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  1. As I mentioned up thread, Berkshire Hathaway bought a 38.6% stake in PFJ pretty recently, and that stake will increase to 80% in 2023 - likely freeing up billions, so yes they have the cash.
  2. Berkshire owns Lubrizol - HQ here. Soon he will own a majority of Pilot FJ, hmmm.
  3. That view - wow. This should lease up quickly. How could it not?
  4. ^^ I bet the capital infusion from selling the casino real estate has a lot to do with it. I have no problem with the sky bridge as long as they can execute on the street level improvements.
  5. I really like the lighting around the "mid-section" or balcony level of the Beacon. I would love to see another parking pedestal like this built elsewhere downtown. Were the original plans to build a tower immediately on top or did the project change due to economic factors at the time?
  6. Yeah I think he's been focusing more on the Barrio expansion - I think he's announced or opened 5 since the original announcement of Birdtown Brewery. I have spoken with him in the last year and he said that it's still alive and well. I will ask for an update next time i see him.
  7. With these windows going in (which look amazing), they should be able to work all through the winter I would think. What's the estimated completion date? 2020?
  8. Just imagine how hot those surrounding parking craters will become if they do go with Weston/Jacobs. Look forward to the announcement!!
  9. Very intriguing project. Hopefully this and eventually the Spaghetti condo tower can really ignite the transition for the erie court and prospect triangle.
  10. Hot damn that's a big one. And when traffic gets really bad, he could take his speed boat down to the Rock and Docks where I've seen his boat docked in the past btw. Anyways, great investigative work here KJP.
  11. In that same lunch meeting last week in which I mentioned the Cross Country Mortgage HQ move, there was a mentioning of a high profile, historic building in CLE as an upcoming project to soon be announced. I probed the guy by saying is it by chance on Euclid and 9th Street? He said I can't confirm nor deny that, but it will be announced soon. I believe this outfit will be a partner with Millennia on this, which I would say is a very promising thing given their track record. Couple his comment with the fact that the $25m credit expires at the end of the year, I would expect an announcement any day or week now.
  12. JACK Entertainment pitches new aerial walkway as a key to sparking downtown economic growth on Ontario https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2019/10/jack-entertainment-pitches-new-aerial-walkway-as-a-key-to-sparking-economic-growth-on-ontario.html Seems like the review committee approved the concept with very little push back...
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