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  1. The Hippodrome marquee seems to imply a laneway of sorts, but didn't see anything to that effect in the ground-floor plan a couple pages back. Anyone know what the intent is here?
  2. Yeah but its an RFQ - my understanding is that this is a precursor to requesting proposals (RFP).
  3. $20 the ultimate response ties into the Sherwin Williams HQ.
  4. Seconding this question - assuming the answer is yes, who do we need to call / write letters to to get public officials out of the way?
  5. Great reporting Ken - will be curious to know whether any requirements in the R&D RFP around electric/utility reliability suggest possible dovetails with the upcoming RFP for building a microgrid in downtown Cleveland. Surely, with $1 billion investment, the SHW team has to be considering this?
  6. To that end, anyone familiar with what the revenue model of the new Justice Center would be? Are we all here rooting for a building that actually depends on having inmates to stay in the black? How does that impact the size of the building (and vice versa), and should we really put value on "bigger is better" in this situation?
  7. Their R&D facility would make a great anchor tenant for the proposed downtown microgrid. I wonder what their reliability requirements are?
  8. I was hoping it would be a SM-sponsored MMA fighting gym downtown
  9. I honestly love the arched windows of those older buildings. Let's see more of them in new builds!
  10. Hats off to the developers for putting the cart before the horse. This strikes me as atypical, but not being one that works in commercial RE development, this could be normal for all I know. Curious to hear from folks working in the space - was this just a supremely stupid way for the developer to go about things? Or par for the course?
  11. Those pictures are enough to make me want to move back to Cleveland.
  12. Updated photos of the Bowery Development in Downtown Akron - its more than 50% complete, and must be live-in ready by end of November to retain eligibility for Historic Preservation Tax Credits. Progress is coming along nicely. https://www.ohio.com/news/20190803/akrons-downtown-bowery-restoration-taking-shape-with-new-apartments-retail-space
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