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  1. This is so spot on holy crap
  2. Jimmy Kimmel's job is to satirize things - Donald Trump's job is to be the moral compass for the Western World.
  3. I'm going to assume you're not a fan of Justin Amash anymore... despite the most Conservative voting record in Congress... Why is that again....
  4. Borrowing money from China to pay farmers not to sell their goods to China. V free market.
  5. I am with you guys as well... here's where I get frustrated with my conservatives. Liberals are pushing an agenda for climate change that imo will have substantial economic impact in the negative. Instead of coming up with our own, more pro-growth, plan to combat climate change, we say it doesn't exist and ignore it.
  6. I'm hopeful for a large tower.... but realistically.... Proctor and Gamble has two 350'(ish) towers in Cincinnati and P&G employs more people than Sherwin Williams at its HQ, at least so far as I know. I think 900' might be too large for SHW, no?
  7. I'm not sure if its been discussed on here yet, but SHW employees got an internal email telling them not to talk to the media.
  8. I don’t think David wants to run for mayor. plus Cleveland Scene would declare a fatwa
  9. I would love that. The only space that should remain open in perpetuity is that little green space to the East of the Bop Stop
  10. I feel like my Big Egg news went unnoticed - but reflects how insane it was to not sell that property
  11. In re: Merrick Garland - I wouldn't rush to judgment yet. The man has unparalleled Judicial integrity and has seen several appeals already of people who opposed his nomination politically, his results have stood on judicial principle and have not always aligned with his perceived political interests.
  12. You're absolutely right. A seven story building would have made a drastic impact on the feel of the street. I'm happy we're getting a 20+'er though!!!
  14. Justin Amash is the most consistently Conservative member of Congress - in my opinion to a fault, at times. He's being called a RINO and a panderer to liberals for making a stance that is consistent with conservative views of rule of law and statutory interpretation. The GOP has left Conservatism behind - the follow one man now, not any ideals or principles.
  15. The Big Egg reduced its hours. Only open to 3pm now. Wonder if he regrets not taking the $ now?
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