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  1. So they intend to close off Prospect to vehicles? Do you suspect it would just be between 2nd and 3rd streets or more?
  2. It really is an ugly blemish to an otherwise amazing vantage point. While cruising down the river yesterday, I couldn't help but think how critical the Thunderbird and Irishtown Bend projects are. Those two projects would completely transform how people think of Cleveland (especially visitors).
  3. Nice density shot from the river on Sunday - also the Rock's new glass atrium.
  4. This is great news. One step closer to activating our greatest assets.
  5. I think it means apartment building sales. A vast majority of market rate apartment developers will design and build (or value add redevelop), lease it up then turn around and sell for big multiples less than 5 years from deal commencement. Citymark for example, does value add re-positioning, and looks to be in and out within 3-5 years.
  6. I'm not concerned with this. They sold their building so they probably had to get out of there. NuCLEus, even if started in 2019, won't be ready to move in to until 2022 I'm guessing. It's hard to be hopeful on this project in general though...
  7. Just from what I have heard from someone on the inside. I don't think they want to compete with themselves there and also the Thunderbird site.
  8. Retail OMG! No IKEA, but something... https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/06/dgx-dollar-generals-hipper-smaller-concept-store-opens-in-downtown-cleveland.html
  9. I think an NRP-style urban apartment building would do well around here (below from San Antonio)
  10. Very disappointed about the blank wall and the lack of rooftop activity - that would really have made this a destination in my opinion. This looks like a scaled down Gemini tower.
  11. I would like to see the newest NuCLEus from this view. Will it fill in between 200PS and the beacon?
  12. Great, because those are beyond atrocious. I cannot wait to see the fresh facade.
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