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  1. Luxury homes proposed along Wasson Way encounter speed bump https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/09/17/luxury-homes-proposed-along-wasson-way-encounter.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline I read the article and I couldn't find details about the speed bump... This is the most critical comment: "The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council opposes the subdivision, French noted, but the Cincinnati Planning Commission approved the development’s concept on Sept. 6. Meanwhile, the community council for Oakley, which borders Hyde Park at Wasson Road, gave its blessing." Anyone know the details of the HPNC's opposition? This project sounds great, IMO.
  2. I like a signature skyscraper as much as the next guy, but Skyhouse would not have been signature... in fact, it would be an exact copy of Skyhouse's in other cities. Having practically the exact same number of units (344 in artistry vs 352 in skyhouse) closer to the street and park will contribute more positively to vitality on the ground for people.
  3. A lot of folks don't read the other regional threads and it shows. There is a lot of enthusiasm on the NE Ohio Projects & Construction thread for the potential construction of a new HQ on public square in Cleveland. I would much rather them stay put in Cleveland. What is the incentive to move to Cincinnati? I don't know this for sure, but I can't imagine there being big tax differences between the two cities.
  4. I love Cartopia, and you are so right. This spot is perfect for it too. One day, if development pressure comes, it is easy to move. Added bonus. A more upscale version of this is 'Proxy' in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Good to see this type of development in the Cov.
  5. One block away you can go to Halfcut and Revel. I think it is important to think about how Kroger has been researching what an urban store needs to be. It does not need to be the one-stop, load the car trunk, buy bulk toilet paper store. That, at least, is not how I will be shopping there. I truly believe that they see themselves as part of a downtown ecosystem of businesses. I'm on a lot of NDAs for this project, both from my research work while at DAAP and now in my position at the firm I work at, but I feel secure saying the above.
  6. Townships work pretty well for rural Ohio where the municipal areas are the anomalies. They are Tea Party havens for suburban Ohio. They seem to be nuisances in urban Ohio.
  7. I will be there at 9:30PM for sure. So many times I'm not even thinking of grocery shopping until 8/8:30 and I sprint to Vine Street.
  8. 1) On page 201, you can see a concert layout, which is pretty cool. 2) Cell phone tower has got to go! Anyone have any idea what it takes to move one of these guys? 3) If I had the time to attend more of these meetings, I would push, push, push for more trees, especially on the west side of the stadium. All parking lots should be completely shaded by trees. 4) happy to see them preserving the cellars. I am really hoping that translates into a public facing tap room, team shop, restaurant, etc with great halls in the old cellars (haven't seen them, but I'm guessing they are large) 5) I am reluctant to swing my support to changing the protected bike lane BUT a raised bike lane will be MUCH safer. This is what I would do if I could attend more of the meetings/ what I will do if I can build a little coalition of cyclists: get FC Cincinnati to raise the entire protected bike lane from Ludlow all the way to Central and Plum. I'm really interested in swinging the political opposition to this project into political action... get this bike lane to be MORE permanent and make FC Cincinnati pay for it. I could really envision something a lot like Indy's trail along CP. It would be nice. 6) All "Future Development" must be rendered and shown. Jeeze, seeing these surface parking lots are the greatest crimes in my mind. This building is no less ostentatious than Music Hall or Union Terminal, but the surface lots are criminal.
  9. This makes it look like Yard House will be providing concessions based off the location of PBS in the rendering.
  10. I stare at the redundant Gilbert Ave overpass every single day (or did, at least, until we started renovating our office a couple weeks ago) and haven't been able to stop myself from dreaming about the attached trace paper sketches. Who's got millions of dollars and political connections? I have another sketch that incorporates a new Greyhound bus terminal, but I can't find it...
  11. The northern third of the neighborhood (north of I-71) stands to benefit from Wasson Way, IMO.
  12. Wasson Way gets the connection to Uptown/Pill Hill and Evanston becomes a really choice neighborhood.
  13. I think I’ve drawn this before, but I’m on jury duty and bored to death with a new iPad and want to draw it again. Parking garage under a new Findlay Park just north of the market with an entry aligned with Pleasant. Extend Republic through existing Findlay Playground and infill with affordable housing along New Republic and Vine Street. That’s the idea.
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