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  1. Yeah him being a P-O-S doesn't alter his comms teams current ability
  2. Literally said I don't like Bloomberg but go off then
  3. Yeah - I don't like Bloomberg. I agree with you. But the fact of the matter remains, if the option is between the two... I'd support the one that brings a semblance of normalcy and respect back. He's highly imperfect, and if he was running against anyone but Trump, I'd be on the GOP side. Which is funny - because Bloomberg is essentially immune to criticism from Trump for his biggest problems: Age - similar to Trump Wealthy East Coast businessman - Trump Supported stop and frisk - as did Trump, who supported and defended it publicly as recently as 2017 Misogynistic - I see your "piece of meat" and raise you "grab her by the p****"
  4. Yeah, that's fair. I'm referring to a deeper thread that I think she misses, but her article attempts to allude to - so that's certainly fair and I should have been more clear
  5. Here's the wild thing to me... and what frustrates me so much about the Dems right now... ESPECIALLY those saying that Bloomberg is another Trump .... I understand that Bloomberg is far from perfect and less than ideal... but if he wins the nomination and the party gets behind him, here's what they'd be trading for Trump: A president willing to sign a gun reform bill into action - which, btw you'd need down ballot support in Senate and House races, which will be easier to get for most candidates not named Bernie. A president that's willing to implement climate change objectives A president willing to vocally support the Equal Rights Amendment A president willing to sign into action a bill declaring LGBT a protected class - which would, of course, be out of his control once challenged. A president willing to subsidize government healthcare as a competitive marketplace competitor A president willing to save protections for pre-existing conditions. So... if the Dems would rather give up those 6 points, which are all very important to them, because "he's a misogynistic, stop and frisk oligarch", then idk what to tell ya. Again, the above assumes he wins the nomination, which is still a tough road to haul for him.
  6. Look - I really like having dialogue with you, and respect your opinion @jon81oh ... but this is the same "deplorable" attitude that left SO many people hanging in 2016. I get it though, the people that take the time to go to a Trump rally are not swing voters under any circumstance... but the message delivered by that article should at the very least cause some self reflection by Democrats. The Democratic party has two paths, and only two paths... It pushes its candidates to scale the "wokeness" ladder, pushing each other off and down simultaneously... It focuses its attention on the positives of the Democratic platform in the aggregate, and juxtaposes that against the Trump agenda. Right now, #1 looks like its happening, and it will lead to a Democratic loss in 2020. A lot of you on here are great people, and many of you have opened my eyes to issues and information that I'd otherwise be ignorant to... But my God, it's extremely frustrating to see the absolute unwillingness of a party to do any self-reflection, especially in a moment where the fate of our institutions hangs in the balance. Brexit = not at all indicative STFU it's not the same. Bernie Supporters anger = "yeah but Mayor Pete said..." "Yeah but Trump gets to..." "Yeah but Bloomberg is an oligarch" We should make room for disenchanted 2016 Trump voters = "Make room for people who I think are racist? No thank you." And all of that misses the forest through the trees. This is about winning and getting our country back from a cult of personality - nothing less.
  7. Bloomberg’s team is VERY good at this...
  8. Here’s my prediction: Bloomberg keeps gaining steam, picks Stacey Abrams as his running mate and wraps up the nomination... More leftists show up to protest Bloomberg than Trump and implodes the Democratic ticket.
  9. To be fair, Don, I do believe you asked us to use the term “iron-enclosed migrant resort spas” last year.
  10. So I mean the above stats is still awful... But he went from 14-24 to 18-24 on the comparison. But again, still a clear due process violation
  11. Wild to me that people will consider voting for Bernie - who's not a dem, but completely shun Bloomberg for similar reasons.
  12. Im not an expert either, but I frequent the park. Last year a ranger told me stagnant water in the canal is an issue they have to address, so I wonder if dredging will promote water flow?
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