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  1. A) I know the range isn't massive, probably 10-12 cases a zip. B) Although its anecdotal, I have family members who refuse to stay inside and distance because they insist the liberal media is exaggerating to hurt Trump. I.e. My grandparents just invited everyone over for an "Easter breakfast buffet" C) Idk how you think I said anyone "deserves" to get sick because of this. I pointed out a loose correlation. I wouldn't wish Covid-19 on anyone.
  2. I mean... I'll say it... The dark areas: North Royalton, Westlake, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield, Pepper Pike - those are more conservative areas n'est pas?
  3. Pretty interesting thread on twitter from @drjasonjohnson regarding polling during crises. Sorry I can't seem to post a link.
  4. What's notable about this crisis is what it's doing to our standing in the world as well.
  5. Looking for your take on this @eastvillagedon
  6. To be clear - it's very likely that NONE of our hot spots have yet to peak.
  7. We listed our rental condo a week before corona virus hit the US
  8. All I know is I'm 5 months into my lease and I'm already 1,200 under where I could be
  9. And to be honest (knock on wood) his proactive early stance limited more drastic action from being required.
  10. I, too, know people expected to move there in May. This actually might be a commerce clause violation if challenged...
  11. I don't think that's what @E Rocc was getting at, in all fairness
  12. For reference - I just watched an Instagram video of a girl I know... She's 26, considers herself a "motivational speaker" of sorts... She's currently anchored at a sandbar in Florida with about 25-30 others playing beer pong. K. Florida will prolong our country's fight dramatically.
  13. yes. Greater Cleveland by far has supplied the most tests. And tbh it should, it’s the most sophisticated healthcare market in the region.
  14. You're speaking to a former Federalist Society executive committee member... the Constitutionalist right hasn't had much issue with any restrictions thus far. I would've gotten spammed about it.
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