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  1. I'm hearing rumblings about a local downtown company with over 200 employees going full time remote moving forward. In lieu of office space, they will have quarterly "retreats" to promote morale... Anyone else hear about this?
  2. Lol @KJP's Connecticut pipe dream - love it. Additionally, I have a friend who's a nurse at Marymount - they have 29 Covid hospitalizations at the moment - their most ever.
  3. Look, I mean I'm with you. I don't think JK Rowling deserved the thrashing she got. However, I think its easiest for us to forget that the most extreme voices are oft the loudest, especially on social media.
  4. I don't think anyone is saying that. No one expects straight males/females to adjust their sexual preference if they're not attracted to a transgender individual. To my knowledge I don't think anyone on this forum has stated that.
  5. Thanks @freefourur - I didn't know that. I generally despise cancel culture in general - especially in a retroactive lens. For instance - I think I've read every Ulysses S. Grant biography that exists, and I consider him a personal hero... but his greatness and personal transformation would not have been possible in 2020: Grant's father was a bit of a grifter, which was the source of much embarrassment for him - as he considered character and morality to be the guiding virtues of a man. As such, his father made a habit of using Grant's name as leverage once he attained high status in the military... One day, he was on assignment, when he heard his father had promised military contracts to two Jewish proprietors in Cincinnati. Ulysses was FURIOUS, and set out an order immediately requiring the expulsion of Jews from his area of the frontier - a blatantly emotion-driven, and extremely bigoted act. When the dust settled, a few days later, he immediately began walking back his decision and apologizing for it. So much so, that before his death, a journalist was asking the then broke and cancer-ridden (from chewing tobacco) Grant (who was too trusting with his money) what his greatest regret was in life - and he said "using human dignity as a means to settle a score", and everyone knew exactly what he was referring to. On the face of it... Grant's order is 100% worthy of being canceled - it was an awful and inexcusable thing to do. But, he was capable of growth, and used that lesson and other's to fight bravely for a Union cause he began to see as ordained by a higher power; advocated for universal admission of black children into state-funded public schools; cut ties with his father-in-law after Ulysses freed the slave given to him and his wife since the FIL said Ulysses failed to provide enough to keep her comfortable; committing tens of thousands of federal troops to oversee Reconstruction and ensure voting rights for newly-freed blacks; appointing black Americans to Federal office for the first time in history. My point is - I think we're often too quick to give up on the human's ability to adapt. I.e. Digging up tweets from someone when they were 14 when their current lifestyle, POV shows that they're a different person. To quote from Paine: "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and provides formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides, time makes more converts than reason." We need to allow people to grow as humans, that's all. If Grant would've continued down that path of anti-semitism and bigotry, I would fully support throwing him in the trash heap of history. But personal growth gave us a truly remarkable American hero.
  6. I'll be honest - when I first heard of the conspiracy surrounding her tweets, I thought my twitter wasn't loading properly - because I didn't see anything "hateful" in her tweets. I think she even asked for someone to walk her through opposing viewpoints.
  7. So, I know I obviously didn't go as far as you, and that changes the circumstances - but I went from my house in Ohio City to Peninsula, for about a 55 mile round trip. It was 92 the day I went, and my saving grace was pulling into the Winking Lizard and asking for a glass of ice water - I poured half over the towel I brought and put the other half into my Yeti, then put the towel over my neck... I stopped and poured the rest over my neck by Lockkeepers in Valley View. I had goosebumps and felt nauseous when I got home (left at 9am got back around 2:15pm), and I didn't have an appetite until 5... I still think that water was my saving grace in keeping my internal temp cool.
  8. Yeah the outrage mob came and took my nativity out of my front yard last year...
  9. And the swastika as all over the altar at St. Colman's in Cleveland... because it was built when it used to be a generally accepted Christian symbol.... But we (some of us) stopped using it.... wonder why....
  10. We're at the point in re: Russian bounties where there are only two options: 1. He is scared to stand up to Putin; 2. He's complicit in the deaths of US service members.
  11. Okay - argue it to me. What provision of the Constitution could be used to reverse an EO or Act of Congress implementing a temporary order to wear a mask? Would the same also be used to reverse evacuation orders? Food rationing in war time? Water rationing in drought? Moreover, states would have even broader authorities to enforce temporary orders.
  12. Heck's had a single broken window and that was the most I'd heard of it.
  13. Does anyone know why Old Angle is (still) boarded up?
  14. Actually, to support @Ram23's point... I was at the Giant Eagle at I-77 and Rt. 82 in Broadview Heights, and I think out of the approx 200 people in there, maybe 5 were not wearing masks. Compared to Dave's in Ohio City, where I usually shop, where its normally about 50/50. I was shocked.
  15. My gym only requires masks going in and out. But everyone's temperature is taken at the door. Amazes me that I'm often the only one in there (in a gym filled with liberals tbh) wearing a mask during my workout
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