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  1. I literally critique the Trump Admin for this non-stop??? lol
  2. I'm all for jobs and healthcare.... I'm not for adding a few hundred billion to the debt to pay for a mandatory federal program
  3. ^ Yeah it is wild - @cbussoccer and I share common cause as Conservatives, and I laid out an objective, non-hyperbolic pair of questions. It seems as if that's as golden an opportunity as any to engage in these discussions
  4. Yeah I mean... if you want to scale Sweden's plan to the size of the United States, we would need to hire a proportionate amount of federal employees, right?
  5. A) I love my plan B) Your answer to combat inefficiency would be for the government undertake it? C) I think most voters want a readily available public option, not a public mandate
  6. Le sigh... M4A will not be a winning issue in swing states. That's why Warren worries me as candidate.
  7. FWIW - I think Klobuchar would win OH, PA, MI, and WI in a general
  8. Hey guys - I thought of everyone this morning for all the wrong reasons and I figured I would share. I think this is the appropriate forum to share this mildly traumatizing story and my mea culpa... Before joining UrbanOhio, I had little concept of the importance of bike lanes. However, ever since I've been converted and fervently supported increased bike and pedestrian accessibility in our city. When Vision Zero was proposed, I was really excited about it, to the point that I reached out to my councilman to see if any volunteers were needed to support research, or for any other purpose to get this ball rolling. NONETHELESS - I drove my wife to the airport this morning and headed back downtown. My GPS redirected me to get off at Bellaire and take Berea Rd. to 45th to the Shoreway - so I followed along. About 10 minutes after leaving the airport, it struck. I had to poop worse than I ever had in my life (in my new car) and genuinely thought I was about to go in my work pants. I diverted from the route and decided to go home, as no GD drug stores seemed to be open and I swear to God I didn't pass a single fast food place (so goes life). I turned onto Detroit and the panic set in "I'm going to sh** myself, oh my god." I repeated to myself over and over, as the goose bumps and cold sweats overcame me. That's when I decided traffic wasn't for me, and took advantages of the clearings left by the bike lanes on this rainy morning. I know it was wrong, but I had to - and I took the final 1.2 miles of my journey speeding through a bike lane wondering how I would explain the forthcoming smell and stains on my pants to my dry cleaner. In the nick of time, I pulled into my driveway and, leaving my car door open and the car running, sprinted inside in the nick of time - saving both my dignity and my pants. As such, I would like to apologize for my solemn pledge to help bike accessibility and safety in this city, as this morning I was a raving lunatic and hypocrite. I hope you can all forgive me, and from this point forward - I shall practice what I preach in re: Vision Zero.
  9. Then talk to me. I'm a Conservative. Do you have a problem with the amount of lobbyists in the administration and, do you have a problem with the President having spent 238 days on the golf course in 2.5 years? I think these are fair questions based on fact rather than emotion and an opportunity for you to engage and voice (if any) misgivings you have about the administration. For one, I was pretty upset about the Obama Admins ties to lobbying groups, but the numbers in the Trump Admin appear to be greater
  10. A) Obviously, you and I have fundamental disagreements re: the President being a victim, so we can leave it at that. B) I think you're operating on a fundamental misunderstanding of the 1st Amendment - the right to criticize public figures and politicians is nearly without limit. I.e. Public officials have to demonstrate actual malice in libel and slander suits - not just negligence like a private citizen. As such, you'd have to show that a cartoon (i.e. Bush assassination) wasn't for some other purpose, like satire. C) And this is where we really have an issue, Don... because I honestly think your beliefs are becoming dangerous in that you're willing to enable behavior you never would've accepted from GWB, GHWB, and Reagan. You and I can agree - the media is hyperbolic in response to Trump. Everything he does is under a microscope. Though you and I can disagree on why that is, we can find that piece to agree on. Now, incidents like Annapolis, and the Cesar Sayoc sending explosives to CNN are reflexes of Trump's rhetoric and his enabling of people like the one's that make the video. Instead of saying, Bush's treated unfairly, there's a reason why CNN isn't trustworthy. You've now extrapolated that into - Trump is treated unfairly, I can see why someone would make a video with Trump shooting and stabbing all of his critics. You and I may be able to parse through the video and realize it isn't reality, but thousands of people in the very base to which you belong cannot discern that difference. And the more this rhetoric escalates, the worse things will get. D) Again, it comes back to the point I've made countless times on here. If on December 1, 2020, Trump has lost the election, and comes forward saying "CNN and the mainstream media manipulated the facts in a story about me only a day before the election. As such, I will be remaining in office until an investigation is launched and we found out what happened." You would support him remaining in office (unless I'm wrong - and I hope I am). Because you believe he's treated unfairly, you continue to allow for the disintegration of norms and the dignity of the Office he holds. E) I genuinely believe you are a really good and intelligent person. That's why all of this is so damn scary to me - this isn't Jill Stein or Pat Buchanan, this is the sitting President.
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