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  1. Our client, Sheal Becker sold it and supposedly obtained the agreement that it would always be called the Becker Building. He handled that on his own. There was a plaque down on 4th St. for a while. We were on a run. There was the Cincinnati Terminal Warehouse, the SOmethingorother Shoe Bldg on Pike St. and the Becker Building all in one year. We made a fortune in fees. The only business in the Becker Building was Scarborough Fashions (little girls smocked dresses) and there were at least 6 vacant floors.
  2. Nice thinly veiled racist comment. I think you had better be careful who you call a racist.
  3. I would like to think that the access to public or quasi public incentives is not dependent upon the color of one's skin. I do not support minority set asides in any form, but at least all of the minority definitions in public and private set aside programs (Cincinnati, ODOT, HUD, SBA, P%G, GE, etc - I have seen them all up close) are not race based to the exclusion of other minorities. And, to predict success (which should be a goal of tenant selection) choosing based on race is more than just stupid.
  4. ^^ Probably illegal. Certainly stupid. What about Asian owned businesses? Appalachian?
  5. ^^ I assisted in the sale of 23 properties north of Liberty in the past year, mostly north and west of Findlay Market. I am sure you are right about Pleasant Street, but, again, 3CDC has their hand in that too. What I think will interest people the most is when the area along McMicken is developed. The Apex Building may be a predicate depending on what they do with the upper floors after Northern Row is opened. And, as I have said before, someday, not today, The Jackson Brewery will be the Crown Jewel. Finally, for "get in on the ground floor action" E. Clifton, Peete, Hust, etc. is the place. I'm too old to care, but theat area will be really cool in a few years if something triggers development.
  6. ^^The Connector takes the role of 3CDC in adding an economically unreasonable expenditure into a potential development area and stimulating investment. Add the draw of a refreshed Findlay Market to the mix. Go a block and a half off of the Connector track and basically nada. I could also cite the effect of the Ziegler Park and Garage and Jack for the same principal as to the barrage of development east of Sycamore. These areas do not ignite spontaneously. It took 20 years after City Center Properties pioneering development on Main St. for that area to take off. Compare that to 1000-1600 Vine.
  7. 3CDC is funding infill south of Liberty. Most of it is economically unsound without their contribution. When they move north development will ensue.
  8. Every city has its disaffected persons. They visited once and had a bad time, they lived there and didn't make friends, they couldn't find a good job, etc. But, Cincinnati, like most every other city has lots of folks (like me) that could not be happier or more satisfied with living here. It has more to do with the whiner or complainer, than it does the city in question. And, that is true whether it is Cincinnati being disparaged or any other city. I could expound the virtues of Cincinnati in general or OTR in particular, but persons who are disaffected, chronic malcontents will not be swayed.
  9. ^^Its just another version of NIMBY. If you don't build something we elites like then someone else needs to take over your site.
  10. I find it hilarious that so many here talk about these projects as though they are some type of super race whose opinions are more important than those of the persons who actually own the land and pay for the development and live with the results. Kind of a nerd elitism.
  11. AirBNB is kicking butt in OTR from what I see. Mike Uhlenhake's Orchard Street Unit (2) is one of the best and booked most days year round.
  12. I don't think it will. It seems like this building would be shorter than the existing building at 1100 Sycamore. I'll try to get a snapshot from the 4th floor at 1400 Sycamore tomorrow. It is elevated from 12th. Pretty good view from up there now.
  13. I'll be the NIMBY: Probably block some of my skyline view from 14th and Sycamore. Same for some units at 1310 Sycamore.
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