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  1. This is a much different design than phase 1, but more units and more expensive to build. Will be situated just south of breakwater and phase 1.
  2. RE Developer In Training

    Cleveland: Ohio City: Development and News

    ^^ I would agree. A payless shoesource makes more sense for this site.
  3. It's crazy to think, but I've been told the Avon campus will someday be as large or larger than main campus. So I'm sure there will be several more bed towers going up in the future.
  4. RE Developer In Training

    USL Soccer Stadium/Cleveland Force

    I would have to agree, building a football program is very costly and it would likely take 3-5 years before they could even reach D-2 (although D-1 would probably be their goal). As a former D-2 football player, there's not a huge demand for these games, especially in our saturated football market. It would be a losing proposition for CSU and one that would likely sacrifice other programs at the university. Why not build up their existing programs and become elite at one of them which includes all the facilities to go with it. If Force and CSU could build something together, that would be something I could sink my teeth in to.
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    Cleveland: Flats East Bank

    I walked by that project when I was in Nashville in April. It was a pretty impressive looking site, probably the size that the EB lot would allow for.
  6. Getting the numbers right can take some time especially with how valuable this piece of dirt is. I would expect that you all will hear about this very soon.
  7. Oh, it's all glass?? Didn't know what the façade consists of, just was saying the overlay on top of the panels is how it's usually done. Thanks for the teaching moment MayDay
  8. I'm guessing there will be a brick façade overlay. That's typically how it's done.
  9. RE Developer In Training

    Cleveland: Random Development and News

    More out of state developers/investors looking at Cleveland. https://rebusinessonline.com/city-club-apartments-sells-401-unit-asset-in-st-louis-plans-development-in-cleveland/ “We have a responsibility to our investors, lenders and partners to perform at the highest level and we are reallocating our financial and human capital to several accelerating markets, including Cleveland,” says Jonathan Holtzman, CEO of City Club Apartments.
  10. Is the post office just going to close or will it be relocated? Just curious, how old is this master plan?
  11. So this moves out the CPD, what about the County portion of the current Jail/Court/Police Station?
  12. I would echo what tj111 just said. I bought in the neighborhood two years ago and am up over 50%. There are still deals to be had, especially if you're willing to put in the improvement work like I have. Rocky River and Lakewood may have more amenities, but their housing stock is much less affordable. And if you're like me, working downtown, you can avoid paying double city taxes in RR or Lakewood. The proximity to the metro parks, the airport, 90/480/71, and the surrounding communities makes West Park an awesome location.
  13. RE Developer In Training

    Lakewood: Development and News

    The city of Lakewood is a partner in the project, no? Therefore, they're not selling the land, they're merely contributing property to the partnership.
  14. RE Developer In Training

    Lakewood: Development and News

    Lakewood mixed-use plan gets down to details The $72 million project to redevelop the former Lakewood Hospital site at Detroit Avenue and Belle Avenue has reached a crucial stage. Proposed terms for Westlake-based Carnegie Management & Development Corp. will be submitted to Lakewood City Council at its meeting Monday, April 16, along with legislation that would, if adopted, allow Mayor Mike Summers to sign contracts with the developer to transfer the site and govern size and look of the proposed mixed-use project. ([http://www.onelakewood.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/One-Lakewood-Place-full-council-packet-04112018.pdf] to read the recommended project term sheet.) A proposed "mid-rise" concept for the project is favored by the city, but the terms describe it only as a "multi-story" project, an apparent effort to give the developer some flexibility in planning the complex. http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20180416/news/158411/lakewood-mixed-use-plan-gets-down-details?#utm_medium=email&utm_source=ccl-morningroundup&utm_campaign=ccl-morningroundup-20180417&cci_test=morning
  15. ^^^ 14.75% mortgage rate considered the best! What a different era we are in now where 4% or less has been the norm for over a decade.