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  1. Thanks. Frank Russell is my architect. Mike Patchen my code specialist. SSRG did some engineering and wall removal. I have had incredible enthusiasm over the 4th floor unit beamed ceilings. We used a roof membrane and external insulation to retain the beamed interior. The beams are lighted by LED tape from the rafters below.. None of the other 6 units have beams.
  2. I watched this demo in the rain from the Peaslee parking lot. Pretty new building. They had a little incident with wires coming down. I was pretty sure they were alive when they were hit but no one seemed excited. My crew at 1400 Sycamore wasted the hour hanging out the 4th floor windows.
  3. https://1400sycamorestreet.com/ I thought you professionals might want to see this project before the website is public:
  4. Mr. Tate has a goldmine there at the corner of Bauer and Central and will get three times what Jake quoted above. Maybe more. He's a genius.
  5. It was interesting in the walk through. I guess it was all rock wool insulation and the natural fiber seating but when you went into the theater is was like a sound studio with not a bit of echo or reverberation. All of the units will be upgraded eventually, but there is a pretty thoughtful plan in place to reduce disruption and dislocation of the existing tenants many of whom have lived there for a really long time.
  6. Bars are never good neighbors. They only attract visitors and mostly visitors you would not want to see. Admittedly, they have opened up some neighborhoods to development but once actual residents move in the desirability of bars is lost. The recent article on WCPO about the shootings and drunk driving deaths emanating from 11xx Sycamore is spot on. They need a public nuisance suit to get rid of that dump once and for all.
  7. This was the Plasterers Union Hall before it got sliced and diced into a series of churches. I'd love to restore it.
  8. When I decided to paint these 150 year old bricks, we gathered paint chips from years of debris in the yard, under the brick patio, since it appeared that the brick had been painted pre WWII. We screened them and made a composite formula which was vetted with some guys who used to work for me now at Sherwin Williams and who interface with the Smithsonian. The Civil War brick (the row houses were built in 1863 and 1865 respectively, are so soft you can excavate them on the inside of the building with a fingernail. So I don't really need advice on this.
  9. Painted Brick is fine. Unpainted brick requires constant sealing and tuck pointing which no one does. The paint protects the brick and lasts longer than painted wood siding.
  10. Developer French's infil houses will have incredible walkability. All shopping, walk into Ault Park, the Wasson Bike Trail. On the bus line. Medical 500 feet away. Is it all about location, location, location? I count 62 restaurants one could easily walk to. Plus three grocery stores. Plus a post office and hardware store. Plus, plus, plus.
  11. I-75 destroyed the West End at a time when "social services" meant sending a funeria around to pick up the indigent's body, or placing the orphaned children in a orphanage. We should be more enlightened today. But, instead, many of you championed the intrusion into what was left of the West End by the ugliest, most pointless structure ever to be built in a residential area and soon to be run by a crowd of the most careless aristocracy one could conjure up. The FCC atrocity belonged at I-74 and I-275 or further out.
  12. Chris' most recent project is the Williams YMCA 1228 McMillan. A fantastic renovation. But, he did maybe 20 in OTR and Clifton in various levels of renovation. Here is the web page: https://www.citycenterproperties.com/apartments/Ohio/Cincinnati/the-williams
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