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  1. ^ I may be wrong but I believe that will be a new public housing development
  2. Can't wait until 2021 when the GOP starts to care again
  3. A) I would rather see the Lakefront used as a more developed version of Edgewater... Having said that... B) Has anyone ever talked about EXPANDING BKL and making it Cleveland's primary airport? I know very little about this topic so if this is crazy just let me know lol. I do know that Hopkins infrastructure is aging, and we have a terminal already sitting abandoned. Would a new airport attract a new hub? Please don't hurl stones lol, I'm just thinking out loud.
  4. Maybe when he said "Donald Trump is a race-baiting xenophobic, religious bigot", that was actually an endorsement?
  5. Text from a black friend of mine, with whom I have never talked politics with: Him: Why everytime this idiot does something racist people revert to the black unemployment rate? It's like people are saying he ain't racist because he didn't prohibit black people from getting jobs in a growing economy.
  6. So after his tweets this morning, it seems like Trump is dead set on escalating this thing until someone gets hurt. Accusing a member of Congress of being pro-terrorist is pathetic. It seems more like a line out of The Campaign with Will Ferrell than real life.
  7. Does Cleveland SC qualify to play for the US Open? How is that structured.
  8. Just rode my bike past, and I know a couple people have alluded to this, but I don't think we can overstate how transformational this tower will be. Imagine someone from Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, et al comes to town for a play.... they walk out of the theater and see a beautiful, new residential tower versus a surface lot. The impression that gives goes from a city "with some cool things going for it" to a city "that's got it going on"
  9. Can’t wait to hear the mental gymnastics on how Trump’s behavior is NOT racist.
  10. It's just odd - the entire idea to build up a neighborhood there to insight, creativity, and vision, then this proposal is just the opposite of that.
  11. The wife and I hit waterfall #8 today out of the 9 in CVNP. Only one left to go! This one was Greenwood Falls, and was by far the most demanding hike once you're off the towpath, but it was worth it - probably my 2nd favorite in the park after Twin Sister Falls. (My apologies if there's any profanity in the video haha) Video (1).MOV
  12. To be fair context doesn't matter in this regard. The Constitution is straight forward, the census is for the purpose of obtaining population, not number of citizens. That's what kills me, we claim to be textualists but notttttt really lol
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