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  1. It all comes down to the Golden Rule, Don... He who has the gold, makes the rules
  2. @eastvillagedon I always thought the city of Painesville has some absolutely perfect bones for a walkable, exurban community - which is rare. I think with the right vision it could look something more like Medina than Lorain
  3. Agreed. Moreover, ANY federal office holder.
  4. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm not wild about Abrams. But I know Uncle Joe's team has forgotten more politics than the rest of us will ever know, so...
  5. Court packing and getting rid of the filibuster is another sort of derangement lol. But I agree with you. Buttigieg is going to be a great talent moving forward - just too fiscally liberal for me - but he deserves to be taken seriously. As I noted before, Klobuchar has done a great job. She's approachable, but she also comes off as the type of person that doesn't take sh** from people - which is great and, unfortunately, needed by women at this point in our history. Not impressed by Booker, at all. Gillibrand is literally if you took Hillary leftovers and made a casserole. Bernie is Bernie . It will be interesting if Biden gets in the race. Sparing any substantiated "me too" issues, I think he's viewed as the safest bet - despite age concerns.
  6. Yeah I'm with @DarkandStormy here. Donald Trump hasn't been much more than a passing talking point at most of these town halls.
  7. In lieu of the "10 minute morning meditation" I've been trying to incorporate (wildly unsuccessfully) as my New Year's resolution, I listened to Klobuchar's campaign speeches. She's a democrat I can support with a clear conscience. I really like her.
  8. Lol thank you. I'm a conservative white male excited about Beto and looking to join some enthusiasm on this thread and then I get here and its a Democratic self-mutilation party
  9. Okay. You and I can air grievances over every single Dem candidate on the ticket... there's a lot there... I'll join in... But then we have to go to the Trump Presidency thread and you point out a single flaw in his presidency...
  10. Can you find me the one word in there that we call "outcome determinative" in the legal profession? Also... this ....
  11. Trump was not very adept at debates. He did well when one-liners presented themselves, and that became the talking point of the debate... but he struggled with actual substance insofar as its substantiated by fact.
  12. I actually was curious about this... Why don't Dems start with eliminating the Super Delegates....
  13. Ignatius continues to remind us why it's a top notch institution in all respects. Moreover, as Welsh Academy grows, it will become a very viable schooling option for people like my wife and myself that would like to stay in Ohio City and raise a family, but likely will move to the suburbs for better schooling options.
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