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  1. I've been told that the Utica Block building which currently houses Brickstone and Stella Music Club on the ground floor with offices above, will be changing hands - and a new concept yet again going in on the ground floor. It will qualify for historic tax credits. A local developer along with Bobby George will be involved.
  2. I had heard it would include OZ funding. I wonder if they can mix LIHTC, Historical, and OZ all in on shabang. I heard this will be one of the more complicated capital stacks in CLE's recent history.
  3. I drive by that every day. I don't think they started construction til November, and they're just about done framing it out. Looks like a nice project.
  4. Not a huge fan of this. With the so-called Med Mart center of innovation sitting largely empty and the upcoming blockland - do we really need another innovation center? Maybe I just don't understand the purpose of each center, but c'mon.
  5. That building is crumbling often on cars in the surrounding parking lots. Hopefully they tear that sucker down to assemble the mega parcel that @KJP discussed being developed.
  6. Now that GM has made this big move, I wonder if Ford will follow suit and activate the Cleveland plants. We shall see I guess.
  7. The companies plan to build a battery cell factory in the Lordstown-area of northeast Ohio. Construction of the plant, which is expected to be among the largest in the world, is expected to begin in mid-2020. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/05/gm-lg-to-form-2point3-billion-joint-venture-for-battery-cell-production.html
  8. the 20,000 threshold and goal for 2020 is close to being met. Per the Q3 report (link below), we are now at 18,800+ residents. With over 1,200 units under construction, Cleveland should meet its goal in 2020. I wonder what the next goal will be? https://www.downtowncleveland.com/DCA/media/DCA_Media/2019-Q3-REPORT.pdf
  9. As I mentioned up thread, Berkshire Hathaway bought a 38.6% stake in PFJ pretty recently, and that stake will increase to 80% in 2023 - likely freeing up billions, so yes they have the cash.
  10. Berkshire owns Lubrizol - HQ here. Soon he will own a majority of Pilot FJ, hmmm.
  11. That view - wow. This should lease up quickly. How could it not?
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