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  1. It's good to hear that 3CDC is offering up some sort of land transfer agreement. People like growing their own food in close proximity to their home. Within their own neighborhood. Nobody who rents a plot in a community garden in OTR is going out to Goshen to tend to their veggies.
  2. Columbus lurker here... is it common for the Governor to create 20-member task forces regarding development? As someone watching the FC Cincinnati stadium play out... it comes as a shock to hear the governor would insert himself into this development. What am I missing?
  3. Not all pocket parks are food producing community gardens. As a kid who grew up in the boonies with a half-acre garden that we ate out of and with parents and grandparents who canned, pickled, jammed, froze, and otherwise preserved a handsome percentage of our yearly food supply, I put a lot of value into urban community gardens which are very very different than pocket parks with fountains or playgrounds, or programmed parks like Washington and Ziegler. Saying this as a multi-year member of the OTR People's Community Garden on McMicken Ave. Community Gardens are a necessary amenity in the built environment. If anyone needs me to put on a clown nose and clown shoes to say all of this, I'll do so.
  4. Not sure if it is that or the lot north of there, 1410-ish Race Street, which is a more robust and active community garden.
  5. Community gardens play an important function for many people... and there are still plenty of buildings needing renovation and vacant lots that don't have community gardens on them throughout the neighborhood that could be prioritized. Community Councils play an important role in striking balance in a neighborhood; they aren't clowns, they are people who care and show up. If this were a trash lot, my opinion would be different. If 3CDC owned the property, my opinion would be different (unless OTR Holdings is code for 3CDC, and I didn't know that).
  6. Stopped in Chillicothe on the way home from a weekend in Hocking Hills at Canal Street Smokehouse (so delicious! and one of the only place opened on a Sunday downtown). I saw that 50 West is opening up a Brewpub in downtown Chillicothe! Hopefully this is a really successful business for both downtown Chillicothe and 50 West. It would be so cool to find out in 50 West's whole idea is to locate a Brewpub every 100 miles or so along US 50. Who's next? Parkersburg, WV or Bedford, IN? I would definitely spend a couple months biking along Route 50 stopping at every 50 West from California to Maryland. https://www.chillicothegazette.com/story/news/2019/04/05/fifty-west-brewing-company-plans-downtown-expansion/3377713002/
  7. I filled out the survey. Again, I love Green on the Levee. If they change the retail street to the one with a terminating view into the city hall, I think this wins by a greater margin. If they select a top notch landscape designer to design the green, this will create one of the best civic spaces in the region, another jewel in the crown. I imagine it being developed like Navy Yard in Philadelphia.
  8. Two things: If you look at the article, Wasson Way is clearly diagrammed out on one of the graphics and the corridor aligns with Wasson Way's future extension. NOISH is how it is because it is a federal agency. There are so many security elements involved. Hopefully it is architecturally ambitious like the EPA (which I love) and can appear like a sculpture in a park (At least from Whittier and south)
  9. The article doesn't say anything about a parking structure or how big this hotel is, for that matter. I just chose the footprint based off a nearby hotel that looks like images for the Tru Hotel by Hilton that was built in Cleveland, where they do not have structured parking. My guess is: no structured parking. At most, a service level to bring the project to grade on Taft.
  10. What is promising with this corridor, more than introducing more park space to the city, is its potential the be the connection Wasson Way needs to get a more direct route downtown.
  11. I just took the Fairfield Inn and Suites from U Square and moved it to part of the site it fits pretty snuggly, without impacting much of the flow of the existing site, with an assumption that Rx drive through would remain on the lower level of a structured service level of the building.
  12. Depending on how much parking they are planning, this will, at most, take up a 1/4-1/3 of the existing surface parking lot.
  13. Without a fine grained look at these, I would prefer to see #2 move forward. Pushing all the green space to the river is a smart move, IMO. Also, this proposal places a new Covington City Hall in the center of that park. It would be a pretty great foreground for a (hopefully) important civic building. Height would be nice, but I think an 8-story district is appropriate. And given that under standard circumstances, this thing will take 20 years to materialize, maybe it will see some more height when it is finally constructed.
  14. When I was living in Philly, this was PokemonGo central. Couldn't ever get a hammock (they were always taken), but definitely a good spot to hang out.
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