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  1. News from last week. http://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/demolition-okd-flats-plan
  2. We need to create a sarcasm font for this forum.
  3. kabemt

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    The I.O.O.F building is still there. The upper floors were lost due to tornado damage.
  4. Most of the building now is a parking garage. It could be converted back I assume? It was constructed as a garage with the storefronts and there were some offices on the second and sixth floors. The renovations to remove the decorative elements was done in the early 1960s.
  5. The two demolitions on Seymour are also tied to this project.
  6. Yeah, That's false. There is actually another dome on top of the glass one and in the space between all the lights are housed. Those lights have been dim for quite some time. I know the property management team has looked into replacing those lights as well as the lights encircling the rotunda, but it is a huge cost and don't want to spend the money at this time. Here is the information on what was done to the domes in 1971-1973: "For years, the ability to see the patterned ceiling was dependent on sun light. An interior lighting system was installed that could make the glass visible through reflected light. A catwalk system was created and the walls between the inner and outer dome were painted white to assist in the reflected light. Some deterioration had occurred due to the outer prism glass dome allowing condensation to accumulate between the domes. To eliminate this issue, but keep the form of the exterior artistic lines of the outer dome, a weatherproofing solution was created. It was first covered with Urethane foam 1” thick. This [was] applied as a liquid which rapidly expands or “foams” to 30 times its liquid thickness, providing excellent insulation as well as a vapor barrier. As a result, it readily reflects the conformation of the surface. Since the glass prisms are ½” higher than the metal frames into which they are set and the metal ribs forming the pie-shaped section of the dome extend 1” above the glass prisms, the configurations were clearly telegraphed through the Urethane cover. To further accentuate the pie-shaped section [they] were requested by the City’s Fine Arts Commission to add 2” exterior Marine plywood strips to the metal ribs. The entire dome was next covered in with a Neogard Roof Coating system which consisted of four coats of neoprene and two coats of hypolon to supply the black bronze color. These six coats form a coating about 1/32 of 1” thick, elastic and highly resistant to heat, cold, sun and pollution."
  7. Typing up my email of support as we speak... Also email the Councilman. Ultimately it will be his decision whether to proceed or not.
  8. kabemt

    Long Beach, California

    Pasadena City Hall in the last shot?
  9. Revised: Calendar No. 18-159: 4247 Lorain Ave. Ward 3 Kerry McCormack 18 Notices B.R. Knez proposes to construct a new mixed use building with 6 residential units, a commercial space, and a 4 car parking garage on a City of Cleveland Land Bank lot in a D3 Local Retail Business District and a Pedestrian Retail Overlay District (PRO). The owner appeals for relief from the strict application of the following sections of the Cleveland Codified Ordinances: 1. Sections 349.04(a)&(f) which states that 7 off-street parking spaces are required and 4 parking spaces are proposed. 2. Section 355.04 which states that the maximum gross floor area of building in a ‘D’ area district shall not exceed the total lot area; or in this case 3,217 square feet are permitted and 5,521 square feet are proposed. 3. Section 349.15 which states that one bicycle parking space is required and none are proposed. (Filed July 11, 2018)
  10. The plan is to have the clock reinstated and operational and the posts operating as well. The lighting plan was conceptually reviewed and will return to the Landmarks Commission for final approval.
  11. Lorain Station HD is shared between Wards 11 and 14. Perhaps discussions with Councilwoman Santana to do improvements in her portion and try to leverage that against Brady to do the same. Knowing her mindset it probably won't do any good but anything is possible.
  12. Cudell was more at odds with Brady. It's Westown CDC that are her minions.
  13. No, they won't. There wasn't a Cleveland Landmarks Commission (created in 1971) in place when the Euclid Avenue Millionaires Row succumbed to commercial development after a streetcar line was rerouted directly down Euclid in 1915 (it had detoured via Prospect for 50 years previously). No similar dynamic is in the cards to threaten the beauty of this wonderful street. Developers don't want the headache or the expense of trying to win approvals from the Landmarks Commission to demolish these lovely homes. Because Franklin Boulevard is a protected historic district, anything that's going to get built on Franklin will occur from this point eastward and it will occur only on these unsightly, windswept, trash-strewn parking lots that restrain an urban neighborhood's vitality and property values. Any other assumptions are mere fear-mongering. Also, many of the Millionaire's houses were torn down by the decree of the Millionaires themselves as specified in their wills.
  14. Those changes on the front date back to at least 1963. It looks like a nice refresh.