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  1. If there were news it would get posted. If possible let's avoid the "any news here?" posts because its annoying to check the thread only for this question, which gets asked a lot.
  2. Ahh nice! Admittedly I'm at work (as typical when perusing Urban Ohio haha) and didn't have the time to get fully into it, but looking forward to taking a look with more time! It will be fun to track developments all over town w/r/t your map - thanks for putting it together!
  3. This is great - an interesting next version could be an overlay of existing lines to get a sense of the gaps. Great job! Also, KJP continues to prove himself a trove of information. The historical documents up the thread are really interesting.
  4. Having never heard of the Huron Rd Subway, I did some digging and found this cool Cleveland Historical site: https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/361 I really like the idea of clustering density around these previously proposed routes in the hope of steering current/future investments in public transit.
  5. Looks like the County will be releasing an RFP to design, finance, build, and operate a downtown microgrid that was previously pitched as part of the Amazon bid. I don't think it's crazy to assume this could be SW related considering it pertains to the Jacobs Lot and is being released in parallel with SW's search: https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/06/cuyahoga-county-and-cleveland-take-steps-toward-microgrid-while-key-player-stays-quiet.html If SW is looking to build R&D downtown, it would make sense that they could place value on grid resiliency.
  6. I live in Boston's South End and love it. Let's get some tasteful brick townhomes and stoop culture going in Cleveland!
  7. Here's a presentation from ODOT dated July 2018 - interesting to see how Superior stacked up against other thoroughfares in terms of public preferences for implementing the Midway. http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Planning/Conference/2018 Transportation Planning Conference Presentati/B/Tuesday/1) 10.30 AM/Lyon-Stadler_Collier_1B_OTPC2018.pdf When all is said and done, Cleveland's got the chance to replicate some of the streetscape / feel / vibe of what the Lower East Side in NYC has had for the last few years (among my favorite streetscape approaches of any major US city).
  8. Superior will shape up to be quite the residential area (and development target) once the Midway pilot gets built - anyone familiar with where the City / NOACA are in terms of funding the rollout?
  9. The golden brushed color / wood / folding panel feature was one of the best design elements of the proposal - damn shame to see this instead. I can only assume there was some last minute horse-trading around construction costs in order to finalize the financing deal between the Cavs/public.
  10. This is technically creeping up Howard Street into the heart of what was formerly Akron's historic black jazz district (i.e. Howard Street jazz district). While adjacent this technically seems distinct from the Northside. There was a short documentary made about the area called "Legends of Howard Street." You can watch the trailer here: https://legendsofhoward.wordpress.com/about/
  11. Can anyone speak to what (un)levered returns are typical for projects like this? Returns on equity? It would be an revealing exercise to compare the delta in prevailing wage against basis points, if for no other purpose than to tease out what order of magnitude impact prevailing wages actually have on a project.
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