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  1. upgrade your precedents https://www.dezeen.com/2019/11/26/works-progress-architecture-portland-flatiron-building/
  2. I don't find that strange, actually. I was reading through a community master plan for Northside recently, and the neighborhood has prioritized developing the "Northside Cultural Campus" which includes Chase Elementary and the McKie Community Center and maybe, by extension Urban Artifact, the Hive, and Fire Station 20. Although the immediate adjacency is Donnnelon McCarthy Enterprises and a parking lot, I think facing the cultural campus is a good move long term. As a long time fan, 7-month resident of Northside, I have a few questions and observations. 1) Is there a Northside Cultural Campus plan that makes the case for the highest and best use of the east side of the campus/west side of Turrill? 2) Will a building of similar density sprout up at the southeast corner of Turrill and Knowlton? 3) Wouldn't The Fosdick & Holloway Machine Tool Co. Building at the corner of Blue Rock and Apple make for a really great Apple Street Grocery? Does Blue Rock have the traffic count for a co-op grocery store to get a loan to make it happen?
  3. Apple Street Senior development team, NEST, Pennrose, and New Republic Architecture presented the first glimpse of the project. Meeting was recorded and can be listened to and watched below. I snapped the site and rendering images because I know that's what ya'll care about anyway.
  4. Hey Travis, I'm looking for these drawings and the website domain hasn't been updated. Does anyone have access to drawings showing what it happening at this interchange?
  5. Maybe someone will turn it into an AirBnB and my girlfriend and I can save up for a few years and stay a night. Seriously, incredible. The natural materials just envelop you - going so far as to hide all the stainless steel kitchen equipment in the wood clad kiosk. The courtyards. The little glass bridges. The air vents! Pretty impeccable. The material of the ceiling leading to the deck seems a bit wonky, but I was looking for flaws and had difficulty finding them.
  6. Exactly. We must "eat" the rich. "Burn down" existing institutions. Redistribute the wealth and invest in well-being and education as top priorities. We live in a society, don't we? EDIT: All this to say... our existing financial situation doesn't seem to allow for the owner occupied utopia that is being debated right now.
  7. I have some more zoomed out observations and questions... Cincinnati has a ~40,000 unit affordable housing shortage. A project like this has a big opportunity to put a dent (maybe more like a ding) in that number. As we face a climate catastrophe exacerbated by consumption and car culture encouraging people to adopt lengthy, stressful, and toxic commutes a development that focuses on a dense, walkable, amenity-rich urban form is really what I would expect folks on "Urban"Ohio to promote. Certainly, I am waiting for Camp Washington to urbanize in a meaningful way, as well as Northside south of Blue Rock but right now developers see the old industrial corridor of the Baltimore & Ohio as the place to develop in the city. Other neighborhoods will get their moment... but right now, all eyes on the vestigial industrial wastelands in Oakley.
  8. The above site plan is different from what was submitted in the Planning Commission packet, fyi. The project, with a lot of detail, begins on page 612 (after a tome of FC Cincinnati garage drawings). https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/planning/about-city-planning/city-planning-commission/may-22-2020-packet/
  9. Would love for a big local brewery to hop on that location. Tafts Brewporium concept is a lot of fun. Their space in Columbus is really nice (I actually haven't been to the location in Cincinnati yet). Would be good for 50 West to have a downtown location.
  10. Unoffensive and dense(r than what was there). I appreciate this and hope for more, maybe with some more intentional style and material upgrades, throughout the neighborhood.
  11. As a reminder of the original vote to release these funds to FC Cincinnati: HOW THEY VOTED Yes David Mann Amy Murray Jeff Pastor P.G. Sittenfeld Christopher Smitherman No Tamaya Dennard Greg Landsman Chris Seelbach Wendell Young
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