts. D) Centralized testing location really makes for a perfect storm there.
  6. Literally just walked in and looked around. Xhibition opened today as well.
  7. I went to Hiram College. Love the suggestion, thanks!
  8. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    Currently reading "The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism" Fascinating, thus far, with the primary focus being on Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich and their ultimately polarizing strategies. I'd suggest it from everyone as far left as @DarkandStormy to people as pro-Trump as @eastvillagedon . The author does a remarkable job objectively presenting facts, and the recantation of how we got here should, if you're paying attention to the book, make us all feel partly responsible for buying in at times.
  9. Hey guys, told the fiance we could go to a pumpkin patch this Saturday. If I'm going to go to one of these things, I'd like to get out of Cuyahoga County. Any suggestions on a good one within an hour drive from downtown?
  10. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    I don't think it's a crime against our nation - I just think its morally bankrupt.
  11. YABO713

    The Republican Party

    Gerrymandering does more than "play a role" in our Congressional districts. Look at Marcy Kaptur's district - it's insane. Our gerrymandering reform will see people like Jim Jordan lose their seats, which is ultimately good for our state - and same might go for Marcia Fudge.
  12. YABO713

    The Trump Presidency

    It's not treason. It's just a complete abdication of moral responsibility in foreign relations. Countries with whom our relationship has worsened: - Canada - Germany - United Kingdom - Australia - Ireland Countries with whom our relationship has improved: - North Korea - Russia - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Poland
  13. To be fair, I bought knowing that things might move slowly. That's what a security system and german shepard are for though haha. Nonetheless, I've never seen anyone at that discount auto lot - employees or customers. I hope its inevitable that the development down Detroit connects Ohio City and Detroit Shoreway. My side of the street is OC, my neighbors across the street are DS, we even have different councilmen representing us.